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April 29, 2009


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It was fortunate that he did not hurt anyone except damage his truck. But he should still be charged with a DUI. People will think, write, say what they want about the news. Why is Senator Toribiong wasting too much energy on that when the real issue is that drinking and driving is dangerous and that it is ILLEGAL. The Good Doctor should just apologize publicly for his poor decision to drink and drive. There is no shame in owning up to your mistake and the consequences. Learn from the experience and Do Not do it again. I would respect him more if he did that.

This is not about his well known status in the community or his earned Md's title behind his name. It is about his poor judgement when he got behind the wheel. If it happens to any ordinary citizens like anyone of us, I'm sure it didn't even make it in the front page.

I'm appalled and disappointed that Senator Toribiong went as far as saying in reference to his (Kuartei) status in the community hinting the likelihood of less than usual consequences of this particular action. Hence, the question remains in my mind about his integrity and fairness to all Palauans. That's why our leaders gets away with murder because somehow they think the laws does not pertain to their actions.

Freedom of speech senator - for better or worse. I am glad it was published - maybe others will think twice now about driving drunk

Right on Chelik. Justice is blind. Many feel for Dr. Kuartei and this incident does blemish his status to some degree. We can not pretend it didn't happen or give him lesser consequences for his poor decision because we hold him in high esteem. He needs to atone to his mistake, as that is the way to reclaim his status. Do not deny him this opportunity by giving him special treatment because we love him. Sorry Doc. Rx is "tough love."

Law is blind! Senator Toribiong is a tool! I like Dr. Kuartei, but I agree with everyone's opinions.

Alii all,

I can see where the frustration is coming from. I think he will be charged and maybe Oreor's comments will be significant. Maybe people will think twice about drinking and driving if Minister Kuartei will be charged. If he doesn't, well imagine how the public will take that information.

And even though Senator Joel is my good uncle, I have to disagree with him that Dr. K should be charged regardless. Although, many people have been saying that he should be treated like everyone else, maybe Senator J. was right in that Dr. K's name should have just been in the police blotter... like everyone else instead of on the front page (though you can blame his title for that).

Even though Dr. K didn't hurt anyone, the truth was he could have potentially hurt someone if not himself. If you all think about what he would have done if he had hurt someone, this situation could be worse for himself and his reputation. So Dr. K, if you read this, the best move is to get charged because if people find out you don't, especially those who have had family members killed because of drunk driving, well... I'm sure you know how they feel.

What is Senator Toribiong talking about? You don't have to have a wreck at all to get a DUI. What difference does it make what he hit, he was driving while intoxicated. So many people trying to cover it up.

I guess this is where the good Senator is being very very hypocritical, to a point where he looks foolish.

He was over there at the dedication of the monument at topside and was crying for the victim, whom was a victim of drunk driving. Now he does a 180. Good think I didn't vote for you jackass hypocrite.

Registered VOTER - Ngerbeched.

i think it was unnecessary to headline this story. but once a criminal case is filed, it's public knowledge and newspapers can do with it what they want. just let the case proceed like any other case.

i'm curious sen. toribiong's comments. does he really think that one should not be charged with DUI because no public property was damaged and no one was injured? was he misquoted? i find this hard to believe.

From Kumi all the way to Irrai, I think all of you have said everything, and all are relevant and imperical to the fact that "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW" and that at least our country is heading for a change.

"no right to charge Dr. Kuartei with DUI because the accident involved his own personal truck in which no damage to public properties or injuries occurred as a result" as Senator Toribiong said.............. That does not defeat the fact that he was driving on a public road, where everyone are using, plus "DRIVING IS NOT A RIGHT, BUT A PRIVILEDGE" according to our public safety rules and regulations.

Again Sen. Toribiong mentions'

"We need to consider Dr.Kuartei's stature in the community"
" this news should have been treated much like the rest that are found in the police blotter section in the news"
" The good Doctor's name and reputation is tarnished"

As a smart and educated leader, are these relevant and enough of an issue to protect someone from the safety everyone?

