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April 26, 2009


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I have been buying Island Times for a long time. This has convinced me to switch to Palau Horizon.


Hey Mosisechekiak,

What a hypocrite your are. Are you claiming that you were not aware until now that the media in Palau is skewed, selective and bias!

Boy, you must be on the pot, betel nut and grog. Nakamura and Remengesau had every government department, the media and most of the Senators the House Delegate, the judges, the AG, the SP and house delegates compromised in one way or another and those that were not were intimidated and persecuted!

I think perhaps that because we now have an honest and open President that prevent you guys having it all your own way that you are now bitching! Go jump in the sea

Down with the lot of you shit-heads! Long live President Toribiong, Koshiba and Ngiraingas


Know it All,

I have been reading this blog and must tell you I am completely turn off by your postings. You're not so perfect yourself. You don't have to do the name calling and what not just because one does not agree with your point of view(s). We are all entitled to our opinions. If you don't agree with it, fine. Post your view minus the name calling and negativity.


islander, know all, realistic man are the same blogger.

I think the administrator of this blog should be more attentive to the articles that are written by people such as Know it All who uses vulgar words or phrases that are unprofessional and divisive and take corrective action to either delete them or block them from future submissions. I know I stopped writing for a while when a number of people continued to use four-letter words that were not only shameful, but unprofessional, too.
I agree with Keriik...we can disagree but we should not be calling each other vulgar names.


Island Sometimes, Is Min. Kuartei will be charged like those poor/hutsu/commoners who took the charge of the RRPL- ??? Is there 20 days jail term plus monetary$$$$???

This is not new to the Palau Media. Ombudsman, Mosesuwao, knew Min. Kuartei accident that happened below President JT's residence. Ombudsman failed to report because of their Ngchesar connection and maybe colleague in the JT administration.

Same goes Sen. Diaz and his radio&Tv show. More talk and more funny faces, i mean ugliest face in senate. According to Ombudsman - Mouses, another Moses Benardino once said, He is son of Edo and a Russian concubine or whytress at Crystal Palace saw these two Palauans. And said "you two brothers" for the first she saw both Mouses and Diaz. ha ha ha ha.

Tarosang Aso said, "Itsio-biki" Kio-dai, same same., Mouses - Tanuki and Deyas - Kitsune. Omosiroi ne. Bakasteru yo and Bakasio ziki.

Daijobu ne Ohio kojai masu,

Who cares what they report, politics or not it's none of anybody's buizzwacks. let them report what they want, it's all news

Dr. Kuartei deserves a second chance. As far the reporting goes, all palauan newspapers are skewed one way or the other. Take for example Palau Horizon. The then Governor of Peleliu, JN invites them for a boat ride and days later a favorable article about him and children follows. A mistake or ommision on the paper's part was to call JN's son an officer in the US Navy when everyone knows he is an elisted man. Also the biggest story of greed and corruption to hit peleliu with the scam Nautilus City and they simply did not devote enough investigative journalism to get to the bottom of the whole fiasco. I guess a 27 dollar Lord Davidson is just not worth their time and their editorial inconsistancies. Look, each of the papers in palau have been at one time or another guilty of turning a blind eye to injustice perhaps to ensure their commercial survival. Can we fault them for that? Diaz does the same as well as OTV. Its called selective island journalism. In the end, its the people of palau who lose but to reiterate Dr. Kuartei deserves a second chance.

Hey Kerrik,

You say that you are turned off by name calling, but have you asked yourself who started the name calling?

It was characters like Mardingoal, Samsay, Mosisechekaik who started making degoratory remarks about Jackson Henry, Jackson Ngiraingas, Koshiba, Lord Davidson etc., etc. etc. They made remarks that had no substance whatsoever.

Their agenda was to cause ridicle and cause confusion. They made outrageous and libelous propaganda against UKIHL, Simao and many other bona fide foreign companies so that their masters could hang-on to monopolies.

They canvassed Nautilus City as a scam without a shred of evidence to back up their claim. That's alright is it.

Now that the boot is on the other foot. You don't like it! You say you don't like name calling! Well too bad!

My claims have substance.

You cannot argue against my claim that Nakamura and remengesau have made a hash of Palau's economy!

You cannot deny that Palau received billions of dollars in aids and grants yet our economy is still in shambles!

You cannot deny that Nakamura and Rememgesau maipulated the EQPB and the FIB and other agencies for their own benefit because I can produce statements from some EQPB and FIB members to back-up my claim.

