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April 23, 2009


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What if a friend whom I lived with while off island, decides to come to Palau to visit me and I as a host decides to take him fishing. Does this law affet me and my friend too?


Why can't we just require them not to fish for commercial purposes? What's with the "must be accompanied by at least 1 Palauan citizen"? So if a group of Americans or any foreigners here on vacation decide to rent a boat and go out fishing for the day without "at least 1 Palauan citizen", they would be violating the law? Why stop here? Why don't we start requiring that every foreigner who eats in a restaurant here in Palau "must be accompanied by at least 1 Palauan citizen"? And every foreigner who walks on our roads "must be accompanied by at least 1 Palauan citizen"? C'mon! I'll buy the "not for commercial purposes" bit, but the rest is ridiculous!

This bill is just another example of numerous pieces of proposed legislation that are usually never thought out and extensively non-comprehensive. For $50K a year, come on senators, you can do better.

How downright hateful, bigoted and thoughtless of Sen. Mlib Tmetuchl to author such a stupid and embarrassing bill. What in the world would go through a persons brain that would possess him or her to put forth such a vile idea, an embarrassment to all Palauans, and try to make it into law. I just got a call from some friends from Hawaii who belong to a club that comes out here every year to fish and enjoy Palau. The group is normally 14 to 15 strong and comprised of well to do and retired gentlemen who spend freely on rooms, food, drinking and fishing tours. Their normal 2 week stay puts thousands of dollars in to our economy and they catch and release fish always. Their sentiment is that if the mentality is such that foreign residents are treated so badly, what actually goes through the minds of the average Palauan who listens to the radio (Diaz) and proponents of bigoted bills like the one being run through the senate right now. Case in point: the bill passed a few years ago prohibiting resident foreigners from fishing from shore (leveled against the poor filipinos who could never afford to own a boat). One of my friends even went as far as saying that he would post the Variety's column on all the sports fishing bulletins he could find and ask that a boycott of any fishing in Palau be observed. He also said that his blog, which he uses to tell of his experiences fishing around the world and read by thousands a month, would also express his sentiment. They all said that Palau was fast becoming an anti foreigner country with a self serving leadership which will eventually cause the demise of the country.
I am appalled by this action Sen. Tmetuchl. I wish I could retract my vote and I am only sorry that I didn't know how terribly inconsiderate you are of our foreign resident partners and visitors. I don't know of any resident foreigner that goes out and fills all the coolers they can possibly carry with fish. Only Palauans do that. I don't know of any foreigners who knowingly go out and fish on closed areas, again, only Palauans do. Lastly, I don't know of any foreigner who goes out and knowingly catches fish when the season for that particular species is closed, only Palauans do that too... It would stand to reason that if you where in the proper frame of mind when you proposed your bill, you would have written it the other way around... That when out fishing, Palauans are to be required by law to bring a foreigner with them to provide conservation consciousness, practice at least one single lifetime day of catch and release fishing and as neded to ensure the protection of our fish stocks.
This is so embarrassing to me. What is the matter with us, where is our intelligence? Our morals? Our pride in doing what is decent and honorable? How sad we truly are as a people.

Again Belaubanana,

Give it to us in Palauan. Kau alsekum ke chad er belau e di mdung a sesei el tekoi er belau.

Aikal tkeoi el molekoi a di tekingir a rechad ra ngodch el beluu.

I like this bill. Keep the gaijin as gai and not kokujin.

Ng diak kudengei el kmo ngeram meng kmal meringel e diak el lungil era uldesuir ar rechad el kirel tial uldasue el mo lach. Ngeram mengkired el lomdasue a mo ungil era chad era ngodech el beluu. Ar Native Americans, meruul er ngii era chelsel a Reservations. A ltang mo telkib el mo chebirukel era uldesuir ar rechad el kiei ra cheroid ma diak el chad er belau, engdi kid a omdasue era ngar medad el taem, tokuni a rengelked el kmal mla mo smau el di menga kall era ngebard. Tial debel belau ma ngkelel a blingeled era chelid ma bode meterkakl er ngii eng remiid e mo diak de luut nguu. Ar sechelimiu el chad era ngodech el beluu a diak bol lomkereu er tial beluad, tedi semeriar er ngii klebokel, other than that (komeng e Uchelmelis for the english) ngkuk di tara basio el blel visit er ngii....

Alii Uchelmelis,

I suggest you look into the name Bekeurebodel. Yesterday Japanese government announced its policy to send out 366,000 Peruvian and Chilean guest workers who are descendants of Japanese emigrants to those countries.

The rationale is that to avail jobs for their full fledged citizens in time of deminishing global economy. Meaning only taking care of their own. And we are not talking about fish.

