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April 16, 2009


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well that's sad! i'm curious omdui, is the government looking at the how the belau national hospital has coped these days with their solar power? with the problem of electricity in palau i'm just wondering how the hospital is getting by.

and if their solution to electricity is proving to be beneficial, the government should probably look at the hospital and do a few surveys of how much energy they have and more. you know, things like that.

I believe Remengesau must take the blame for the horrible condition our infrastructure is in!

TR and his corrupt administration were in power for 8 long years. TR received aids and grants from everywhere, yet he did nothing but to put band aids here and there to keep our utilities from crumbling. I say this is criminal~!

Each year for his State of the Union Address, Remengesau told the Palauan People that Palau's economy was in good standing and that Palau was doing well under his stewardship! What a liar. No wonder he kept SP Walton (a purjurer) and AG Beattie as his closest aids. As the saying goes; "Birds of a feather flock together".

A liar who financially ruined Palau should not be a Senator. THE SHITHEAD SHOULD BE IN JAIL!

Come on Joshua Koshiba the People of Palau demand that you put scum-bag Remengesau in jail!

Happy Days

Nobody went crying to the Feds. Palau still has another 35 years term under the Compact of Free Association so the US is still Palau's close partner.

Asking DOI for advise was a wise decision, in view of the severity of Palau's electrical power crisis.

Secondly, changing management and the board was also a wise decision.

Ken Uyehara will make a difference. Just wait and see. But to remain under the old status quo was not going to change anything. The same board and manager promised Palau in 2006 that they will improve our electrical system. After so many promises and no results, it is time to let them go.

Island Times' opinion is short on facts.

Razzio Belau, You nailed it. Don't fix it if it 'aint broken, but since it is,.. dang! Time for a change! Long overdue..

Best of luck to Rukebai!


Just remind all that 7th OEK apropriated $7mil to purchase new generators. After so much hoopla for refusing to provide documents and information, Senate RCTD subpoenaed both the chairman of the board and GM. The documents were turned over to the committee but at the end of our term. This information should be reviewed on how the 7mil was or not used. Remember there was $3mil remainder of the subsidy in PUC. 8th OEK redirected this amount to pay for overdue government bills. These bills should have been covered in the previous budget so where did the money go? Still more oversight must be conducted and people in board questioned and be held accountable. I was appalled when the board came out and blamed the management like two year olds. I say that the board is the ultimate decision maker for PUC and there is no excuse for their blunder while the generators failed on their watch.

I also introduced a bill for those who put Palau in a financial jeopardy to be punishable as treason but did not get the support in the senate. In hindsight I can only speculate that some of us were not comfortable with this idea for obvious reasons.

The PUC failure is symptomatic of a bigger and prevalent practice that should be dealt in a fundamental way. People must come out and clearly demand good governance from the elected leaders.

Good morning and have a nice weeked.


What is done is done. Now, would someone from this administration kindly explain to the people that we are all in this mess, and quickly give us positive actions. It is a mess.


I have never agreed with you on your support of monopolies and/or your hardline stand on your belief that development brings ruin to the environment.

Palau needs development to survive. The compact road impacted the environment, The construction of the airport, the construction of our ports and docks, the construction of the german channel all affected the environment but we did the development! Why? Because these developments are essential to our survival.

We now need to expand on the development that we have to prepare for the demands of the future generations.

We all know that we need to better the sewage system, replace the power generators, the water supply, the telecommunication system. The list goes on and on and on! We cannot do everything on our own we need foreign investments!

To attract foreign invetment to Palau we it is essential that we MUST get rid of our monopolistic laws.

We must ensure that foreign investors have confidence in our legal system. Our attorneys and judges must be above board and well educated in their profession. Right now, I am sorry to say that 99% of our attorneys, foreign and local are light weight if not downright inept.

For Palau to thrive, Palau law must prove to the international community that Palau has one law for all and not one set of rules for Palauans and another set for foreigners!

Now to get back to Santy's comments, in this instant I agree with him fully. Those who bring financial ruin to Palau must be treated as traitors and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Ace of Spades in this case is none other than Tommy Remengesau. The Ace of hearts is EX-VP Chin, etc, etc and ect. Tommy corrupt and Chin look away!


