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April 29, 2009


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In that case the public then should not criticize whatever decision they vote on the bill because they were given the opportunity to discuss the matter but chose not to attend. It seems the committee is reaching out but............. I don't condone gov't corruption but we ain't going nowhere if we continue this charade like 2yr olds. Might as well just go back to become US parasite cause we don't trust our own people the very own that we voted in to the office.


I agree with you. This is our main problem-when the public is invited to public hearing no one shows up and when a bill get passed we criticize and oldidiu a kleblengrir a mengetekled. Kede mera elsel tiakid el blai kmal betok a dolekoi. Kede meral meduch ra cheldecheduch.

How embarrassing! The government is trying to budget what they have and with all the complaints by the public for financial problems, they don't even show.

Was it because no one bothered to write a report or was it because people did not understand the significance of the hearing? I am really disappointed by the people and our leaders.

NO, NO, Olekyang;

The leader(s), in this case, are trying. We, the public, are not. Ke redii chad era Ngeaur kung el rokui el di OU KELULAU RA METEMELLANG!!!

"You know it's hard out here for a pimp

When he tryin to get this money for the


All the while I'm trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.


People not showing up for a public hearing means that they are not wanting to be part of this dog and pony show. The people know that the Senate is probably just going to pass the bill anyways so why bother.

I'm not too sure about the idea that people choose not to attend the hearing. I had a chance to watched TV last night. Our republic president and ambassador Jackson were brilliant in their delivery of the magical bill to the committee.
I'm not surprise if the committee is already committed to this bill. Listening to the President talking about the concept of Friendly Investor, it was basically a summary of well done job of OEK and a convincing conclusion to the general public.
Now, Senator Akitaya is paid to entertain us with the process.
It was thought to have our representatives in these elected offices but due to this particular bill, the senators apparently acted on behalf of somebody or something and not necessary a general Palauan People.

Change the set up. Let's meet at somewhere in the village, hamlet, state, and not that fancy and intimidated chamber of clamors.

For us youth, let us debate it among ourselves while you fund the trophies for best arguments.

I think Surangel Jr. never had a chance.

Hello Uchelmelis,

I did not mean that the government was not trying. I know they are. But I just thought that the people of Palau should have participated in the hearing including some leaders. From what I was reading it was only Sen. Akitaya (who was the chair) and Dir. Wenty representing MOE. I'm sure invitations did also include the leaders as well. So it was just my thought in implying that at least some members of the government could have at least showed their faces as well, including non-governmental workers.

I hope I said it okay. :) Peace ya'll!

I'm surprised Islander et all is not all over this. He has by far been the biggest advocate of easing FIB restrictions. For more FDI.
Ngdi ngak a di ua uldesuel a Mardi, ngera ultutellel ma kede mora public hearing alsekum e tial bill a lultebedii a President el mora OEK el diak a sebeched el kmung el mo ngodech ra soal a President. Tial bill a nguubetii a FIB Board el mo diak el ngii a kongei ra sisebel a beches el foreign business. Tia dirrek el ongengetii a assurance el ngara bank uchei ra lomuchel a ureor. Ma dirrek el ngar ngii el beches el requirements el mla nguubet aikel ureor el liliakl el mora rechad er Belau, e ngdi mla mesterir a techall ma ngsebecherir lodars a tekingir mora FIB Board el kirel a beches el foreign business alsekum e te chad er Belau el ou siobai ra osissiu el teletael. Aika di mla mesaoud.
Ak bai kora omdasu el kmo alsekum a Senate a mla mo ouspech ra Senator Diaz el medal a media er tir, eng kelel bai blel mekngit a sbedel a public hearing. Le ngak a tara boycott ra Diaz radio and TV, meng dirrek el dimlak kudengei.
Becherei e tia locha di uaisei el backelment...

we have way too many chiefs than indians in our tiny island so i think no one felt like they were considered public citizens to par-take the hearing. this government needs some serious restructuring...way too big for our own good.

Hello fellow bloggers,

My humble guess why the people did not particiate is that they have been dissapointed for the past 16 years with the Nakamura and Remengesau Administration.

The People are sick of coming to meetings were nothing promised materialized

Why should the people participate when they are always (for the past 16 years)told that all was well, when all was NOT WELL.

When the people voted, they were ignored and even fobbed off. For example Remenesau promissed the people of Angaur that he would support the bill to legalize casino operatiopn in Angaur.

What happened? TR vetoed the casino bill. Lies, lies and lies!

Why are we dissapointed and surprised when the people do not participate!

The JT administration must now go out and prove to the people that when Toribiong makes a promise it is bankable!

Once trust returns the people will participate. I am sure of that.


Sen. Akitaya,

After reading your message that only one person none other than Mr. Emery Wenty. I knew that Palauans are not interested to know what our Congress are doing. Let give soome of the good reasons why: a) Palauans don't have much in savings account; b) Coming to Capitol is costly the gasoline still and inreasing a price of gallon; c) they very few Palauans who are interested to listen and understand the issues; e) majority of us Palauans live for a day and to react only; but icall the general public hearing that have a reception and then half of them woll come.

Nevertheless, Mr. Wenty is an educator/intelligent who reads and writes and uncle too. So, let's give round applaud for showing his duties and responsibilities as Palauan and We all should learn from him to make a Palau a better place and smart people, too.

Senator, we are known for Number #1 of the 7 wonders under water in world, rich cultures, execetra execetra and we are required to master our resources management or else we are only deadman walking blinds.

You, keep up the good works my friend.

