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July 22, 2009


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is the COFA trust fund like any other investments which are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by the bank, and may loose all its value?

Alii G. Faustino,

Palau Compact Investment Fund was mandated in the agreement to be invested in US and fund deposited in US financial custodian bank. Yes it has to be FDIC. But more important fact, all of the fund is invested in US Stocks and bonds. So it enjoys the benefits and/or demise of the stock market as everyone else in the US are experiencing.


alii Santy,

if you can, please check out this link to the Merrill Lynch home page (scroll down to bottom page and read all the disclaimers) and let me know if i am just being paranoid here.



Hello Y'all,

Testing... Testing one, two, three...

Yep, the Islander is back... All systems go!

No Gail,

You are NOT being paranoid.

The problem lies in many people placing their trust in “big name’ and so-called companies that have some ‘established’ records instead of looking ahead and doing the homework.

Even Swiss banks do not guarantee your deposits as many of them pay you interest only when you agree to have your deposits used by some other institution such as a fund management firm and they do not guarantee those fund managers or other bankers.

Palauans always EXPECT things to be OK when they do not have the people with the knowledge to check up on what is going on with their funds. They are willing to hear ‘sweet talk’ from people in big companies who are so used to ripping people off but portray they are above board.

The Enron scandal opened many people’s eyes about Arthur Anderson, Price Waterhouse Coopers and other big accounting and investment firms but Palauans seem to prefer not to take stock of their funds.

False beliefs and an ingrained preference to hope for the best and for countries to come along and do right by them needs to stop. An independent country needs to take responsibility for the funds lost and not accept the fate of stock market ebbs and flows.

Thank you for another ‘wake up’ call but I fear that you pointing this out will not get the desired result – there are many who will attack you for bringing it to their attention and call you paranoid! It’s more relaxing to do nothing and leave it to others who SHOULD do the right thing. Trouble is Palau will pay for the price if they do not. And many humans often do not do right by others!


Good examples are the dream projects that are due to come to Palau. We are being pushed to put our trust on names that we don't even know exists. And like Swiss Bank, there is no guarantee as to what future stability are we looking at.

So your concern is very much normal, in fact, you have paved way to other possible insights on the side of the naive citizens.

The real issue of COFA negotiation is there is no fixed date on when the next meeting will convene. What we know for now is, we have 1 year extension, but that's it. It is a sad realization that even this admin knew what the stakes were when they selected their COFA Negotiator. I'm ready to say: This admin makes a quick selection (again) and choose someone who could convince the US that 1 year extension is simply not feasible, and that there has to be a set date for the next meeting. We are bound to a 50 year contract, which we agreed to and have got what we needed. The next move should be USA's move. So choices? We do not have much. I say, How about giving Camsek Elias Chin a try and see what US will say to us. I'm sure by picking him we have already progressed from so many channels, and who knows? We might go straight to the term and financial matters. Sometimes there are decisions that are hard to make but we have to because the nation is stagnating. By making the current selection was by far, one of the biggest mistake (if not the first), in the History of US/Palau Relationship issues.

Thank you,


many questions come to mind after reading this article.

1. how much are we paying these two companies Bank of New York and Knight Trading for their services?

2. what is Commission Recapture? please explain in simpler details that a fifth grader can understand.

3. was it a unanimous decision to hire these guys or were there any oppositions?

4. is it possible to get the minutes of this meeting posted here on Okedyulableluu? or can we get it from Merrill Lynch?

forgive me if my questions sound childish but i really do want to know more about our COFA fund, amid all the recent Wall Street ups and downs.

to Islander and Cheuas: it is good to know i'm not alone, thank you.



Alii G Faustino,

When I was a Board member for Pension Plan, I found that there were no childish or wrong questions. If you did not understand or felt uneasy about anything chances are there is something wrong with it. One has to be vigilant on guarding one's money. Though money is deposited with banks and other investment instruments and institutions, the best caretaker of your own money is yourself. Yes, people should be constantly checking their money managers and investment consultant on a regular basis and do not be shy to confront them when things don't seem right.

A mistake was done when TR did not renew the Compact Fund Commission and 7th OEK went along with this decision. Of course, I was against this move. 8th OEK should reinstitute the CFC to better monitor this fund.



You blogged earlier in "Tumult in the Senate" - Jasper, a man is presumed innocent until proven otherwise, so until then, TR issue is still allegations. Nothing in the Biography spells wealth for Badawi. He has a long career in public service and politics. He does not own oil, or what. If there are millions on his name, then they are "alledged" to have been taked during his tenure in the government. So he comes to Palau on a military plane to do what? Why not ride his own jet so you and Islander could boast bigger than now? Crawl back to your ass and hide, JA-Sper... Posted by: Cheuas | July 19, 2009 at 09:08 A

Well now that we have ascertained that your stand is that "a man is innocent until proven guilty" when you speak about your idol (TR), don't you think that you should have the same attitude with all (such as UKIHL, Tun Badawi, LD, and so on and so forth)? I do not have to take your attitude because I know for a fact that TR is an extremely corrupted s.o.b.