Palau an "independent country"? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. If it weren't for the US (and Japan and Taiwan) the place would be living in the stone ages.

ke medochii e ruar e kemam a mekerang?

Husky, your attitute of "what's done is done" is what has put Palau in its dire predicament!

There must be zero tolerance for corruption!!!

The new JT Administration must show the public and the world that it will give justice to all that have been wronged.

The crooks that caused the PSB to fail must be brought to book and put in jail.

The politicians that took bribes and acted improperly must be brought to book.

SP Walton and the AG who committed purjury, took bribes and caused innocent people to be put in jail must themselves be put in jail!

Judges who did not do their jobs professionally should be dismissed in disgrace!

If their is the will to do all that is right then Palau will farewell in the years to come.



From your writing I can deduce that you are educated beyond high school level. Please cite one statement that I have made to make you believe that I am opposed to development and progress. I remember Senator Diaz's relentless rantings against Sens. Whipps Sr., Dengokl, Otto, and myself to be anti-development. Is this possibly where you have gotten this perception?

FYI, today I met 12 divers from Thailand who came to use my internet. I asked why would they come to dive in Palau when Thailand has the same ocean environment as Palau's. They said without hesitation that there was nothing to see under water in Thailand.

It is rather ironic that you are citing increased developments which I presume to be more hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, and so forth. The sewer infrastructure was build twenty some years ago. And all these developments you are citing have not contributed to increase the sewer capacity. Come to PPR front gate and you will be nuiseated from raw sewer stench.

The prevailing economics of our existing tourism industry (13 cents out every tourist dollar stays and the rest siphoned out of the country) will not do much to improve the current grim situation that you so avidly described.

Development has to be economically and evironmentally sustainable. I personally patronage PPR because they designed their hotel not to disturb the landscape and that they hire mostly Palauans. On these two counts I say PPR is the type of development/investment we should invite more of.

It is not only about environment but also the return we get from investing our prestine environment which is our home. I am sure that we are after the same benefits for Palau but arguing at different angles. But still I say that our money now and in the future is in our environment.


Superman...you took the word right out of my mouth. Belau...an independent island??? now that's a joke for the day. Corruption???...who said there's corruption in our coconut government, we're only trying to feed our family...hehehe

Islander, can you imagine what would be happening to Peleliu and Palau had the nautilus project you are advocating been permitted to proceed.

If Palau and Peleliu had allowed this mega development to take place in 2002 or 2003, Peleliu would have a giant elephant of metal and concrete structure sitting idly, if not under construction, and incomplete with no tourism and casino activities and construction workers would have been laid off, and are now picketing or fishing for their livelihood. Since our tourism depends on visitors from Japan,US, China, and world major economies now suffering, there would not be influx of tourist to patronize the casinos over the water bungalows.

One thing for sure though, there would be environmental issues like proper sewage treatment and disposal, solid waste disposal, etc.

It's so easily to judge others before looking at ourselves. Take a look at your house before leaving every day and you know who you are. See yourself for who you are and change your ways. We all know who is too blame! Leaders past and present - you are responsible while the people of Palau are suffering.

All talk and no actions! Claim what is not yours and act as though it is! Shame on you and shame on us for letting you do it to us!

you dummy we have been having problems with our power for ages and it's about time we seek real professional help and thats what the new administration is doing now getting serious people from outside (US), tell us how screwed it is so we can get it right once and for all..talk about independent? were still getting money from the US and still going to ask more since when did you think were ever going to be independent?! stop being a dumbass!

Kun, where are you when the people of palau need you the most? You solved our IPSECO debt, you made the Compact Road reality, and you got us our new bridge when the current President high tailed it out of his then campaign. Kun, what would he do about this power crisis? He would solve it instead of looking for excuses. Action instead of blame is Kun's way.

very interesting.

Te etirir merous e Kngibech? LOL!

Mei, melak maisei! A tekoi doruul er ngii elechal taem a mosobecheklii a klukuk. Kedi tangoruung el chad ea dekadecheduuch ea rengud e kede taltelael.

