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April 28, 2009


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Good thing, Palau's new administration is all about transparency. But since the Federal Government was the one who caught up to Saipan's LT.Governor. I kind of see the difference between Palau and Saipan.

In Saipan, There is someone who is watching the fox guarding the coop. But in Palau the Fox is the only one guarding the coop. Like I said, "It's a good thing we are all about transparency"


hehe, mosisecheklak. say it again, now! "It's a good thing we are all about transparency"

If you read the previous articles about the trial, it was a a procurement employee who sent an anonymous letter to the Public Auditor's office that prompted the investigation. It took just ONE person to make a difference. So, you don't have to be an elected official or high government official to bring justice and end corruption.

Also, although the CUC Executive Director instructed him to sign, the procurement manager REFUSED to sign the procurement documents since he knew it was improper and violated procurement regs. If he did, he'd probably also been charged. I heard he was a contract employee since no civil service for CNMI autonomous agencies. It takes courage and leadership to do the right thing. Both can be proud that they risked their jobs to do what is right.

For all the regular govt employees, forward documents/evidence of govt corruption and improper practices or violations of law and policies to the Public Auditor's office or the fourth branch of govt, the media. That's OUR money--the public's money, that is being wasted or stolen. To all civil service employees, be careful what you sign since you might take the blame for it later.

Note on sending to the media, send the info to all media since not sure which ones would report it. lol.

Another official eats the dirt.

Greed lurks in the mind of everyone and blows out
when they find the opportunity to exploit the circumstances to feed their greed.

Beware Palau ! We do not want to ruin the image of our country as a country of thieves, crooks and embezzlers like Saipan or Philippines.

Keep your nose clean. A piece of mind is better than ill gotten riches.


I am amazed at your statement. YOu make a statement like that and when the SP indicts your friend Kuartei you come with all the excuses and spins!! Which is it my friend...

This is a hard lesson to learn. Most public officials take things for granted. But let's not forget that all the citizens are the eyes and ears of the public officials.,.....

LOL! Ng kmal diak a bok ngesonges er ngii alsekum a sechelik ra Dr.Kuartei al indict er ngii e Uchel. A dolekoi er ngii a kmo, A chad
a bla bol meterob e kau di mosebek eng locha kmal
elberochel el tekoi. Becherei a Court System me loungerachel er ngii e lak molasem el mo oltoech er kau ra delongelel el mo mesebek.

A beluu a mla emuiu a news meng mla obok a medal. Me elechal taem e tomes ra remenguteling el kmo te melasem e lomart a tekoi a lechub e kid a diosisiu a lechud el rokui.


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