However, I hope the bill will be improved to consider for visitors under controlled conditions. I remember fishing at the Glacier Park Lake where we had to pay a fishing permit and limited to three catch per person.

If you see the Taiwanese tourists that fish to eat just about everything they come across then you would not have a problem regulating or controlling them. PPR staff can tell you horror stories with their Taiwanese guests.

I am not for entire banning but controlled and regulated concession to our visitors. The bill can be developed and improved further.



Mesulang a President Mlib Tmetuchl era ungil ludasue. Akot engmorngii aurerel a chad era Belau lomekall malechub olngeseu mengkar e mengereomel angkelem. Ediwa a chad era Siabal elngara bilsengel Demei Obakrairur ma rua Adolf Demei elmo cast "catch and release". Ngkora kmal ungil mada lakerau arengum.

Kadomes era Koror State Government el ngarngii a Llechul era License era Omengereil. Mengidilongereil, nguu a Dodes, borch, udech ma tiau engmai mera elebacheb el melul, mengerdoched ma melengoes emengang el diak aungil lildisel a lolai a tal chad.

Former Senate President Hon. Seit Mindzenty Andres once said "A BELAU A DIAK EL KLEKOUEL". Mea Senator Hon. Alfonso Ngirchorachel Diaz once said, "ALII A BELAU ERKAU A BELAU ERKID" A dirrek el BELAU era Diaz. he he he he. Adang mekerang e former senator Hon. Santy Asanuma?
Ngwasei, ochoi.

Mesang e kemiu el Diou Ngerberruuch a kmal ngercheliu melekoi a uldesu wiiu. Sulang

My 2 1/2 cents.

So we make it harder for tourists/non-locals to enjoy one of the features in Palau, fishing, and let fishing industries prosper better by allowing them to sell by-catch shark fins? And tax exemption for them too? Way to go guys. Something is fishy: http://sharksanctuary.blogspot.com/

Isn't there already some sort of control for fishing already, such as a fishing license? Hunters need licenses before ever stepping on the hunting range, so why not also for fishing? I am not certain if we have that system though...

License for casual fishing and commercial fishing. If you intend to catch more than a casual fisherman, then you purchase a "commercial" fishing license, which you pay more for that license.

In addition to that, if you get caught with more fish, or fish not covered in your license, then you will be heavily fined. If you lose that card/license somehow, re-apply for a newer one, if you violated it many times over, too bad, no fishing for you.

Ah what a wonderful idea. Also if you don't have a fishing license, you cannot join a commercial fishing boat or fish at all. This will also allow the government to track the amount of actual fishing and fishing activities, a great benefit for the science community.

And wouldn't you be happy to know that you are eating fish from a legal, licensed fisherman and not some hooligan on a boat? Maybe they should hire me for ideas.

Hmmm, a fishing license sounds reasonable and it could be well accepted.

Ng diak kudengei, a di kudengelii a betok er tirka el Mengetekled a blechoel "Entertain" er a rechad ra ngodech el beluu. Me te ngoititerir el mo meliuekl a elebacheb, e mo mengereel. E mo ra elebacheb me tomengur. Sei a uchul ma kuker leke domes a tekoi ma omeruul. Ma lsekum tial llach a kuk di mo ra dersta ma tall chad eng diak lungil ra uldesuek.

Ak medengelii sel losaod er ngii a Santy el kirir a rechad ra Taiwan le kmla mesa ra medak. Ma llach el meruul el kirir a re tourist a usbechall. Ng di kulekoi er ngii a kuk ta ra tekoi.


Santy is right! when we go fishing in the Lakes in mainland US you have to buy a permit for a day or you could make it annually. Also the number of fish are limited to a day. I think its a pretty good idea. After all we do not want to overfish without getting nothing out of it, if it makes sense.

just my opinion.


You have a banana head!! where are you from anyway writing in english and no single Palauan word!! Everytime you go fish in some lakes in some states you have to pay!! Kau ke locha dirkak em tobed era Belau ma lechuub eng diak em chad ra chei meng diak modengei. Ngak a dimlak sengkio ra Sen. Tmetuchel eng di Tiang a kmal ungil uldasue.

I would choose this Bill over the interests of a few who don't seem to care about our environment. Kede meral chebuul, temla tomotem a rodch ma dellomel ra beluu elechang e temetengelang metemengerchar ra debed. Ngera mo next?

We have to be careful with this bill, tourists are what pays for our taxes and salaries, we wouldn't want to drive them away. 20 dollars per head for departure tax fees is enough already to pay for a lot of things. Are we trying to bite the hand that feeds us?

"All fish caught by a tourist must be released."

A person that spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to get here, hours and hours of travel, paying over priced to stay at cockroach infested hotels, greeted with infriendly natives, I think those fish caught by a tourist might be better kept than released.

