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March 10, 2009


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“The ministerial positions carries respect and honor and the car is reflection of the great responsibility he or she bears in our government, and they are frowned upon if they are seen driving sort of a hand me down from the previous office holder,” ???

COS Soaladaob - what nonsense is this? Oh my lord! Please fire him.

The sad thing about this is that Mr. Soaladoud, actually believes what he is saying.

Clearly the new Administration priorities is not the well being of the Republic as a whole.

This is such bullshit. I am not so pissed off by the fact that the ministers have new cars but rather who the new administration bought them from. It seems like this entire time this administration has been a blatant case of favoritism and and I scratch your back you scratch mine. the croonyism continues.... Why is there no bid process for this?!! isnt there supposed to be some sort of special prosecutor or someone who ensures things like this dont happen.

Let me get this straight:

In a time of fiscal crises, $150,000 of the Republic's money is being spent to buy new cars because we want to avoid the magic spells that might be on the cars we already own.

And instead of following the procurment law, we're circumventing the bidding process by leasing-to-own from a political crowny.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Political bling is just part of the reward system in our democracy especially after an election. To the winner goes the spoils if you will. Do we blame the JT administration for doing what other previous administrations have done? or do we blame the system that we are in for promoting fiscal irresponsibility? Take former Senator Asanuma, he was the most fiscally responsible and prolific promotor of bills in the Senate but was he rewarded by being re-elected? He was not and why was that? His political circle of influence was not wide enough to catch the voters who were still undecided about his candidacy eventhough he had proven himself to be the most productive Senator in the last OEK. A palauan can never stop being a palauan but politcal systems can be changed or modified. Maybe in our lifetime that change can be realized otherwise we will keep perpetuating the status quo.

Very good point. However, we should demand accountability and require fiscal austerity measures that would help our financial situation. What is happening now is just a slap in the face; we are already talking reduced hours for Government employees and you know its the people at the bottom of the pecking order that will be laid off.

The COS also made mistakes in his statements because the Ministers (some) are already driving these "Lease to own" vehicles. These cars are to be owned by the government at the end of the day (36 months). Therefore, still should be bid out. Their lease payments MAY end up costing the Government more during the term of the lease and it is generally more expensive to lease a vehicle than to buy.

Also, what happened to the other government vehicles formerly used by the Ministers? I see some clowns who used to be in the Transition Team driving them around town on the weekends. Now, is this right? Are these people government employees - have they been hired and on the payroll?

What is happening here is just the beginning if the people sit back and let these things go on. There are even people in "Directors" positions that didn't even have announcements come out for their jobs/vacancies.

Lets all be diligent. This is a spade and I'm calling it a spade. Come on JT Administration - be responsible like you said in your campaign.

As for the COS, I don't know what to make of his comments on the "black magic" stuff. I thought people were joking around about what he said until I read it in the newspaper. Come on Chief, I know you are a smarter man than that - making comments like you have only makes the President's administration look foolish and totally PARANOID.

Isaac, man you didn't hear right, its so that no one does any GREEN magic in/on the vehicles. And I thought JT had ties with the SDA church? Don't tell me he mixes his religion with a shot of black magic. When the ROP stimulus checks get dispersed according to the "survey" results this will all be forgotten. People with money in their pockets are pliable and easily manipulated. Even just mentioning that in hearing is enough to pull any stunt and those checks will smooth everything. Why? Cause money(udoud) has always been the means by which Palauan leaders repair, re-establish,resume, re-enter, and reward each other and those below them. Look it up, money will always mend the problems of Palauans, its just a matter of how much, and because its Palau it doesn't need to be more than a $1000. I shan't talk about this issue until I see the effect of those stimulus checks, cause it will get worse right up until and probably for a while afterwards(when I say worse I mean ROP GOV spending)

The responses as reported in TBN are some of the best political bloopers! We should submit to Leno or Lettermen show for midnite jokes!

Chief IS, you really know how to cool down the Palauan nerves! Good spokesmanship! JT does need you there!

yup...the best and the brightest as JT would call 'em. esqeeeeeez emua but that's oxymoron to say in our political arena. our so called leaders are embarrassed to be seen driving a lefty nor even a hand me down vehicle 'cos they think they're better than you and me in their higher than thou position. "NGDIAK A ISED"....