As to whether Tun Badawi and/or LD have the millions in personal wealth enough to build NC and/or SC... man, you have got to be having rocks in your head - as mentioned in earlier blogs, the NC and SC deals are on a G to G basis; LD and Tun Badawi have the access and credibility to move said funds required to complete the projects in luxurious style... what credibility do you have? You can't even put forward a decent case to support your contorted ideas about LD and Tun Badawi being corrupted earth destroyers. I think you been watching too much fictional TV pal...

Santy, stocks and bonds are not FDIC insured. FDIC only insure your deposit that are in the bank which is only limited to first $250,000.

"The standard insurance amount of $250,000 per depositor is in effect through December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014, the standard insurance amount will return to $100,000 per depositor for all account categories except IRAs and other certain retirement accounts, which will remain at $250,000 per depositor."

The money in the stock market gets better return than the banks that's why most people still buy stocks.

Thank you.


Malaysian Banks, Trust Funds and Bonds are all Guaranteed by the Government. European Union Investment Guarantee Trust Fund for Bosnia Herzegovina amongst other EU countries. So are Indonesian Islamic Bonds guaranteed by the Government. The list does go on far to much to carry on here... main thing is you get the picture.

Palau needs to exercise it's diplomatic ties and make full use of all the guarantees out there rather than relying on some fund managers that do not guarantee their performance.

I feel certain with the SC and NC projects, this Government can slowly accumulate the wealth in order to guarantee the future of our culture, our environment, our people and our families.

Thank President Toribiong for giving it a go. I hope SC and NC project has a job for me when it all gets going, I'd even lay the bricks to build the resort cities myself... I'm sure its going to be one hell of a benchmark from what I've seen of Malaysia... Malaysia's new Shopping Mall "The Pavilion" just won the title of the best shopping centre in the world!!!

Palauans, if we love Palau, if we are patriots, we must get behind anyone who can help us achieve financial independence. Lets give them everything they need to get these projects off the ground. C'mon LD we wanna see this dream come alive.

President Toribiong, do not give in to the whims of the TR and SW. What is the Senate whining about salary, quarreling about whose going to be chairman of this committee and that committee, who's getting more pay and who deserves what respect. Boys I will respect you when I see things happening... right now there is still nadda!

So TR & SW, shut the hell up, you had 8 years and screwed the country and the Palau people. There is no denying this because the proof is what you see all around you and your lifestyle to show that you're guilty as hell. President, Minister Ngiraingas, SP, AG... just swat this TR mosquito once and for all will ya guys!

God Bless the good people of Palau and President Toribiong. God bless UKIHL. God bless Uncle Sam.

There's no way NC can be build. The land does not belong to Jackson . The land is belong to Teliu clan and most members don't like the idea. So relationship they try to create between Palau and Maleysia don't mean anything.It won't happen, trust me!


Do you mean the Compact Board of Trustees or the Compact Review Commission? Compact Board of Trustees was repealed by law during the 7th OEK, which you were a member of.

The Compact Review Commission, which consisted of OEK members--Alan Seid & Joshua Koshiba & don't recall the 2 members from House side, others were Kuniwo Nakamura, Dr. Kuartei, Masa-aki Emesiochel, Elbuchel Sadang, Temmy Shmull and I think you're right it did expire because their mandate did. So, if it was to have been reinstated, then the 7th OEK would've had to pass a law. Do you recall which OEK members were against & for? Please share that info. We know now that you were against.

Alii Chedeng,

Since we are talking about the Compact Fund, all references were directed at Compact Board of Trustees. This was one of the first issues that we got tangled with at the start of 7th OEK.

It became one of the earliest sources for splinter in the senate. Whipps, Yuki, Otto, and myself were not keen in assigning to Ministry of Finance because we knew that they were already inaudated with their daily tasks. Besides TR never submitted naminations to the senate so it died a natural dead. And Koichi Wong who was the last standing member wrote a recommendation to the senate to dissolve the board.

I remember Senator Koshiba who was very keen on dissolving the board as it was only necessary initially but no longer required because the funds were all invested in US. Plus one of the issue was there was no funding for that board ever since its creation. Other issues were more political including Surangel Jr. being a member of this board.

In retrospect, this board is critical for monitoring of the fund especially in light of US investment market crash. I hope that 8th OEK and the President put together a team whose sole function is to review the fund performance on a regular basis. Sulang.


