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March 23, 2009


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It's kind of odd to see reports like this
especially knowing that JK is a Senior Senator who was there from the beginning and to top it all, TR who gave the baton to JT is sitting
with the rest of the Senators probably saying "Don't look at me!". lol!How ironic
is this scene at the moment.

I wonder how this would turn out...


I just don't know how this issue was overlooked by the management? But then again, we built our capital building not thinking the cost of it's maintenace and upkeeping. Unless, we learn to live and spend within our means, the chaos will continue to affect our lives now and our future to come. Sometimes, we learn our lessons the hard way. And, I hop the lesson has been learned to assess the situation before we go ahead with the plan including a realistic realiable implemetion.

Bring PEAVEY BACK! The he was always innocent, the power stayed on, and the costs didn't go up! He made the government pay for it;s usage ad the people did not have to subsidize the ROP. Now JT is in office, he should bring back the best thing for Palau!

Maintenance requires money. Where would PPUC get that? Or, the govt for that matter.

Do you think that the current or previous lawmakers or Exec branch are about to take money from govt employees salaries or their own salaries to pay for maintenance of generators?

What new revenue generating measures were passed by the previous OEK? Answer: None of the ones that TR admin recommended.

What revenue generating measures were passed by this OEK? Answer: Remains to be seen. But, they already had their own budgets raised and kept their $50,000 salaries.

Didn't they also just raise the current Pres, VP, and Ministers salaries, too? Wasn't that one of the first bills passed? Can anyone confirm?

Ha Ha Ha!

When will all of you listen. Stop crying about how Palau does not have enough money to do this or to do that!

MONEY is not hard to come by.

What is difficult is making the right choices to enable Palau to get money.

There is a conflict of interest that exist in Palau! The Privileged few do not want to lose their monopolies and that is the reason why Palau is not getting money to flow into Palau.

Reform the Laws that protect monopolies. Bring in foreign investments. Once this happens the world bank and even the ADB will start availing Palau with credit!

Get rid of the FIB and the EQPB. Make it easy for foreign investors to get planning approvals so that BIG projects can be implemented.

Reform the banking and insurance laws. Make it easy for banks to hold land as collateral.

Make it easy to bring into Palau foreign workers.

Make it easy to import and export materials and food.

Encourage more foreign airlines to fly into Palau to enable tourist and international business easy access to Palau with more direct schedule flights.

Do all the above and I guarantee you that Palau's economy will BOOM!



You must be one of the foreigners yourself. Or you just blind to what have happened to other island societies who wanted to cash in on tourism in the Pacific. Maybe you have no idea what the tourism industry in Palau is like to be saying what you are saying. You also sound like that Moran or morron guy. Just guessing.


MOH-Kuartei got drunk and had an accident friday night 3/20/2009. Refused to be taken to the hospital by the cops. Threaten the cops job if reported. Stitched his head at his pharmacy by Dr. Mekoll. His truck was total and was taken to Airai and hidden behind the fenced area. NO DUI for high officials. By the way DIU call for 2days in Jail and 1000.00 dollars fine. Is this what you called open government? First it was YB lying to congress, now Kuartei with DUI and no body knows. Who are you kidding?

I am a foreigner and lived in Palau for 2 years. I have moved but feel like I left a piece of myself there.

Don't let the foreign investors who only care about making money destroy what you have. All of the development will cause more pollution that will kill the coral, mangroves, and natural beauty of your island.

After all, these investors do not live in Palau. Why would they care about it other than to make money?

I hear you loud and clear! I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid very soon Belau is going to be just another Nauru. Money comes and go but the island's natural beauty is irreplaceable.

I've lived in the neighborhood (others consider affluent) for the last three decades, but I could never choose it over my homeland. Nope, money doesn't buy.

You guys who ask people to keep things as they are are all from countries that have gone so far ahead economically and just want somewhere 'natural' to come visit and then you leave the 'natives' with nothing but YOUR pollution!

It cost real bucks to keep things natural and unpolluted - are you willing to pay for us to keep things 'natural' for you to come visit? I bet the dollars would NOT be coming from abroad so in actually you want us to suffer so you can come visit.

Let me aks you - when you come to Palau do you want a taxi from the airport and d you want an airconditioned room to stay in, do you want toilet paper and clean water to clean yourself with, etc. etc?????

Or will you come if you wash your ass with taro leaves and wash with unprocessed river water and drink rain water (unfiltered0?

What a load of crap!

