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April 04, 2009


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wow! i'm not surprised!


Go Koshiba Go!

The first steps are bing taken!

I can't wait to visit TR and his band of 40 thieves in jail.


Ak Kora Dilung !

TR and his brother Kashmir have been bilking this government's Taiwan stimulus money for years. Ask some of the tellers at Bank of Guam. They have seen so much questionable money going in and out under these two.

The Toribiong administration should turn every rock and look under every carpets of these Remengasaus. Palau will not tolerate any corruptions.

more info from Taiwan re KN and TR and their cronies, so fashen ur seat belts cause its gonna be rolling like you have never seen before... the time has come, so enjoy KN and TR while you can, Koshiba and Ngiraingas do not play games, they are real and they have a purpose laid down for them to accomplish. This will give us all palauans a GREAT LESSON" and so that it won't happen again and ever ...

Thank you Lord!

Whatever. JT will end up pardoning TR because during all this siphoning off of Taiwan funds to TRs private omsangel, JT was the Taiwan ambassador.

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You still would have made good point sans who is dating who.

Comment removed by Administrator.

don't rush to judgment--as much as we like to be AMERICA wannabe's, the law says innocent until proven guilty. yeah..corruption is a word best describe politics, rarely there are those who have true passion and patriotism for their country that they will serve with honesty,honor and integrity....words that majority of our leaders lack. NGDIAK A ISED??????

can the administrator explain the censure of certain comments? i would like to know what kashmir is being accused of?

Kid a metemelang !

The taiwan government has been ask to produce the entire accounting of all the money that went into TR administration.

When the records show a big discrepency, TR will be off to the courts.

Joshua k WAS right. TR is the most corrupted man in the office.

"you reap what you sow"....if TR is innocent of any wrong doing, then he should be found innocent but if he's corrupt then truth shall be known and wrongs be paid accordingly.
innocent until proven guilty!

These are serious accusations especially with the recent defamation lawsuits pending.

I am sure that Bank of Guam management will be interested to know that their tellers are spreading rumors about customers.

I have a feeling that Omdui will be contacted fairly soon about the comments made here.

FYI, the accounting firm of Deloitte and Touche has been auditing the ROP govt for over 18 years. This includes an accounting of ALL Taiwan grant money received and deposited. The audit reports are available at the Ministry of Finance, Public Auditor's office, and Domestic Affairs.

Go to www.imf.org (International Monetary Fund) and look up Palau Article IV to get an unbiased and independent report about Palau's economic and fiscal conditions. Same with the Asian Development Bank www.adb.org.

For more info look up on the web, Transparency International and search for Palau to get another unbiased and independent report about Palau's good governance including transparency and corruption.

"Further information suggests that the seizure of computers at OERC in February had nothing to do with confirmation hearings of...Youlsau Bells...but rather on a wider investigation involving the former president...earlier reports showed Copeland saying "his office received information that gave probable cause to beleive evidence of criminal activity is contained on the hard drives of those seized computers."

I wonder if former TR close supporters of staff would now try to switch sides by creating diversions or attention from themselves. Does anyone think that YB might be one of those who would do that? Isn't she still employed despite the recent Senate report that confirms the forgery of documents? Wonder why they are still keeping her on the staff? Isn't she on a contract that can be easily terminated?

FYI, heard that Mlib ordered no videotaping when the Senate report confirm YB forgery was disclosed/discussed. Why all the secrecy?

I would question the integrity of JK and JN. What's the saying, "It's like the pot calling the kettle black."

This is all just part of a personal vendetta of JK and JN since they weren't able to get their way during TR admin. Remember, Nautilus and JN was charged by the former SP Walton. BTW, JK tried to get rid of the last SP.

JK, JN, JT, KM, Mlib, and others of the Senate (we know which ones) have no credibility, influence, or network of influence, outside of Palau. Even with JT & KM being Prez & VP.

