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April 02, 2009


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Authorized to EDIT the tapes of sessions and hearings before putting them on tv? I thought this administration was going to increase transparency of government, not eliminate it.

corruption at its finest. absolutely disgusting.

What the hell is the ethics commission doing about this?

the two of them are done. this document is like hare kari. the other senators, nothing but cowards.

impeach these gangsters .... what kind of unconstitutional conspiracy are they running in our government? how did the other senators let this go? of course diaz and mlib gotta shut down otv -- then they can be the sole source of propaganda. watch out palau ...

I beg of the eleven other senators to stand up for what is right and become the voice that we need. This is absolutely preposterous! It seems the four people who've blogged on this post so far understands what this means. Does anyone at the senate understand how illegal this is??? It's dated on January 19th - and none of them have taken action against this stupid memo, are they all in this together???? Such BS..

What is the surprise? Johnson president, Mlib senate president, Joel Toribiong senate JGA chair???...What do you expect? Get real?

So you say this JT is transparent? So the media in Palau is free? Then why when a minister crashes into a powerpole, nothing is written, reported, etc., about it? Less than 100 days: these are your indicators of what is to be expected from JT and his gang.

CREDIBILITY... does it mean anything to the Palauan people? The advocate of better choices demonstrates a very blunt disregard for what he has preached. This is Palau.


I do not know what are you crying about? You yourself just reported about Kuartei's crash why do we need a two bit reporter like Diaz to know it.


There is a fundamental flaw in the checks and balances system. This is blatantly corrupt and our "leader" is not doing anything about it. I am so angry at these people- seems like everyday our government keeps getting worse. Yet everyone keeps voting for these idiots despite their incompetence. Where is Marvin and voices? Re launch the impeachment! I'll sign!

wow, the world is about to find out what a sewer they are throwing their money into .... the Senate has just blown it wide open for the whole world to see. democracy, ha!!!

what a duo.

and the rest of the senators, shame on them, sitting idle and twiddling their thumbs.

oh, dear, once this story hits associated press, new york times, a few agencies in the US, it will be game over.


Blogs, Twitter, etc., it's not hidden in the sense that it is known. Please elevate the level of your thinking.

The news media IN PALAU is doing nothing about it. EVERYBODY ELSE gets the DUI penalty but not the minister! The administration says nothing about it! The point is not that we can say what we want. The point is nothing is GETTING DONE about it. That is the issue here.

If you insist on being so naive, you need to rethink how full of yourself you are at this point for having believed that anything you type is credible. You show the same symptoms of imagined infallibility as does your king JT: blatant incorrectness.

is there a police report on kuareti DUI? where is the evidence to report? are the news media burying this story? or is this a case where they need to develop the story to report it?

seems the bigger question on this blog is why is a nut case like diaz in charge of anything, let alone the PR of the Senate and ultimately the Republic? blind leading the blind.


I've noticed your pro-JT, pro-anyone who supports this admin and their Senate gang members is obvious and pathetic. Nice try, but your feeble attempts to justify their actions is getting old really fast.

It's only been 82 days, but it seems soooo much longer. Heard the international organizations and "donor" nations are shocked at what they've heard, seen, and experienced in such a short time.

What's that the lyrics from that song? "You can fool some people sometime, but you can't fool all the people all the time." LOL

"Heard the international organizations and "donor" nations are shocked at what they've heard, seen, and experienced in such a short time. -actions matter on April 02, 2009 @ 11:34pm

Actions Matter, could you elaborate, state these 'donor' nations and IOs?


Free Press is like the Fourth Branch of Government. Informed citizens are good citizens. Keep them in the dark and crazy policies benefiting the few will emerge and our country will be controlled by a few acting FOR the few.

This is from the Senate. First was the DIRECTIVE from the Office of the President limiting public comments from executive branch bureaus, agencies, boards, etc. to the OEK and to the public without "Coordinating" with the office of the President. In this "Executive Directive" the exec branch also emphasizes that we speak with one voice and to make sure that all communications, ESPECIALLY those to the OEK on legislation should be passed through the president's office first.

