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April 11, 2009


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he had it coming.

DIAZZZZ...the name says it all..!!! nothing to add. his followers are down in the gutter with him and hopefully they feel his stupidity along with him.....NGDIAK A ISED!!!!!!

I wonder if M.T still feel's that Diaz is still the right man to have media control in OEK...

Hello Mosisechekiak,

You support monopolistic policies. Why are you surprised and outraged when Diaz demand his pound of monopoly?.

Oh yes! I understand, monopoly is OK when the monopoly goes to you and Nakamura and Remengesau and your crowd!

I say get rid of ALL monopoly! Monopolies breed apathy and incompetency and corruption. Open Palau to all. Get businesses going before our economy spiral out of control.


Your Nautilus stock ain't worth shit!

Hey Viva TR,

You should say "Viva TR-jail-bird' soon to be. Ha Ha Ha.

Nobody offered any Nautilus stock to you.

People like you and TR would not even be allowed to visit Nautilus City when it is completed. You guys can look at it from your rowing boats. Ha HA Ha!

Happy looking and drooling!

Hey Viva TR,

I own some Nautilus stock which I purchased at par ($1.00) 4 years ago.

Upon JT being elected and JN being made Minister, I sold 5000 Nautilus stock to some people in the know and they paid me $3.50 per share. So much for your canvassing that it ain's worth shit.

You and TR ain't worth shit!

Sulang monkey!

I made the money, you play with the monkey! Ha HA HA!

Islander/Realistic Man,

You should be in New York now selling/promoting your nonexistent company/stocks to the stupid investors in this vulnerable time!

Where is that $2 billion coming from to build your dream?

Is there evidence of any Nautilus development in Peliliu at the present time?

I subscribe all newspapers in Belau and I have not read anything relating to Nautilus ever since JT won the election, let alone he never said a thing about it in his campaign. Why is that?

Given the current global economic downturn, is there a plan to downsize your Nautilus city?

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Administrator: why did u remove the comment from "Imirchorech?"

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