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April 04, 2009


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(Minister of Justice Gibbons)

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Well done President Toribiong,

However, I think we need to go a step further.

The new government needs to carry out random blood tests on all its employees to ensure that they are not drinking and taking drugs on the job.

We as citizens of Palau are aware that many expatriates and even Ministers who all injoyed high paying jobs under the Remengesau administration were in the habit of being accessive with their consumption of liguor.

Many also take drugs.

Abuse of alcohol and drugs are serious matters that has to be stop.


Why are there so many posts being removed by the Administrator?
Are we supposed to be alright with CENSORSHIP?
One of the main attractions of this site has always been the freedom to exercise OUR right to free speech...

What is going on Administrator? Comments too strong and close to the truth?



Maybe the posts were quite rude and out of context. The admin has the right to do so as it is his/her website.


It's a nice idea, hope we can pull through. If a month goes by without alcohol related incidents, then it is a big step in showing our commitement for change.

Hello Folks:

Hey Islander/Realistic Man:
Could you help me name a few alkies in the current administration....or even some potheads working at Ngerulmud. I bet you can.

Stop with this nonsense. This was actually a very good post. Awareness is a good thing and the fact that bars close at 2:00a.m. probably have lessened trips to the ER - maybe ask Min. of Health.

Point is, lets be positive sometimes man. Good job to JT for re-emphasizing this point. Now, lets declare this week a continuous power week without outages.

do you think the decision made by the administrator to delete your comment with respect to Chin's daughter a while ago was appropriate? and are the recently deleted comments yours as well?

I hope this message goes to Dr. Kuartei ?

How is he doing ?

I understand his auto smash up was alkie induced.

The minister should be extra careful. we need him as a medical doctor, not a patient in the ER.

alcohol awareness day,....let's see, we are aware that we, belauans alone per capita consumes more BUTT-LITE, LITE BEER than any pacific islands in the region. here's an old saying or whatever you wanna call it for all the alcies in belau---I DRINK, I GET DRUNK, I STUMBLE, I FALL....NO PROBLEM.....HEHEHE

Kudos to mr. president, alcohol as we all see is seriuos business, people's lives have been lost to selfish idiots who decide to get behind the wheel after boozing.How many fatalities have occured due to alcohol being involed? How many of these criminals have been put behind bars on serious time? Consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel is no diffrent than walking around with a loaded gun and no safety switch. I have lived in Japan for a couple of years now DUI here is no joke, seriuosly.Fist offense of DUI is "$10,000 not 10,000 yen but $10,000 united states dollars. Lawmaker's have to come up w/ strickter policies on drinking and driving.They have to come up w/ something that will deter people from getting behind the wheel when driking. Apparently the laws we have now deosn't seen to work at all .If the people sworn to uphold the law "AG's Office" are bluntly drinking and driving.

The CIA's The World Factbook has the
population of Jamaica estimated at 2,825,928. Just recently in the news, its Prime Minister Bruce Golding informed his fellow Jamaicans that he would reduce his salary by 15 percent because of the world economic crisis. The reduction it was reported would trim his salary from 61,000 US down to $53,400 US.

How come in a island country of 20,000 such as ours we can't expect or much less demand the same from our leaders? Alchohol awareness is important but as Prime Minister of Jamaica said "those who are leaders must lead by example" and so far our leaders are
failing to hit that mark.

Hey Samsay,

They say empty vessels make the most noise and a little knowledge is dangerous.

Please do not compare Palau with Jamaica. Jamaica has the highest crime rate involving drugs then most countries. Did you read that in the World Factbook.

What does it matter that Prime Minister Bruce Golding lowered his salary by 15% when the Jamaican Prime Minister probably does not need any salary to live because he is already a multi-millionaire?

Jestures of cutting salaries are easy for the rich.

President Toribiong is not a millionaire. The little salary he receives is important. We do not want a President who has to moonshine to survive. I say let us pay President JT more, when Palau can afford it!

I say pay a man his worth!

We do not want ass-holes like TR and Nakamura who ripped off Palau. Where are the billions given to Palau by our generous allies?

Everyone knows but few are brave enough to say!


Well hello Mardingoal,

I know that SP Walton, Bettie and Greenberg are drunks and potheads.

