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April 04, 2009


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I wonder, is Copeland clean? OR is he another SP Walton?

I for one, want to know what is Copelan's qualifications?

I want to know, what is his success rate of convictions when he worked in the US.

I assume, he (Copeland) did work as a prosecutor in the USA.

I hope he was not some junior legal clerk in the USA and is now drawing top salary and holding a very senior responsible and powerful posts as SP in Palau.

Just because he is an expatriate, he should not be revered!

We need to conduct an indepth investigation on this guy! We need to know, does he drink? does he take drugs? is he married or devorced? is he a bigamists, is he gay? does he have any convictions in the US? Has he been a bankrupt? Is his qualifications bona fide? Why is he in Palau? Sooo many questions?

Learn from our mistakes - AG Bettie and his meddling wife Greenberg cause Palau a great deal of embarrassment. SP Walton committed purjury. Justice Miller was incompitent and lazy! These were all expatriates employed by Nakamura and Remengesau. Corruption breeds Corruption! BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER~!!!!


Not only Copeland but would be investors like Lord Davidson should also be scrutinized. Come on, who in their right mind would propose a project of the magnitude of Nautilus City? Not only is it not right. It is also not environmentally sound. So just as other foreigners have had their ethics questioned so should the book on Lord Davidson be opened. What we might find are similarities between him and the other "carpet baggers" who have graced our shores with the promise of riches under the disguise of investment irresponsibility. Nautilus City is not right for Peleliu nor will it ever be. Viva Peleliu.

Hey Samsay,

Grow up!

Lord Davidson does not draw a salary from the Palau government so I do not see how you can justify canvassing for Lord Davidson to be investigated? Investigated for what? Maybe you want to know if he screwed your daughter or wife? Ha Ha Ha!

I am aware that Lord Davidson was invited by the Palau government to come to invest in Palau. His Lordship was even made special economic advisor to Ex-President Remengesau jr. and it was only when Lord Davidson refused to give special "envelopes" to the then Minister of State (Tammy Schmull) who collected pay-offs to TR did TR turn against the Nautilus City project.

By the way, Samsay, I am aware that Lord Davidson was investigated by the TR Administration and LD came up super clean!

Later SP Walton investigated LD and UKIHL and both came up super, super clean.

Samsay you say that the NC Project is not right for Peleliu, yet the independent Sagric Report clearly recommends Peleliu as the best place to site tourists development project like the wonderful NC. Samsay, WHAT DO YOU KNOW. Are you an expert in tourism projects? How many resorts to you own.

I am aware that Lord Davidson operates million dollar projects in Mauritius. Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Indonesia.

I am aware that UKIHL have spent millions of dollars on studies and on formulating strategies for the implemetation of the NC project.

Have you spent any money on such investigations or do you have any data that backs your stupid statements!

Ramsay, do not presume to talk about subjects that you know nothing about. Your gibberish only shows you up as an idiot!

The Peleliu people have expressed beyond doubt that they want the NC project. The NC Project will go ahead now that Toribiong is President!

All that UKIHL is now waiting for is for the archaic FIB Act to be abolished!

Long live JT and JN.

Long Live the NC Project!


Realistic Man--I would like to ask who this Davidson is, maybe some verifiable background on his title and multi million dollar developments. I am around Pelielu alot, even have family there and I have never witnessed the enthusiastic support for NC that you say exists there. I am certain you are not a Palauan or at least in your heart you most certainly are not for somehow, the destructon of the environment, the lagoons, the mangroves, trees, lifestyle, customs, surrounding sea bed, the certain to come pollution, overworked and semi functioning utilities etc, the destroyed family ties, histories, etc etc--all are certain to become realities but you make it so clear that you worship some guy who claims a title that can be purchased over the internet and could give a damn about our country and especially Pelielu-you seem to really be into hero worship--let's see, there is JT and JN and LD and I am sure others. Sorry RM, there are just too many of us who love our environment, our way of life, who believe in our own selves, our own destiny and not in concrete, making others rich, winding up like a Nauru and spending the rest of our lives in a state of regret. Our Palau is too precious to go the way of so many of our cousin islands. I am not a KN or a TR or TS advocate--I say let the investigations speak for themselves but I wish, oh how I wish, your had the guts to identify yourself in case the day comes that they are proven innocent or guilty--for, if innocent, what a criminal libel and defamation of character oral and written suit they would have against you--You are surely a uttering fool with no courage or integrity bent on a course to destroy whatever must be destroyed to get you way. I pity you, really do

