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April 21, 2009


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Now that we know the cuase of the problem. Fixing it won't be that easy. It requires a lot of money which we don't have. This is the first test to the new administration which I know will succeed in due time....


Seems like a good time to privatize the whole power generation business. Sell it at a discount and save the government some cash that we don't have to fix the problem.

I think times like these require us to look at all the options. The Government in its duty to provide basic services and infrastructure surely cannot handle this challenge without deep pockets to support ongoing repairs, refurbishments and overhaul of our power system.

I say privatize. Just a thought but think about how much our govt can save at this point in time...leave some ownership interest for the government so our people can have a say in the company but leave the power generating to experts in the private sector.

My two kilowatts.

they say you can't have your cake and eat it too, but privatization will only allow the power company to charge the consumers a rate that is much higher than the average household can afford. that is when you can stick the fork in us because we are done...
but under this current situation, the power rationing or shifting can be accommodated. higher rates may be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
kerdi melekoi ea dimlak el economic crisis, a mle fuel crisis, ngdi a cheral a cheluch a mla lmuut rasmechel, elechang eng power crisis malechub eng mla mo sebeched el kmo eng economic crisis.
ngdiak le mongit a tara power barge el ua aikel ngara saibal em nguu el mora medal a miami...

The argument for higher rates is always the first argument to come out when we talk of privatization. The TRUE costs of services has to be put out there so at least the Govt. and the people know how much exactly is needed to provide reliable power. This True Cost has been subsidized to a ridiculous extent, and with the subsidization of our power needs, PPUC has become complacent and is still acting like its another government agency.

We will feel the pinch, that's for sure. This is where I stop because I don't know too much about the PPUC. But, we must look at all avenues and options for solutions.

Another Kilowatt to think about.

I have absolute faith in President Johnson Toribiong. Give him time and he will provide a solution.

My clan and I will support our President when ever and where ever without hesitation!


Like lemmings or the blind being led by the blind. Have'nt you learned anything from the fiasco called Naughty City? To those still seething on open thread, I know one thing if Chin had been elected President, we would'nt be having this power crisis. This job is too big for JT.

That is always the ideal, that the TRUE cost will be brought forth by the privatized corporation, and charged likewise to the consumers. But as presented in the MTDS by PPUC they have been operating on depreciation costs and were they to have failure on any of their generators in the future the PPUC would not be able to meet the challenge, granted this was a couple of years ago, I guess the writing was on the wall at that point.
But back to the point on privatization, undoubtedly in privatization a recovery plan would be developed and put in place. In most cases, recovery plans require huge initial collections to recover not the corporation, but to recoup the costs in purchasing the company. Then if they feel like it somewhere down the road, they can level off and stabilize the rates, albeit, the rate will be higher than the one currently.
Aika di uldasu, ma tara kmal mle haeri el uldasu seral temel a Ngiratkel a mle ker el kmo, ngera ma sera de kot el mo osiik ra beches el dengkibu eng dimlak bai dolengit a ngesu era US, e di mle kid el tuobed el mo metik ra IPSECO. Ma elechal blal bol uaisei a dengki er kid, ea dolengit a ngeseu ra rechad ra US eng "premature"?
Any how, a mle last el klou el ngesu el ngilu a PPUC a mlara Siabal el mle mesil ra dengki el Mitsubish, ma denkibasira. Ngdiak el mekngit a deluut el olengit...

Ng diak el mekngit e locha di tall real er elechal taem. Ng kora kmal elberochel el tekoi le Siabal, Merikel ma belulechad a dirk klider a delchelrir ra Global Recession. Ng mekera dolengit a ngeseu er elechal taem...


Ngeral delwiil sel dolasm mengeluoluo erngii kid ma beluu ra merikel, siabal, ma taiwan? Kede melisiich er ngii leng seoad albolbetok a tourist er mer belau meng mosebeched el mecheral a dengkibu.
A dang betok aududir meng ngungiil luldasu, al tang mo sobecheklid ra betok el ngelsesenged.

A daitorio ra Merikel a dirke ultobed a bekord el $800 billion el kirel a olkiis ra keizai er tir. A lak cheleuid ea Caterpillar a tara kombalii ra merikel el mle betok ar layoff er ngii, meng sebeched el kmo a techall ra beches el mesil a di mo ultuir ra cheldechduch el mo soiseb raikel program el sebeched el ngmai a lak el free from grant in aid purchased by the US Government, eng telekib el yasui a cheral le tolkiis aikal kombalii lolab a kmal betok el udoud.
A siabal a diak el sebechel mertii ra promise er ngii, mal sekum aikel grant programs er tir a mla er ngii a ngeseu el kirel a ngodech el infrastructure build e sebeched el mesiul el kirel omchar a mesil ra dengki, a kumdasu eng diak el chetirir leng dirrek el ngar ngii a kombalii er ngii el meruul a dengki el kmal ouspech a okiak.
A sebechel a sebechel, ngdi a lak dolasm eng diak a mekedmokl. Ngkakid a Dr. Ueki el mla mo ambassador, kame desang el kmo sebechel ongit a ngesue el mer Belau el ua Daiz.
A de nguu ra tekoi ra yakyuu e ngak a Sit n' Shout...