Mei, rellii tial dengki el mereder leng mora obtois el chad er beluu, me sel lemeruul em luut ra smechel a rrelel a 99 year lease.

Kemiu, el bekeu e beot a skel a klungeaol a kmal dirkak bom dart el chad. Malewaisei, mo ngesebechakl ra obtois el elechal taem leng tirkai kid tir ker mo meskemiu odanges.

Kame drengesii a SORA knung....


Stop blaming people and your negative talks. People vote for TR and put him in there for trust....do you think the new leader are perfect..Chin look away but he help honto students....

Once again I detect a degree of confusion in your thinking - in a single breath you (yet again) show that you swing with the tide and contradict yourself.

For example you say that the PPR has raw sewage stench at its front gate – if so, why patronage it? This show that there is double standards being practiced when it comes to environmental care! What is the Environmental Quality Protection Agency (EQPB) doing about this situation? NOTHING! Why are they doing nothing? The answer is simple the EQPB’s role is wrong. The EQPB should be a monitoring and enforcement agency rather than a licensing agency, which should be the job of the local State council.
The scenario is the EQPB issues building permits to friends or people who have compromised them, how then are they going to catch the people who bribed them for permits when the same people pollute?

You also say that…. The PPR is the type of development that ‘we’ must attract more of - BUT the question is; WHY is there not more of ‘this type’ of development coming to Palau - it has been some 20 years since the PPR was built!
I am aware of the story behind the PPR. The PPR was not built solely on commercial consideration but was built as a favor, made by the Chairman of the Pan Pacific Chain for (his good buddy) President Etpisom. It should be noted that during that era, there were no idiotic agencies like the EQPB to force the Pan Pacific Group to conduct time consuming and expensive Environmental Impact Studies or for the PPR to get special licenses from the FIB before it could be built. I can assure you that if the Pan Pacific Group were subjected to the wimps of the EQPB and the FIB the PPR would not have been built. The PPR was build because when the Chairmen of the Pan Pacific Chain came to Palau he was treated well and made welcomed by the government of that time.

If the PPR did design their hotel not to disturb the environment it is commendable but the reality is that ANY development will impact the natural environment - you confuse yourself with the results AFTER the building is up. The landscaping is made to enhance tourist enjoyment of the area and perhaps help reduce the disturbed landscape and pollution that the building of that development made in the first place - this is very different from NOT causing any pollution and not causing any disturbance to the natural environment!

You are very blind if you say the PPR does "not disturb the landscape". Just look at the hills behind the PPR, that dense forest is what the undisturbed landscape would look like if the PPR was not there. To allow the PPR to operate and attract tourists (and people like you) the original natural landscape was very seriously disturbed and is still being maintained in an unnatural state! Your statements show clouded thinking on your part!

Also, when you say that the PPR is economically and environmentally sustainable - this is laughable! Are you aware that the PPR is up for sale because it is not profitable! They will only continue to be contributing more to the sewer stench UNLESS they are made to upgrade their plumbing, laundry facilities, waste disposal methods and sewerage system - there is much that can be done - but you do nothing other than support this dump of spewing garbage! Why? The answer is again simple because it is expedient to do so!

I am not against you supporting the PPR, just the hypocrisy of it all. Do not confuse the fact that a village type development is environmentally friendly - there is a vast difference between something that LOOKS environmentally friendly from one that IS environmentally friendly!

The fact is, there IS a great degree of pollution from the PPR - that is why there is raw sewerage spillage nearby - you have smelt it yourself yet you say the hotel is environmentally friendly? I am sure the few homes nearby would not make the stench you claim exists!

So the fact is; you support the PPR even though there is pollution being emitted from the hotel but only want similar new hotels to be built. What are you saying - you support pollution and stench being evident? Obviously not in your mind – but in reality you are!

Have you considered that the PPR as with the other hotels also has a lot of on-going waste that causes pollution; from food product packaging, enormous use of fossil fuel, laundry waste, detergents, soaps oils, etc., etc. so if you support the PPR you cannot claim that you do not support pollution - your personal patronage of the hotel adds to this already on-going pollution.