It is so unbelievable to me to witness so many of my countrymen doing what we will probably continue to do until we are like our brothers in the Marshal Islands.. They are STARVING. Spinning webs with with our mouths will continue to forever take away what little chance we have left of taking the necessary steps that will ensure the future for our children. Hell, the types of spiders that do in fact spin webs do it through their ass somewhere, shouldn't that be a sign that defecating through our mouths is the wrong approach... I am not a smart woman by no means. Unlike our latest embarrassment Youlsau Bells (or whatever she is going by these days), I am educated. However, I like the greater majority of our people, have no working experience of government, economics, etc., etc., etc. I do however know that talking about everything and doing nothing about everything is not the way we face the problems facing our new nation. We need serious help and our parent's mentality that "we know everything, and can do everything for ourselves" has done absolutely nothing to solve anything... Yes, we argue amongst ourselves that we have so many educated people in our ranks that it would be easy to overcome all our problems.... What bunk... Why haven't we???? We continue to elect people that have no clue as to what they are supposed to do to resolve our countries problems. They historically come in, travel everywhere at great cost to our already limited budget and then leave office having done nothing except line their own pockets and all those of the people that will keep them out of serving anytime in prison. How stupid are we???
One has to go no further than to look at our inability to keep the power on . Businesses are out there struggling right now. Hurting because we don't have any visitors throwing money around. PVA is full of what? EXPERTS in the tourism field? Ha! Our compact money is almost gone and the government is still huge.. Sort of brings to mind the silly story my parents told me about the big guy that was finally burned and killed (forming the rock islands and Belau) to save the people. What are we thinking? What is everybody looking at that I don't see??? Why are people like realistic man putting out so much sleeping medicine. What is going to happen to us when the tourist and handouts stop coming in???? It is so embarrassing when my friends comment on how the local newspapers so eloquently report how many grants and handouts where received during the days prior to or month... How can we be so stupid and blind to think that it is the way of the world to put our hand out and get some country to give us roads, bridges, electrical poles, money for building flying saucer capital buildings in the middle of nowhere, etc., etc., etc. When will all of that stop?????
One of my biggest questions is why does every non-working government owned corporation (i.,e., PPUC, PNCC, etc.) need a board? When are we going to get away from the ugly monster called NEPOTISM. Why are our family members being allowed to fail so miserably without suffering the consequences? How can we be so proud of everything Belau when we have no regard for law. Our judges (we had foreigners before who managed to stay out of trouble and set an example for the rest of us) are pulling strings to not pay for their bad deeds. Our high chief is allowed to act like a common criminal and attack law abiding people working legally in our country (i.,e., Minister of Justice R and the stupid lawyer who tried to legally attend a meeting while performing the job he was hired to).

I just returned from a vacation where I got the opportunity to once again see that we are all screwed up. I visited countries that are small but very well on their way to surviving this economic crisis regardless of how the giant falls in the US.

I am sorry for the ramblings... I have children and many young in our family and the only thing I can think of is abandoning my beloved country like so many rats (expats) have done and continue to do in a daily basis... NO, REALITY MAN.... PLEASE DON'T PITTY ME... DO YOURSELF. U WILL NEED IT.


now give it to me in palauan and I will believe you what you said. you sound right but there is something in your posts that gives me this nagging feeling that you are not a palauan. Ada kekmul kmo ngerang?