Maybe, JT elevated JK to an ambassador so that JK could also get diplomatic immunity just like JT did in Taiwan. Just an opinion.

It is great that JT admin is requesting info from Taiwan Embassy. I just hope that they disclose what is reported back, if there is nothing negative to report.

It is also great that JT has asked the U.S. Inspector General (IG) to come and assist with investigating the grants given to Palau. I just wonder if the IG will be checking with the GAO (which is the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress) since they just gave a report to Congress in June 2008 on all compact monies received, which included the U.S. grants. In fact, anyone can download the report just go to United States Government Accountability Office and search for Compact of Free Association, Palau's Use of Accountability for U.S. Assistance and Prospects for Economic Self-Sufficiency. What are chances that the U.S. GAO would cover up for TR admin when reporting to the U.S. Congress?

TR is the deus ex machina in this story that is bound to be filled with political back stabbing and expendiency. Let's not lose the sight of the fact that JT was once Palau's Ambassador to Taiwan appointed by TR. This idea being put forth about an investigation is just political hokey pokey. Shining the light on the past administration makes it possible for the current one to operate in the shadows. That's what its all about, end of story.

The investigation is not on Jackson Ngriangas JN). TR had SP Walton investigated JN for more than 4 years and came up with ZERO! JN is MR. CLEAN!

Now it is TR, TS, ES, and Nakamura's turn to be investigated. Let's see how they stand up to scrutiny? I can say one thing in good conscious and that is THEIR LIFESTYLE OD DEBAUCHERY IN BONA FIDE EVIDENCE OF THEIR CORRUPTION! That is a fact! I cannot wait for the day when justice is served and they are all put in jail!

Citizens should note that at the end of the TR debacle of using SP WALTON to intimidate and persecute all that would not bow to TR, SP Walton ran out of Palau in the middle of the night (like a scared yellow bellied skunk that he is) because SP Walton knew that his days were numbered and it was inevitable that he would be exposed by Peter Moran.

It took a foreigner with guts to show up SP Walton for what he is. Now that God we have JK and JN there two will expose how Nakamura and TR riped off Palau.


Hello Citizens,

Know this, Palau has a sewage system, power system and telecommunication system that is unfit for purpose.

The Nakamura and Remengesau Administration received BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for the US, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and the EU! Yet we have a crumbling infrastructure system, WHY?



Come on Mr. President, Koshiba and Jackson Ngiraingas, the people demand action. The people demand justice. INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE~!

Ya elik, bom elelakl e mngim olmedem. A president or minister a diak a authority er tir el withdraw money from the bank, so alsekum eng bai diak modengei a process e lak moluches malchub e molekoi a betok el nonsense. STOP LISTENING TO DIAZ, kom kora mla mo uai ngii el di diak mngai a facts e mesaod. Tiaikid a kmal klou el crisis el ngarngii a belau er elechal taem, TELULCHOID! A renguk ea redil a kirir el tulchoid, but to my surprise a rsechal a meral hidoi.... Even the new administration is also fuelled by telulchoid and it's so sad to see that even the considered brightest and well educated Palauan(s) thrive on TELULCHOID!! Mada omdu democracy.... it's more like communism

Speaking of Youlsau Bells.... why is she not in jail? It is a criminal offense to lie to the congress, so why have they not taken care of the blatant offense in front of them and instead are going around looking for people to prosecute. Is it cause she is a woman? Or is it because Diaz has her back and not TRs? Kede meral chebuul a de beluu el uaisei.

:== whoever,
Provide one name in Belau congress that haven't told a LIE!!!

Mechelins, it isnt telling lies that is illegal, it is telling lies to the congress that is illegal, which youlsau did when they questioned her credentials before they confirmed her. And just because people steal doesnt mean you dont prosecute a crook when you catch her red-handed. She stole from us tax payers who payed her over inflated non-justifiable salary.

