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March 10, 2009


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On the flip side- Obama administration is giving money all around and might give us some bananas.

We should be asking for help and not for money!!

josh is only a mantlepiece, a figure head, an expense to the Johnson administration for his brilliant political manuevring.

who are part of the talk in D.C.?

Hal e llak em rush to judgement e "getreal." JK was asked to go, but he refused according to inside source. Slow down and take it ez!

Pres. Toribiong will have a meeting in Hawaii on saturday march 14 after his trip from DC. if you have any questions, concern or input on anything with this new administration and you live in Hawaii, be at the ala moana hotel on saturday march 14 at 6pm and voice out your concern.


Why did JK refuse to go? Obviously he does not know what being the Compact Negotiator entails. Is he not aware this is what he was appointed to do? To NEGOTIATE the Compact of Free Association. It's time like this that I tend to agree with "get real" comments.

Look the meeting at DC is not, I repeat- IS NOT, the compact negotiation/review. If you have read the papers correctly it is a meeting between Hilary and the the new administration and ergo JOsh need had not to be there. We all should take time to read carefully.

I love reading all your postings, but I have to comment on your last translation of article, with all due respect. Hilary is the Chief with respect to what happens. And more critically can influence whether money budgeted for in this years US budget/bills. It is her subordinates that have thus far 'reviewed' with Palau. What she says goes. This is a critical meeting. And I think they have the right crew - experienced, well spoken President -Head of State showing respect and seriousness; female of State; and American rep (altho would be equal if Palauan had that job). Needless to say Hilary is known as pro-Israeli, so some influence there (even tho now she represents Pres Obama's more even-handed foreign policy approach).
We should all think good thoughts to the outcome of this meeting.

The whole world is in financial crisis and leading the pack is the US of A. Palau needs to sink or swim on its own. The days of "Fee-Bees" are over

Make Palau attractive to foreign investors and we will be OK. Follow the old trend of EQPB and FIB and we will go back to the dark ages!

Do you want to wipe your asre withg leaves?


The world is interconnected. USA created the mess, and will see to it that it is cleaned up - the rest of the world counts on it. Palau will always depend on others (plus they are very good at it), just as other countries depend on each other.
The answer is not to abolish the regulations (which is EXACTLY why US was able to create mythical wealth), but to improve mechanisms. In reality, nepotism, self-interest will never go away - it's human. So solution is make sure environmental and investment regulations remain, perhaps managed by different people, and adjusted - but just like a reef may protect and give life to a shore - there must be a buffer between foreign investors and Palauan long-term sustainability.
Just my thoughts.

Good one! AFriend,

Now Red Herring my friend,

I hope AFriend's comment gives you a little buffer so that you can at least appreciate the "Klechibelau" that is still very much alive in the Palauan community. To use the sky is falling tactic to scare Palauans to put down their guards and give in just like that is probably one of the lowest self esteem I have ever seen from a Palauan. Either that or you are
just made up of pure creed who really don't care what happens to your island and your people.

Mnguu a rengum el me riou....



Please pull your head out of your arse! You talk about asteem and "Klechibelau" like an academic philosopher. I am talking about realities. Why do we have front businesses?

Simple, we Palauan do not have the expertise or capital to do the business ourselves.

Rather than be hyprocrites, why not admit that we need foreign investments. Amend our archaic and protectionist laws so that ordinary Palauan can be open and partake in proper business in joint venture with foreigners!

As for the EQPB, the Agency has no expertise or the financial capabilities to conduct any Envonmental studies. The rely on EA studies submitted by business.

Foreigners are forced to hire local EA Companies that have no expertise but charge a fortune for their services because the local EA consultants have no competition. How do you expect to get foreign investment to Palau when this type of rip-off is going on?

Why has the EQPB not come up with its own EA Studies and zoned Palau for specific development and/or specific business zones. Why has the EQPB not come up with EA Codes, Building Codes, Sewage Codes, Waste Management Codes. WHY?

The answer is simple enaced Codes will stop ambiguity and predetermined Codes will stiffle corruption - That's why palau has no predetermined code for Environmental protection.

The requirements for foreign companies to conduct EA is a way for local EA companies to make money! Palau extortion racket!


Based on previous news articles, JT had asked to meet with U.S. President Obama, but I guess he had to meet with Sec. of State Clinton as a "courtesy call" instead. Pres. Obama probably has more important things to do right now than meet with JT. Guess we won't be watching an video of that visit.

Palau’s Toribiong wants to meet with Obama
Monday, 23 February 2009 14:07 By Bernadette H. Carreon - Horizon News Staff

KOROR (Palau Horizon) - President Johnson Toribiong has requested to pay a courtesy call on U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.

Toribiong told reporters that he asked Obama for a meeting last month.

Toribiong also asked U.S. Secretary of Hillary Clinton for an expedited review of the Compact of Free Association’s financial assistance provisions which will expire this November.

These provisions provide Palau with $19 million in annual assistance from the U.S.

Toribiong said he has yet to receive a response to his request for a review of the Compact.

Palau, he added, considers the U.S. as its “best partner.”

Like the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau is an independent nation that has a Compact of Free Association with the U.S.

Palau’s Compact took effect on its Independence Day, Oct. 1, 1994.

Under the Compact, Palau is a sovereign state with the capacity to conduct foreign affairs “consistent with the terms of the Compact.”

The Compact places full responsibility for Palau's defense with the United States and allows Palauans to migrate to the U.S., its commonwealths and territories.


I, for one, am glad that JK didn't go. Seriously, would you have wanted him there with Hilary....with his "olbaol"?....and his standard, "was it discussed, and when was it discussed" translations? Remember the Chamayong panel when he acted as the translator and mediator? God!

Who is gonna send a stupid person to negotiate for awhole nation? JK is palau only but when it comes to hottttt!!! He looks like a dog whit a tail between his legs.....I dont even understand why the President pick him ? Too bad were goin down like a M-F***ker......

KIkim, you are dirty and that is not allowed, doesn't it sound familiar, that is another word for a place where you came out ... and that is a no no name, relax e friend!!!!! and you do not know Josh at all ...

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