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April 13, 2009


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love this

mix a lil' of this and a lil' of that, then i think that's me :) i can be a one-liner, or an essay writer. i can be clever but a real air-head in a lot of the issues. i back off in some issues and be on fire on some... but i never critize anyone! at least i hope so!

cheers to everyone for such great discussions... and to all the palauans in palau, i called home for easter and i must say that you are going through tough times for the past 2 weeks or more... for palauans overseas, now's not the best times to be going back home. as for tourists, well... they provide generators in the hotels so.... whatever you choose don't matter!

happy belated easter!

great post! Had a laugh through this one; thought of the regulars who would fit the descriptions of some of the types of commentors! Still waiting on a "Martian" to show up..

Indeed a good references for us in this blog. Useful to some minds if not all egos.....

OLLEKYANG! I like that.....

Good one


"The Boaster"--non other than DIAZ, the so called senator whom we love and hate and can't tell his ass from his face 'cos what comes out all the time is air.....baaaaaahahahahaaha

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