You cannot deny that Nakamura and Remengesau apppointed their families and their cronies to important government position even though these people have no experience and even though they were corrupt. All you need do is look as the list on employees during that administration. remengesau even paid excessive salaries to the fools he employed.

Remengesau even employed expatriate attorneys, the AG and SP who were criminals and drunks! Can you deny this!

You cannot deny that Nakamura and Remengesau pardon many of their friends who committed crimes and then appoined these criminals to important government positions!

You cannot deny that Nakamura and Remengesau are as corrupt as hell because their life style of living like multi-millionaires is prima facia evidence of the guilt!

So think before you point fingers

Hey Samsay,

The only think for sale for $27.00 is your wife! hehehe.

Don't worry about JN son being an enlisted man. At least the young man is doing an honest day's job.

What your boy doing except selling his arse for $2.00 a pop in Guam.

Talking about scams. I know that your daughter was caught shop lifting only 3 days ago. My cousing is a police officer , that how I know!

Hay Samsay,

I know why you want to give Dr. Kuartei a second chance. That's because he treated your wife for VD!

What can you expect when her selling price is $27.00 Ha HA Ha.

Go check yourself up with the drinking lush doctor. I am sure that his remedy cure will be for you to soak your dick in alcohol! HA HA Ha Lol!

FYI, it is possible to reveal the identity of anonymous bloggers if the courts compel the ISP to do so. So be careful about libelous statements and statements that are defamatory. We can however express our opinions, especially about public officials. We can also share information that is factual about our public officials and their dealings. The public has a right to now exactly what is going on--especially if it is illegal and unethical.

I am of the opinion that there appears to be corruption in all previous administrations and the current. The difference is that the JT/KM admin is proving itself to be the most incompetent--so much for the best and the brightest.

Got an e-mail from international official with recent encounter and he said that he misses the days of dealing with competent decision-makers. BTW, he's highly credible abroad and has dealt with previous admins and governments. Wonder if he's spread the word?

Advance response to Islander, Know it All, Realistic Man, etc--you have no credibility and your rantings only show just how delusional you are. Wake up and smell the stench that is reeking from this admin!

Know It All,

You write and sound like a very intelligent individual so I will only say this: "Two wrongs does not make it right."


Alii, kemiu kmal mekgnit a rengmiu ma udusiu? Ngerang meng sebeched el me tiuab er tial blai e kuk dmu udusied e rongesii a tang ma tang, e kemiu a kmal mlamoa rrodechang. Ea kemiu, te delad ma mechuooldel a bekeu el mengedecheduch lou tuub ra tang ma tang, le temiir ma siils er tir, adimerael mermang.
Mokes usakeriu, leng ngarngii a merael mei telecheroll. Meringel a rengul aulungulem el mechoit er tilchal btelum.

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."--Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader

Interesting how you correlated advertisements to front page news. I wonder what correlations you can come up with if you go beyond the last issues.


You are quite right two wrongs do not make a right but you would do well to ponder on this saying as well; "what is good for the goose is good for the gander as well"!

Bloggers like Mardingoal, Samsay, Mosisechekiak and others think they can say anything about people with impunity! Well they are wrong.

They libel Lord Davidson and UKIHL on this blog site, yet have never brought one shred of evidence in the open to back their statements.

I can tell you one thing for sure if this people had any eveidence at all against LD and UKIHL they would be running to the AG the SP and however else that had power to investigate.

I know that LD and UKIHL were investigated by the SP for 4 years. The SP even committed purjury in an attempt to torpedo the Nautilus City project. What happened? The SP had to run from Palau with his tail between his legs, when it because exposed that the SP had lied.

Who was behind and commanding the SP? Who was against the NC Project? The people behind the Ngedebus Casino project of course!

Lord Davidson is well respected in Palau as well as a very reputable international businessman.

These scums (Samsay, Mardingoal etc.,) know nothing about LD. They have not met him and they have no dealings with him so why this consistent attact? What is the agenda? Who is motivating these people?

All I can say is that if you ask the most respected people in Palau about LD ALL will have good things to say about that gentleman.


LOL....Realistic Man,

Do tell me who these most RESPECTED PEOPLE IN PALAU are? I sure hope these respected people did not have any personal gain w/ LD.

i asked around for names and i couldnt find out who they are. all the people said ld usally hung out with jn and jhenry at the motel usually playing their favorte game of who could wrap his lips around the soda can; that's if you consider jn j henry the most respected people in palau

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