And what's so different in numbers if Palauan fishermen caught thousands of fish to feed tourists? Sure the money goes to the fishermen, but if the bill is concerned about “abusive fishing practices and to ensure the protection of our marine resources” then it is not well thought out.

The Carribean Islands gets far more tourists than Palau and more population as well, 3.5 million tourists from 2004. Their land mass is 195 square miles, while Palau has 188 square miles. And from my understanding, they don't have such proposed laws as the ones on this bill being made.

Whatever, this bill won't do more harm than good, I can already see what it will do in the years ahead if it is passed.

*will do more harm than good

f*ck, I should stay away from that wierd coffee ahahaha.

The tourists are already taken care of. They must go out with palauan boat operators and pay all the fees that come with that and fishing... The intent of the law now... is to piss off the remainder of the few expats (ameriacan, japanese, chinese, and germans- we all know who they are) left in Belau. Most of them are economically well off enough to be able to pay their way in our expensive economy. They own their own boats, pay the licenses for both boats and fishing and they have been instrumental in making the few fishing derbys we have raising money for our hospital and other great causes on a yearly basis. The filipino fishermen in question all work for palauans- we know that. You accuse them of raping our reefs, why are their palauan masters allowing it? And why, knowing who those palauan boat owners are, aren't we going after them? It seems to me that everything we do seems to place the blame away from us.. The way I see it, it is our greed for the greenback that is at the root of all our evils... We even give the whaling vote to Japan in return for the roads, the power poles, etc., etc., etc. It is all about the money and we are all to blame for letting those of us hurting our country to continue to do it time and time again.
Some of us attack the evil outsiders for all evils we are suffering through and we don't even have the courtesy to do it in the language that they can understand?... How easy is that. Oh, Uchelmelis... You got me.... I am a foreigner you say... Truly great of you to tell me that you hear me but I am not entitled to speak the truth because I may not be Palauan... How ingenious... ONLY PALAUANS ARE CAPABLE OF SPEAKING THE TRUTH NOW??? Beautiful thinking.. It will continue to take us along the self serving road that leads to genocide. I hope to see you as President some day... We deserve you and people like you. Night.

Aramid... Say it to us in palauan... Uchelmelis and his bright co-thinkers with probably not allow the commentary because you are speaking like a foreigner... We must also remember that it is a quarter of the price to get to the caribbean area. Being in the backyard of the US, the caribbean islands have prospered through several centuries due to their easy access from both the Americas and Europe. We in Belau have only been in the tourism game a few years. We are in the middle of nowhere. Continental is killing us with their ridiculous air tickets. We have only managed to attract a very small group of die hard divers in the world who consider our waters a once in a lifetime must do. We do not have the skills or knowledge to go out and do a solid market Palau global program. Like everything else we do, our cousins, sisters, brothers and aunties are working at spending the small budget PVA gets... We are sweeping all the problems under the carpet and soon enough we will have to clean it all up or become like the marshals... I did say Belau once or twice... Didn't I? Will that count towards making my melodrama speech count? Not even a little bit? Wow, you guys are tough!

Hmmm, well, I'll continue writing in english, I don't mind if people don't agree with me in this regard, they are free to pass or snicker at my comments as they wish, I do however, appreciate any comments from the regulars here, insightful and some are for good laughs.

I also have friends, whom are not Palauan, that come every now and then to read my comments and give me feedbacks, they sometimes use my user name/e-mail of which I don't mind, it is just a website.

Also I don't think I ever mentioned that I was Palauan. Maybe I am a very large Samoan, or a midget French albino with a pair of pink irises, oui oui.

Write in whatever language you wish, just as whom ever wishes to write in Palauan, no dignity should be lowered or raised because of language, but what you write.


Hmmm back to the topic, the Caribbean Islands are not quarter of a price to reach from travels that originate from the asian or eastern European countries, costs will be different, but yes, something is strange if traveling thousands of miles in Europe costs the same as a few thousand meters between Palau and Guam.

Anyway my argument and concern in comparison with the Caribbean Islands is not about the cost of going there, but the amount of tourist visits per year, with fishing impact from tourists. From my understanding, there are no laws there that are in similarities with the proposed law in this bill.

So I am questioning why a country with similar land mass with 86,000 tourist visit per year (2005, our best year perhaps), 40 times less visiting tourists compared with the Caribbean Islands, need this bill? Our oceans are better? The Caribbean Islands also hold many records for beautiful ocean environments.

I don't know, I have enough to think/worry about. I feel lazy... I'll let this article go, my thoughts and ideas won't be going to change anything, ahahaha.

All of you who cant read and write Palauan are fake Palauans!! Mongedecheduch a tekoi era Belau lochotii a klechiibelau er kemiu!! It shows that you all probablly grew up in in the states or somewhere so you do not know how a true Palauan goes through everyday.

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