You ask me "WHAT ELSE DO I WANT TO SAY?" and you have a nagging feeling I am not palauan!?!"... What a sad thing to worry about... I am afraid that you fall in to the same mold as most of our people. We need so much help from these outsiders,who have been out of "their" grass skirts a couple of thousand years, and what is worse is that we know it!!!!... We take so much from these people we try so hard to alienate. Myself, like the largest majority of us, received my education in the US. I lived there the majority of my life, and through the wonderful programs they make available for anyone who is willing to work for it, was able to continue studying... I have always addressed this forum in the language that anyone who is interested in sharing information can understand. I continue to read this sites' forums because I am looking for some sense of sanity in what people say. I am not looking for that single individual who speaks and sounds like he is intelligent or knowing, I am looking for the majority's voice. Being a realist, I truly believe that not any one person is going to change things here or anywhere else. We need for those belauans out in honto to wake up and get involved. We are only as strong as our weakest link and the way I see is, we are not strong at all. The majority of us are so dependent on that few who have secured their well to do place in our society. Their strength, derived from luck and the sweat and backs of mostly foreigners, will continue to plague and stagnate the future development (correct spelling in the singular) of this country. We will continue to suffer their foolish, self serving ways until we get off our collective behinds and take back what should be of the people.
People like that joke of a senator we so love to hate, are on their own agendas and unfortunately hold our peoples brains captive, and are hell bent on passing our the idea that foreigners are the evil and cause of all our problems. Sometimes I sit back and contemplate our state of affairs and cannot shake off the fear that engulfs me when I think just how dire our situation really is... So many problems to overcome in our government alone... Like Obama, JT doesn't have a prayer in hell of making a difference. I hear he, like Obama, has some pretty decent ideas.... Time will tell...
I wish I had more time to tell you "what else I have to say".. I don't, not tonight... But, one last thing, remember that many of our own have married foreigners who have become members of this community. They, like us, are affected by everything that goes on here. They, like the rest of us, also have a vested interest in what happens to our fragile little world.
Laters, maybe....

and please leave Obama's daughters alone!!

Hey Twelve Pole aka Samsay,

There you go again, talking without thinking things through!

You write; "I would like to ask who this Davidson is?" This immediately tells me that you do not know who Lord Davidson is, yet you are ready to think and canvass bad things about this gentleman!

Let me tell you something that you may not know:-

Lord Davidson was appointed Special Economic Advisor to President Etpisom, President Nakamura addresses Lord Davidson as "My good friend". President Remengesau jr. appointed Lord Davidson Special Economic Advisor(for the two terms of his Presidency) and now he (LD) is Special Economic Advisor to President Toribiong.

Do you immagine that all our Commanders-in-Chiefs would have appoint Lord Davidson to such a high responsible position without them knowing who he is! Not on your life!!!

You are indeed a fool sir for assuming that the highest ranking officers in our land would put so much faith in this great man without knowing who he is, and was not certain that Lord Davidson is a man of exceptional resources!

It does not matter in the slightest that YOU do not know who LD is. Who are you shit-head?

You claim that the Nautilus City project is not supported by the Peleliu People this is another of your baseless claims.

Let me point out that Peleliu Governor, Jackson Ngiraingas supported the NC project. The people elected Jackson Ngiraingas as Governor of Peleliu over President Remengesau's uncle who was also President Nakamura's nominee.

Both Ex-President Remengesau and Ex-President Nakamura were against the NC project not because the project is not good for Peleleiu but because they have plans to develop a mini-Nautilus City in Ngedebus Island and did not want competition.

If the Peleliu People did not support the Nautilus City Project they would not have elected and re-elected Jackson Ngiraingas as Governor of peleliu over and over!!!

Most of the Peleliu Clan Chiefs have already signed their lands to UKIHL for the Nautilus City project. The NC Project stalled because President Remengesau manipulated Government agencies like the FIB and the EQPB to sideline all of UKIHL's applications among carrying out other questionable actions against UKIHL.

Hopefully now that JT is President, these corrupt agencies will be taken to task and dissolved. I can assure you that as soon as the FIB Act is voided, the NC project will come to fruition and the People of Palau will rejoice when jobs and opportunites come abound.

You talk about NC Project causing pollution this is another nonsense!

Have you read the proposal and development plans put in by UKIHL? I think not!

UKIHL's attention to the eco-system is outstanding and go further than any other development going on in Palau today!

Let me ask you, Did the PPR Hotel development cause irreparable damange to the Palau eco-system. If yes, why not close down the Palalu Pacific Resort.

Did the German Channel cause irreparable damage to Palau's eco-system, If yes, why not close the German Channel?

Did the Compact Road cause irriparable damage to Palau's eco-system? If yes, why did the US Government pay for it and buil it!

I can give you 100 more examples of large scale development that people like you claim damaged Palau's environment, but in truth palau could not have survived without such development!

Palau will not be able to survive the next 10 years without a development like the NC Project. This is the reality!

Samsay! You are a fool


I only have one thing to say and that is I trust President Johnson Toribiong with my life!

This guy is decent and smart as well. He is well educated as well as being a great Chief!

If anyone can lift Palau to being economically self sufficient, he can!

I am already voting Toribiong back into office a second term!!!

Never let Nakamura and the likes of Tommy Remengesau back in Office as they will destroy Palau as sure as night follows day!

PUT TR and his cronies in Jail!

Long live President Toribiong!!!

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