Thank you.


I know it has been pointed out as one of the reasons but I think it is worth pointing out again so hopefully the members of the OEK would come down from their high mountain and listen to us commoners. Ngerulmud is too far for an ordinary citizen to drive there only for a public hearing and then must drive back. Why can't you hold public hearings in Koror? If Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed. It does not take rocket scientist to figure this out.

A SIKIU!!! Di somiu a mereched ma convenience. Mtelkib locholt a CIVIC DUTY er kemiu el kirel tial beluu e morael mora Ngerulmud me morenges, momtab e mosuub aikal tekoi tuobed ra Ngerulmud.

Alii komo lobes el kmo tial Ngerulmud a dekilngei er ngii a rebeluu melak el di telkib el mo metacherbesum emduu kilo tebai mei Oreor. A lluut eko kmo kilong tebai mei ra hang er kemam, kilo tebai house to house, etc. etc.

We "live for a day and to react only", we are mesaik in your view "A SIKIU!!!", we are what we are "Di somiu a mereched ma convenience". And yes, we voted for our representatives.

Now, Senators. Was it challenging for you to come to our hamlets and ours homes during your campaigning to be public representative. You did show us some high life-style, as smart and intelligent. You show us your personal being on duty and responsibility about CIVIC DUTY, assuming you didn't just want our votes.

Mei, kim morenges er kimiu el meruul a llach. Kim momtab a lungiliu el kirel a beluad, e kim mosuub aikal lureor ma luldusu el moruul kiram.

A ngerchelam ra bek el sils abeot ra tekoi el ngarngii.

A kuumerang el kmo sebechiu el nguu tial FIB bill el mora betok el chad er belau mel bol sebechir el moungiil medengelii.
Diak kumenrang el kmo komngara kingeliu e mengiil rar betok el chad er belau lekong, eng moungiil a rrelel tial kmal tokubets e llach.

Perhaps, you see this bill as something within the term of your OEK career, unlike us, it is something about our daily lives and beyond our imagination as we are only an ordinary member of society who does not belong to any nobility.


Just to remind you that we did hold few public hearings in Koror but that did not improve public response. Senator Otto did one on education and youth but nobody showed up. I did one for the price of gasoline but did not get the public enthusiasm. But at Didrangmatel they would get a sore throat rumbmling on issues with some very good ideas. People do not trust the system but they continue to keep the system by voting for people to be in it.

If you voted for any of the OEK members call on them personally and express your views. Or chill out and don't even bother to vote anymore. Or make too much noise on this blog. Consider fishing or farming it will bring more good not only for yourself but the country as a whole.


Public hearing is view as many people attend or not. That's fine.
I look at the FIB bill. A so called friendly investments bill.

I wished ordinary people will have opportunity to give knowledge about the contents, concepts, and intents of the bill. In this case, I wish senate be the instrumental tool to let voters absorbed details and what signified the bill.

If they said there will be food serverd, I bet you the location will be overflooding with people. A couple of trucks with beer in the coolers and half of the working population will show up.

Santy is right. And the article makes it sound as if these public hearings are frequently attended with the exception of this really important bill. This lack of attendance is no surprise. This shock and outrage from members of this blog is nonsense.

On the other hand the government forgets local traditions - these public hearings at the chamber is only to show how important they are. And if the congressmen don't like your comments they say "that's just your opinion. I'm sure the rest of the public that didn't show up feels differently."

So why bother.






Fucken Limeys out to defraud angaur....same seed as Felix and Morris....this is a fraud fraud fraud fraud...

Investors ought to be weary...looks like a fancy website put up and then...pooof wheres your money suckers???!!!! Angaur people, get your money from your one of your sons who sold you out for peanuts...those leases are nothing but fraud perpetuated by....???GUESS WHO.

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I wanted to go to this hearing. But the place of the hearing was too far. My gasoline tank could not get me there and back.

The price of gasoline and my small salary made me change my mind.

Nonetheless, this Bill is important and I hope
the Palauan businessmen or women make their comments to make this Bill better. We need a strong business sector in Palau.

Tial Saul !

Hell to those who propagate hell and who blog under the name 'hell'! Get out, evil spirits before you infest Palau any further.


Do not worry about people not attending public forums, it only means that they trust the government and have nothing to protest.

Well done this administration. Carry on the good work. They people support JT all the way.


Hey hell,

Thanks for advertising for Pacific Views. That's more like it. Now you are behaving like a good islander who wants this Nation to do well!



Is this your way of showing good Palauan Values -Being Racist (calling people Fucken Limeys) and bearing false witness (saying sons sold out for peanuts). This is TR's way, not Palauan way!

Follow the devil (TR) my son and you will surely go to hell!

Come to church and let me clean you!

Hey Pastor,

I agree that you should clean Hell! Use acid at both ends. Lol

Also I suggest you exorcise the shithead as well.

I must tell you that last night while walking home I saw Hell, Mardingoal and Samsay collectively practicing spinning their heads and Guess What? TR was conducting the head spinning training.

I think you will need the help of Pastor Kuertai to exsorcise so many of TR's devil worshippers

If people don't know there is a public hearing, does the tree falling make a sound? Of course not! The Congress needs to come up with a better way to get the details out.
By the way, if agencies didn't clear attendance at the congressional hearings (per Presidential Memorandum #1), won't our new President have a fit?


That is an asinine analogy because the public hearing was anounced to the public and ONLY one Emery attende.. .It is like asking "before the discovery of Mount Everest, what was the tallest mountain."

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