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April 11, 2009


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Hmmm so the power hours is pretty bothersome. I question why the hours aren't during say midnight until 5am or at least not when people need it the most, when coming back home from work, for the evening with the family, or homework for the kids.

12am (or even 11pm) until 5am is when it is the most coolest, when accumulated heat during the day has dissipated. Less chances of food rotting in the refrigerator. Uses less street lamp power. Your body temperature also decreases during a deep sleep, so electricity to run fans and airconditions won't be necessary.

But it won't solve the main core of the situation which is that the generators need replacement quickly. They shouldn't buy used generators, if you use a used generator, you will need more fuel to produce the same amount of power as it's generating abilities deteriorate over time, a fuel waste, not to mention the maintenance required and life is much shorter than a new one.

I don't know, strange things happening in Palau. Reminds me of that song from CCR - Proud Mary.
Get it here, I'll remove the song in a few days so get it quick:

A beluu a melemolem el merael mo ngesonges a usbechall el serbis ra Kabelment er ngii. Ng di ng kmal meral diak de bekikl le ududir ma beches el mlirir a rechad ra Olbiil ma re Ministers ra Kabelment er kid a kmal klebekeled meng diak a rechad ra ngodech el beluu el mo metetoech a mederir er kid....

Meng uaitia chelbuled el di mera tara to the other countries el lekong kedomsiik er kid outwardly. Tebai omes er kid e chubkid el kmo, ngkmal meched e chuldesiur ma blekerdelir. Kedebai dichoccholt a klebelngud e merkong. Ngremind er ngak ra certain class el chad ra merikel el di kiei el di depend ra government lokiu a welfare esel desterir a rengud tolab a udoud letekmal belsiochel.. a rengmiu a rechad ra merikel cannot see through us. It is too obvious what we are doing.. always "metara' and yet we cannot live within our means..


Why dodn't you ask Mosisechekiak why we are in this shit position?

Maybe Mosisechekiak and his gang of goons will tell you that Palau don't reallllly need air-conditioning, refridgerators, generators, electricity, soap, fuel, TV's because these facilities all cause pollution and we all know that they are champions of the environment.

I am waiting for Mosi and his goons to lead by example. They can all move around Palau on bicycles and paddle canoes. Preserve food with salt (good way to get hypertention). Wipe their arses with leaves. HA! HA! HA!

As for me, I want to live in comfort and I thank God that I am living in the 21st century and not in the middle ages and I am sure that most of us feel the same.

Thank God we have President Toribiong. He will save Palau.

Whatever happens never allow the likes of TR and Nakamura come into power again as they are monsters who have no feeling for us common folk!


realistic man- please do yourself and us a favor and move on. people have had it with your negativism and we dont take you seriously anymore so stop humiliating yourself. p.s. youre also terribly corny. ("wipe their arse with leaves"? preserve food with salt???? wat?)NO

Hey Moh,

do YOURSELF a favour and get real - I am just putting the truth forward - facts for you (and the likes of you) to ponder over.

If you (and the others) so want to go back in time and use catchphrases like 'organic', 'preserve the environment', 'environmentally friendly' and 'conservation', make sure you actually MEAN it.

Instead many have used these words just to promote and spread fear tactics so that they get suppport for stupid policies (of the past 16 years) to keep out foreign investment because (they say) it could lead to pollution. In fact the rael reason is just to protect the industries of those persons with government ties who continue to promote monopolies! Not very environmental nor democratic!

You ignore the pollution that is already here by just adopting the "revered" US lifestyle you seem to so greatly admire - otherwise it would not exist in Palau and we would not have given up our traditional ways.

You really have to look at what the policy and word REALLY means and brings into our lives - not just mouth words and lifestyles that you do not mean to eventualize. Are you just trying to dupe others into following like sheep?

Have some respect when you tout these 'environmentally friendly' words and policies to Palauans. Being environmentally friendly means to cut out things that clog up the sewers, pollute the environment with cans, bottles, plastic, gasoline, diesel, etc etc.

You are all so upset that the power is being interrupted - but having a power supply from diesel means pollution in more ways than one - and even that upsets you guys!

