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April 21, 2009


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Hopefully as a token of welcoming in the New Ambasadors in with this New Administration. Japan and Taiwan will donate new power generators in Goodwill to the Republic and the people of Palau...LOL! Hey!, It never hurts ask....Kede meral mla mo smau ra stimulus e sechelei.


May I offer my heartiest congratulations to Ambassador Jackson Henry and Ambassador Dr. Minoru Ueki.

President Johnson Toribiong you've made an excellent choice. I am sure your ambassadors will do you proud and bring credibility back to Palau.


Islander----Please allow me to "Second" your descriptions of Doctor Minoru Ueki and Jackson Henry--both have unquestionable talents and I believe both were superb choices by President JT.

As long as J Henry is associated with the $27 Dollar Lord Davidson and the scam in Angaur affliated with UKHIL he will never get a vote of confidence from me. Look this is the man who ran Sunra for Seid and now he's the Ambassador to Taiwan. I say this is slap in face to the people of Taiwan. Jackson Henry to me won't last long in this position but then again he's used to taking orders from both Seid and Toribiong. And those kind of cats in politics last a long time. Ask Haruo Wilter?

Do we really need Ambassadors anyway? Has'nt JT been out in front pressing the flesh, sending invites, and drafting policy letters? I don't think he wants anyone to steal his limelight. Talk about insecurities. I guess that's all we need other "yes" men in this administration. As for Dr. Ueki, should'nt his credentials be put under the same scrutiny as Youlsau Bells? Just a thought.

Yes, we need good Ambassadors to both Taiwan and Japan. Good choice Mr. President.

These two countries have been Palau's most reliable partners in our national and economic development.

Palau cannot develop without good global partners. Just look at the new roads that we all enjoy driving on everyday.

Good comment Samsay:

In 2006, a Palau newspaper printed a story that Davidson's project has been pulled back and is dead. If Davidson is a scammer, we in Beliliou have nothing to worry about leng mlamad a project.

Samsay, why dont you come down to Beliliou and lets go crabbing. Still plenty crabs here. Definately no projects here. FIB records said not licenses issued. Kmal betok a rekung !

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