The English word "gossip" originated as "godsibb," meaning "a person related to one in God," or a godparent. Until the 1800s, "gossip" denoted friendship. Today gossip is defined by the dictionary as "chatty talk; the reporting of sensational or intimate information. (Psychology Today '96)

Its palauan word equivalent is "telulchoid" but does not consider the many layers and directions our own brand of gossip can take us in our thoughts and eventually our actions. Diaz has mastered this as in his radio program he has pushed the boundaries of telulchoid in order to further his agenda both personally and politically. An example of this would be to ask anyone on the street or in the villages and they would tell you that there is a rift between Diaz and former president Remengesau. Ask yourselves how did it start? When you boil it down, words still have too much power over us.

Just as Youlsau got away with what she did, likewise, our previous president will never be convicted. That's just the way we are as palauans. We spend so much time talking about it every where but can't do anything about it because we don't want to be singled out among others. So, mark my words, TR will not be convicted! And if he did, he won't face up to his crimes. We still don't have the guts yet to face our leaders.

Does anyone out there know about the arraignment procedures in our legal system and what exactly are the charges being levied on TR and his "cronies" as much has been discussed on here.

Very curious to see what unfolds here.


Same as U.S justice system. we try to be like U.S so we basically copied everything...laws, constitution, even using U.S currency and still think we're independt.

jp, Let the prosecutors do their job.

All we want is a fair investigation.

I am looking forward to hearing what TR and his cronies have to say about their debaucherous life styles.

It is clear that every high ranking person in the TR Administration lived beyong their means.

For example; How could TS afford to buy an $80,000 boat and pay for it in cash?

How could TR afford to own homes in Hawaii and the US mainland, send still send his kids to study abroad. His wife flies first class and buy expensive jewellery and stii TR is able to purchase more than 40 properties in Palau? HA HA Ha! The laugh is on Palau. Tey live like celebrities while we have to contend with eletrical breakdowns and sewage that fail. We have to suffer dangue and endure lack of medicine!

These guys spend hundereds of dollars daily eating at the best hotels.

Their life style is clear indication of their corruption.

Investigate than put them in jail!


Tia ko ra kmal di melemalt e lultelechakl...

Ng meskid a ko ra olangch el kmo, Ng ngarngii a lebla lebetik mauchul e kede mocha omes ra Media.

A lechub e kele telocha di melemesim ra kerrekar ma beluu lobult lomes el kmo ng locha ngar ngii a me metilech er iou, ea Diaz a ngmoech ngii ma rebebil el mengeroid er tir ra medal Otoel....

Very Interesting

So what do you think about oil exploration and the Nautilus City. I'm still against but its hard to think with everything else that is being put out in the media.

Seems like there is a lot of news about past issues/non-issues that we are forgetting to look at today and tomorrow.

I guess I'm blinded by the thousand points of light that has shone upon this land.

Good to hear from you Mardi,

Well I think Oil exploration seems realistic for it could lead us away from "Meta ra" from other countries. As far as this Nautilus City is concerned, I personally think it's a scam that will benefit only few people and could potentially hurt many ordinary people living in Peliliu and the whole Palau as well. Too many sweet words but really no clear and detailed information's about the Company and the people involved in it.


Realistic Man,

You sound like someone who has a poverty conscience. Someone with a j.o.b., which stands for just over broke. So, don't blame others if you're broke or struggling financially. It's called personal responsibility. Yeah, no money to fix the sewer or medicine, but how many govt positions would you eliminate to fund that?

It is probably hard for you to believe that some people can afford more because they are financially responsible and have excellent credit with little or no loans. They only spend what they can afford, don't have high interest loans and also save and invest their money. And, maybe, they come from families that actually have money or access to money--legitimately.

If you have doubts, read the book The Millionaire next door, which is based on research so you can see the statistics that show that most millionaires are not just the ones with businesses, but those that live on less and save and invest their money. People with regular jobs and not high paying salaries. In fact, it pointed out that it is the ones who are in careers or position that need to look rich that don't have money because they are living way beyond their means.

