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March 18, 2009


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So what's the position of the Koror State Legislature on one of its members convicted on felony charges? Maybe they can ask the Former Governor of Koror State, now Minister of Justice (Johnny Gibbons) to hold their sessions at the jail. They wouldn't need a Sergeant-at-Arms during sessions. They would have an entire shift of prison guards watching over them...along with the rest of the prison population during sessions. That would be in line with cutting costs.

I feel sorry for Tero!!! Now he will be under Johnny-the one person whom he had had an on going argument(s) during JG's tenure.

Supervised probation my #$$. Better yet, call it a slap in the wrist. How can these convicted felons learn from their mistake when they keep getting the easy way out. Supposedly it's out of respect for his position, but to be honest, people who hold high profile positions should be the one who gets the harsh beating. That way, we send the message to the public for good.

Hello Shionganai,

I agree with you 100%. Palau justice is questionable. Palau's Chief Justice judgement is continuously bias. CJ jailed P Moran for a misdemeanor (failure to comply with crooked SP Waltons subpoena) and CJ's flawed order.

Yet when it comes to Palauan politicians who commit the most serious crimes they are given the lightest sentance and/or are pardoned!

Let us hope that the Toribiong Administration put a stop to these dispeakable practices!

Retire the old fart CJ! He is incompetent and bias if not downright crooked!

I agree with you Pistol Pete. One third of our Senator's have, had criminal records and had been pardoned. Something has to be done to prevent these from happening. Only the rich can get away with these. And the rest got to be the government kids until they serve their time.

Hello J. Koshiba,

The people of Palau are waiting for action! You canvassed that you will do the right thing. You canvassed that you will go after corruption.

President Toribiong has given you the power! Show us some action!

We want to see you prosecute - The AJ, the prepetrators who cause the PSB bank to collapse, SP Prosecutor Walton for committing purjury! TR and Nakamura and their cronies for corruption. The expatriate attorneys for their wrong doings!




I am sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but J.Koshiba you know and been led to believe is all a farce.


Believe it or not the decision that Judge Salii rendered, to me was a bit excesses weighting the charges that Uehara was convicted of.

Judge Salii in her oral sentecing made it clear that this practice had gone to the point whereas the court will no longer give mercy or liniency when making decisions on this type of cases.


I say put Nakamura, Remengesau and the rest of the crooks that caused the PSB Bank to go belly-up all in jail!

Come on Koshiba do your job or the people will put your arse in jail!

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