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July 15, 2009


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Why do I get this weird feeling that the money in exchange for the services were more than what is reported here. I really don't think that Masayos and Giramur would put their job on the line for a measely $450 dollars.

Just a thought....

Kudos to those investigators who did justice for the people of Palau. They should get a raise for their effort.


So they have been charged but have they been convicted and if not is there going to be a trial?? And if they are found guilty, will they be forced to leave their positions and possibly banned from pursuing gov't employment in the future?? I mean come on, what is the deal here?! Or will it be just another slap on the hand!!! I know for a fact that Masayos is holding 2 gov't positions, one being a legislator from his state so if he's found guilty will he still be employed from his state?? Or is it what Mosi is stating that there's more than what is reported here????

Iang hai e rengelekei. Ngkuk recha chised me te di oketa bribe each other? Ngkal Masayos ma Giramur a bai ungil dekuld a tama ra ngisir. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Seikid a ungil tekoi.

Why and How did former Sen. Vice President HE bribed the two officers?

I heard him and TS conspired with Marino Reches to released the whole amount of grant from Turkey or India to Ngirabelod to construct Gym for young Peleliuans. HE relased the $75,000.00 to Kun's daughter construction Company as Contractor to build.

These peoples are maybe corrupted or ignorant of the Laws of Palau. HE and GF case and Tem S and new hotel next to Bai ra Metal. These blinds people or they think thaat we Peleliuans are bakasteru, stupid and idiot.

AG or SP must to investigate the matters like what they are doing at Labor office.

Santy Palau is no longer hiding any wrong doing but good governance or transparent government.

Palau is cleaning up the problems, ha haha



diak monguld, MOLEKOSEKE!!

I knew all along that something fishy was going on with masayos and giramur. Especially masayos with his lavish lifestyle that didn't really much his salary.
maybe another lesson to be learned from this is that we should elevate the salary level of people in these sensitive positions so that they don't easily succumb to bribery. I know things are tight economically but there is money to raise the salaries of Pres, VP and ministers, we should divert that money for these positions instead. just a thought.
I still think that SP should look into other labor and immigration officials for possible bribery charges and other criminal offenses. Even customs officials are possible suspects in my view, of similar crimes.
You should see these guys when they frequent bars, kareoke and restaurant establishments owned or operated by foreign nationals. these guys are treated like kings and run bar tabs they dont even bother to pay.

REmember I blogged about Joe Ngiramur few months ago. I told you guys that he was on the take and no one believed me.

Maluchub e ktundii!!

I think these three tootsie-rolls{Mas.,Gir. and Es.} should be sent straight to prison, and when they do their time, they can always do business with chinese in their own time and place, adang mekrang.Don't ever let them work in any public office.

Iang hai e "Yasai". Ngkora kmal melaok aikal tekingem. Ngbai ungil tekoi. Adang mekerang. Ochoi. Seikid. Mebol uaisei. Ma uriul.

Iang chelik "Mechelins" e rungalek. Ng kuk diak a tengdek el sebechek el lobang el mo melund a tama ra ngisir. Ka bai me kulekoi. Mededak el mora chelmoll e bo do malech a derudm. Seikid eng sebeched el mo madel aikal tengdir e ousbech el mo melund a tama ra ngisir tirekal medengerenger el chad. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Tiakid a siukang. Me bol uaisei. Ma uriul.

Jaime, baibobechei aikal ngisir tirkal chad eng kmal ngar ngii a roungerachel el melik,mesebek malechub e te menguld. Baikuk-di mongelebd a ngerir alsekum kau a kmal soam el mo merutech ra tang er tir.Ng kora kmal mla mo weird tial teletelem el kmal soam el mo mekerang ra ngisel a chad.

Ia Yasai...alii ka bai ungil kkuld a tum. Ngeram meke kora melnguul e mengerirs er kid? Ngera chised e rungalek?

let justice take its course. unless its dumb deaf and blind.
just me

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