What about Dave Peron Nakamura's number one Presidential attorney. Did he not die of alckhol abuse?

Want more examples?

hey non-realistic man...we don't have allies in case you've been in la la land. we just know how to beg for money that's all and the end of the rope is near for that too. we are allies to other countries w/ little impact 'cos we don't have nothing to offer, just a vote nay or yay in the united nations and that's all. it's PURE COCONUT Government!!!!!

I am from Peleliu and everyone there that I've talked to tells me Nautilus is nothing but a scam! Until you show me where the money ($2 billion)is and comes from, all the pro-Nautilus rhetoric is worth no more than 2 cents.

What our leaders need to do more of is lead by example. Last month, it was reported that the Prime Minister of Ukraine and other Govt. Ministers were cutting their salaries in half and urging members of their law making body to do the same. According to the CIA's World Factbook, Ukraine's population stands at 45,700,395.

Why can't our govt. leaders in Palau do the same? Jamaica and Ukraine are countries with populations in the millions. What about our beloved Palau? There are only about 20,000 of us. Why do we need all this representation?

Instead of alcohol awareness, how about informing the public that our govt. spends way to much of its budget on salaries balanced against low tax revenues. Our country becoming bankrupt is not out of the question but which of our leaders is ready to lead by example and take the first step.


i think you make a very good point.

Realistic Man,

the point is that leaders LEAD BY EXAMPLE. if leaders tighten their belts a little, everyone else is more likely to be willing to get behind them. it's hard to support a government that gets right down to business by giving themselves payraises and brand new (over-priced) cars. our POLITICIANS are living in their own worlds. i will no longer call them my "leaders" until they do some actual "leading".

Many Senators and Delegates own stores and/or bars that sell alchohol.

I applaud the President's declaration but I question how effective it is.

I don't believe that governments should legistlate what people choose to do with their life, bodies, etc. However imagine how much revenues could be generated if they put taxed alchohol sales? Admittedly, I drink plenty of Asahi. I'm still gonna pay if the price increases, but at least the taxes could generate revenue for the country.
Just a thought.

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I almost forgot... Why did the Administrator close the discussion on the ppuc power fiasco discussion. Seems like everyone got sidetracked and as usual discussed everything else...
Why isn't there a whole lot of discussion going on about how our country won't be able to provide the most basic of services to all those millions of investors over-running our shores to get in to drop the bucket loads of money on our economy... (wew, that was long winded... I know)

Hello... Why would anyone who can legally do business in any country of their choice come to Palau? Because we have beautiful rock islands? NO... Because our country possesses a strong government and economy? NO... Because we have proven a particular ingenuity and steadfastness in our quest to acquire grants? NO...? Then, for the love of whatever, won't somebody please help me understand how that works and where the hell are the people that are going to come in and buy (grant us) enough generators so that we can lead normal lives again? Power... Is in that an indicator of achieving a level of civilization which would separate us homo sapiens from homo neanderthalensis? I am totally blown away by the fact that nobody seems to care? Is everyone on here part of the wealthy belauans we discuss daily? I ask because only people who care less about anything, can take the OUTRAGEOUS excuse for SERVICE our Public (government, and the root of the evil) Utilities CORPORATION(it hurts to say it) ATTEMPTS to provide. The other bunch has to be the wealthy who can afford their generators, fuel, and restaurants. Our families do not have power to properly prepare the food to feed their children while the power is routed to the nights ball game. OUTRAGEOUS... The president has to send the police out to find the PPUC GM who is out doing who knows what instead of concentrating on his FORMER JOB... Why are all those people on the management positions in that overweight, over budgeted, and over protected imitation corporation still there? Why are they not in a building where they can suffer the power outages like the rest of us? Why does everyone that works for that place seem to drive brand new vehicles? Do they work 24/7 to rate to drive (and burn up gas) to and from home, on weekend drives around babeldaob?
I am so sick of having to cook on the bar-b-q at night by candle light. I cannot believe how we have remained so stoic and how easily our leadership can put a baby's pacifier in our mouths to shut us up.
Anybody awake out there? Why do we allow this to go on? Is the reason we haven't fired PPUC's GM that he is one of us? We fired Peav boy for less... What is going on? IS ANYBODY PAYING ATTENTION? Is there anybody out there? Try turning on your light if you are... Maybe we can have a country wide LIGHTS ON DAY just one night this month...




