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May 02, 2009


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This shows that the leadership is open to suggestions and are willing to work as a team to get the best ideas from the public. Especially those living abroad who are very much reliant on the compact of free assciation to make a living in U.S. What are some of things or programs that you guys know that are part of the Compact, but not much Palauans are using it. If you know send it to this office. Maybe we could divert the funding for it to other essential needs in our island.....

Just a Thought.....


Asking for input and actually using the input are two very different things. These guys are notorious for just giving lip service. Look to the past actions and results as a pretty good indicator of future action. Not pessimistic, just realistic. After all, only fair way to judge is based on results.

Oh, wait, they've only just started. We need to wait 4 more years to see concrete evidence of their success.

I think it is fair to give them a chance to show us what they can do or cannot do. At least they are giving us the populace and the voters the opportunity to submit our ideas and suggestions so that they may be considered by the commission. Were there anything like this during the previous administration? TR and BK were somewhat secretive about their actions yet they spent an enormous amount of funds yet nothing concrete came out as a result of their actions. If anyone can tell me what it is that BK did as the Compact Negotiator under TR, then I will shut up.

BK was well-known and well-respected. He's a man of integrity and he came to the table with this. Unlike, the current "Ambassadors", etc. Please research prior GAO reports--especially regarding the IPESCO--so the US is FULLY aware of the credibility and character of all our officials who come to the negotiating table--believe me, they don't rely on the local media, gossip, or the blogs for their info.

FYI, initially the US had NO intention of entertaining the "negotiation" or "review" so the fact that BK was instrumental in establishing the talks is to be commended--check previous news reports in late 2007, if you have doubts. Or, make contacts in US Congress.

Why did the inter-agency support that? Because BK was the primary liasion with the Pacific Command on the military side and he is a man that is well-known for his integrity and his committment. (Fyi, The money that JT is talking about for the Ngardmau police sub-station was actually a result of BK securing that.) But, you won't hear BK, TR, or anyone from their admis trying to take credit since they did it for the benefit of the people and not for political reasons, also, they can easily prove it if need be.

JT, JK, etc should be very careful about what they claim and report since this info can be easily verified thru the US govt and by the US media. There are simple TOO MANY US NGO's and US voters that are very aware of the current govt and political attempts to distort the truth.

There's more to report in the coming weeks....

I am sure that a number of US news agencies would be more than happy to pursue an investigative news story as to how the US taxpayer's money is being spent abroad--especially in light of the unencouraging US economic outlook. And, also how their (US tax dollars) money is used to support the principles of democracy abroad. Especially, if they were given so much factual background info. I don't think any Ambassadorial status will help us, if that happens.

Can you imagine if any of the widely-viewed daytime talk shows pick up on the story. Don't think Oprah's viewers would be too sympathetic to us. I just can't imagine JT, JK, JN, Amb Beck going to Oprah to speak on our behalf. FYI, I think Oprah's staff would also have the facts to dispute any of their comments and they'd be grilled for any misinformation. LOL...

What is this Compact Review all about?

Palau already signed and received it's full entitlement as per the terms of the Compact Agreement.

Why can't we just be honest with the USA?

Just send Koshiba, he knows how to tell the truth. He will tell Obama that nakamura and remengesau jr., fucked-up. He can explain to Obama that the last two Palau Presidents skimmed money for themselves and their cronies, they made grandoise and useless development s that they could aware sub=contracts to themeslves and the result is; Palau is now bankrupt!

Now tell me what wrong with that?

The truth will set us free!

I have a solution.

Why don't we sell Peleliu to NC for say 1 Billon Dollars. That will solve all our financial problems. We have so many Islands anyway, one more or less won't hurt.

Just imagine what 1 Billion can do?

Maybe Bill Gates may want an island?

What about the idea of selling titles? That soulded real good to me!

TR tried to sell Elite Visas, how many did he sell of those? What happen to the money?

I have heard so much propaganda about people wanting to come to Palau because Palau is sooo pristine and sooo beautiful. TR must have sold a million elite visas by now if his propaganda about foreigners queing-up to come to Palau is true! Oops! Another load of crap!

DEAD TOPIC!!!! Belau was sold a long time ago, what we have going on now are puppets making movements when the string gets pulled...wake up coconuts........


Read what you write and think hard. "Why did the inter-agency support that? Because BK was the primary liasion with the Pacific Command on the military side and he is a man that is well-known for his integrity and his committment. (Fyi, The money that JT is talking about for the Ngardmau police sub-station was actually a result of BK securing that.)......."

Do you really believe the interagency gives a hoot on BK's integrity? And commitment to what? and to whom? Besides, being a liaison with the Pacific Command is called for in the compact. Not some initiative of BK or the previous administration. The term, I believe, is 'Competent Authority' and BK was the competent authority for Palau since 1994, as he had been with the executive branch since then.

Regarding use of funds for Ngardmau fire station, JT's administration has all the right to claim credit for using that fund since it is the current government. BK has no standing to claim credit for the funds because the grant assistance was given on a government - government basis, not government - government official, as you seem to suggest. Your making a very dangerous suggestion.

Hey Know All,

I have a better solution, send TR to the USA so that the FBI can interrogate him and find out where all the Companct money is gone.

I think we will get the answers in a very short time.


I call the past administration, a bad virus, that never left. It's imbedded in all of us and it won't go away anytime soon. It has taken our hopes and crippled our trust. I don't understand how we let this happen in 8 years time. How can TR do this to his fellow citizens? Right now I can only think of who he looks up to as his mentor, President Hugo Chavez. Sad, sad but factual.

Tuni tune, your not making any sense. You sound a lot like islander. the topic is compact review office is online

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