Santy, I am sure that you are aware that today, every responsible developer can DESIGN and build environmentally friendly buildings/hotels and upgrade existing buildings/hotels so as to make them also environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the existing hotels in Palau are not being properly upgraded. Even the newer hotels are NOT BEING BUILT UP TO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS with regards to environmental responsibility and safety standards.
This is what the past administrations legacies are: – pollution and corruption and unfortunately you were part of that administration! They claim to be ‘green’ but they are not! Just look around you!

With the knowledge gained from other countries mistakes and the advent of new technology we know that Palau can have environmentally friendly development which can actually be accomplished quite easily. Why has this not been achieved in Palau – The answer is clear; it is it because the past administration has been very negligent? You should ask why were they negligent? There seems a good case to say that they are either stupid, lazy or corrupt! I leave it up to the people of Palau to decide for themselves.

Now what this all means is that any development to include hotels SHOULD be much more environmentally friendly than the PPR. That is, IF the government was responsible and took pains to ensure that these new developments incorporated adequate modern sewerage systems, laundry waste catchments, and so on.

Why don't you ask yourself WHY the new developments that came up during the Remengesau Administration were not willing to contribute to sewerage, power, water and telecommunication infrastructure? Again the answer is simple, because the past administration did not make them!
The past two administration did not bother to pass suitable Bills, make adequate building by-laws as requirements – everything they mouthed about keeping ‘the eco-system pristine’ was to fool and mislead the people of Palau but in reality they were doing nothing! No, that’s not quite right; they laid fertile ground for themselves to receive bribed!
Nakamura and Remengesau controlled the FIB and the EQPB by appointing their friends and cronies to high position in those agencies and thus were able to manipulate the agencies into issuing permits for developments they have interest in or give approval to developers who paid bribes. That is why these hotels are able to get away with their belligerent behavior towards safety and environmental issues.
Quite frankly, I quite understand why hotels in Palau cut corners and resist expenditure. They can’t make money! The current Foreign Investment Laws in Palau stifle foreign enterprise and foreign owned hotels with so many restrictions . Until the Foreign Investment Act is reformed, Palau is not going to get quality foreign investment. Only people who want to launder money come to Palau.
UKIHL (a genuine bona fide company) rejected the FIB permit even after they had spent millions on designs because the FIB wanted to apply draconian rules to the Nautilus City project. Similarly, the Shimao Group also gave Palau the good-bye kiss when conformed with the FIB and EQPB!

I support development because I believe that to change the landscape does not necessarily mean the environment is being ruined. In fact is, in many instances the environment is being enhanced and protected by human intervention. Man is the CUSTODIAN of the environment because it is only man that has the ability to change the environment and I believe that this should be for the better – and modern technology and knowledge has given us the ability to do so. For example sensible forest cutting sustains trees continuing to grow in a proper state and even encourages new growth – this is a fact!

It is only the irresponsible administrations of the past that has NOT tapped into the vast store-house of knowledge for our Nation’s good. They only cry environmental when they want to stop developments that are not paying them to look the other way! They only cry ‘environmental’ but are willing to personally destroy their own surrounding environment when it suits them! I think we all know who and what I refer to.

I believe that we should all support hotels that are willing to incorporate technology that reduces any spill-off pollution to negligible levels - not support old hotels that are not made to upgrade their waste control just because they employ Palauans! Good environmental control is for ALL Palauans – not pretend environmental control that allows some to do what they like while targeting certain foreign investors who do not pay them handouts with threats.

Santy, what makes you believe that all new hotels will not employ Palauans - why tarnish the world with you own limited experiences? Ask yourself as to WHY and who is responsible for "13 cents" remaining in Palau and also why are other hotels having very limited Palauan employees? Is it the fault of the foreign investor or of the old administration that did nothing about it? The existing archaic F.I. Laws force foreign investors (who are desperadoes to invest in a hostile country in the first instant) to circumvent the laws. They get away with it because the Nakamura and Remengesau government was corrupt. President Toribiong must change the existing Foreign Investment Act, otherwise Palau will remain where despots come to invest!