You took a risk in choosing to lead your people and community, and the risk was to do better and be better than the rest. Al le klungiaol e kom mekabs er bab el rachel e kmo kom etengakl. Ea le kerreor e kom mobedobed el meriou e kmo ker di kaisisiu.


I think senator JT intent to attack Horizon more than sympathy for what Dr. K is going through. Where as, President JT should make a point out of all these in addressing his cabinet member and to the educational about Drink & Drive.

It is NEWS! The newspaper company isn't a nonprofit organization, so obviously, they need to sell papers. I support Palau Horizon's decision to put the story on the front page because it is a serious issue "Drinking and Driving" in our community. We need to deal with this problem "Drinking and Driving" head on and bravo to Palau Horizon for promoting awareness. Its obvious that Sen. Toribiong is not too bright.

Good one! Skilang,

Very true!!!!!!!


Being the Minister of Health does not excuse the Good Doctor behavior..DRUNK DRIVING. When you drive around Oreor and Babeldaob you see signs everywhere condoning Drinking and Driving. I am glad Palau Horizon made it their deadline. If I was the Good Doctor, I would use this "experience" as tool to reach the young people of Belau and the consequences of drunk driving. Own up to your bad decision and turn it around into something positive. We understand that you are human and your title does not exclude you from the law or bad choices.

I am very disappointed with Sen. Toribiong. A DUI Senator is a DUI (Drinking Under the Influence). It has nothing to do with personal properties, etc.. It's comments like this that makes me wonder if my choice of voting for you was a wise one.


dui tarnishedreputation = one

dr kuartei=zero

negative into a positive=????


The media is the 4th branch of the our government. They report the news. Therefore, the legislative branch should allow the media to operate independently.

The truth hurts but it must be printed. The constitution protects the freedom of the press because in the democracy, transparency must be upheld.

However, the Senator too have the right to criticize the media. That is his freedom too. What makes a free and democractic society function well is when we can all voice our opinions, regardless which side of the fense we stand on. THE TRUTH SHALL PREVIAL !!

Kid, we all know that the Senator has the right to criticze the media but come on man you gotta do better than that. Just because Dr.K is making his brother's administration look bad he had to throw a fit to make it look like Dr.K was doing something good for his country but got caught up in the mix. Three letters for you man...D.U.I
It's not about voicing out our opinions it's know when to pick a fight.

Senator Toribiong,

halle e kbeskau a tara belkul a D....U....I. It simply means, in other sense..lol......"Don't Underestimate Intoxication"


senators, delegates, ministers, pres and vice pres were elected to serve the people. your paychecks are our tax money.
shame on you Dr.K and senator JT!!!

If you all recall, two weeks or so ago I said something about the public being somewhat forgiving when a high government officials violate a law. Several bloggers indicated that I may be wrong in my assessment. Is it logical to say Senator Toribiong feels sorry for Dr. Kuartei? I wonder how many people feels the same.

I am disappointed that Dr. K would exercise such poor and irresponsible judgement especially being a leader in the community. He should receive the same punishment that you or I would receive. Being a doctor and an appointed official is no excuse. He suppose to be held to an even higher standard and code of conduct. He made a bad choice so now he must live with the consequences.

I agree that Sen JT is just trying to cover for one of his brother's cabinet members. Shame on you!!

Dr. K has nothing to worry about. He will be charged and then our judges will let him off with a fifty-cents fine.

What's new?


Sad but true, them ordinary joe's who have been convicted of this act and punished for it will hold a grudge on the system, gov't, Dr.K, Sen.Toribiong, and the administration. Not healthy, just not healthy....

Senator Toribiong should NOT be upset and takes sides with Dr. Kuartei saying nothing happened except his own car. SOMETHING DID happen. Koror and Airai was dark for the whole time due to the power outage caused by Dr. Kuartei and it made PPUC guys run out to restore the power and guess what??? that cost money. We're paying for their over time.

Dr. Kuartei did cause something to the community Senator Toribiong. Please think first before you comment.

