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April 11, 2009


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What did the reports from the PPUC folks and the Task Force report? How can ROP/PPUC ask for assistance from the DOI when they would not do what the USDA/RUS requested over four years ago-which would have provided enough funding to pay for new power house's in Palau and new transmission lines/distribution systems? All they requested from PPUC/Peavey was to have something in writing from the ROP government saying they would pay their electric bills in full, both arears and each months current bills-which TR would never do.

They also complained about the Chairman of the BOard at the time managing PPUC's Board - Roman Yano because he was a convicted criminal in the US telling PPUC what to do when he didn't know himself what to do other than do what TR told him to.

Then Keoni Isal became Chairman and the illegal persecution of Peavey (they monitored the whole case with him reporting to the USDOI/Administration)-and since then the whole PPUC grants/low interest loans where out the window because TR wanted the grants/low interest loans made out to the ROP not PPUC-which the DOI/USDA/RUS refused.

Now JT is wanting more from DOI-without propoer oversight-and by someone who knows what is going on?

Yes, Island Woman.

What did the reports say? Why is this a big secret?

I would not be so frustrated with these outages if I knew the problem. Do the engineers know the problem but don't have the money/equipment/expertise to fix it? Do we need someone to come to Palau and do an assessment? Just let us know what's going on and we will be patient.

Hello irrai,

Let me tell you what is going on : Neglect, incompetence and corruption.

Billions of Dollars were GIVEN to the Remengesau Administration yet they did nothing to make the power station and the sewage system fit for purpose!

Remengesau and his 'Goon Squad' squandered and skimmed off the grant money. Now we suffer!

The hypocrite TR talks about preserving the best and saving the environment, yet he cuts down mangroves and allows sewage to be pumped into the ocean. Open dump sites that breed dangue is common place.

TR uses fuel hungry cars and boats. This guy is a fool. How he is allowed to sit in the Senate is a joke. He and his cronies should be sitting in jail.

Palau needs money to put in new and more powerful generators.

Palau needs money to renew the sewage system, in fact the current sewage needs to be changed completely to new sewage treatment technology.

Palau need money to maintain its road and maintain the new capital before the capital turns into a derelic site and the roads become dangerous with potholes.

Palau needs money to improve school, hospitals and telecommunication system.

The list goes on and on and on.

I wonder how can we get the money!!!!

Easy - Make investments in businesses that generate revenue rather than spending money on grandiose projects which cost money to maintain!

Make Palau foreign investment friendly by reforming monopolistic policies and laws.

Curb the powers of agencies that hamper development.

Pass laws that allow new and innovative businesses.



I'm sick of hearing your anti-TR/KN propaganda. JT is in the driver's seat now. So quit bitching and let's see some results.

And you have not answered any of my questions.

Islander, are you trying to force me to buy your nonexistent condos, you scam arse fool?!?! Nautilus is history and that's why JN has moved on to Ngurulmud. I feel sorry for you for wasting your all money in promoting Nautlus! Yo money gone dude!

Hey fools!, irrai & Viva TR,

Can't you read, I did answer your questions. The reason the power in Palau is kaput is because of neglect, incompetence and corruption of the TR administration.

Now you look to President JT to solve 16 years of shit in 6 months. HA HA HA! Dream on Charlies!

As for you Vivi TR you name speaks for itself - DoDO Bird your extinct! HeHeHe!!

Nautilus City is on. Viva JT! Viva JN and Viva Koshiba who is going to put TR's arse in jail!

My money, I made $15,000.00 recently from the sale of Nautilus stock! Laughing alll the way to Bank of Guam!

Sulang monkey!

Realistic man/Islander,

Ah ha ha ha! I have over $400K in my 401K thru T. Row Price of which $30K I spent purchasing AIG and Apple stocks early April. I got it made already and anything from this point on is all bonus boys!

I wouldn't buy any Nautilus stock even if the company TRULY EXIST in the stock market. Obviously you are spending too much here promoting UKIHL and I am very sorry to inform you nobody here including most of JT's supporters is interested because you're nothing but a scam. Come on man, TR dropped the bomb which decimated your pipe dream and we all know it you fools!

Sulang you mongkii arse holes!

Realistic man/Islander, stocks are cheap nowadays and so this is the best time ever to buy it. As such I am actively researching and buying all of which can be done ONLINE, is yours online as well. Of course not you fools because it doesn't exist!

same old story. so whats new?

Realistic Man, so why is it NOW, under JT that we're having these power problems? And why can't he do something about it? YES, I EXPECT IT TO BE DONE TODAY, not 6 fucking months from now. And you are right, it is because of neglect, incompetence and corruption that our power problems continue with no explanation to the public. You can complain about the past all you want, but that's not gonna give me electricity at night.