There are many instances in your many past blogs that show you up for being a pendulum - and for generally not supporting development. Even this blog shows you up for being against development – you are so selective about certain issues that you do not see the folly of what you select to receive your support. If we all agree with you and invite in only PPR-type development we will all be guilty of being wrong. We should support any development that helps to control and reduce pollution – not just for the selective reasons that you mention – which are wrong in any event!
If you are honest, you will support the PPR because it was and still is the best. What the government needs to do is to make them upgrade their waste control considerably. The new toilets they installed are not water reducing gadgets. They even use batteries as well which contributes to more pollution.

As for the Thai divers – are you sure you heard them right? Thailand has many world-renown dive spots. They come to Palau because they can experience deeper dives I presume since Thailand lies on a continental shelf, unlike Palau. Thailand is very polluted with girlie joints – did they mention that? Is Palau not going that same pathway?

For some strange reason the bloggers on this site choose to ignore this pollution of our morals and of our health but we repeatedly and selectively target economic development for criticism! Even the women and the churches steer away from this very evident problem – ask yourself why. It would seem that foreign investment is the easy target and with so many misguided persons walking around they just don’t see the big problems Palau faces.

BTW – who are you aiming to keep Palau so pollution free for? The tourist? The next generation? If development does not come to Palau, even more of our ‘next generation’ will be missing from these shores! Palau is already polluted – we cannot clean up our own mess – maybe foreign investment bucks will help!

Otherwise, if the agenda is to make Palau fee of pollution on needs to go back into time for hundreds of years - try cutting down on the birth rate, stop tourist from coming to Palau, stop using fossil fuel and importing chemicals and just MAYBE we will get on top of being pollution free! See how stupid not supporting foreign investment is and see how impractical it is to demand for Palau to become pollution free!

All we can do is reach for a sensible compromise between changing the environment, handling pollution and enabling our citizen to have a good standard of living and the first consideration is getting Palau to be financially self reliant.



What are you talking about? If Remengesau (the midget scum-bag) had kept his promises to LD, Palau would already have diplomatic ties with Malaysia.

Malaysian investment would have built Nautilus City a long time ago. Peleliu would now be the Monaco of the Asia Pacific Region and would already be raking in money.

The developers of NC was not relying on tourism from the US, Japan or Taiwan. The developers had their own tourist market from among the ASEAN countries which number more that half a billion people.

Do you realize that the biggest spenders and gamblers in the world come from ASEAN countries. The casinos in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia are kept alive by the big rollers from ASEAN countries.

Wake up!

Alii Everyone,
Although I have not been dazzled by details of Islander and Know All's arguments, I find myself very much Baffled by their BullSHIT.

How did we get to this discussion when the heading is "crying to the feds..." By the way, the article in its entirety in Island Times was a good piece.

I agree that we need urgent help. I disagree in the Belauan style way in which we did it. Yes, crying to the Feds was a blatant blunder on JT's part, in the political and diplomatic sense. However, if the PPUC is in fact getting good and FREE advice and assistance from the US, then good for Palau. Just feels awkward as I'm gettin used to the idea of trying to do for ourselves...however in-dependent we are or perceive ourselves to be.

Hi Mardingoal,

Please enlighten us what have you done to assist Palau to becoming self sufficient!


RM - sorry, you are the other dude I mentioned that I had to meet at Did Ra Ngmatel.

Awwww, are you sticking up for your friends? Good boy you are.

Self sufficient doesn't mean self sufficient only for you and your pockets. First, you tell me what you believe self-sufficient means, then I'll tell you exactly what I've done in the last 16 years for my country.

Seems to me my friend RM, you have a lot to lose by this Nautilus Scam going away that you are willing to go to great lengths to protect its F#$%d up name and its Lewd Davidshun. Too bad as you are just another coconut head looking to fill your empty pockets. You wanna know why they are empty, cause you don't know what the meaning of hard work is and is likely mooching off of someone else's good fortune and hard work - exactly what you are going to do and have been doing with this NC BS. You are probably a hired mouth for them and I hope you are getting paid more than the scraps that are being given to the other coconut heads running around praising helmet head davidson.

