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April 11, 2009


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United with one voice. Even if you were standing right there to witness something. You still need to call the President to ask him what you need to say. Damage Control is in the air right now....

What is a "POLICY LETTER"? How does this differ from an Executive Order or "Executive Memorandum"...

So is this a concerted effort to control what is put out to the public and the media from the Senate and the Office of the President?

Crazy stuff happening. So does the Government agencies under the Executive have to get approval or have their public announcements or public information screened by the Office of the President before it goes "public?"

Lots of questions.

I hope I'm not going to spend my time in the next 4-8yrs being "suspicious" of any news/policies coming out of this new administration including the hugely pro-JT OEK!

Mardingaol, I am still waiting for the response to your question regarding Haruo Wilter's salary. Hopefully this unified voice policy isn't preventing someone from responding!

Master...of Transparency:
I hear you. It doesn't help to be suspicious but it is healthy to question OUR government.

A very wise and respected gentlemen was talking with me this weekend and said that a lot of the Senators are acting like the runner on first base, looking at the coach and will have to run the bases if the coach says so....I guess we have to watch for the hand signals.

I really think that with all this stink about "highly paid" government employees that some of the JT people/transition people were talking smack about, we should now ask that Jerome Temengil, yes you Jerome, publish the new hires' salaries for all of us to see. After all, that was an annual thing on Ombudsman Moses' Tia Belau. Good for Haruo Wilter if he is indeed making $75K a year, but what exactly does he do?...is he the defacto MOF, i.e. Mr. Tmetuchel is the defacto Chief of Staff? Just curious.

Talking about these things forces leadership to stick to the straight and narrow path of good governance....just like this "Policy Letter" says.

That is exactly it Mardi,

Every thing are going to be sreened by the Office of President before it goes public.

So in other words any agencies in this Administration regardless if you are a Minister or a Director and that you are in charge of your department. You still need to have clearance first before anything becomes public. I don't know about Executive Order, or Memorandums, but the word "Policy" is a very powerful tool....

This brings to mind the J. Marvin Ngirutang incident a few years ago when he wrote a letter to the Bridge-list contravening TR's policy toward Israel if I am not mistaken. I remember Temmy was quite pissed at him and Marvin was grounded for a while.

Speaking of which, Hey Marv if you're reading this, why did'nt you run for Angaur delegate this past election? Thought you could've done some good in there.

Alii All..

I for one don't give this "Policy Letter" too much weight. This is just like any office memo you would get from the CEO of a company. It has no real weight as that of an Executive Order.

Its intent in my view is to remind all personell under this administration to maintain a unified voice and support for the administration and its
policies. To avoid confusion or conflicting reports or views from the public.
As it stands it should be viewed as a
PR(Public Relations) control tool and nothing more.

I am sure this President would like to avoid something like the Marvin Ngirutang scenerio Sir Uchelmis pointed out above.

I would think that all administration have a policy like this. Imagine the the kind we'd have with out one.


This is an executive order however you spin it. Good governance does not entail curtailing nor putting a lid on the voice of the stake holders, be it employees or public. This is problematic as it seems to suggest, to me, that his Excellency is not practicing his promise of transparency. It also implies lack of faith and trust on the part of his Excellency over his Ministries. It is case of micromanagement resulting from perceived lack of credible Action Plan detailing his Excellency’s visions and goals. I wonder what ever happens to the hiring of the best, the brightest and the loyal. I can only surmise that there is no clear directions for everyone to follow, lack of synchronicity, hence issuance of this directive.

I am hopeful that his Excellency has identified his strategic priorities aligned with his vision and goals on putting “Palau on the Road to Economic Self-sufficiency” Plan. Knowing those priorities coupled with clear directions and expectation on how they should be achieved, respective Ministries should be able to carry out their critical functions contributing to implementation of the overall master plan. This would allow his Excellency to focus on the bigger picture (macro management) while the Ministries micromanage their departmental affairs; part of the overall scheme of PED (plan, execute, deliver). PED requires every one to be part of the team. The end result is that everyone will be singing the same tune, thus, eliminating the need to issue directives.


Come now Charley..An executive order this is not..no matter how you spin it..:)
An executive order has when its issued by the President the force of law.