Ka mluut el melekl a tekingem leng kora diak sal momedengei sel di molekoi a tekoi ra ngebard. Like I said before sound like a KAIJIN-pretending to be a palauan.

I think we had this discussion before on talking about personal issues. Go F%^$& yourself cause you need it. Stop talking trash about people already...jeez.

Can anyone tell me how much Haruo Wilter is making at the MOF. Word is that he is making $75K. Please confirm if this advisor is making that much money because it is absolutely retarded for our government to pay this much, if this is true. Please confirm.

Boy Mardi if you're right then even in palauan politics if you lose in an election like HW, he still comes out smelling like an expensive rose. I wonder when he posed for that picture with a bow tie all those years ago if he thought he would still be in politics today. The "saipan mafia" is alive and thriving. When the last of these men are finally out of politics, there impact will still be felt because of all the mentoring they've been doing with the more contemporary palauan politicians. I still feel that during the tenure of late President Salii that HW was playing both sides. I'll leave it at that.

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."--Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader

Hope it's not the road Palau is heading.

uchelmelis.... There you go again... I believe the correct way to spell foreigner in japanese is GAIJIN... OUCH.... YOU GOT ME.... HOW DID YOU EVER FIGURE IT OUT.... Next thing you are going to say to me is that I sound like a palauan trying to be a foreigner... please don't go there... Stick to the issues please... Let's talk ourselves silly and make no sense out of anything... Soak Kau baby...

mardi... I feel the love... Ok, so somebody confirms that so and so is making so and so... Then what? Who gives a hoot... Hell, who can do anything about it....Mardigaol, you are beautifully retarded. But, I love you child....
bkulatiull, weigh yourself down and go up to bolo point and take a swim... don't forget to hold your breath a little... hell, count to twenty if you can.

Alii all,

For those of you who observe Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday pray hard for our families, country, and the world that we may find peace and happiness in the Risen Lord. Happy Easter to you and your families and loved ones. Take care over the long weekend for those of you on the spring break and drive carefully. God bless.


Likewise Santy and everyone.

A Good Friday to all and a blessed Easter! He is Risen.

While I have a few words to say in response to the previous posts, I'll limit myself to the occasion and echo Santy's sentiments, (being that it is an important holiday) and wish you all a Happy Easter.

I just want to point to the fact that the first Easter came about because it was the Number One Priority above all else, political or otherwise.

Jesus Christ; Son of God, Creator of the Universe, Maker of Heaven and Earth, King of kings and Lord of lords, Sustainer of Everything that exists, even the Sovereign Republic of the Palau Islands, had to die and endure the pain, suffering and humility of the Roman cross, because we are all sinners. Nobody can make it to heaven on their own good works. He died for you my friend, it is His gift of grace. Accept it by faith and you will be saved from eternal damnation. Even on your best best day, you are still a sinner. You can't earn your way to heaven. The Bible says that all your righteousness are like filthy rags. Jesus did it all for you. He died in your place to pay the penalty of death. Accept it and stop pretending that your are good enough to make it. See yourself as He sees you and agree with Him. Repent. Accept. Believe.

You will hear from me on the political front in the days ahead. Being that this is my first post on this websight, first things come first.

Ma Uriul,



Mesulang for correcting my spelling, endi dirkak mo nger ra ker el kuleker er kau. Ma lemuut el mo melekl dital moluches el tekoi era belau me bolsebechek el kmo kemeral chad er belau e diak em Gaijin.

Ke de meral melekoi;

Why would anybody want to go to heaven? I have never nor could I understand this thinking of going to heaven. Why would I want to go there?


Are you saying that if i was not a Palauan i can't post my comments here? You been asking belaubanana if he/she were a Palauan. What if the answer is no and he/she was right? I am a Palauan who was born and raised in other country and i have a difficulty writing or speaking palauan and that is ashame. i wonder if i ever comment on any issue, are you going to ask me the same question? You make us hesitate to comment when we can't write anything in Palauan.

good day and if you believe that heaven does exist, then you do want to go there.



if your were born and raised abroad what makes you think u'r palauan, your a freakin "GAIJIN". I bet you don't claim Palau whem u'r w/ u'r american friends.

