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March 02, 2009


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Youth is what gave rise to TR to the Senate and on to become the youngest President in Palau's history. I really don't understand why it stopped in the first place when he was at the helm for the past 8 years.....


Palau is already the MOST OVER REPRESENTED government in the world. We have 16 states with Governors and state congress, council of chiefs, a bi-cameral national congress, women's clubs, Voices, grass roots organizations and NOW at youth congress ?

Too many chefs in the kitchen spoils the soup. I say enough is enough. Its not quantity, its quality.

Sen. TR,

Again, you our budget to deposit to Micronesian or Palau Housing Authority to be safe in the name of PNYC. Com'n, resign and enjoy your full retirement. I am your strong supporter and I hate to see you bola bola in the session by the Senate, 8th OEK.

I know you have enough money to enjoy for the next century with family and grandchildren.

What you have done is more than enough. A new kid in town can do the same work like did when young. OK.



you are full of shit. You have had you time and you screwed up. Just piss off why don't you.

curious, you misspelled your own name.

No, it is intentional: too many 'false' misrepresenters are on this blogsite using names used by others!

So, at least someone else is awake!

BTW, check your own spelling!


Why doesn't he go the grassroots route and get the state chiefs and their young men's club's to form a Young Leaders of Tomorrow Program. They can focus on raising the youth right and through Rubekul Belau the youth can have a voice. This attempt would also socialize young men and women to the olden ways and will hopefully keep some of our scarce culture alive. Everything nowadays is always headed by the government. Give the chiefs more ability to supplement government programs in education, work-force training(why won't the Workforce Investment Act apprentice people to chiefs-cause that must be a hell of a job). Other than that I totally agree that a rebirth of PNYC is a total waste. The way I explained would be hitting two birds with one bong(voice for the youth, and additional education for youth participants in the form of Palauan Culture and Heritage 101 w/ the chiefs) Maybe it'll give kids more values cause fucking Star World, HBO and that bitch Spongebob talk more to our youth than the chiefs....live the green life.

Compared to the JT/KM administration, TR is starting to look like a saint.

So sick of listening to JT/KM and their supporters "unsubstantiated" allegations against TR. That's called "gossip". Where's your proof?! Where's the transition report?!

Tell JT stop taking credit for the previous admins achievements. Example, the recent check JT picked up from the Taiwan embassy. Heard they were laughing when he left since he it was the final payment from TR admins last projects. Did he think Taiwan is just going to hand him money? Another example he tried to take credit for is the PNCC upgrade with the Taiwan company, which is another TR admin project.

What has JT/KM done so far beside take pictures & videos, take trips, buy all new cars for the Ministers, and create chaos in the government by their intimidation tactics and looking down on everyone else?

we might as well give JT credit for compact road, Ngerulmud capitol and all other development projects that TR and KN STARTED AND FINISHED! JT is a joke!

This might also be a good topic to share.

TORIBIONG TO MEET CLINTON.And guess what? Our chief compact negotiator is not going. Reason is unknown so the question is: How much money is this administration intends to save? Seems like it is getting more expensive in term of expenditures and materials to include different arms of government created to police around.

So sick already...

Chedeng, Sekesakel, et. al.,

You guys are sooo right!!! I mean how can you compare 2 months to 16 years!!! WOWEEE!!!

Stop the excuses and show us some results. We've seen more than enough these past two months. The blame game is getting old. What's the lyrics from that song, "You can fool some people sometime, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

I'm sure someone out there can list the 100 day comparison of KN, TR, & JT. So, we can arrive at our own conclusions.

JT is too busy looking presidential and feng shuing is office to actual do anything substantial that benefits the people and not just himself and his inner circle of supporters.

What was their platform and plan, again?

They're so busy trying to smear and "investigate" anyone who didn't support or doesn't agree with them.

Make sure you have proof before you start "defaming" private citizens and ruining reputations based on rumors or hearsay. Learn from the Diaz example that you can be legally liable for defamation of character. In other words, you can be sued for spreading lies.

Also, I heard it's almost like they do the exact opposite of what the previous administrations have done--regardless of whether it works or it is legal.

Lak mkora ngii el charm el di mesuub a tekoi e oubeketekoi el mong e mei. Baidosuub a tekoi el dolekoi engarngii a belkul ma rechad lomtab. Tirkel positive a attitude el chad lomes ra ngarmedad el tegoi a meral diblechoel ngarngii a dosuub er tir. Medebsa techall ngkal meredeled eng woi dirkak el borngii a footprints er ngii ra office er ngii. Adang mekerang!

Can anyone give us a clear idea of what the PNYC is all about. I haven't read enough about it to understand the mandate or the idea behind it.

Its good though that the youth have a formalized way to participate in our Government. I think they constitute a large voting block too so the youth is an important voice in Palau.


I'm not sure if you live or work in the govt. Just ask around if you have doubts. I had hopes, too. The malicious acts I've witnessed are really something.

Yeah, he's really been making footprints, big ones. Some that will never be forgotten come next election. They've already left a lasting impression on me.

Sad to hear that of your conclusion of our leader. Can you be specific with some intances of what he's done leaving bad impression on you? As you know, any leader can't please everybody at the same time. Likewise, Obama has annoyed some but I think someone has to strive changing rules to make the difference in the lives of the people. And it's way too early to judge him now.

the youth are not just a demographic of young voters. they are people just like everyone else, yet under the circumstances of our constitutional laws, we lack people our age who represent us in the democratic system. we're not just "voters"

Right on, chedeng, sekesakl & iakkotsiang...
Ota, It's never too early to judge him based on the first decisions he made while he won the election. I'm sure you have time to do a little homework on what he has done to annoy some people. And like you said, we cannot all be easily pleased with him as you do, so let us be entitled to our opinions.

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