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April 28, 2009


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Are as Palauans in our tiny nation island and the health department and our government ready for the Swine Flu. I hope they have gotten the News and preparing for it..

Just a thought

Concerned Citizen

I was wondering that myself. There were quick responses to the SARS and Avian Flu outbreaks but nothing yet from our Commander in Chief.

Hopefully something will come out in the next day or two. Lots of news on it but nothing yet here in Palau.

I'm also worried about traveling too.


Please do not worry your pig-head about swine flu. Swines are infact immune to swine flu! Lol.

Only joking! Could not help taking that jibe at you because it so appropriate! HA HA HA

Hey Island,

I can see you are in fine form and so early in the day too!

Reading you writing brought a smile to me on this bright a chirpy day! I'm going fishing, I feel so good!

Olei, Islander.

sebechem el meskemam ungiil ludusiem el tial issue ra Swine Flu? Kora ra tekoi ra el buul ma rrau el reng meng keleng sebechem el meskid a update.

The symptoms of the swine flu is similar to any flu that you and I get every year. The thing to be cautious about is to take care of yourself when the first onset of symptoms is known. What I mean is that don't go fishing knowing you have a cold or go to the farm when it rain. And not to compromise the immune system instead get enough sleep, plenty of fluids and most but not least, wash your hand constantly.. don't get alarm either just beat it by taking care of your body.

I actually liked that joke of yours. Very funny dude. Plus, Islander, I actually really like Rush Limbaugh...

By the way, I posted earlier without reading the newspapers. The Exec. Branch is mobilizing to take care of this so I am very glad. My bad and thanks to the people in charge of handling these types of dangers to our people.

I hope this swine flu does not hit Palau! With the power outages, it will be difficult to deal with an epidemic.... be safe Palauans in Palau and the U.S.!

islander, are you going to comment to yourself posing as know all? you are just pathetic.


You are right about the seriousness of swine flu in Mexico and Canada. Obama request of $1.5 Billion to combat/presvent the worse spread of the swwine flu to across to USA.

CUBA close its international airport for 24 hours to get ready for prevention of swine flu and other neighboring islands.

In THAILAND, the Royal Kingdom and government have install x-ray machine to detect the body heat to all arrivals for prevention and selective the suspect swine flu carrier or in sickness. They are very strict on efforcement to protect their people and its tourist industry and its pork industry.

So, if they take the matters very seriously then what? Our innovative President JT and his able Minister of Health Dr. Kuartei are already in process for prevention. I am confident that they are not sleeping on this matter swine flu virus. I guarantee that they already have a similar plan Minister Kuartei had for SARS virus.

Okay, lets us keep remind Minister Kuartei to inform the public if any case of swine flu arrive.

Thank you,

Kaouncap, salamat po, arigato, mesulang

Well let's hope that Dr. Kuartei can get on with what's been happening and work with the administration to prevent the flu from reaching Palau!

It's actually pretty scary when we think of how Palauans in Palau are very vulnerable right now with the power outages so I hope the PPUC people will fix it soon!

And for you Palauans in North America and Hawaii. Please take care of each other. I'm sure you all have the medical needs up there but do pray for the islands too! Good bless!

Dr. K, regardless of what people say, I still respect you :) You're a great man and I know you will set a great example because at least I hope that's how much I know you to be!


Don't you worry. Yesterday we conducted a full scale drill after a three day workshop. The drill was on Pandemic Influenza but it covered the same response preparedness to other deseases such as SARS, Avian Flu, and Swine flu that can put our tiny nation into a state of emergency. It was far from perfect but at least we have a system in place. I was impressed though. We just need to practice more. Thanks to U.S. Joint Homeland Defense who conducted this workshop and drill. It is a collaberation between Homelanf Security and Dept. of Defense. Once again thanks to Min. Kuartei and MOH staffs who made it possible. Of course many thanks to Alonz of NEMO who was the Commander at NEC (Natioanl Emergency Center) mock exercise yesterday. And to all the numerous responding agencies. Good job.


Well, I am not so worried about this Swine Flu. Less than a 1000 people have died from Avian Flu in the whole world since 2003, probably the same with Swine Flu. Compared with thousands and thousands per day with heart disease or malaria, etc. Just let the right people take care of it, we shouldn't worry too much as there are already enough things troubling us.

...I bet if the news reporting hadn't overblown things, Mexico's economy wouldn't be hurt so much. My point of view.

yea. people are funny that way. There are those non compliant to their diet causing great risk to their health yet they will take necessary measures to protect themselves from the swine flu. I had to chuckle when observing a obese person eating fried chicken barely taking enough breath wearing mask.

Just quit chewing beetle nut for about a week and I'm experiencing mild withdraw from it.. that's another health hazard we, Palauans has come to accossitate with our culture.

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