It's the same as an american born and raised in Palau, (or a bunch of McDonalds, Burger Kings, KFCs, etc., in Okinawa) they are still american.

That blood that flows inside won't change heritage or ancestory. A palauan born and raised abroad is still a palauan, put them on a boat, let them eat mud root and you will see those millenia of genes go to work.

I'm not making fun, but I feel it is offensive to put down another palauan because of their abroad status or history.

Lol Uchelmelis. Yeah I'd question the legitimacy of heaven as well. If no one has ever seen it, then why would we want to go there?


Looks like it hasn't been much of an alcohol awerness month as there's still news of road accidents, disturbances, assault and violence caused by alcohol.

Alii all...

First let me extend to those of you who believe..Happy Easter everyone. To my Okedyul Veterano Uchelmis happy Sunday bud...:)
Heaven? What's there?..Like you I havent a clue..
But I remember someone telling me that It'll be a smart move to believe in whatever reaching heaven requires of you just in case it really does exist.:)

Now all take it easy on belaubanana..though he/she maybe a Gaijin some of the questions asked about our leaders and the state of Palau's government and its administation of our utilities and services are heartfelt and true to many Palauans.

Alcohol Awareness? I would think that Palau should hide from its citizenry its alcohol not make them aware..:)

The Presidents alcohol awareness proclamation should run all yearlong every year and go further to increase the sin tax on alcahol and tobacco..higher then they are now. Propose tougher more stringent laws on alcohol distribution.

No matter what we do. What laws we enact anyone who wants some alcohol will gain access to it. An awarness program along with strong communnity support speaking out against the use and abuse of alcohol can lower the many alcohol related demands on the health and well being of our Island.

Tougher laws and prosecution of drinking in public and public drunkeness too should be enacted and the Police department pressured to
prevent by being visible and vigilant in their arrests of violators.

Drinking alcohol in my view has become some sort of past time for most Palauans. No longer is the sporting event the past time. Now its just an excuse to go drinking.

You have to think hard before bringing a child to the baseball field today.
You never know what they'll see or hear. There are drunks all over the place and or people in the process of getting drunk. It is unbelieveble how many people think its oaky to drink in public in Palau!
Our baseball field has become "The Happy Hour" joint.
A Gaijin like belaubanna..might surely think that our Asahi baseball field was aptly named..:)

Kudos to the President. Lets do what we can to help increase the Awareness..adang.

Peace to all,

sorry for the late post but I did a research paper on the affects of alcohol in micronesia. unfortunately, the latest information and surveys you can get about this in in the 1970s so the reasons for alcohol consumption in the islands have changed slightly since then.... but the problem is that there isn't any other research to support this.

what i do know is that i've been tracking any alcohol related articles on palau horizon since 2008. this could be DUI reports, under-age drinking, alcohol awareness, the bul in villages, and such. on an average, there were at least 3 articles regarding alcohol. if they were drinking related articles, an average of 5 to 10 people were mentioned.

so far in 2009 since january, there have been more reports on palau horizon but this is just the beginning so we'll see how the newspaper progresses in this.

but regardless of last year and this year, alcohol is a BIG problem, and has been since US trusteeship in palau, and elsewhere in micronesia. part of this is because it is being integrated to all kinds of events in palau. e.g. funerals, and omengat ceremonies are now an excuse to party-hardy and celebrate a woman's first-birth. it was not so back then. most musicians drink and perform to relieve themselves of nervousness, because everyone else drinks, and alcohol is part of being a 'good host' in events. no alcohol, bad hosts!

so in regarding the alcohol awareness month, it's a least a good step that people in government are now acknowledging this problem. binge-drinking is a problem in palau and kudos for the police on fining the bars because they have been getting away with it, getting careless with the laws, and paying musicians small salaries compared to what they are making on pay-day weekends.

god bless and take care of each other this month and all months to come! DEWILL to LIVE!


do you have any idea how mean you are? do you know that others like me who don't speak Palauan didn't choose to have a life like ours. some of us who were abandoned by their Palauan father or a mother got no choice cause the other parent ain't Palauan to be able to teach us our culture. maybe you may say that my dad was a looser so his Palauan wife left him........hmmmmmm...... il understand, coz you were born to be so rude and mean.

hope all is well with ya!
let the sun shine on you

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