This as you can well see is a policy letter..not even close to an executive order..there is no force of law behind it.

Good governance my friend as you well pointed out is not to micromanage nor is sending out a policy letter a sign that the administration lacks an "Action Plan". It my friend shows you that there is a plan and to move along without any major hitches everyone should be on the same page.
No where in this letter is there any thing to suggest any micromanagement of any ministries or dept. How is one to lead smoothly without such a policy. How is this PED as you suggest going to be achieved when everyone down the line is not on same the page and or share the same information with the administration?

Even knowing all the proirities, clear directions and expectations of how to achieve them, without a policy letter to assure the
the flow of information up and down the line and to the public that is in concert with the administration all the above will never be achieved.

Cant start singing the same tune if everyone has the wrong music sheet in front of them...:)


Emelk, it depends on what kind of music you're singing!

Something to chew on -

"That the King can do no wrong,

is a necessary and fundamental principle of the English constitution." - Sir William Blackstone

Too bad that we are not English.

"Cant start singing the same tune if everyone has the wrong music sheet in front of them...:)"

Actually the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,the Alphabet song, and Baa Baa Black Sheep have the same tunes. So even though you have the same music sheet, the lyrics and meaning might not be the same.... I just felt like throwing in some random facts, ninja style... *Aramid disappears*

lol @ Aramid :)

Now, now, Emelk... we both know the author of this policy letter is very familiar with all the legal maneuverings. This is strategically titled as “policy letter” to tone down the appearance of the letter; however, the cause and affect is no difference. Defiant of this policy letter will suffer certain retribution. No doubt. :(

The requirements of this policy letter is suggestive of micromanagement as it require the Ministers and other officials (experts in their respective fields) to master the scrutiny of the office of the President before any information is disseminated. If this is not micromanagement, then I do not know what is?

If there is, indeed, a master plan in place as you alluded to, then, it begs a question of why are the Ministers and other officials being arm-twisted to follow this policy letter. What necessitate the issuance of this directive? Perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye.


I stand corrected Susan..but for that reason too the Policy Letter exists. In order for all the bandmembers to belt out a coherent tune they must all play in concert to the meastro..
Even with the differring music sheets in front of them the sound they make is music to the public's ears. As I said above..its basically a PR Control tool.

I think Mardi that we are lucky, bloody lucky not being English..:) The King can do no wrong...scary thought..Only the English can come up with such ideas..but this policy letter is a far cry from such decree of the OLD English. It does not immunize nor muzzle anyone connected to the admisnistration only an attenpt to control the flow of information to minimize conflicts and confusion.

Aramid my ninja..why did you do that? Now I'm sitting here singing Twinkle Twinkle Little star and singing the alphabet I'm getting weird looks..:)


The choice of a word “master” is misspelled; it should read as “muster.”

Good point Aramid. Then, there should be a plan in place to ensure that everyone knows understands the song, the “tune, the lyrics and the meaning like a well synchronized symphony.


Hiya Charley..
I think your reading too much into this letter…
I’ve reread it several times after reading your first post and I still see it as nothing but what it says.
A communication and information control policy. I tried reading between the lines but all I got was a headache for there was nothing there.. 
I would think that those that defy this policy suffer some form of retribution. How else is the President
going to achieve anything when the very people he relies on take it upon themselves to communicate or disseminate information that contradicts his administration.
I’d agree that it is suggestive of micromanagement, if it required the Ministries, Board and Commissions
To run everything about the management of said entities by the President first. It does no such thing. Only the dissemination of information to the OEKand to the public. It’s an intelligent way to ensure that
These entities and the President are in concert with each other and no contravening information is released. That is it. Bottom line. Tow the line or get off the boat…

So you both agree to disagree. So I noticed that you my friend Emelk had to agree on some point's that Charley pointed out. Makes it sound like your Noble interpretation of the Policy Letter still gave you a hint of "Raised Eye Brows"


...Remember Jon Marvin's letter and its effects/affects on TR's foreign policy!!!

And here is a very interesting thing, should we be in this rolling blackouts had someone macromanaged?

Communism vs. Democracy?!!? any comment anyone!

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