The country is already polluted with your 'exports' and you want it to ramain so that your desired 'level' of luxury remains for others like you.

Every country has its own stage of development - stop trying to restrict our country to your desires for your own agenda!

Yuk to you!

Realistic Man, I assume you are in part responding to the comments I made. You know nothing about me nor the situation I was in when I lived in Palau. I truly love your country and still have friends there. I was not a tourist and left no pollution behind.

If you also recall I was referring to foreign investors. Foreign investors will come, build their hotels, golf courses, and whatever else. Sure there will be money made by a few…those who become the hotel maids and clean up after the foreign visitors…those that ferry the visitors out to the rock islands…but the bulk of the money will go to those who are not Palauns.

I am not saying stay in the past…just plan your future wisely. I agree that Palau has to do something to remain economically viable. The Compact will not be around forever. Do not lose your identity. Do not let the investor flaunting lots of cash make you look the other way and ignore the effects of what might happen. If you think your county is polluted now wait until foreign workers invade by the hundreds to take the jobs provided by the foreign investors.

Or go ahead and let them come…lease all of your family’s land to some company so they can build a hotel and golf course on it. And when they fertilize the golf course so the visitors will have lush greens the nitrates will flow to the mangroves. You will be dead and buried before the true effects are felt. Leave the mess for your children to deal with.

Personally I do not care if there are taxis to take me to some fancy hotel…and I’ll wipe my rear with a taro leaf, wash in the river, and drink rainwater if I have to. Those who know me know that I would just as soon hang out with my Palaun friends at their summer house than to spend time at the PPR.

So don’t include me in your “you guys” group. “You guys” are a bunch of pretentious a-holes that like to show up, flaunt their cash, act like big shots, pollute your country, then leave…


You must be an angel or a higher being for having lived in Belau for two years and did not pollute!!! Did you ever not flush your toilet? Drive a car? Buy a an Aqua? Because if you ever did one of the above then you surely have polluted!!!

Here is another STEVIE in the house!!!

This is what happens when you choose unqualified people to handle a job they don't know!!! Enough of the politics and give the right people a chance to prove them selves.

Tired of this crap,

I'm confused by your comments. Are you saying that previously unqualified people were hired to "handle a job they don't know:? Or, are you saying that the people appointed by this admin are very "qualified" people and that they need time to prove themselves?

I agree with you Jeff. The way things are now in Palau, there's a temptation to look the other way and not at the root of all evils, MONEY. I hope there's a well thought out plan for whatever happens.


Uchelmis, I think you took Jeff way too literal. Ofcourse we all do our share of polluting. Cut the man some slack.

Now the real issue; it is hard to believe that PPUC does not have a preventive maintenance plan. You would think, that is one of the most needed and well-scrutinized plan if any. Truly, I think they have one, they must, probably just needs to be dusted off or updated.

All I'm staying is, we have to stay on top of our game. Electricity outages is just something I'm not fond of. Ofcourse there will be natural causes or unpreventable situations that may cause a temporary outage, but not preventive maintenance issues. And that is something a plant manager should know "everything" about! A plant manager should know the generators better than anyone (i.e. life-span, depreciation, maintenance, etc.)

The task force is correct in suggesting that the board should stick to policies and legalities rather than day-to-day operations, but it shouldn't be limited. The board should also be able to step in should they feel that operational management may be unfit.

And by the way Meg, MONEY is not the root of all evil. It's the LOVE for money that is.

I love Palau and the stage of developments it's in. Palau should continue to develop and will continue to do so as the citizens develop themselves. It is only natural to fill your place and get ready for a bigger lot to fill. What's unwise is, to incur rush-development without thinking about the major consequences.

I think what Jeff is trying to say is, make step by step developments that are sustainable and well-suited for Palauans, first. And then think about the tourists interests. In other words, build your dream home, not someone elses.

But hey either way, the tourists will be happy... Aren't Palauans known for their hospitality? I don't know about you, but I rather enjoy a 3 star hotel with a 5 star service rating than a 5 star hotel with a 3 star service rating.

Chilak mak mei,


Hey Jeff,

Your opinions and arguments are pethetic and child like. You advise that we plan wisely as if we would not! It goes without saying that we will plan wisely. There is no need to say the obvious.

You intimate that when foreign investment come all that we (the Palauan people) will be good for is to work as chamber maids or ferry visitors to the rock island. This is the extent of your opinion of us! This is the way you show your love and respect for the Palauan people by making derogatory comments! Well let me tell you that Palauan people can do more than work as chamber maids!