You adamently say 'No!' to leaves and salt? If you used leaves, it would not pollute the environment. If you used sun-drying methods and salt that would pollute next to nothing as you do not need freezers. In fact if you caught only a few fish using a canoe, and you do that each day, you will be healthy and reduce pollution considerably! On top of all that you would conserve our fish stock! And also, you would not waste your time pretending to be environmentally friendly but prefering the comforts and luxuries that industralization (pollution) brings (such as using this blog site)!

It is you who have so eloquently humiliated yourself! You can't see the reality and just want to pick and choose what you want from industrialization and imports, you do not care for the environment at all - your 'No' and trying to redicule my suggestions is prima facie evidence of this comment! You cannot even conceive giving up these very minor things (such as toilet paper and a freezer) that would GREATLY help the environment and Palau by reducing costly imports that pollute Palau!

You have shown yourself up to be very selfish and environmentally unfriendly because you like the 'comforts' that pollution and convenience brings so much that you will not consider making even very small changes to unpollute Palau and save valuable dollars from leaving the nation!

Go get real then use and support 'save the environment' policies!

As for your accusations of being negative - I am very positive and factual. It is those who do not support development that are soooo negative it is absolutely funny (LOL) that someone who supports deveopment is called negative....are you sure you are not delusional?

Being happy that the new leader in power is pro development is negative? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

Please do yourself a favor and get real! Get off the beetle nut - why don't you? Too scared of the truth?


I'm not too sure if I'm afraid of foreign investment or the fact that there are 7 thousands foreigner hear in Palau today. A mass of cheap laborer. I am very afraid of our children will live among mass of third world laborers because foreign industries will benefit and so the few Palauans will be expose to luxury lifestyle.

My uncle said once, its easy to showoff our luxury lifestyle among ourselves than imagining it outside Palau.

Right on Realistic Man,

The fools that say they are environmentalist are infact monopolists. Supporters of Nakamura and Remengesau.

I say Viva Johnson Toribiong and Viva Jackson Ngiraingas and Viva Joshua Koshiba who will give us justice and jobs and NC.



Please do not send your kids outside of Belau, there are more of them out there than us.

On the request of Palaun government, eh? Enough of these VIP expensive trips?
KOROR (Palau Horizon) – President Johnson Toribiong is flying to Japan for a state visit on the request of the Palauan government not the Japan government as earlier reported.

Jeffrey Antol, Acting Director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs said that Toribiong has requested the Japan government to pay courtesy calls to the Japan Emperor,Prime Minister Taro Aso , Minister of Foreign Affairs Hirofumi Nakasone.

Toribiong and his delegation also requested a meeting with Yoichi Masuzoe , Japan’s Minister of Health Labor and Welfare “ to discuss about the future bone collection and repatriation of Japanese war death victims from Palau to Japan.

The president and his delegation will be leaving for Japan on April 21.

The president will bring with his First Lady valeria Toribiong, Delegate Regis Akitaya, Delegate Gibson Kanai, Governor Kangichi Uchai, Dr. Victor Yano and presidential security Miwa Nabeyama.

Another video game destined to sell millions, that will feature Palau in it. For the Xbox 360 and the computer:


i remember 4 or 5 years ago when i came by with various topics regarding investments and environment and politics and nothing has changed really. still the same problems. different people leading, but the same problems. i still have the same feeling of discomfort when i think of the future.

hopefully a huge mass traversing in space at high speeds collides with earth and nullifies my fears.


We? You don't speak for the rest of us. You're the one humiliating yourself. Get a clue.
Rebeluu- Lambei, ayaramb, otoil, merko motobed ebom chelbangel a beraum emomesoil edongiil era remeredl el ngosukid ra ilkolk!

Hi everyone,

I am back in Palau after being away for seveveral months. I still see that there is a slither of the TR and Nakamura followers still making unsubstantiated inuendoes about scams and the same old spreading of fear mongoring about development ruining Palau's environment. I think the only thing pollution Palau is the gas coming out of these fools! Lol.

As far as I am concerned Palau has no more BIG problems since the oaf Remengesau and his bullies and his nominee did not get into power. Praise be the Lord!

JT is a good President. He is making all the right moves.

We do however still have a SMALL tick and that is TR and his side-kick fat Whipps Jr., in the Senate. One midget and one young fat slob tells me that oafs are still around to make mischief!

Get rid of the bad midget apple, investigate him and put this traitor behind bars then perhaps the boy will get some moral perspective and go on a serious diet so that he will have energy to get on with serious work for the people. By the way, the Bible says that gluttony is a deadly sin!


