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March 02, 2009


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Now that is "Funny!!"

What is the difference between "Lost" and

Unlocated, Unaccounted, or whatever you may call the missing government properties means they are missing, nada, wallach, etc, etc, etc....just like the missing unaccounted MR15 rifle and the missing thousands of dollars from finance are still there but the book is -ah-Mr. Rechesengel are you also Ngaukai? If books cannot be kept then you, Mr. Rechesengel should gracefully retire to Ngaukai and let someone who could do the job take your place. Mr. Rechesengel you do not know where thewe things are, surveyed or not!!!

I really hate it when I "unlocate" my wallet. It really sucks when you know something should be there but it isn't.

I also went to the dock and my boat was "unlocated". And don't you hate it when you "unlocate" your car keys. I guess that's what happens when you "unlocate" your mind.

By the way, is the Treasury Director the boss of the Chief of Procurement and Supply? I seem to have unlocated my government organization chart.

So who pays for things when they go "unlocated?"


Director Marino I hate hear you defending the TR government records but you seem to forget that $7,000.00 were missing from your bureau. Shame on you, when you attended Xavier High School the chuukese asked you which islands you from. "You said you were not Palauan so let you go but you were true palauan.

Same old Marino the lung but fat laiyer. I think you should resign cause lack of credibilty.

Time to go my friend. I am tired of your BS. You failed to accomplish anything at Finance but kiss ass and no integrity.

Diakelmad de.

Mr. Unlocated Marino, where is your mind? is it unlocated too?
unlocated is a wrong word to use in this case.

haha. so now we know you understand euphemisms and all that. any other significant property missing instead of these little goose eggs merul mud? i know that the gun is a big deal. but what else? think of the entire government.

Great semantics but no cigars !

Someone is accountable of unlocated government properties. Where does the buck stop ? Or is this also the art of passing the buck too ?

It may be time to get the old farts out and get some new blood in the Dept. of Finance.


if Ewas, Libra and Robert are here, they would have already put in some really good pointers. I miss those guys...

Anyway, a belau a ngosechang ra meched!!!

"20 percent of government properties" says the Mariana's Variety. One out of every 5 times the things go "unlocated" in the government. One computer out of every 5 goes "unlocated". 700 U.S dollars down the drain, plus hundreds of dollars worth of softwares and data.

A weed cutting machine, one out of every five, goes out of service and gets lost in documentations for repairs or service becomes "unlocated". A box of pens gets "unlocated" out of every 5 boxes. 5,000,000 dollars of government property loses 1,000,000 dollars through "unlocationings" if 20 percent are unlocated. These are huge leaks.

Not real figures but it's quite a big chunk that 20 percent. For such a small country and population, what happened?

I still think that the statement made by the Treasury Director could pass for the Best and most Polite way of saying "We messed up!"

The Best I have seen in my life time...

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