To begin with when foreign investors come to our shores our professionals such as our attorneys, our surveyors, our environmentalist consultants get work.

Next, oridinary men and women who are educated and who now have to live abroad to earn a living can nome home because jobs for managers will be available. Other employment opportunity will also be available for Palauans that have been trained as accountants, secretaries, clerks, etc.

Foreign companies will be encouraged to provide training for Palauan who are currently unskilled.

Do not immagine that Palau's desire is ONLY to attract investors that just operate hotels. This is about to change in a BIG WAY under the Toribiong Administration. Investments will come in many forms.

The old small minded and corrupt thinking of the Nakamura and Remengesau are over.

Under President JT Palau will get investments in Banking, insurances, international service industries, educational and medical services agriculture, aquaculture and marine-culture base businesses just to name a few.

Finally, let me remind you that Palauan people to not sell their lands to foreigners. Palauan people only lease their lands and now tis government will encourage joint ventures that will enable Land owners to benefits directly.

However, you should know that all land leased will be enhanced and at the eand of the lease period the land lowner will be the beneficiary of a property that value has been added, so please spare us your ill advised concerns.

I hope you come back to our Island in 10 or 15 years time and witness the transformation.

You will be coming back to an Advance Paradise Nation, financially strong and the people contented with our land and seas teaming with life as technology and wise investments will make it posible for development and nature to co-exist in harmony.


how unrealistic,
please visit the newest hotels in palau, you will see that the palauans working there are indeed the chamber maids and boat operators and the like. not very many attorneys, surveyors or consultants now that the doors have opened for the prr and sea passion. not very many palauan accountants, secretaries and clerks at those locations either. mr. man you forget that jt was the ambassador to taiwan before becoming president, what other forms of foreign investment do you see the taiwanese involved in, banking, for example, first commercial bank has how many palauans? one? insurance companies already in palau are mostly based in guam, another one would be overkill for palau, don't you think. international service industries, agriculture have already well established foreign operated businesses, where are the jobs for the palauans? admittedly, the aquaculture and medical services are owned by palauans but still have increasingly foreign employees, with exception of dr. roberts clinic.
and finally, yes, palauans will not sell their land as you and mr. diaz have put it they will only lease it for an eternity...way more than 10 to 15 years.
a omeral chad er belau engdiak moluches el uaisei leng kmal keltukl el blulak...ngdi ak medengei el kmo ngdiam om chad er belau e diak om kei er belau, kau ma islander ma uchul eng kmal beot a omomulak er tiang...
ka di mei em visit...adang

Think Nautilus City proponents are after a bridge loan from the develoment bank. The recent decrease in the price of oil has shrunk the reserves of many oil producing nations including Malayasia. Point man and Palau's Ambassador to Taiwan, Jackson Henry is trying to drum up investors on his end just like the President did during his tenure. Like minds think alike after all. Tis the truth according to this govt. think tank.

Hey Kngibech,

When did you become the side-kick "Tonto" of Jeff "Lone Ranger".

I am not interested in any investments made by the Taiwanese. Taiwanese investments are made with political agenda.

Similarly, investments from Japan and the USA are also made with political and military agendas. I do not say that there is anything wrong with such investments. palau needs help from where ever it finds help but I am simply looking forward to some real investments from the international business community.

Only true business with profit as the agenda type of investment are sustainable. Only investments that are viable are sustainable.

I am looking forward to investments as was proposed for the Nautilus City Project.

I noted that the investing company looked at every aspect of their business and have provided a proposal to the Peleliu State Government that is indepth and complete in every aspect - From establishing a schedule airline service to bring tourists direct to Peleliu to providing medical and rescue services.

I was awed at the length and depth that, that company had gone to in preparing their project proposal. UKIHL must have spent millions preparing such a formidable submission. I find it incomprehensible why there were some foolish people bad mouthing that project. I guess some Palauan will condamn penicillin!

Well done UKIHL and great forsight Jackson Ngiraingas.


What exactly is your point, other than that Nautilus City Project is the answer to all of Palau's problems?

A rengum omdu sulang e ke mla mo chad er Belau...kululuuch. E lak mongaisisiu er ngak ra Tonto, ngbai locha telekib el kmeed a Friday leng chad ra island...lol kede chebuul, a rengrir e te kmal mellomes leng diak a iro ra bedengir

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