So is greed! Nautilus City is in itself the greediest endeavor ever proposed. What's that saying in last years US Presidential election? Even if you put lipstick on a PIG its still a PIG. That is what these proponents of Nautghty City keep doing. They keep applying the lipstick to their proposed project here and to anyone who will listen but no matter how thick they lay it down, Naughty City is still a scam. Investigate Lord Davidson I say. He's the one whose violated laws in our country.

Some Pacific news to break the political norm here:




I hope they aren't labeled as spam by the website.

Hey Samsay,

Please do not let your psycotic emotions get the better of you. We all know that you are a TR arse polisher... lol.

Just because I rightly pointed out that Palau still has a midget ticks and a young fat pig Senator causing mischief, there is no need for you to go off your crooked handle and immediately retaliate by attacking NC.

My psycotic friend, NC is what the Clans of Peleliu want. Just like the People of Palau wanting JT as their new President. The majority will always get what they want. There is nothing you can do about that reality. So Hard cheese, or sour grapes, you choose. Lol.

I do not see where you get off by saying that NC is a scam. Where is the evidence? NC is not even in existance yet and you are already in a farting frenzie!

I know TR, TS and Nakamura are running shit scared because their mickey mouse Ngedebus Island casino project would not stand a hope in hell against the NC development. Why don't you ask that mob to sell Ngedebus Island to Ngaraingas and he can turn it into a psyco asylum for you and the TR mob. HA HA HA!

I am aware that LD, UKIHL and even Governor Ngaraingas have been investigated for over 3 years by SP Walton and they have come up shinning and squeeky clean.

The reward for their honesty and goodness is clearly shown when President Toribiong appointed Jackson Ngaraingas to the very senior position of Minister of Commerce and his Lordship is now special economic advisor to the Palau government.

Your asking for Lord Davidson to be investigated is old hat and a joke! LD has already been investigated by four Presidents of Palau and been given the highest clearence.

LD was appointed to high office by President Etpisom, President Nakamura, President Remengesau and now by the great President Toribiong himself!

Samsay, please get your facts right. You make an arse of yourself everytime you make idiotic proposals.

Oh well, I off to catch some fish and have a good night sleep knowing our country is finally in good hands.

Let us hope midget and fat oaffy pig get the boot soon!


Is Lord Davidson the same one who used to own a bar/restaurant with a Palauan (initials L.M.) during the 70's or 80's?

The great President Toribiong?! What great thing has he done?! 100 days coming up fast...LOL

Hello Judging by results,

You must be mistaking LD with Lord Jim from Yap, who perhaps you are related to. Lol.

Lord Davidson has never owned any bar in Palau. He would not be interested in any Mickey mouse business.

I was told that Lord Davidson did own some fishing concessions given to him by President Etpisom and he later sold the concessions to others for $26 million in the early 1990s.

You guys are very funny...Very serious but "Funny"

Mesulang for making my day,

Know All but stand for nothing. Now we are getting to the meat and potatoes of the whole matter. The investigation into Lord Davidson should center on those concessions that your are referring to. Reading your words, you've painted LD right into the corner of illegality. How can a President of democratic country just outright give fishing concessions? especially to a individual who is not a palauan.

Add to that, the whole "Lord" cononation is riduculous. Anyone knows you could buy that title in England so what does that say about Davidson? Just like Naughty City, its all marketing my misinformed friend. Oh by the way, I have an idea for you. You guys need to put someone in front of this scam who is a Palauan. I know just the person. Ready? Youlsau Bells is available I hear. LOL

Hey Samsay,

You are all bull and ninety percent lipstick.

You are too nasty for words to hold a decent conversation with that is why you hide behind your namesake 'samsay' and you sound like you belong to the gang who keep on saying things are a scam and we all know why.

Prove it or get lost.

Words are cheap and yours look very cheap rantings indeed - the kind like madness brings.

You MUST have something wrong with you if you keep on believing something is a scam without proof.

Your hope and dreams that things you do not support are a scam is just wishful thinking on your part.

Your type of wishful thinking will get nothing for Palau - ask yourself what your bad wishes and ill feelings have got for Palau - nothing!

If you have something better than the so-called 'scam' why not spell it out? Obviously you have a great big ZERO otherwise you would be out there doing it instead of wollowing in your hatred and negativity and trying to say everything is a scam. You went to the wrong school and wrong church!