I do not know whether to take the COS's word seriously or not but I do know that there are still lot of palauans who still beleive in OLAI. I know a fellow Peliliuan who whenever he has a problem, be it illness, legal or kebliil mondai, eng doiderekl ra bilas el mora Oreor e meleng a blai mo siiik ra Yamadaksang ra Ngeremlengui, Mechas ra Meyuns.

Eight Black-magic free Minister vehicles for 36 months: 259,200 dollars.

Bypassing the bidding process so you can pay a political bedmate: zero dollars.

Being able to say "johnson supporters = diaz supporters = idiots": priceless

... meleng a mlai not blai.

Palauan people elected JT with high hopes that he will save them from hardship. Except that he has not done any significant thing to assist the needy but for himself and his gangs. Please, don't forget JT, you got the office because of your supporters. Thank God I didn't VOTE for you.

A rengud tial bilas a mla metik ra delbechel el ngikel el sebechel mekelii a beluu e kuk mengeriomel el kirel a klukuk. E bai obitekeyang meng bai chad ma beches el bilsengel???

Ng kmal diak mongerodech le bol medinges obechad e ko mol mechoit er tial bilas e di mo kemiu e losiik a mlimiu....

I saw the pixs of the cars in TBN. They looked like Hyundai Tucson. Can anyone confirm?

As stated in the article "the four SUV cost $25,000". A recent Guam Pacific Daily News advertisement showed a Hyundai Tucson on sale for about $15,000--nice mark up and profit for
Palau Automotive.

Also, I multiplied $900 times 36 months and came up with $32,400. Wow! They must have used the same type of analysis that they used to come up with the reveune projections for the National budget. LOL.

$15,000 (on GuamPD) and then marks up to $25,000? A 60% increase in price (are the seats lined with gold threads). And a Hyundai? Silech, for the price - no thanks.

Better re-think where to source vehicles.

Whatever! I find it very interesting to keep spending money unnecessay inspite of our financial situation. Would it make any difference what they drive? The job still needs to be done, anyway. A typical of us Palauans wanting to look good outwardly. E Isaac, please think before you say stuff to annoy TJ supporters!

White collar crime that is. Find a way to get around the system. Bidding process is better way to save money and its the law.The process to bid anything over $10,000.00 dollars is to prevent this from happening and to prevent the government form paying 29.6% interest rate on a 36 months term.AG should look into these type of process in the governments office. this is a crime. $194,400.00 in three years.

Does anyone know how much is the freight charges from Guam to Belau is? Further, how much is the import tax on cars?

I cannot do the math this morning my mind is still spinning from the Olak that I might have stepped on in Lake last night.

This is again, a slap in the face. Now, if you would have ordered a fleet of cars from Surangel (NISSAN's) from Guam, freight would have been included and you would have been able to get Nissan Pickups or something more reasonable, for below 25K each. So here it is, if it smells like S&*T, looks like S*&T, then it IS S&*T!!!

People are getting screwed. Now, let us see which ministers will refuse the new cars. They should if they had any conscience at all.

STILL, shouldn't have bought new cars. by the way, who is driving the Lexus that TR used to have and the Jeep that he also used to have. All this BS about Lexus and cars but when it comes down to it, they have taken the cars and given to political cronies and decided to buy more newer cars. BullShit!

I hear you Mardi,

It's one of the most rediculous excuse I have seen in my lifetime....

Black Magic?
Respect and Honor for their position needs to be
reflected on what type of car they are driving?

I mean seriousely,

Is there any respect and honor when the hospitals are short of medicine....

Is there any respect and honor for schools to have short supplies or staff.....

Is there any respect and honor for health care for the Old age, for public safety, public works, for environment.....

It's probably not because they did not quarantee protection from Black Magic in these areas. Not enough money to buy all of them cars to protect them from black magic, and besides there is not enough Honor and Respect to go around.....

Moutekangel a rebeluu e dongiil er tirkal chad el ma kot e omesiich ea lebo er ngii a der e te merous e lekong...

I really don't know

Alii ngera chised er tial new admin boat, chelik
uatiang a chelebuul er belau e kemiu a melai a beches el mlai...........like I said before there's more coming out so relax wait and see the next step for them to do.....

