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March 02, 2009


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Ke kmal mesaul e Omdui er tial basio el sebeched le mesaod a betok el tekoi ra elsel. A rebebil er kemam nguu tial techall el rikark el mo mesaod a tekoi el diak el soadel ra elsel a buai. Uai ikel tekoi el mildung el kirel Lalii ma Sonia a example ra tekoi el diak el kired el mesaod ma lechub eng soadel.

Anyway, ke kmal mesaul.

A lak leborngii a uaisei e lomeruul e Omdui eng diak lobol delebodeb a tekoi. Meng rulii tial blai el mo eremetai, ulekeangel e klekoel ra tedobech. Ng di nga ra imam, me ngkel modesui el
mla imiit ra real a kmal di mesubed a rengmam a
omotebedii ra elsel tiang. Tia dirrek luldimukl er ngak.

Ke kmal mesaul,

I think it is a privilege to post my views on this site. Everyone has a right to post their views, however, we need to realize that we are trying to bring up the level of discussions on this forum.

I'm thankful for this tool for expression, but we must be responsible as to how it is used. I have at times gone over the line, and I have to restrain myself by doing so because it tilts the discussion to a lower, more base level.

Thank you for making the effort to keep this site "clean".

The measure I would use would be: al sekum a delak, demak ma lechub te ruchedak a rongesak el melekoi a ikakid el tekoi ra buai, te ungil a rengrir e diak bo le merur el kmo a ngelekam ngdilung a tekoi el uaisei el kirir ar rechad.

I think we all have to ask ourselves that question from time to time to keep ourselves in check.

Thank you again for this valuable channel for ideas and discussions.

Esola e Omdui eng kmal melemalt e bleketakl a tekoi el moruul er ngii ma kumdasu e kemam el delodau e betik a rengmam ra belumam maki ngar tiang el lomdasu ra kaingeseu el melekoi a uldasu ma urungulam ma kngtil ma klungiolel ma rokui el sebecham el di melatk ra mo klungiolel a beluu ma rengeleked ra tara klebesei a oldubech er ngii. Ng meral mui el songerenger e meched a rengmam el kumdasu ea kumtechei er kemam el rokui-ma kulturk- e kmo ulekum meng kelulau ra BaiMelekeong ra irechar el di blechoel el tal bekall a rokui el tekoi ra chelsel me lak de kautitekangel e dolekoi a deleboes ra chelsel tiang el uaisei. Tia a uai a le klalo beluu me lak de meterekakl er ngii...Lak el meched a osenged er ngii leng kmal klou a ulsbechel el mora buai. Ke de di ngar tiang el di chelimkomk ra meral ngkled e soiseb el melekoi aikel soad eleng diak a medengelkid. Engdi ulekum me ke de mocholt lolab a meral ngkled ra redemad, eng diak a uai ikal lomelekoi le ke de kadengmes e beiusech a medad ra tekinged le rechad a medengelkid. A beluu a kekerel beluu, e betok a kedmekill me dosaod a meral tekoi e lak dou lell a tuu el mesaod a diak el ngii.( E udelei Santy, kau a sebechem e ngak a dirkak mak otengau.)

A tekoi a kot ra mesisiich el lomelemall ra chelsel a beluulechad leng diak el diua bad, ng oles, ng brotech, ng ngera ngklel el di otebedii a rsechel a chad e ngomedii a telil. A tekoi a diak di le temelii a chad el uaisei, engdi ng tomellii a rengul ma uldesuel ma delebengel a chad el di nguu ra omekedellel. Ma kuk de ngosechekl el mesmesei e domes er ngii eng kuk sebeched el kmo a tekoi a kot ra mesisiich el kloklel a beltikelreng er tial beluulechad. Leng diua sel kdum ra rsechelik ra chelsengrir el kmal mle meringel a kuk chelsang ma klechad er ngak ra ikal mla mo merek el betok el klebesei me di kuba tekingek el kmo,"Errang, ng diak a ngera rekid mak di mle duum el lolengeseu leng mla mo tela el buil el lak de kaseues?" E ngii le beltii el du el kmo,"Aikal medad ma rengud el kauklatk a ikaikid a dousbech e diak a ngodech." Aikaikid el tekingel a diua le bilekekii tial chelsel a renguk mak mo mui el semeriar el sechelil eaki kaingeseu el mong e mei.

Me molekoi me kulekoi engdi a omolekoi a diak el tekoi, e ke di eko ra ikrel a toi e remiid el mora ngoaol....Chochoi!Chochoi!!

Hello people!

I must have been away for too long. Apparently something came up that I haven't seen... anyway, I agree with the previous bloggers, this place should continue being a home for a discussion of ideas! Not people... well, except for politicians or public figures :).

Ngdi mle soak el tuchakl e oker el kirel tirkel terung el beches el minister er Belau ra CC ma ET? Ng kora diak a subed el ngara Palau Horizon. Ngdi tal Roureur a mla lolia cheldecheduch el kirel.

Here's the website if you all are interested and I apologize if you already knew :


Good luck everyone, blessings to all, and be safe!


i feel that its about time to take the initiative. i dont believe this should be "the" reason for puttting your foot down when this has been going on for quite some time. i dont understand we had to let it go this far. i dont mean to regress but the fact of the matter is other people have had their names slandered here too. i understand that we go by freedom of speech but at the same time, we can't afford to go all out in this forum like we have, because we are all connected in our lives as palauans and, most of the negative inappropriate comments affect many of us. its like going into our own backyard at our neighborhood, and start unloading on each family member anonymously. so the question becomes, "how can you be fair in going about moderating such inappropriate comments?" that is only up to you to decide as you have stated. but for equality's sake can we please emphasize that bloggers report comments that have no relevance to the topic, to be deciphered by the moderator? if thats not too much too ask, can we have an option for us to report comments and have you decipher whether it is appropriate for the forum or not. i understand that that there are so many comments made in the blog so therefore i respectfully ask of this favor. thanks for the oppurtunity to speak.

Kekmal mesaul e Omdui for this opportunity for us living abroad to connect with our fellow Palauans at home. It's like conversing with everyone face to face. I hope we can keep it as clean and act in here like human beings, proffessional, I mean. Tial saul!

Kmal mesaul a Omdui, ngkirel ngarngii a omelengmes ma omenguul er a delongelel a eldecheduch er a chelsel tial blai. ngkirel mo klebechel a tekoi ra chotuub ma kelsemai ra chelsel a cheldecheduch. a tekoi ma tekoi e kid a dimedengei el kmo a omesind el chad el metmuu er tial blai el me oltobed er a udesuel a ngarngii a klemeriar reng er ngii el kirel a beluu er belau leng betik a rengul er a beluu ma rechad er belau me dolengit er a delodau ma kelta reng ra rokui el chad el metmuu er tial blai.


Kekmal mesaul ra ungil cheldechedecham, Belau one, meral uasei kirel morngii a omelengemes ma omenguul ra chelsel tial blai.......

God bless.

welcome back omdui.

Kmal mesaul e Omdui ra ungil luldasue. Engak a blechoel loldingel er tial blai ra bekl el sils. Kmal betok el tekoi a blaksuub er tiang. Ma kmal loureng a sulem marchad ra chomeluches el ngartial blai ra melidiul.

Engak kiei ra Ngebaard e diak el sebechek lobes ra kotek ma rechad er Belau.

Kmal mesulang!

Well said! I've been a frequent visitor to this site and must admit that there have been times when I thought a thread was becoming inappropriate, yet knew it wasn't my place to intervene. This site has been instrumental for obtaining news from back home and I appreciate you for keeping it up.

God bless, and be well.

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