Hey Bedaoch,

You are the scam saying that: "if Chin had been elected President we would'nt be having this power crisis". What a joke Lol! Chin did not win the election, that proves that he is not half the man Toribiong is!

Chin could not win running to be President of the Angaur monkey clan! Lol We all know that he is corrupt and a lackey of the past administartions.

Chin has no brains! He is just a grunt just good for planting papayas along the road! HEHEHEHE

If is a subjective word - If I won the lottery I would donate a new generator to Palau HA HA HA!

If the Remengesau Administration had done their job properly the JT Administration would not be inheriting this mess!

Not to worry, I am confident that as soon as the Foreign Investment Act is reformed to become very foreign Investment friendly, Palau's shortage of funds willl be behind us and we will have all the revenue we need to buy new generators.

Why not ask the developers of NC to donate us new generators and a new sewage system? Let us see how commited they are to helping Palau.

Hey Red Herring,

Good idea, if LD donates a new generator to Palau it would put his credibility beyond question. Maybe Palau can make him an honorary citizen of Palau.

"Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation."--Judith Martin, "Miss Manners," American writer and etiquette authority

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after."--Anne Morrow Lindbergh, American aviator, from "Gift From the Sea"

"You can only be young once. But you can always be immature."--Dave Barry,
American author and Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist

Mada halle ku e Kngibech e bai di de Sit n' Shout el terung. Ng locha di mo tmaut ra ikel tekingel a Santos Olikong el dilul kmo, "A techall a ngar tiang el mo ra Yanged!"


A techall a ngar tiang el mora ianged, ma kukor e ulebult el "twist & shout" e dilu el kmo, ngar ker aikal Hyundai SUV. A ikel klalu ra Waab a telekib el mechitechut ma kmle give up e ticheklii a tatirou ra elsel a used leng diungil ak Minister ek kuusbech a mechetechut el mlai...ngi dil lou tatirou.

Ak umdasu el kmo a ikal generator ra PPUC a locha ngarngii a temall el lilechang er ngii a last el Administration.

Get rid of the Hyundai and get some parts for our generators, please.

lol...kmal merang e Mardi, ngdi a Hyundai a dirrek el omeob a meklou el mesil ra dengki...ka halle a amt a locha mengedecheduch ra Appo meng sebeched el ngmai a Hyundai el mesil ra dengki el ngara "lay away" meng diak el metemall a Procurement Policy ra ROP...too funny

By the way, how much is a new generator? and how much would it cost to put in a new high tech. sewage system that can service 30,000 people?

Ahhhahaahahaha!LOL! Hey! Alii kemiu el terung a kot el mla mo meklou a ngeriu me temol remenges a rechad. Kom kmul mongerang? Ng Hundai el mesil ra dengki el ngarngii a tatirou el mamed el klebikl er ngii? You guys are crazy....LOL!

Mesulang for the joke of the day...

No more band-aids please!

Put in brand new generators that works on bio-fuels! Cheap and clean!

Let all rich and patriotic Palauans donate to buying a new system power generator.

The government should pass a bill to make some grand 'titles' under the "ORDER OF PRINCE LEBOO".

These TITLES are issued out to people who do good service to the Nation.

I am sure that rich people like Nakamura, Remengesau, Schmull, Eshang, Diaz, Shallum, Carp, Whipps and all the other rich and famous families of Palau can donate a million dollars each.

The government can bestowe to people who donate $1 million or more the highest of the titles which is 'Prince of Palau' given under the "ORDER OF PRICE LEBOO" banner!

Perhaps for $500,000.00 donation you receive a "Duke of Palau" title.

For a $100,000.00 donation a person gets a "Count of Palau" title

For a $50,000.00 donation a person gets a Lord of Palau" title.

For $10,000.00 donation a person gets a "Sir of Palau" title.

Dom't you think this is a good idea? We can raise money for all public needs this way and recipients can be recognised worldwide instantly!

We can also bestowe these grand titles to foreigners as well. I am sure that there will be many rich foreigners who would be willing to donate to Palau's needs to get a title.

LOL! That is one great idea Curoius,

Do you have any idea who might be the first one in line to get those titles...LOL

Thank you my Friend,

How about "Lord Davidson". This title should be given out to those that give generously to the rubaks to get favors. I.E. Lord Davidson Ngiramekokil, Lord Davidson Masaichi Eteiterngel, Lord Davidson Jackson Henry. I dunno. Just sounds too good.

