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March 02, 2009


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Judge Ngirakelsol,

Ruled against the board members not to utilize the government lawyers and instead get their own independent lawyers. I had the impression that this case was under way and the conclussion will be reached anytime soon. Now I am quiet baffled with this news....

I'm not suprised to hear this news because no one in Palau is accountable for any wrong doings. Why waste our time investigating such allegations when majority of it's outcome is the same? What's keeping us from reaching this conclusion as such that people will know that there is some consequences of any wrong doing in this life? Kamouchais mebo dodengei e Judge Ngirakelson. A uchul a beluad a cherrad a meral diak a ungil rael dorael er ngii.

Can anyone tell me the salaries of Ombudsman MYU, AG Rengiil, and SP Copeland?

Is there a freedom of free information act in Palau? Is the president going to keep his promises when he promised to audit the OEK if elected etc?

Omtikl, don't think there is such a law re. freedom of information wherein information can be obtained from the government. Additionally, don't think the Executive can audit the Legislative Branch and vice versa. Such an act, in my opinion, will be a violation of the separation of powers. Each governmental Branch can, however, on their own have themselves audited.

Hope this helps...


Brien Sers Nicholas

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