Or, maybe, you're just envious or ignorant.

realistic man or islander, both the same blogger with two aliases. also a mascot/puppet for UKIHL aka Nautilus City . blogs are fast to get old because of the same, tired,lame, allegations of corruption of the past admin which denied them from having their way and undergoing a major tranformation of peleiu island into a 2.1 billion dollar vacation city. no evidence of undertaking measures to ensure that the dev. is eco-friendly, approved by peleliuans let alone palauans,is sustainable and/or realistic. i am not against development but rather i am pro-environmental/palauan and anti bullcrap. does not want to play fair when it comes to propagandizing nautilus and discrediting its opponents. you cannot play the tr vs jk/jt card forever in hope of discrediting the past admin then gaining attn or support for your idea. you'll have to come up with some good results or evidence.

Mardingoal, Mosisechekiak,Samsay & me,

Boy oh Boy! you arse-holes talk about regurgitating the same old crap. Don't you realize that you guys take the cake. All you can say is scam, scam, scam! Or Nautilus is bad for the eco-system.

The same with Remengesau who said "Nautilus City would not work" yet, when UKIHL's attornies wrote to him (Remengesau) to ask him to disclose what information he had to back up such irresponsible statement, Remengesau went silent! As a President Remengesau is a fool, a clown and a coward in addition to being corrupt and I spit on him and you guys for bringing disgrace to Palau.

For several years now you guys canvassed that NC is a scam, yet not a single person have been able to produce a single shred of evidence to back such vile statements. SP Walton had to revert to purjury and dirty tactics in an attempt to stain UKIHL with some wrong doing. He failed and had to quit his job and sneak out of Palau in the middle of the night! Ha! Ha! Ha!

It is clear that you guys are just envious of Peleliuan making money from UKIHL when you guys have not!

You claim that NC will be bad for the eco-system, yet you have not brought a single shred of data to support this wild propaganda.

On the otherhand the promoters of Nautilus City have conducted studies and have already produced architectural and engineering plans that show that the Natilus City development will not cause any ill effects on the environment on the contrary data produced by UKIHL show that the NC project will improve the environment and bring wealth to the people of Palau.

The developers of the proposed Nautilus City project have thought of everything, from providing direct flights to Peleliu, to providing medical and rescue facilites for tourists and locals alike. Has any other developer done this? NO! In fact, Palau does not even have a search and rescue service! Are you guys aware that many tourist have gone missing and have died in our seas!

I am aware that UKIHL's proposal have even made provision to setting-up a research station to protect and enhance the environment.

The company has even put forward a comprehensive proposal to setting up training centres to ensure that Palauan youth get good training to enable them to be involved in Nautilus City at executive levels.

I am aware that UKIHL has already spent millions of dollars in providing scematics which show that they will use solar power and wind power in addition to conventional power sources for nautilus City. They have already designed a sewage system that is state-of-the-art which do not discharge toxic waste into the surrounding seas.

Even soap water from bathrooms and detergents and oils from the kitchen-sink is collected and processed. Does any other development in Palau do this? No Way!

The People of Palau are wise to your vile ploys and envious ungodly ways and that is why Nakamura's and Remengesau's cronies were all kicked out of government and resoundingly lost the elections.

It is now the time for President Toribiong and his decent Ministers. Just wait. Palau will be a decent place to like under their watch!

There is no room in Palau for narrow minded freeks who can only survive from hand-me-downs, grants and monopolies.

Get lost, why don't you!

Realistic Man, this all sounds well and good, but when a company cannot produce financial statements to back up the fact they have billions of dollars, how do you know this is not all pie in the sky dreaming? They can tell us whatever they want, but there is no proof they have ligitimate money, or even that they know how to build something like this. So, i'd just be careful that I dont get lost in their magic talk, cause people, as you know, lie. Its up to us to VERIFY that they tell the truth; until they do, i am one to pass on the opportunity. They dont even have a website or any news articles on things they have built. smells a bit foul to me.