You should go see a pastor to exorcise the hatred in you or better still go take a trip to find a good shrink. Even after that, don't come back! Palau does not need the likes of you.

The trouble that Palau is in is because of your type of negative person - bad attitudes breed bad people and usually those who thinks bad of others are really very bad themselves!

I really pity you and your blind hatred and ill wishes - what you try to pour on others will usually end up raining on you. Can't wait!

Wow Red Herring:
I feel some really nasty negative vibes...you smelt it, you dealt it. Ha ha. Boy its a wonderful Monday.

Isn't Davidson the one that was prosecuted for illegal fishing for the groupers back in the day? Check your files Red Herring. I gotta go but I'll see you, Islander, Know All, and the other dude at Did Ra Ngmatel - e bo dou "Belau er ngii" e denguu tial kabelment el mora dilochel. Response?

Also, on Monday mornings RH, try not to have anyone piss in your cornflakes; makes for a very bad day indeed.

Hey Mardingoal and Samsay,

I say we should put some hot potatoes up you fag arses Ha Ha Ha!

You guys must be dumb and dumber! Go make a dumb movie maybe you can help contribute to Palau's deficits! lol.

I have already said that Lord Davidson has been investigated and his record has come up squeeky clean. In fact his record is cleaner than that of Mother Teresa! HA HA HA

By the way, please do not try to deflect that it was your father that was prosecuted for shooting protected pigeons by canvassing nonsensical things about our beloved LD.

In fact I have it on good authority that your mother worked as a 'pro' at the Taiwanese message palour. By the way, is she still working there?

You try to make it sound like there is something questionable about buying titles.

I know that you guys are not internationally exposed so I excuse you for your ignorance but I assure you that the exercise of buying titles is quite legitimate and done all the time in Europe and even in the USA.

Kings and Queens bestowe titles all the time for money, favours and good deeds.

Even your own Clans chiefs bestowe titles to people for money and deeds. I am aware that Mr. Moran was bestowed a high title by the Chiefs of Angaur.

It only shows that Lord Davidson is a man of immense wealth if he is able to by such an esteamed title!

Let me guess why you are making such a big issue about people being able to purchase titles..... The green eyed monster called jealousy!

Don't worry Samsay, I'll get you a title from the Angaur monkeys, your title can be monkey Lady faggot drag queen lol!! Hehehehe!


Wow Know All,

I think you are fabulous! You really crack me up! I have'nt had such a good laugh since watching the DVD Dumb and Dummer! HA HA HA HA HA!

Hey samsay, I'll be looking out for you in your monkey 'Lady' fag outfit! The super fag hero and defender of the monkey eco-system HEHEHEHEHE Lol!

I am going to my pool-club to tell the boys to visit this blog site. It's crazy real entertainment!

Bye all

LOL! You guys are Crazy!!! Yet very entertaining......


Hey guys these give and takes are all fun and interesting but what is wrong with the proctologists. They are nothing but reflections of our society that some people like to probe and be probed.

... By the way, did you guys the article re DOI's report on PPUC/power outages- that this power problem was preventable with proper maintenance. hmmmm!!!

Well, well denying grants to certain companies in Palau that one has public controversy with is very much misconduct...Especially when that company has got the proof....haha

And the Bad News around our island keeps pouring in. We should be expecting furloughs and wage cut's anytime soon if we want to stay afloat for a while longer.

I would take it that this New Administration will point much of the blame to the previous Administration.

So, Kemiu el kiei ra ikrel Belau. Mongudel a udoud e moldurokl el mo ra rechedemiu el ngar Belau. Bechikemam me kim temetemii a taoch e ki mongiil ra dolech el kmo ng mei ra oingerang. Tirkekid a rechad ra Saibal el leko te mo Declare a Bankruptcy ra Kabelment er tir. Me kom dirrek el odurokl a sesei e ludoud el mo er tirkel ngeleked el kiei er sei el dirrek.



Waisei e mosi, molemotm e mongiil ra dengkii el kmo ngmo oingerang....oh ngmla mo wangerang a stimulus for house hold.....are you guy's be able to rec'v it and also minimum wage?

When 3 very powerful senate committees like Ways and Means, JGA, and CIP launch oversite hearings on your ass PPUC don't postpone fuckers this needs to be solved....I know proponents of transparency hold it to be a problem solving tool,it's not...and I don't have a solution...but the damn facts should just be out there for us to know...checks and balances are not for your asses to withdraw...but for the government to weigh in and make sure everything's cherry........

