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April 23, 2009


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Sad report by our President about the previous admin, but with a very promising tone that gives hope for the future. Yet I still think that next year is still to soon for Palau to recover. It will take all next year and probably more depending on how effective this new administration works......


These are tough times, and I applaud Mr.President for airing these problems. The people need to know what our country is going through amid this global economic crisis. We are trying to make a dollar out of a dime that we do not even have. Even if its only been 95 days in office, problems are problems. To clean a mess created in 8 years in 1 term is extraordinary, but we are a nation of proud people and there is no reason for me to believe that we cannot achieve that. We only need to be united on these issues, those who disagreed are either the ones who created it, or involved in it.

Thank God we now have a President that is honest and transparent.

The con-artist Remengesau kept saying during his state of the Union Address that Palau's economy was excellent which was a blatant lie. Remgesau is a traitor for ruining this country!

It is very interesting to read the comments by TR regarding the SORA especially in reference to his actions or lack thereof. Recall President Toribiong's reference to the staff who worked at TR's office who were all in employment contract and thus were getting paid more than other government employees. This is the same action he took to hire his brother and his close relative who worked in the Ministry of Finance. On top of this, the president has mentioned in several occasions the expenditure of over $4 million that TR administration expended without any appropriation legislation or authorization. Could someone verify this? Now that TR is in the senate I am wondering if he participates in the budget discussion especially in regards to the $4 million.

Hey Mosisechekiak,

I can't stand your hypocrisy, you say "sad report by our President about the previous admin". Why is it sad to tell the truth?

Are you trying to make us believe that you did not know that the past two administrations (that you supported and hailed as wonderful) were stealing the country blind!

Come now, you and Mandingoal, Samsay and the other lackeys of Nakamura and Remengesau are full of shit.

Our country is in financial choas because you guys allowed it to happen.

Our children have a poor future because you allowed it to happen with your fancy writing about scamming foreigner, about Palau's eco system being ruined by development.

Your play was to keep Palau in isolation so that you guys could skim off the grants and aid money that Palau received in the billions!

Why did you not talk about Palau being ruined by corrupt politicians?

Why did you not talk about Palau losing it youth because Palau was not being developed?

Why did you not talk about the poor state of our schools, hospitals, banks, sewage and power system?

Why did you not talk about a few families getting richer and richer because they strangled Palau with their monopolies?

YOu bastards have killed Palau and now we need a miracle to revive our Nation!

I hope Koshiba put the lot of you in jail as traitors!

At least you like myfancy writing my friend...LOL!

I don't know you are freakin steaming....
I hope you step back and take a deep breath my friend. I sure am gonna miss you if you get a heart attack just because someone does not agree with you.



This is not about you or anyone else having a different opinion than me.

This is about your lies, deceit and top politicians robbing this country!

Your agenda was to keep Palau isolated for the purposes of keeping your monopolies intact.

Unfortunatley, you chose to falsely condamn bona fide foreign companies like UKIHL, Simao and other as scams just to promote your agenda.

The truth is that it is you guys who are the filthy scammers. I hope you guys rot in hell for ruining my beloved Palau.

I say shame on you!

I think we made the little boy angry again. Angry, very angry little boy. So much to say, nobody listening.

Make no sense buddy. Throw crap on the wall and hope it sticks. So sorry for you because it is quite clear that you are extremely delusional and it is scary to think that someone actually gave birth to you.

Bye by little boy.

Oooohh! I see where you are getting me wrong my friend. Let me clarify that. I said, "Sad report by our President about the previous admin."

What I meant by that was that it is sad for him and for us to see the real core of the problems that we are facing today because of the previous administrations actions. Still our President's tone was very promising and that it gives us hope for the future. I went on to say that it will take a year or more depending on how effective this new admin works, because I feel that our problems are deeper than most of us think. It will take time, but there is hope based on this report.

I am very surprised that you cant read between the lines. Here I am praising our President and you are getting frustrated for nothing.

Good day to you my friend,

Tiang mo rael a keskelel....

Ng meral dikea dodengei e Mardi,

A dolekoi a ungil ma mekngit meke di mechokl just

Seng ngeral joke e Mardi?

Ma bocha lulak a bilas ea re mechas a okerd a makit er tir e okerei ra ngelekel ngikal kabitei ra bilas el kmo,"Bom kerir a demam el kmo kede merael ra oingerang el remei?"

Ma ngalek e mocha me ngoker ra demal ma demal a kmu er ngii el kmo, "Bom sebedeterir el kmo kede merael ra Ongedei e lureor" a lobult ngalk e tir mechas a meremang, meng melti el kmo "A demak a kmo kedemerael ra Wednesday."

A ngalek a kilebetiak ra lobrotech a btil a btelul meng longelang. A lebeltii eng demal el kmal kesib a rengul e dula er ngii el ngelekel kmo,"A kora dilur kau el kmo bom sebedeterir el kmo kede merael ra ongedei el lureor e kau a kmo ng Wednesday! Kau ke kmal Kebeluung!"

LOL! You are right, "Tiang mo rael a keskelel"

Mek sodii ngkung: Ng rolel a UnRealistic man from Mars el kelekall lomdid er ngii a "ego bastard" Mardingaol and "need attention" Mosisecheklak on the way to nowhere.

So between you three, who is the most "gullible", "pissed", "kebelung", "hypocrite", "liar", "full of shit"?..... Anything else we forgot that you've called one another in this Blog??

LOL @ 3Lames!! I think you may have gotten it right. Also, I wonder if Islander have overstayed his visit at the Neverland?

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