This is our home, and yes, we need income generation, but lets not be foolish and let people circumvent our laws.

Realistic Man,
Can you talk about anything else beside advertizing Nautilus City? I realized the economy is bad and you are hoping for a hefty commision from them but honestly, it's getting too boring reading your post. Speaking about narrow minded, I think you fit the description to the tee!

coming through

kam luut e Husky

Hello Oreor, belochel & Samsay,

Let me ask you, why the preoccupation of asking investors that come to Palau whether they have money or not. We are not detectives and Palau certainly does not have means to conduct and verify whether each and every investor that comes to Palau has money or not. If they do not have money they would not come to Palau in the first place. Con men do not go to places that have no money! Conmen go to big cities, don't you know that?

It would be a really stupid conman to go to Darfour to con the starving people there! Ha! Ha! Ha! No one can deny that Palau is broke (or have you guys & Tommy stached funds away for a 'rainy day'?).

No one can deny that almost every Senator & HOD member in Palau has a bad record of cheating foreigner, corruption, etc. Who is the con artist? Is this why you guys are so interested in someone else's cash?

You stupid eggheads, let me enlighten you that billions of dollars have been invested in Dubai, the USA, UK, Germany, etc., and then if the investment climate changes or when a recession hits projects get abandoned. This is normal! Just because a company has money one day does not mean the company will have money forever! Many international companies, even banks are going bankrupt everyday - don't you guys watch CNN?

If the investors that come have no money than there will be no development/investment and as such the development is simply an acedemic issue!

Who is hurt? Nobody! No development means everything remains the same as it has for the last fifty years until another invetors comes along of course!

You SAY that nothing has proven that they have the expertise or means to get the devlopment going (unless YOU say they do by inspecting their financial records) BUT do you guys have the knowhow to inspect financial records of international companies correctly - or is it just for you to put your hand out for a pay-off and you just want to guage how much you can be corrupted for?

Who has the expertise to get diplomatic ties done? No-one but YOU guys but for years no one could get diplomatic ties with Malaysia. Yet UKIHL and its Chairman did get the diplomatic ties through for Palau - it was the very guys that YOU support that tried to cheat the person who came to Palau and gave it to them on a platter.

I say it is you who are the con men and you support(and still continue to support) the PROVEN high priest of con men himself!


Realistic or delusional,

I must say that your ability to make assumptions about people stinks and it must be from YOUR background that you attempt to superimpose on me. Ha Ha WRONG!

I believe it must be you who is either delusional about yourself or one of those 'none so deaf' type personalities!

Furthermore, maybe you should stop reading those books you read and certainly as it has not done much for your capability to read well.

realistic man,i cant believe the arrogance you've just shown. its become your trademark of sorts. no one has opposed nautilus directly, but everytime someone has come out with some negative comment on nautilus, you jump them with your insults and baseless allegations. its obvious you are in deep with this nautilus scam. everytime you come at a person you never fail to add some made up rumors such as ngedebus island (which is actually NOT the reason for the Nautilus project being turned down by the past admin. you are not that informed in that case nor are you that "realistic" either. dont be blinded by them $$$ because they'll cause you to have tunnel vision. more power to you when you have your dream come true seeing probably you cant have it any other way. its about time you have your due props because you've always been trailing behind TR trying work around his decisions but dont let your mid life crisis and obsession with money consume you and your blogs. sheesh ahahahha

"You stupid eggheads, let me enlighten you that billions of dollars have been invested in Dubai, the USA, UK, Germany, etc., and then if the investment climate changes or when a recession hits projects get abandoned. This is normal! Just because a company has money one day does not mean the company will have money forever! Many international companies, even banks are going bankrupt everyday - don't you guys watch CNN?"

i sure hope you are not a gov. official involved with nautilus because by the way you write, you sure sound like an egghead (trying to get enlightened by watching CNN lol). so it is normal for businesses to fold in dubai and the u.s. so that makes it ok for that to happen in palau. what happens if they abandon nautilus and have already leased and affected the land? please enlighten us.

