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April 23, 2009


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I love this law....

Elechang eng mla mo sebechek lotebedii sel bosek el luleput e mo omes a belochel e olterau ra rechad ra Olbiil.

Anyways it's a great law and I think once those Palauans living abroad hears about it. They will time their vacations for the belochel season. Good for the economy too.....


I agree if this law comes into play as well. I think it will help conserve the belochel in a way that will encourage people to not hunt the birds when it's not in season. Many Palauans love eating belochel and if it's not permitted at all, it only perpetuates the hunting of the birds without proper control. So... I think this law will help pigeons and humans!

whether this law "conserve belochel" or not for me is not the question. My beef is why spend a twenty on a single belochel when I buy five chickens with a twenty!!! ONly the well to do palauans can afford Belochel- do you?

eya chelik. Opening the season for belochel only applies to rengariou el chad like kau mengak. Ar ngarbab el chad a di open season 12 months a year. Tia bai di open mebol sebeched ar hutsu el tal dongang e domois. Ea daily ea rua Mlib a menga ikal kall. Aika part ra weekly menu er tir.


Kid ar Hutsu, commoners, ebuul el chad era Belau leborngii a diosisiu techall el merkid. Ado rrenges a chais erar chedad el mlora Yap Day ete mlenga Belochel eldi $6.00/each. Aikal Belochel era Yap amla Belau elmong. Malewaisei, engkora metacherbesul a doleng era Skoki ra Continental elmo menga Beleochel era Yap.

Mei medolngit melemerched el kongei erngii elmo Llach mea November, December mea January lebol Open Season (bolsubed el merkid ar mechebuul, adang.

Lekadomes eraikal mlamo merek 20 years engdi mle former President Kinuwo Nakamerasang a mlarngii Techeboet Eberdong. Mea, Ngasech er ngelekel mea tanziobi erngii ete mengag a 100 belochel. Ma Tommy Remengesau jr; amlar ngii Ngiraklang ma Shanney akuk mle shooter erngii. Mesel le invite erkid ea bulis erngii era Melphy mea Scot adirek mengang a belechel.

Malewaisei, eng mla moungil taem el morngii "OPEN SEASON" el kired ar chebuul, adang.


another thought relating to this, ng ngarngii a ngara uldasu el kmo, a tara sebechel el meruul el kirel a belochel meng diak el lebol dibus ra maori re Belau alsekum ete bai dirrek el lomkeroul.

ng mal betok a siobai el lomkeroul a kerbou, ma salmon, ma dirrek el bebil ra charm.... tia kora di uldesuek

kom kmal mesulang

A elikeang aikang medel chais el uaisei ediak dodengei..kom uoi di medenge blatingir a rubliil, kemiu kele bai bebir rar mlo medinges a dokiu ra ikal belochel rengil obliil?? lol..

E Mosi, ngkora a soak a oto er tilchal lulekput er kau..Kapooot... ke mo "omes" a belochel a lechub e kemo omoes..?? lemme know when u go, like go try my "kerrak" too..hehehehhe.

Alii Uchelmelis,

Once again you nailed a point on the head. The last time I bought belochel was 16 years at $15 for my pregnant wife. Since then I have decided to get more for my hard eaned dollar. I now opt for stewing or gaming chickens. Less expensive and you can buy all year round. You are correct because I was aproached a few times as a senator by people who wanted to sell blochel to me. At $20 a pop only the well to do is going to benefit. The rule of supply and demand will always put the price of blochel out of reach for the majority of wage earners. I agree with your assesment.


The last time I ate belochel, I had a case of sever abdominal outburst..needless to say, I bowed not to eat it again. How do we know that they are clean enough for human consumption.. Maybe, I ate the eyeball, who know.. never again.


Hello everyone, did you know that they sell blochel in most asian store in united state?
the prize is around $10.00 each. the name is SQUAB.

blals me ngdiak me kim send a udoud e bechar a bebil. kau tia el kmo ng betok er a asian stores. ngera ngodech el betok er a asian stores. ngar ngii a rameng?


kmal betok a ungil ra asian stores. kmal betok a ULAD ma ikel kora mekemanget el kora bersoich el lodoim:)

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