Did anyone see the SORA? I guess 95 days in the office is not much of a change or progress for the majority of Palauans living below standard of modern time. I sensed a different tone of confidence between talking about 100 days during the campaign and reporting results of 95 days.
I guess this is where the majority of chad ra beluu sit back and wait for the friendly investment/investors to come by. A brighter future for the few and foreigners is up on the horizon. A promise is a deed only if we are all agreement.

a view

Know all look at the following site. Is this where Davidson bought his lordship? Must have cost him a pretty pence indeed! LOL With that said and Davidson unmasked. Its time again to crawl back into your holes of degradation. Naughty City will always be a scam perpetrated by two bit hustlers led by a man with a bought lordship that is worth about US$21.70 in the open market. You did not have money then and you don't have money now.


you must be one of those cheap imports - or are under the influence of one....he he he...got your backside tanned in the past election did you? he he he

You are so venimous that you are showing the depths of your degradation clearly now...all decent Palauans will not appreciate your low class spew about others.

Maybe you should go back to church and try to understand the parable of the beam in your own eye before you take a look at others - you should never look atothers as you are clearly green eyed, and not a 'greenie'!

Clearer and clearer you are a below the belter and a promoter of useless and unnecessary bad mouthing of others.

BTW, No LD was NEVER investigated for any wrong doing other than when SP lied to court about him - FACT!

To even be more specific - LD has NEVER fished illegally in Palau - always through reputable Palauan boat rentals - and only for sport fish!

The last time I spoke to LD, he informed me that the title cannot be sold but only handed down to the next generation.

Perhaps your offer for a title for youself was not accepted because if you think a Lordship can be bought for US$21.70 - it is no wonder you do not have one! Ha ha ha...is that what is getting under your skin? Ha ha ha ha!

I hear the title of village chump is up for grabs - do not worry, I have put your name up for it. LOL!

You are so twisted that you even mix up titles being bought for US dollars! - you really deserve the village chump title!

I suppose the monkey title someone said they would obtain for you seems appropriate for the moment until the new chump title is bestowed on you in the very near future!

Jesus, save us from such venom and crap on this site and from the like of Samsay!

'Sam' should not be allowed to 'say' anything! He tells lies and tries to promote bizzare speculations about others he probably has never even met.

Looks like he may even be the old SP - who did not come from the likes of the "Waltons" of TR series origin!

I can only wonder as to why the hatred afor LD which is so evident and the raw dislike of NC that runs through Samsay's veins - such dislike and venom can only come from being tanned well and truly by his own deluded dreams not coming to fruition - maybe even being smashed by the NC project!

Was it you who ran away like a thief in the night when Peter Moran arrived to confront you for the lies you told about him and his company? Were you not the one who needed Presidential escort out of Palau as you did not have the guts to face up to the perjury charge that awaits you in Palau?

Or maybe you acted as the puppet master who caused the whole fiasco to happen? Or perhaps the attorney or Senator who was involved in the scam these junkyard dogs pulled on UKIHL when they got nothing to charge JN with?

Sure must be one or the other! Nobody else would be smarting so bad from the current situation! LOL! LOL!


Erei ea kidi uaisei e di daichob leng sebechemam el ngara chei e ngara sers. Ea stimulus ma minimum wage a kumdasu eng locha telkib el mo kemanget le kiko ra olengesonges ra betok el tekoi. Ma ngeseu el ngara ikrel a beluu el me soiseb el lokiu a rengelekel a beluu el kiei er erroid a kmal klou a bol ngeseuir ra rechad ma beluu...


Red Herring
So much for being called lord/lady if the price is right. Honestly, e Red Herring, call your other patners in crime together to spare us from going even deeper into the woods. Kede meral ebuul. You are trying so hard to convince us, otherwise.. desperately and emotionally troublesome individual.


Kekmal mesulang ra kmal lungil tekingem, cherei kung e kedekmal dirk olengesonges, me kerdi ngmai a rokui el tekoi el msa rubak e ngii a momeskid sel kired el moruebet er ngii e mo sebechel a power el back to normal...bai derengmiu el sebechiu el mora chei.....

Amen to that! My friend,

Di denguu el msa Rubak....


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