This is known by at least one newspaper, TIA BELAU. Yet, Ambushman Lying sack of S&*$ is in charge and will not allow publication.

Seems minor issue to some people but WE ARE NOT A TOTALITARIAN country.

This is another step towards total control by one or a select few...to intimidate, harass, exert undue pressure on others to get their way. Pay attention to the laws coming out and make up your own minds on whether this will lead to disaster or is this just the way some people handle their organizations.

Gov.4 few, OK, et.al.:

Forgive my naivete but I am NOT for JT, DIAZ, MLIB, or anyone for that matter, I AM FOR BELAU!!!

REad and reread my blog on this thread (it may be short) but I believe it to be self explanatory.

BUT What do you want the media to do? be specific because all you guys crow about is for the media to do something but what is that something you want them to do? Sue OEK? Put OEK in vat full of boiling oil? some specifics pleeaassee. The fact that we are talking about it in here also means that in Did ra Nmgatel, Emaimelei, Sure Save, Long Shoremens, etc, it is also being discussed. The problem is we are all like eunuchs-we see it, we talk about it, smell it, taste it, etc, etc, but we cannot do it, and comes election time we elect them again and again and again. Do not forget election was just few months ago and we erected these people in OEK for us to look at. Crying foul now does not do us any good. We the electorate should hang ourselves for electing them.

my two bit noncents.

Might as well make Mark's businesses to have exclusive rights to sell materials that the government needs. Make Surangel Store exclusive for food rights. Any Senator's that have businesses out there make them exclusive for anything the government needs. It's only right to be fair about sharing the wealth to the rest of the Senators. Make M.T to have all the exclusive rights to take all bids for construction proporsals by our government. At least the next election we will have more money to pay voters and sponsor big parties. At least the people will get something out of it...

No wonder why everyone are trying to leave Palau for a better life outside Palau. It's only the government for the few...

Why do you blame the President for what the Senate approves?


Realistic Man is right. The Congress and the President belong to two different branches of the government. Even though the President has the final authority, nothing passes unless OEK has whatever % approval.

But then again, Palau has to many political governments man! We have traditional leaders, governors, legistlators, etc.... Palau just loves its politics and they love getting tangled in it!

But guys, its only a few months compared to 4 years of what's going to happen. We can either wait it out and see if things will change for the better (assuming our leaders are really there for us), or we can get up on our feet and make something happen. But don't forget we still have good members of the Senate like Kathy Kesolei, Regina Mesebeluu, and such. I hope that there is STILL hope!

Sorry for my unstructured-ness!


Please impeach these few corrupted politicians for the betterment of our children, our people, and our country!!!
Where are the members of the "VOICES" who were very outspoken back then?! I wonder if them too have been recieving threats like the rest of government employees who are not allowed to say negative things about these few corrupted individuals!!!
Palauans, what are we waiting for?! Freedom of Speech is no longer practiced in our country. In order to voice the truths, we annonimously write to every media in town! Yet, we cannot come out in the open and fight these corruptions!!!

Total lack of Check and Balance between OEK and the new administration may lead to Corruption. Questions for you all:
1) Is JT corrupt?
2) Is the entire Ngerulmud pro-JT?
3) Are JT and MT good leaders?
4) Beside Okedyulabeluu, are all media outlets in Belau pro-JT?
5) Is JT man enough to speak up against Diaz like most bloggers here do?

OH---MY---GOD! WHY ARE THE REST OF THE SENATE ALLOWING THIS?! Honest! Ngdikea dodengei el kmo kede kmo ngerang...

FYI, the memo is dated January 19th so it was one of the first orders of business at the Senate. Notice that all the Senators were cc (copied).

The Senate is allowing it because they have a majority that supports the administration. I thought Kathy & Regina were good, too, but their silence and inaction speaks volumes so does the actions of the rest of the majority.