Lord Davidson Ngiramekerkur, Lord Davidson Shame-us Ngiramengol, Lord Davidson Moteterau Beotacheral...and on and on.

Lord Davidson Tim Taunton, Lord Davidson DeVivo?? The Honorable Duke Disillusioned and the great Count of Your Blessings?

ok, this is it for today.

LOL! Mardi!!!

I almost fell on my chair man!
This is one of the funniest moment in Okedyulabeluu's History....

Man! You made tears come out my eyes!

Thanks again for being you as always, but in a
very funny way.


Hey Curio, don't think Lord Davidson can afford what you are proposing. He paid only $27 for his lordship of the manor. We would not be able to compete with the website that sells these sham titles. I have a better ideal. Why don't we turn all those paper shares in Naughty City to compost or circulate them among the people of peleliu with no indoor plumbing so that they can recycle them. It will be good for the environment and much better than that scam Nautilus City. One of these days, I am going to write a book about the many uses of a Sears catalog courtesy of our Peace Corps. family member. LOL

Hay Samsay,

LD donated $100 to me yesterday and I am going to pay your wife to service the inmates at the Palau jail. What do you think of that?

I telephone her yesterday and she was delighted and greatfully accepted the offer, saying that you are so obsessed with blogging nonsense that you do not service her even though there is no lights in the house.

She also said that she would use the $100 to buy a dildo! ha ha Ha

Hey Mardingoal,

I am trying to assist by giving some innovative ideas to help our bankrupt country get money to buy much needed generators so that our children can have light to study at night and all you two farting queers can do is make facetious remarks about LD!

What is this obsession with LD? You guys are acting like a pair of spurned lovers. Personally, I doubt that you have even met LD as I know he does not associate with scum or ‘poofters’.

I am able to say one thing and that is when LD comes to Palau he is treated with the greatest respect by many of our leaders so you guys should give him due respect or you may end up in jail. Oh! Now I understand, you queers are trying to get into jail to meet the inmates so that they can fire your arses in more ways than one eh! Lol.

In any event, do you think LD gives a rat’s ass what you guys write? If he ever reads this blog he would laugh himself silly knowing that you guys are having to endure power failure, food going bad, no air-conditioning, no lights and groping in the dark. Hey, you shit-heads who is having the laugh?

You guys are so dumb that it’s embarrassing! You make jokes about our sad situation while I know that at this moment LD is sitting on a yacht in Monaco drinking champagne and eating caviar!

You talk bad about Jackson Henry yet he was recently appointed Ambassador. You talk bad about Jackson Ngairaingas yet he was recently appointed Minister of Infrastructure and Commerce. You condemn Johnson Toribiong and he was elected President. Ha Ha Ha! Boy what a bunch of bananas! Lol. YOU GUYS SURE CAN’T PICK THE WINNERS!

I thing I will recommend for our High Chief to bestow on the both of you the title of village idiots! Hehehehe!


Hey Samsay, Mardingoal & Mosi,

You guys are real losers! Backing Chin, Remengesau, Nakamura and Remengesau. They all out man! lol! Kick in the pants - fucked-up!

The next 4 years belongs to Minister Ngiraingas and UKIHL and President Toribiong.

The NC development is here to stay. Ground breaking is on the way. Samsay, Mosi and Mosis have has their say, but the People of Palau rejected their pray! Wow what poetry! Lol. The peoples cries of joy for Nautilus City is in the shouting of hurray!!!

LD is the President's advisor! What more can I say except hip-hip-hurray!

The President wants it. The Clans want it. Even your mothers want it.

You guys can make all sorts of propaganda and vile comments but the fact remains. The Clans of Peleliu have leased their lands to UKIHL not to you scumbag!Who's the scam and who credible. The people that got the land is credible, I say! Right-on! LD is laughing all the way to the bank!

You say this is a scam and that is a scam, but the people are wise. Thsy know that the NC is the real deal and that is why they leased their lands to UKIHL and not to the likes of you.

Remengesau when he was president pitted his own uncle against JN. What happen! Ngiraingas won! Remengesau got slapped in the face!!! hehehehe! Oh what satisfaction!

Remengesau backed his in-law Surangle and with their combined millions they still got their arses whipped! Who won Johnson Toribiong! hehehehe!

I tell you, GOD IS GREAT!


Hey Mosisechekiak,

You said that Mardingoal blog brought tears to your eyes.

Let me tell you some thing that will make your tears of joy turn to sobs. LD has agreed to donate new generators that can service 30,000 people! In return he has been given 1/2 of Peleliu.

