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April 23, 2009


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Viva Senator Lord Davidson Tommy Remengesau Jr.!

Your highness Lord Davidson,

Do you know how much money were raised from TRjr; fund raising in March 26, 2009?

Lord Commoner


man this is BIG NEWS, wonder why noone is talking about it?.. I guess you only wanna look where the flies are roaming rather than making short ribs or t-bone out of it.LOL! Diaz's famous saying," Lak di momes er a btil a kerebou e kuk momes er a klungiolel."

Seems to me like the Senator is the ONLY one bringing REAL money into Palau for a truly Palauan cause that will benefit my people in honto.


Assuming you believe the Senator uses grant money for the benefit of the people, rather than as a scheme to get more money for himself....

ak milsang,

do not attribute that comment to Diaz. give the due where its due- former speaker of the house Ignacio Anastacio. Diaz has no original idea. I forgot, his only contribution is "good bye diokang."

lmao ^

true that, I must apologize for doing so... and I agree with Diaz has no oiriginal idea not even good bye diokang.

not to speak for uchelmelis, but i think he was just pointing out that the saying was not diaz's. i actually find what uchelmelis said funny because i actually believed that diaz came up with that one too. diaz is not even going to say who he took it from... oh well

Surprised that JT is not trying to take credit for this like he did in the State of the Republic Address where he TRIED to take credit for TR's projects. Or, did JT just forget to include those facts.

JT must really think that we're that stupid. Thanks to JT staff for reprinting the SORA so the Taiwan officials can see for themselves just how pathetic and what a liar JT is!

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