You can talk about "respect" or "giving them a chance" or "supporting the administration, but the Senators are "PUBLIC SERVANTS". Emphasis, on PUBLIC. Looks like the majority is putting themselves and the administration first. They're too busy making nice to each other.

I've also only seen Surangel really speak out at the Senate sessions, but he's just part of the minority of two--SW and TR. Now we may never really see what is going on since we have to rely on Diaz for public information.

After a long contemplation, here's more, this is a case where the dog is wagging its tale. AND GUESS WHAT, THE TAIL THINKS IT IS A PRIVILEGE.... lmao.

767 Melkeok,

We'll be able to find out which donor nations and international orgs based on their reports on Palau and their response. That's information that will be readily available and accessible what's the info is released as the intl orgs and donor nations are transparent about those kinds of things.

Alii Flower and Domfree,

Flower I hope you will bloom soon and Domfree I hope that you will unrestrain yourself soon also for the two of you to take on the fight that you so bravely speak of.

I think it is Ben Franklin that said out of frustration..."it is not the bundits that ruin our society but the silent majority who choses to remain silent".

It is so convinient to live peacefully and not meddle with social issues and be target of criticisms. I have said it many times many years already that Palauans are so afraid of standing out of a crowd. We are groupy go with the crowd by nature. It has nothing to do with ones education when you look at Palau affairs unfold and those involved. This is where I give it to Senator Diaz not afraid being himself in public whether you are for him or against him.

But my issue is not with Senator Diaz talking but the silent majority who chooses to be out of sight. Or should I say the ananimous majority on this blog and on the mechesokes of every household in Palau. What say you silent majority and please step out of the delul a tuu so we can see your face. Maybe then the bundits will step down when they realized real people in the number are against what they are doing.

They will continue to runsack the village as long they know that it is "menless" or there are no Ngirbelau in that village. Hail Mechesil Belau true defenders of the village!


This is one of the reasons why palauans are drifting away from palau. I'm hopeful that I'll manage well enough to bring all my family over to the states. Decent job, decent pay, balanced lifestyle, and a whole lot more opportunities to go by with as far as survival goes both financially and economically. It seems that Palau is soon to be like the rest of Micronesia. More political unsolved problems, enviromental chaos, government corruptions, lack of jobs...or over experienced yet underpaid...and the list goes on. I'm gonna stop worrying about Palau. I'm just going to be an individual trying to make a living for himself. Whenever I go back home, I'll still have my land that I can call my own...Don't want to have anything to do with politics, gov't, or Palau for any reason. Forget all the politicians...let them do their worst. Whether they are serving with their heart/mind/soul...or just looking for opportunities to make money,...I will not care. Anyone can say whatever they want...I could care less. That is my opinion...Good Luck being a concerned Palauans...Peace out

Okay my fellow Belauans,

Here is what we can do. We can all individually email our concerns,frustrations and questions to senate@palaunet.com and see if we can get answers.


can we do it without revealing our identity. senate president is gonna be very vindictive.


The fact that you have to ask for specifics says enough about the state of your mind.

Here's one: report that the Minister of Health was drunk as a skunk and rammed his truck into a powerpole at Ngerbechedesau (the one after the turn to Dr. Otobed's House going towards Airai) on Friday, March 20, 2009 at 2:45 A.M. This powerpole can be seen clearly as part of the jungle behind it leading up to Johnson Toribiong's house had recently been cleared prior to the drunken collision. The truck is wrecked and is at a shop and Dr. Kuartei wears a neckbrace.

The penalty for DUI first offense includes but is not limited to 20 days in jail, license suspension, a cash fine, among others. Over 20 people have been nabbed for this as first-time offenders. Why not the Doc?

As for you, Tsk, Tsk, don't believe for a second anyone with a sound mind could care to give any respect for your views. There is more than a story. There are facts that were not reported by the media and by the government. That is the point. You are just another JT and Kuartei supporter, trying desperately to find something to throw back.