It's too bad Sen. Toribiong is blasting the Palau Horizon. I commend Palau Horizon for printing this issue. DUI is a serious offense by Law. And the law should apply to all individuals living in Palau. Dr. Kuartei exercised poor judgment and it's unfortunate since he is the Minister of Health. We also know Dr. Kuartei was a key individual to request for the change of bar hours to close at 2am instead of 4am due to alcohol related accidents. He has the stats-he knows. He is lucky he did not kill himself or ANYONE ELSE. He should face the consequences of his decision and the "system" should treat him just any other citizen of Palau. If the system treats him differently, then it's the people in "authority" who are corrupt. How can we educate our children when the "leaders" are not following the "rules?"

In regards to Sen. Toribiong, he is a passionate man. I have agreed with him on previous issues, but on this matter, Sen. Toribiong-don’t be a hypocrite. You are known for saying it straight and honest. I now question your integrity for blasting the media for reporting "facts."

Did Dr. Kuartei get into a car accident? Yes. Why did he get into a car accident? Because he had drunk too much alcohol. Did he kill someone? No. Could he have killed someone? Yes. This is the reason why there is a Law against Drinking Alcohol and Driving.

Minister Kuartei and Senator Toribiong: How easily we forget the innocent lives who were the victim of Drunk Driving.

senator... if you want the front of the news paper when you do good, you should also get the front of the news when you do bad.

I agree with all your comments but I should warn you to be careful. The First Family is in control now and when they find out who you are, they will fire you and your relatives. Say what you want against the FM but be ready to resign.

Why the hell would you even post the issue of you (Sen. Toribing) blasting the Palau Horizon regarding this matter (Dr. Kuartei's DUI). Do you understand how stupid and foolish this reads and not to mention the reflection it has on you as an individual along with your mentality and idiot opinions. DUI IS A DUI....PERIOD!!! I can't believe you even uphold yourself worthy to be a public servant. You might as well resign along with Dr. Kuartei. OH! my BAD, it's not legitimate since your colleague Mr. Diaz hasn't approve it for public poisioning. You should be more attentive to what Mr. Exclusive spread among the public like disease rather than argue about the media doing the right thing. GET REAL OR GET A LIFE!!!!

Total control,

Just remember who put the First Family there. This is not the 70's when fear and initimidation worked. This is a DEMOCRACY and not a DICTATORSHIP!! The people put them there and the people CAN take them out.

JT ONLY won by 200+ votes (don't forget the 500 blank votes) so he DOES NOT have the people's mandate to begin with. Out with the Tmetuchl's, Toribiong's, Diaz, and the rest of their so called majority--showing so much cowardice and being so self-serving--they're in it for themselves.

The first family should be careful they don't end up being the final family to make it in. LOL.

In other countries such as Japan and the US where Palauu tries very hard to immitate, Dr.Kuartei would be forced to resign. It it was me, I would resign a be a real role model.

Senator Youel was the mc at the dewill to live ceremony, so with his recent comment, I have lost hope and respect for him.

On the other hand, Dr. Kuartei not only broke the DUI law, but he also caused damage to the public (power outage) and worse attempted to conceal his crime (by driving away of the scene of the crime). The police followed his tire markings all the way to Ngeruluobel where they found him. Dr. Kuartei attempted to convince the police officers to hide his case and even tried to influence the Minister of Justice to look the other way. He further instructed his MOH employees how to answer questions regarding his accident. As an aspiring law student, he is also guilty of obstruction of justice.

I would be happy if Dr. Kuartei apologizes and admit to his wrongdoing. But if he's arrogant about it, he should be fired.

a kora dilung, sel dengarbab el chad eng mo kse rkid el menga tekinged.... i don't understand why my favorite senator would side with the doctor, he should have stayed out of it, let the newspaper print their story, isn't it freedom of press, as they always imply? on december last year, he spoke at the dewill to live unveiling ceremony and now he is totally supporting a drunk driver? i thought he was different, he said he sticks with his principles, at least that was he said on otv before the election.... please help me understand, am i the only one lost?

i doubt that senator toribiong is supporting drunk driving itself BUT rather the man who happened to be driving drunk. there is a difference... find it!

nonetheless, i do believe that the story merits front page coverage. not so much to tarnish dr. kuartei's public image, but to send a message to all of palau that NO ONE can escape the pitfalls when driving under the influence.

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