Realistic Man and Islander.

The President should know that Palau has problem on Power, if his that smart he should fix the power instead of getting a new car....stop talking about the past and move on voter's put TR in senate for trust..during TR time there was problem for power and he was smart enough to fix it....now it's JT turn to fix it.

Guys, be good to yourself if not for others. The information and the opinions said can be sooo out of ordinary form. Many blog readers love you already as you can be an entertainer. Its just, a tendency to learn from each other seemed slipping away. Sometimes, I wished I see the other side of your own world.

Did someone fired from PPUC due to exist crises?

GM Satoru Adachi has been fired and 2 board members, Chairman Kione Isechal and Tarangue Tiger Gillham, have resigned. Ken Uyehara is the new GM. Surangel Whipps, Sr. was appointed as member yesterday and his name has been sent to the Senate for confirmation.

Babeldaob and some areas of Koror will continue to experience power outages this week. There was a problem in the underwater/submarine cable at the KB bridge which was corrected Sunday morning and will continue to be tested for one week. Two engines at Malakal power plant are still undergoing repair. Repair parts have arrived and they should be repaired by Wednesday.

Thank you irrai for good info hope the power will be back to normal as always....

So they fired the two engineers on the Board or did they resign?

Isn't this Gillham a relative of TR and wasn't Kione an appointee of TR? Who's next on "THE LIST?" So this is a clean sweep? Whatever the reasons may be, we need qualified persons with technical knowledge to govern PPUC. Whipps Sr. will be good.

Wow Islander is still here harpin on the Nautilus Pipedream of his..lol.. Just because JN wormed his way into the present administration does NOT mean Nautilus lives..

Its dead Islander..Listen Carefully..Nautilus is dead..and JN has only himslef to blame.

Another reason its dead is this..Tirkel Ourrot era blai era SOWEI era Belilou who own a big piece of the land that Nautilus is supposedly
going to use will never..let say it again NEVER agree to this scam. Ask JN how his relative feel about him and his pipedream. Just ask him if Pris and or Maiyumi agree...He'l know what I'm saying..if those two dont and most of the other Ourrot er a blai are Sowei dont either, then you Islander and JN will never see Nautilus City...Only in your dreams.

E dirrek a Ngirabelilou a omes e medengei meng diak el bol tekoi tial el luldasue el Nautilus City loba JN el melai a chutem era Belilou..
Alii komo kerkikel e kom mol longasch
a rengrir ar chedemiu mea chedul a beluu era Beliliou e oker a mekgnit el tekoi el lekor kemiu. Bom kerkikel.
In English..tread carefully. It is not a small thing to try and steal away the brithrights of others and speak so arrogantly in public about it. Again be careful.


A kngibech! A coconut boy islander a mla obetech a bdelul ra melus.

Ka mesekau...le ke mla Nautilus ra teluingerang. Cheblad el oleko ngarngii a stocks er kau ra Nautilus el multerau el 300% over par...kebelung!! A klebelengum e brad el bai mla uchul ma chad ra sel kmal ungil beluu el chad ra blil a mla smuched el meskau. Kau ke "understand" a ikal tekingek e poi boy?

Kau ma Jackson Henry ma Jackson Angry a di mla mo keldmokl sel obo erngii. Kom ebuul ea kmal ko ra klider a delechik el kiriu.

Alii a TR a dirrek el buik ra Beliliou me ke dirrek.

tial basio kora mla mo ikel blai ra mesei el blil a telulechoid ma klautoketok ma omelaes ma klaiuchit ra rebetok a ududir mar mellomes a rengrir mar bekeu. a belau a uchul meng diak bolungil a rokui el chad el ngara metmut ma kikaid el di ngira medengei e meduch. kora ikel tuu ra kayangel el meduch a ngerel. kerdi melekoi a terchedir a rechad e diak a ngeral sebeched rulii el kirel a beluad. merko bai mngai mo bedul ongos em ngai l'mera uchul.

elechal beluulechad eng diak obart ma rechad a di mesaod a rokui el tekoi er a bakelment le sei a uchul e de mo tmurk er a ungil uldasu. tedi kesai el chad el ngar tiang olechoid a tekoi el diak el kirir el mesaod. for example a islander" ma realistic man" a kora telulichidel a diaz el di mengeuid a tekoi, mengesbereber, e omulak. ngdiak el ngerang di sel sal mo imis e ng mo seserek a rengir a rechad.

The wind of change is among us. The Nakamura and Remengesau eras are over, never to return again. Thank God!

The people know that for 16 years there was prevalent corruption. Palau is financially ruined.