He was also promised your balls would be fried and fed to Mardingoal! Lol

Sulang you scum bag! You con artist, You poofter!

Awww! Come on guys,

It's not like Jay Leno never made jokes about Queen Elizabeth....

Too much anger is not good for one's health. We are still all in this boat, but it does not mean that we cannot agree to disagree.

Mesulang and don't take it too hard on yourselves

oh "Lord", here we go again. Lord Davidson Know All, Lord Davidson Red Herring Ngiracheluel, Lord Davidson Real Deal, Lord Davidson Islander....

See what happens when there are too many indians claiming one chief title. I hope you all see the humor in this.

Hey Mosisechekiak,

I'm glad to see you've come to your senses. I hope Mardingoal & Samsay will also take your queue! You guys are not Jay Leno so stop trying to follow in his footsteps!

Never condamn people you do not know anything about just because you do not like their projects.

LD is a great man. God willing the NC project will materialize becuause it will benefit Palau and ALL its people. This is no joke because I have seen the project proposal and it is second to none.

Mosis, you had better think very carefuly before making unsubstantiated allegations about high net worth individuals, especially when they are considering bringing an important project to Palau.

Derogatory remarks made about peoples' credibility is libelous. If you think you cannot be traced because this is a blog site you are mistaken.

I can tell you this, if LD decided to abandon the NC project because he has been insulted, it will be another hundred years before another similar proposition comes along and palau would have lost a great opportunty to become economically independent!

Just immagine how long it took before a similar project like the PPR can to Palau and without the PPR, Palau would have been nothing in terms of a tourist destination!

You think the NC project is a scam because you have no details of the development and you make hysterical innuendoes and slurr peoples goodname because you cannot imagine how such a mamouth project can be implemented and not ruin the environment, so you make stupid allegation to cover your inadequacies!

STOP IT or you will end up being very sorry!

Power generators, or engines in general, use only 20% of the power from it's fuel, the rest goes to mechanical resistance, thermal, and gas waste.

If the plan calls for new generators, then consider alongside the new generators, couple of steam generators that are powered the exhaust waste, and external source of water, from the other generators. Or the steam can be used to boost the fuel generator by aiding in the reciprocating rotations, increasing the efficiency, thus uses less fuel for the same amount of power.

Solar directed heat from mirrors can also boost the exhaust temperatures for more heat and more steam output. The steam can be reused after it is cooled down with a condenser (which can be used for say water heating or condensing sea water to get fresh water and salt by-products).

Hay Aramid,

Good comment, I also suggest that alongside your steam generator we put a tread-mill and put that rat Mardingoal to run on it. Mosisechekiak can whip his arse to make him go faster.

Between the two poofters they can make their green energy lol!

LD can bestow on them the title of 'King-Rat' hehehe!

Hey Mardingoal, I coming for you!

Hmmm, well humans have less than half a horse power when they are at full running speed, generating around 200 watts for around 10 minutes or so. Some car engines need 120 horse power (a bit less than 90,000 watts) just to turn a complete 4-stroke cycle. One person running on a tread-mill and one whipping behind wouldn't make enough power to blow the exhaust gas out of a megawatt generator.

Nice to see that I'm having an impact on our friends. Now I'm running scared Know All/Nothing. Aramid, you working for the PPUC? Seem to know a lot. We need people like you in the right place.

I wonder about your guts and your emotional feelings about your own self. I'm am not being only entertained by your soul but you scared the hell out my normal senses. Are you as good as you claimed, because you are using people's name without much consideration. Some name being mentioned to collaborate your points are quite embarrassing.

Mongedecheduch e lak mou Ngirngemelas er kau!
Kmal mla mo klou a tekoi ra oltengel a daob ra tang ma tang.
Momdasu ra rengalk mardelad, kum ke melomes e bekeu

First of all Curious,

I never made any allegations towards LD. I was asked an opinion I gave an honest opinion about this NC. What I feel about anything does not mean it's true or false. Every now and then we joke around, so don't get so bent out of shape for nothing but a mere joke.

For you to threaten me makes me wonder about you and the rest in here who are pro-NC. If you want things done go and do something about it. Don't come in here and try to refute peoples opinion and get so out of shape about it where you start using foul language and so forth....

This is not the place to make your dreams come true about the NC project. What we say does not matter if one want's to open up a business.

Look at Know All telling Mardi that he is coming after him.About frying him. And you are talking about someones wife with such a low blow that just makes you all look like little kids. Now isn't that weird. You guys have been here long and that all of you gave opinions for or against someone in here or about some high government official. What makes all of you so special than others? I think you guys should take a step back and take a deep breath. Do you really think that if we disagree with you, it would change any plans for NC to be built. We don't control the government or the Justice System. What we say is just here say. It's up to you to take it or leave it.


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