'Fictional oldhead',

Please do not mix up 'arrogance' for my frustration at the lack of awareness about realism is today's climate of economic uncertainty that some Palauans are still in denial about!

I am far from blinded by $$ but is your like that is blinded by the lies that have been fed to 'oldheads' by those who did nothing in the past and have landed us in the situation we are in - which I beleve, from your comments, that you are still in denial about!

I also believe that you are swollowing the shit about 'scams' hook line and sinker - I hope you are not one of the 'original' scam mongerers who are involved in the Ngedebus scam (I am just using your own words that you selectively choose to use on Nautilus City)! Just because YOU and your friends are supportive of Ngedebus, its OK, I suppose? It failed, I beleive so I can safely call it a scam, I suppose - is this not the benchmark that you and 'Steve' use?

Tunnel vision? My, my, is that not what you guys are all about? Just because I am not inside your tunnel there is no need for you to be so viscious and assuming that I am wrong...Jeez....what a load of hog wash you guys are wollowing in ....you are so deep in it you can't see straight!

On this Easter time, my wish is that Nautilus City rise from the 'dead' box you guys tried to put it in and then Palau will know who has been lying and misleading them into believing someone's good intentions towards Palau are a scam!

I can only wonder at why Nautilus City did not commence three years ago? Is it because your guy did not get a 'pay packet'? Is it because TR did not keep his promises?

Like TR brought so many other investors to Palau? oh yeah! Like the other investors who also ran away? Failure! Failure! Failure!

Hey, maybe you should get a 'new' head and wake up?

We are all supposed to be working for the benefit of Palau - not for our own pocket - so I do not think I need to say anymore other than it is YOU who is the one so blinded by the $$$$$ - whereas I am the HOPEFUL one that wants Palau to prosper - no wonder you do not see eye to eye with me: you are $$$$ focused, I am Palau focused!


Dear bloggers,

My sons have had to leave me and find work in Guam and I have not seen them for more than two years. My heart is broken!

I blame Tommy and Nakamura for this. For 16 years they did nothing to create jobs and to create businesses that brings revenue to Palau.

I welcome any business that comes to Palau, BIG or SMALL so that our sons and daughter do not have to leave their families for work abroad!

All this talk of keeping Palau environmentally pristine is bull-crap to me!

I ask you, who are we keeping Palau environmentally pristine for? A few rich tourist who come to Palau to enjoy themselves for a week or two. Today, revenue from these tourists do not amount to much and dose not sustain our economy in any significant way whatsoever.

We need tourism on the scale that Nautilus City can bring. ONLY such developments will make a significant difference to our revenue.

As far as I am concerned, we are not keeping Palau environmentally pristine for our childern because all our children are leaving Palau because there is NO JOBS to keep them in Palau!!!

We must be reasonable and practicle in our thinking and our approach regarding environmental issues.

I do not say we should allow Palau to be pollutted. NOT AT ALL!

Palauans even an old lady like myself is aware that it is not in the interest of Foreign investors to pollute Palau. Their business depends on Palau being beautiful and pristine. Troller boats who carry out long-line-fishing pollute Palau more with their dirty diesel engines. They dump rubbish into the sea and kill sharks for fins! This is what should be stopped!

The EQPB should not make it difficult for foreign investors and foreign developers - asking foreign investors to make Environmental impact studies every time a foreign investor wants to start-up a development is rediculous. This tentamounts to blackmail! No wonder there is no development in Palau.

How many studies to we need. The US government have already made more than enough studies on impact of development on the environment when the built the compact road.

I ask you, what private development that comes to Palau will make as much impact on the environment on the scale caused by the Compact road? Yet we built the compact road. Why do we need more and more environmental studies that slow down development?