There is only one reality, change or die! JT knows the way. There will be foreign investments and it will be BIG TIME.

Peleliu will be turned into a wonderful tourist mecca, with many 5-star hotels, there will be a new international airport, a 36 hole championship golf course, a marina and several casinos.

Tne mighty JN who single-handdedly whipped nakamura's and Remengesau's arse will see to it.

No matter what you would like to believe Kambek the reality is that most of the Peleliu Clans have already entered into agreements with the developers of NC. Go check out the land court records!

There is no need to speculate (will it happen or won't it happen) Lol. There will be an official announcement soon and ground breaking will happen before the end of the year.

Hapy day are here again ..... do you know that song? Good riddance to TR and Nakamura (the bad rubbish two) HA HA HA!

I am going to have such a good sleep to night knowing the supporters of TR, TS, ES, Chin, Whipps, and Nakamura are spewing in their own vileness!

Happy days, Love live JT, Kosiba, Uludong and Ngriangas!


still singing the old song ei, many 5 star hotels, new international airport, a 36 holes golf course, marina and casinos ha..

so.., islander, how long will it take to complete this mecca project?? sounds like your building a city.

ground breaking before the end of the year ha..
how much time and space is require to mobilize this type of mecca project??

will they bring in materials by air or by boat? oh..., i guess by air coz Belau Transfer is owned by Nakamura plus Whipps will have to transport between Koror and Peliliu, my bad...

lol at smoke's comment... oooh islander's gotta be coming back with something... something even more ruthless and "vile" with even more usage of "arse" this time. the only thing jk single-handedly whipped wasn't what you said but he sure did whip himself a repossesion of his house by the banks that loaned it to him... ahaahaaaa!!!

Your chosen blog names 'smoke' and 'moh' is suitable for two twits. The two of you are blowing "Moh Smoke" up your arses! lol

Please do not worry your pea-brain about when and how NC will be completed. Your questions speaks for itself. By the essence of your question the people of Palau can clearly see that you admit that there will be a Nautilus City as your questions now relate to.... "How much time and space will NC require"? "Will they bring material by air or by boat"?

Thank you for finally asking some intelligent questions.....

Actually I am told that most material will be coming by container-ships. 80% of the all construction material will be pre-cast and assembled on Peleliu Island itself. This superb construction technique avoids mess and use of cement and other pollutants.

In fact, I was told that there will be minimal use of wet mix. Unlike the construction methods still being carried out in Koror even now?

The Peleliu soil structure (being limestone base) and its relatively flat terrain allows for minimal excavation for foundation work. This is a real plus for the NC development especially for the essential road network.

Assurdly, the NC development will not cause any leaching of soil into the surrounding seas.

I am also advised by Minister Ngraingas that NC will be self reliant as the developers will employ the latest techology when it come to use of power, telecommunication and water supply. The NC will not tap into local infrastructure sources! NC will use solar and wind power in conjunction with tradition power soursces. This will greatly reduce pollution. The people in Pelleiu will most definately benefit as they too will be able to tap into the power sourses of the NC development at cheaper costs.

Sewage and waste disposal and management will be given top priority by the developing company UKIHL. Nothing will be allowed to seep into the sub-soil and certainly NO sewage or soiled water will be pumped into the sea.The assurances from UKIHL goes even futher. No soap and/or detergents from baths and showers will be allowed into the drains. Everything waste product will be collected and processed. Even oils from the kitchen sinks will be collected and process. This is the level of commitment given by UKIHL to preserve the pristineness of Peleliu.

The NC development goes beyond being just a tourist development. This development will be socially, politically and environmentally responsible!

The NC development has given deep thought to the security and well being of tourist and locals alike. There will be hospitals and rescue services to support the NC tourist development project.

Airlines will bring tourists direct to NC so that tourists will not have to suffer the sea journey to Pelleiu after their long flights from international destinations.

The NC development has even looked at the social impact on the local population with due regard being given to native traditions and the way of life of the local inhabitants. Nothing will be allowed that offends.

If there is gambling, such activities will be restricted to foreigners and for those who can afford such activities.

There will be training programs to ensure that Palauan people benefit from the NC development.

There will be financial assistance packages allocated by UKIHL that will enable Peleliu people to partake in the many businesses that will be created by the NC project.

Finally, it should be noted that the majority of the Peleliu Clans are shareholders in the NC development and are directors in UKIHL. This will ensure that the development will be in the interest of the People of Peleliu.

Any adverse propaganda out there against the NC project is being spread by a few people like Remengesau and Nakamura and their zombie supporters who do not care for Peleliu and for Palau. Their aganda is to make quick money, rip of the government, accept bribes which they have been doing for the last 16 years.


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