Ngmeral tekoi e kerdi, a kot e tongasech a ududir, ongerung a beches el mlai. mesel mo chongedei nglocha mo ngerang? ea....,tia di mo rael a keskelel?


Thanks and a very logical concern,

But I think each and everyone of us all agree that we can't fix, correct, or satisfy everyone when it comes to politics being involved. In any case I think if you look at it on a different point of veiw. You might see some positive side of things.

Regardless of who will be hired to provide the needs of the hotel in order be fully operational The fact still remains where as, we will have an additional source of revenues coming through in a form of individual taxes and business license. And on top of that, through this hotel Palau would also benefit from the contacts and exposure the hotel would invest on in order to attract more customers. These same customers would spend on mom and pop stores and what not which is all good for our island. Think
about the money spent on materials and equipments needed to construct this hotel. The construction workers who will also spend and pay taxes to the government. The bottom line here is that more than 20 million dollars will be spent in our island and even if there is an ink of ilegal activities smeared on it. I am still very sure that the majority of this money will reach both private and government sectors that is where I see the benefit of it all.

In the meantime I do concur with you on the need to be agressive on perssuing and convicting those who abuse their powers or deliberately break our laws to amash wealth for themselves. We need to create preventive measures to address loop holes if any and pass new laws that will give a strong message to the public that justice will be swift and decisive.


Yah, Yah,

Kede medektang le kede melasem el mesaod ra ta ra tekoi ea de "Post" er ngii eng tuobed er tial
blai el mesaod a OLLAK meng mla meketektid. A kot ea kulumdasu el kmo ng locha "Accident" e mistek er ngak. Elecha kumdesua el kmo ng locha diak el "Accident". Ng locha Tial Mas Mas el losaod er ngii a Soaladaob el mla metichekl ra elsel tial blai...LOL

Diak a chised er kemiu el rokui, too bad you are not intelect and attorney and so you do not know lots of things you are talking about ... just spit and spit out and at the end you will understand. .. a ikang a di uaisei ,,,,

more ko mo lengull ra chelechei .... e sechelei ....

"too bad you are not intelect and attorney"

Thank God we aren't dyslexics.


Would it be difficult if the ministers drive in their own cars to work? Also aren't we trying to pinch pennies here? They would also use gov't money to purchase gas for those gov't vehicles so there is a potential for saving.

"and they are frowned upon if they are seen driving sort of a hand me down from the previous office holder"

So if it is a brand new car now, a term later passed on to the next minister, it is "frowned upon"? Dunno. Going back to drinking peyote.

How is this allowed to go on?

Hold on! COS Isaac said, “The ministerial positions carries respect and honor and the car is reflection of the great responsibility he or she bears in our government, and they are frowned upon if they are seen driving sort of a hand me down from the previous office holder,”

Last I saw, COS Isaac was being "driven" around in the Lexus. I guess he opted for a driver instead of a new car. Isn't JT being driven around in a Nissan X-terra? I'm trying to make sense of what COS is saying in reference to what I'm seeing. Lexus vs. Nissan X-terra. So, the car is a reflection of...

BTW, the Lexus was donated by former Taiwan Pres after his last visit here. Wonder how Taiwan Embassy feels seeing how their donation of the Lexus is now being used.

In other countries, these types of behaviors from high government officials and executives would cause riots in the streets and protests. we are far too kind.

Previous Ministers YANO and KATOSANG led by good examples. Drove their own vehicles!

Babeldaob NonResident,

Thanks for sharing that info and your suggestion. If they're so worried about "black magic", why not drive their own cars?! And, why should the government/taxpayer pay for their paranoia and superstitious beliefs?

I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, and then I smoke two more.

I smoke two joints in times of peace, and two in times of war. I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, and then I smoke two more.

I smoke two joints when I talk black magic, and then I smoke two more.

This is the solution to cut cost in PALAU.

Increase pay raise!

Brand new vehicles for cabinet members!

sit in the office and chew betelnut!!

olekoi e sechelei wai tia elebuul ra beluu e kemiu mo mekall beches el mlai e mou simang.tia ngdi mo rael a keskelel....

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