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March 18, 2009


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this would take an act of US congress not a courtesy visit with Hillary who does not even act on behalf of the legislature ... must be a misquote bc nigrai is smarter than this.

This is a diplomatic masterstroke by Pres. Johnson.

This shows Johnson's leadership, brilliance and intellegence.

The previous guys spent half a million on CRC and kept all the information secret from us all.

Kudos to Johnson. This is a good sign of things to come.

Belau er Kid,

Jonhson did not do anything. With so many things going on in the US; recession, bailouts and bonuses for failed financial institutions (AIG)Palau is not important at this time! We have been put in the backburner for now until they resolve their priorities than they will come to us!!

Adang---I agree with you--this must have Congressional Approval and FUNDING-- Clinton by herself can only recommend--she is part of the Executive branch and ALL funds must be approved by the Congress as a whole-----Belau er Kid--- I also agree with your comment--I seriously doubt if Johnson had any influence of imput on this--there are many "at home" economic issues Obama has to deal with before the U.S. gets to Palau however it is well recognized by the United States of the strategic value and importance we provide to the U.S. so an "extension" would be of great benefit to America and American Defense Programs.
We seem to have some idol worshipers here and that leads be back to a statement the Greek Philosophy Socrates once said more than 2500 years ago regarding Independent Thinking--" 98% of the world's peoples are as sheep and follow the other 2%".

Once again I'll comment on this meeting. (I posted before the meeting.) First, Congratulations! to Pres JT and group. I knew this would be outcome. I'm not sure why commenters above don't realize the power of Hilary (and other Congress(wo)men they met with). (There is other article more detailed about their meeting - look on MV.)
Hilary is the gate to the road to Congress. You get clearance at the gate - then you get to travel to your destination.
For the same reason you state the deal is not done yet, is EXACTLY why it will be done. With everything on US/Obama plate right now, it is actually EASIER to get 1 year extension and funding. The paltry millions in extension, is nothing to include in 100's of billions.
This is big positive breathing room for Palau.
My two cents.

Another way to put it:
Let a little sunshine in, and clear some of the cockroaches from your cabinets.

This is a great news for us Palauans! Don't under estimate Hillary's power in her position. It was a wise move on our President's decision to bring along the two prominent women representing our country. Now, we have enough time to get ready for the next meeting. Let's hope for the best for us all.

Congratulation to Pres and the rest of Diplomats traveled with him on this visit.Its a start and i'm sure it will only get better in time, not only he met with Hilary Clinton, he also met with few US Senators including Senator Akaka from Hawaii and Mc Cain from Arizona. making the time to meet with some of the Democrats and Republican is a smart move with our Pres. let hope that this will help us in 2010.

Lets be real here! we really didn't do anything here. What Palau did is go inside a room and pretty much got instructions to sit tight and wait for Uncle Sam to get ready next year till they come back with just a small scrap of cheez for us!
This is what we get for being an Inependent country. We keep talking bad about how US is trying to control our lives but when its time to ask for money we say we are close friends and etc.
USA has the leverage over us, so don't say things like doing political manouvers cause we don't have any!!! Thats a good one!

AMEN! Be Real...that is absolutely true. No further saying needed.

Twelve Pole,

What are you talking about!! The US already has the right to do what they want Militarly in Palau for the next Fourty Something years!! Finance was supposed to end in 15 years and militarly rights for 50 yrs, so extension of what, they already have what they want!

Also, they have have CNMI, Guam, Japan, Korea for strategic value!!

Those shoes that almost hit President Bush face in Irag are like Palau and US. One must stay with the other. So they are good friends. People, say some thing good about Palau and US. Thank you very much. Also try to like your own taro and fish. Fresh stuffs are always better than "canned-stuff".

disappointing to read how few of you understanding anything; just full of bling praise or inappropriate mud-slinging. this is not about Johnson, it is about the fact THAT NOTHING GOT EXTENDED.

Belau er kid,

You're mistaken. You don't compromise your negotiating position by advertising your strategy and info recvd by contacts. So, doubt there was no big secret or cover-up.

FYI, during the transition, JT got the briefing and report on what was done and spent from previous admin. Those present were JT, KM, Haruo, JK, TR, former Compact Rep B, legal counsel, DC attorney, economist adviser. They got a big fat black binder.

In fact, JT also had practically the whole transition team for a 2nd briefing on Compact review progress with the DC guys. Then, after inauguration, JT admin had a "televised" briefing for the public with JK, Beck, DC lawyers, etc. As if that somehow helped Palau's position, I guess if he thinks his public awareness was such a good thing, we just as soon get the best deal versus another weak PR attempt to give the "appearance" of transparency with this admin.

Get your facts straight. Oh I forgot, that's part of how JT/KM got in, based on spreading rumors and outright lies--that's how JK also helped. It won't work next time around.

Hey, does anyone know how much the recent compact trip cost? What were the travel arrangements? I wonder. I guess they'll be able to justify anything under the guise of "Compact Review". Let's see if we'll get ANY info on how the $$ was spent--like, who's getting paid and how much. Don't think it's a $1 a year.

Well heck, in the meantime... let's think of REAL ways of being independent. Why can't we start printing our own money?

The Americans from long time ago also wanted to be independent from Mother Britain. Do you see any pounds/euro being used in the US?

Just think about it, do we have the right to the money that the US gives us? How would you feel as a tax payer if your country is using your hard earned dollars to give to another country just to sustain their way of life?


E sola eh,


Even if we printed our own money it would have no value!!!

At first, it won't have any value.. that's true. But with more people using it and trading with it, it will eventually gain in value. Or shall we stick to the chelbucheb, kldait, chesiuch, and the ilk.

Wow...Printing our own money! You gotta have gold in the bank to do that. You also have to have some companies that manufacture our own product to sustain that gold value. Go back to business school to learn the elements of economy. Speaking of COFA.....Yes, we are in the back burner. So much for being a sovereign young nation. Looks like an amature playing with the pros. Can't carry his own weight. If it does...then it can't continue to do so...lack of endurance. Go Figure!

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