100 days is up on April 25, so tick, tick, Tsk, Tsk... Your ragged supporters in Hontoville want their "stimulus payments" to buy more Spam and Taro wine.


Still, what do you want the media to do?

Everyone knows here in Koror that the Doc wanted a piece of Roman Yano's real estate (mlo ribech a sakai ra Roman)!!!

Do the media need to report these incidents for the public to know? Of course not. The media is much slower than the telulchoid ra ngor!!!

Again, I am not, nor was I, a supporter of JT. But I do not like his administration to fail because if it fails then Belau fails and when it fails it affects both you and me.

POWERFUL atty JT and his cronies denied Chin his senate seat back in 2000 and recently in 2008 election, they ganged up on Chin again resulting in JT winning both presidential and OEK majority POWER. It is obvious now it's his "Abundance of Power and Cronies" that's enabling him/SP to investigate and put TR or anybody he doesn't like in jail if guilty. Actually, I think it's the "A of P and C" that is making his political enemies and nonsupporters his priority of business, and I do not appreciate being targetted because I didn't vote for JT. That said Santy, I don't think the silent/unidentified majority is a problem. It's JT having too much Political and Media power. Forget Ben Franklin and your anti-OEK what-a-now writings and start focus on the Executive branch where it all begins.

Under the Palau Constitution, Article IV, under Fundamental Rights, Section 12, says, "A citizen has the to examine any government document and to observe the official deliberations of any agency of government."

So, does this mean that the Senate is exempt?

Oops, forgot to add "right". Suppose to read:

Under the Palau Constitution, Article IV, under Fundamental Rights, Section 12, says, "A citizen has the right to examine any government document and to observe the official deliberations of any agency of government."

So, does this mean that the Senate is exempt?


The electionis done and over with. Let's move on. Give a chance for JT and KM to make good of the promises they made to lead us. I am now praying that they succeed as Uchelmelis. Where did anti OEK come from? I am a firm believer that the people in OEK are my representatives and should grant me their ears. And yes if the administration and OEK is doing something I think is wrong I will voice my views but not in hiding. That is my point.

I happen to believe that JT and KM are trying to right the system that has been in the far left for many years. That is yet to be seen. And I know that it is not going to happen over night nor in 100 days. Screaming or crying wolf is not going to solve our problems now or ever. Courage and commitment to what is right more on the part of the citizens than the leadership will help us reach that goal.

Have a nice day and do not let this discussion ruin your day. Sulang.


Fmr. Senator Asanuma, Diaz with all insinuations against you on his daily radio program and in private probably cost you your Senate seat in the last elections. Yet if his past behavior of being divisive is indicative of his future actions, why has he been appointed by Senator MT as the "gatekeeper" of information their at the Senate? That is the thing when one has anonymity, a person is free to say what they feel whereas if your real name is used one tends to temper their comments to fit into how they are viewed in society sometimes without even knowing it.

Good morning Santy, I'm all good. (

I understand election is over and I've moved on but I simply wanted to point out Chin's senate and presidential battles may be telling something, and that is the SUPERPOWERS (JT and his cronies) have taken over Ngerulmud and there is nothing you, I and the identified/unidentified majority can do to stop them. Perhaps you lost because of them as well and so I suggest you switch gears.

I do see some discrepancies in JT's leadership already; however like you said, it's way too early to make judgement and with that, I'll relax for now.

santy, samsay and domfree,

I like your writings but after readings I know who you to talking.. Can you ask Anat for the person's name? Who da Pres. JT asked to help him after primary to do all campaigning planning, strategies to over come Emmanuel Maldangesang big #501 votes after primary even increases the number in Koror State surpassing the primary. That means in general election JT campaign manager worked harder to win over Chin by almost 800 votes above primary.

I believe that person's name is Uchel Tmetuchl, not Seit Andres nor Hiob Mesubed. It was Uchel with support from Harry. Who now, is the new Minister of MNRET after YB withdrawn.

I wish Pres. JT nominate Santy to Oil/Gas Exploration Task Force he is good guy to work with.


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