In the private sector, I have given much more money to the economy and tax base of Palau...much more than you, your family, or your LD NC scam artists will ever do. Thanks for asking and don't forget our appointment with Islander, Know All, and your other friends...also don't forget to bring along JN and Con Artist Henry to the table at DRN. I'll make sure the angry people of Angaur and Peleliu are there too. I'll buy the ice cream.

Hey Mardingoal,

If you can't see the connection of what I write in relation with this topic heading then you are a blind fool.

Palau only knows of one way to get money 'run and cry to its allys'. Premature or otherwise!

Unfortunately, the past Palau governments have been structured to administer grants rather than to create business and wealth and they administered the money right into their own pockets!

Wealth take time to generate (at least 10 to 15 years).

We need to give Toribiong 10 to 15 years to get his program working. Expecting immediate improvements is unrealistic.

JT can only establish the legal and economic frame that will put Palau on to the road to real financial independence.

Palau should have been financially self- sufficient by now, because we have had 16 years to get financially self sufficient.

Nakamura and Remengesau received good advice and billions of dollar in aid and grants from our good allies, the USA, Japan, Australia and Taiwan. What did they do? Nakamura and TR both squandered time and money and caused Palau to go bankrupt so we need to go back to square one with President Toribiong.

In this instant, JT for the time being, has no choice but to run and cry to allys for help otherwise this nation will have no power!

There is no time to raise money from Palau's own endevours because the programs JT is putting in place needs time to come to fruition.

Quite frankly, there is no money for JT to put any program in place and it is a miracle and a credit to our great President that he is doing so much already.

We are lucky that we even have fuel considering Remegesau left the country broke!

I say we seize the millions that Nakamura and Remengesau and their cronies TS, ES have hidden.

If you want money get it from the last two Presidents, I am sure they have skimmed off more than enough money to buy 10 new generators, 20 sewage plants and whatever else the people need!

Think about that one!

Come on Koshiba and Ngiraingas what are you waiting for. Get them!


SAMSAY you dumbass Kuniwo is one of the official being investigated by the economic forensics who are secretely in town..the corruption of the compact funds which are so well documeted and hidden starting with Kuniwo administration and got worse in Remengesaus administration is being dugged up by the forensics which few people know their in palau now! just wait until the lies and stolen money will come out! just wait!

Lander, chin only helped the honto students when it came down to campaigning..he bought the busses right close to the election, he made fake and disgraceful commercials that he was really helping the phs students with kind words and be grateful about the buss system that he provided! those busses were so old they were costing MOE more money to maintain and now none of them work their all broken down! what chin was doing was just for show and it didn't work, palauans aren't stupid! where were the busses when he was vice president for the past years and finally election is here, he then provides busses?! bullshit! now the busses are all in the dumpsite where chin shoul be working now!

Hey thetruth,

Good on you for your comments.

It is clear that Mosischeklek, Mardingoal and samsay are lackies of Nakamura and Remengesau. They lovvve to use the word scam. This is because they know their leaders (Nakamura and remengesau) are scam kings!

We will see them all in jail soon. Koshiba, Ngiraingas and Toribiong are the right people to make that happen.

Hey Mardingoal,

What a laugh, you really think a lot of your self don't you! You contributed a great deal to the Plaau economy!~ What you contributed could not even run the government for one day Lol.

This is too hilarious! Big head Mardingoal is your new name!

Ng meral meuikeue el lorrael ra meuikeue.....LOL!
Mekerdi mes a tekoi el melelolaok e mo oumerang. Ea dosaod ea leko kede kmal medengei, meke odekiar a techa ma techang el mo erreuem e tir a eldeng el diak lodengei. Me kerdi mo ketutk el rrokui e ngii a mangal mecherad a dersesei a lungil luldasu el locha ngar ngii a mle sebechel mo kutmeklii el kirel a beluu ma rengelekel...

thetruth.In Kuniwo admin there was no one time that Palau went out of power..and people put TR in there for trust....regardless of what Chin did during his position as VP, he did help honto student...FYI Chin don't care if it didn't work or not because his rec'v huge dollars from Mil.Do your investigation fast for lies and stolen money, tired of waiting by the way it's good to use spelling check.

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