Surely, there are building standards and environmental preservation standards that exists in places like Hawaii, Singapore and Australia that we can adopt. We do not have to re-invent the wheel!!

There should be simple laws that make it illegal for anyone to allow leaching or allowing seware to be spewed into the ocean.

Why is the EQPB so stupid?

I agree, Woman of Palau. And you are saying it from the heart as you are living it, not like many bloggers who are outside of Palau and think they know it all.
I believe in sustainable developments with strict EQPB law enforcements.

woman of palau?,

is that u islander? u are such a loser. btw your blogs dont make any sense. you sound like a high school student writing his first critique of the government. go back to grammar school you washed up bitter, middle aged, has-been, parasite of a blogger who watches "cnn" to gain enlightenment.lol. in response to you saying you're not arrogant, cmon by this time you have shown to us how much of a prick you are. i only write like this to try out your mode of discourse to see how it feels to be you. frankly i feel much more like an egghead as you said but i know you already knew about that(about feeling like an egghead you egghead!). jk ur a fag with ds lips




Hey Steve,

You are the number one fool (super egghead) of Palau.

Are you suggesting that no Palauan owned company has ever failed? Ha Ha Ha! Go tell that to Santa! HEHEHEHE!

Of course it is OK for business to fail in Palau. No one can guarantee that a business will not fail no matter what country the business is in. This is the risk everyone takes in a capatalistic economy. Success & sometimes failure is the norm.

It appears that your understanding of business is that if a business fails, it is a con! With such a concept firmly in your mind, you must be one of those idiots that helped to run the last administration.

You actually have intimated that it is not OK for a business to fail. It is then no wonder you are looking for guarantees - like the super fool you must be. Steve, even life cannot be gauranteed so how can anyone possibly guarantee that a business will succeed? Do you not realize that even businesses supported by governments have failed. That is why most economists advocate that governemnts should NOT do business as they cannot guarantee the public's money and they interfere with private businesses chances of success!

It is people like you and the supporters of the past administration who swollow such negative and 'scared of failure' policies that has caused Palau to have a "prefer to do nothing" attitude and the EXCUSE given is keep Palau green and unchanged! No wonder Palau is in such a financial mess. Perhaps they misspelt 'green' but actually meant 'greed'?

TR canvasses green but punps shit into the ocean, cuts down mangroves in front of his house, uses fuel guzzling autos and boats.

You obviously do not ascribe to the parable that says it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all? Is thst not what Jesus taught? Yet you choose (on this Holy Saturday) to suggest that you prefer to find excuses to still do nothing.

You are even lying that they "affected" the land....by doing what drawing up the plans for Nautilus City? Do you not think that the WWII bombings of Peleliu affected the land beyond anything anyone else can do now?

If they abandon Nautilus City it will be because of people like you and the past administration that gave Palau such a bad reputation of being investment unfriendly, corrupt and downright dishonest.

And to answer your question: "what will happen if they abandon Nautilus" - I say; so what? Has the land dissappeared? NO!

What is the land being used for now? Absolutely nothing worthwhile!

The only thing Peleliu has been used for by TR and his unholy trinity is to tout to the miguided 'sheep' (who blindly follow whatever direction the past corrupt leaders take) that they shoud be eco-friendly and undeveloped so that people like you have given them what they wanted - a mandate and excuse to do nothing.
And, you know what? You can even continue to eat their eco-shit long after they are no longer in power! So what a scam they have pulled on Palau!

So, again I say 'so what'? Has anyone lost their job because they abandon the project? NO!

I ask you: in the 16 past years what revenue-earning projects have been brought to Palau to replace the "Grants"? Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

And you are STILL anti-investments from foreigners? So, why not do something constructive yourself?

You are a joke - and the joke is on you and your kind who have swollowed the TR shit and it is no wonder all that is comming out of you is more of the SAME!

I urge you to get real and stop whinning about NOTHING!


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