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March 03, 2009


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if otv goes home, then what? what have you accomplished lynch mob? so simple minded, so afraid. you think we are not good enough to compete so we need to clean out foreigners so we have no competition? so why are we relaxing the laws to let more foreigners come and compete? what is our plan? are we all at odds with eachother? i for one love otv and don't forget they were the first to give us local television. i feel this place is better off with local television and would do anything i can to support otv because it does have palauan partners and lots of young palauans are that hang round them that are learning the trade.

Exactly ohEhnkonflict,

On one hand Palau's leadership is soliciting foraign investors to boost the economy. And on the other hand Diaz and the other four are chasing foraign investors out of the island with this one sided bill. What is the message we are sending to the outside world? A Disfunctional Leadership!


talking about code of ethics violation, what about the code of ethics being violated by Ex-President remengesau and Minister of Justice Chin in suppressing information about the illegal going-ons of AG Bettie?

Is our new Special Prosecutor going to do his job by investigating Ex-President Remengesau and Ex-Minister of Justice, Chin's part in suppressing evidence about Bettie's extrotion racket and running prostitution in Palau?

I am wondering how much interest did TR and Chin have in Bettie's prostitution business?

Come on Moses, go after these corrupt politicians. Why was Bettie allowed to leave Palau?



HA HA HA... Lynch Mob! Good One!
Get it straight Mardingaol, not all of your postings are based on facts, and be honest, the reason "you are not ready" to expose yourself is because you have already trashed others in here and you are too chicken shit to handle it if people starts trashing the real you. Protect your family? What about the other folks whose family you've trashed? Ngemeded/////

LOL!! @ Ota, the way you sound you're a patient there wannabe doctor. Meringel a urelir a rechoeng..

Diaz is not the only one involved, open them eyes and treat this issue with fairness.

I guess we still have a problem with people fighting one another than fighting for ideals and solutions. Thanks Senate for showing me how much work we still have to do to better ourselves and our nation.

My facts could be checked. Go back to my postings and tell which ones I am in error when I posted and I will make a correction if it I indeed made mistakes in the past. Otherwise, spend time thinking about solutions instead. Thanks for your views.

And Senate, its ignorant people like you that are ready to spread cancer that I WILL protect my family from, and unfortunately, your kind will always be the impediment to progress for our people. I will keep trying, and maybe someday you can at least disagree with me more rationally.

Lynch Mob you sound as asinine as your name suggests. Your comment on "...up and coming Palauans who will compete without the DISTRACTIONS and heavy handedness of foreign entities such as OTV. Next on the list is Sam Scott..." tells us that you either don't know the facts or you're just plain ignorant. Name the distractions. They actually report news and produce entertaining shows that include the youth and community. If those "distracting foreigners" from OTV were to leave Palau, who do you think they'll leave the business to?? The Palauans in the company - that's who. And do you think Sen. Diaz is going to stop his whining then??? NOT AT ALL!! Because even the young Palauans at OTV are far more capable to run a tv station than Sen. Diaz is. Also, the "compete and even take over where MBTV leaves off" comment is quite hilarious as there is nothing to compete with but you probably think that MBTV is quality tv since you're still stuck 'them lynching days'. As for Sam Scott, he has Palauan children who will probably take over the business in time. What do you say about that now? Keep Palau in Palauan hands always....Palau has never left our hands as far as I can see ~ what Palau are you referring to?

Comment deleted by the Administrator.

let lynchmob tell us how he/she feels as that is the invisible evil we are all fighting and it is a wake up call to know that lynchmob is our neighbor, he/she sits next to us at customs, and he/she votes diaz in the secret ballot box. lynchmob, tell us, why should we operate by jealousy and greed? why should we support those that do? what does that teach our children? not every foreigner can come here and succeed, the few that do show a special dedication to this place ... can't you find an exception ifor those that -- through sweat and obstacles -- thrive? aren't those he gifted people we should cherish? i was taught that we should make our home as happy for those chosen few as their investment in Palau is a windfall to our people.

i agree with red herring the ex-president and vice president chin were totally corrupt. ex-president didn't care he was leaving the presidency and chin was only focused on trying to be president no matter what. in this troubled economic time of belau many of belauans are so glad to have serious, intelligent and unified government to steer us through the upcoming years. Chin/Seid would have sank palau deeper in the drain. Hooray for palauans making JT president. Chin should go back to the US where he spent 23 years of his life at while doing nothing to palau for 23 years! what a JOKE! not he has vanished from the face of the earth! haha...take your whole family and go back to US where you spent 23 years of your life while palau was going through 23 years of hardships...losers!

You people are so full of it, ur the loser, Diaz! Who do you think you are telling people to leave Palau? Ignorant fool, just like Mardingaol. As always, full of crap. hypocrite. talk, talk and nothing else. You don't look happy now, mardingaol.
Rock on Lynch Mob, Senate, Red Herring and OEKonflict!

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