Alii poor...

Lands that UKIHL need for their development have already been leased by the relevant chiefs and countersigned by the matriarchs. Members of clans are subject to their Chiefs decision with regards to clan lands, so members have to go with the Chiefs decision... that's why you'all elected Clan Chiefs remember? Or are you saying that you disrespect your Chief... Be careful what you say man coz now this site has registration of users I am sure the Chief would love to know who you really are and teach you a lesson of respect to your elders!

You are disrespectful of your leaders and it appears even of the United Nations... y'know even casual relationships between countries of the non-aligned movement means something... I think you better go be bitter somewhere else. This site does not need attitude like yours.

The real issue is that US of A would not simply give the funds away and allow Palau to choose the destiny of the funds, especially with TR and his friends at the piggy bank waiting to break it up with their jack-hammers... C'mon Santy, it's not rocket science - the committee fell apart because they were lame ducks who only cared about committee salaries. Although USA gave the funds, but they want it in their territory helping prop-up US economy (simply by having the funds in their countries banks and fund managers accounts). Palau was also greedy when promised high yields from the managers.

Take the money and put it in a guaranteed return portfolio in a country that guarantees their trust funds... Palau runs the risk of going bankrupt on a daly basis while leaving the money in the US... you'll notice the lack of any guarantee by Merrill. Notice that the largest scandals all happen in US (see Enron - which Merrill were knee deep in shit with, etc). Wait till the commercial real estate bubble bursts... then Compact Fund will be worth perhaps 1/10 the current value.

Merang Omeluches,

I think you need to understand the position of clan chiefs in our society. Chiefs are not elected, they are chosen by the strong women members of that clan, but then have to be accepted by the rubaks. If not, then the whole selection will start again.

If a rubak is chosen, he will not be the owner of the clan, but rather a representative of everyone in that clan. He cannot sell, or lease land of that clan unless a concesus is obtained amongst all the members to include, metmut and kikaid. So if you think Obak alone can now decide and not talk to everyone, then your idea of a chief is a bit off the rack. Did Obak inherit these lands? From who, and if so, what about the rest of the clan members? It information like these that gets the foreign bloggers to think that, the culture of Palau could be played with. I know that some of them are from UK where the Monarchy comes from the father's side of the family, but is totally different here. And some of them lacks the understanding as to how to even begin to talk about our culture.

Please study our culture (if you are a Palauan) before you open your mouth. Even though we see $$$$ on NC project, the real issue is how are we going to allow it with minimal problems but major benefit to us. Someone mentioned that this is a Government to Government. If it that, then everyone must have a saying in this, even to teach the naive pushers to understand what our culture holds for us. Also being a G to G, I believe OEK, President, Tax Payers and State Governments are entitled to their ideas as well.

I hope you are smarter than that...

I think you should change your name to Klemerang a Omeluches. Merang Omeluches only gives us the picture of how far are you as a Palauan....


you rock. And Santy I pity our island for not choosing people like you to the office for the benefit of our people. Instead, just look at those legislators. Their backrounds and histories. Daaaaah........



You bologged: "Although USA gave the funds, but they want it in their territory helping prop-up US economy (simply by having the funds in their countries banks and fund managers accounts)."

How would you have the US of A money allocated? First of all, after the war, USA gave us their constitution to adopt our very own from. Which means, we do not have one of our own liking or advantage. For the last 60+ years, we have lived under the ilasngesungel, not inside under their roof. USA is hesitant now about the COFA negotiations because they are looking at how long we have been depending on them. There's an old saying that goes: Give him a fish, and you fed him for the day, teach him how to fish, and you have fed him for life. All the money and the hand downs that we have received, we have not been able to put them to good cause, why? Because it's people with you mentality that lacks the ability to think beyond or plan further. It is not TR's fault or JT or what not, it is the fault of our nation because we failed to adopt our own version of a constitution that works for us. We rely on another's law to breath, so that's why we have been for past years asking and asking, and continue to ask again and again. Isn't it sad? Now we are remermochel and making assumtions that COFA would not have been negotiated better had we not allowed the USA request to accept the Uyighurs. We do not have a choice, whether it's the GITMO deal or plain JT's expertise.

I for one believes that as an independent nation, why not think of how to develop our economy, so that we could be able to print our own money? That way, we could have some leverage in any given situation that concerns our nation.

If I'm made a president for a day, my first bill, would be, To declare national emergency and call for another Con COn to repeal all the laws, and devise a 25 law constitution because that is what we need, less laws and a lot of progress.

But as long as we are dependent on USA, our laws must remain as they are. The next best thing is to concentrate on building Palau. It's like asking for more fuel to throw in the water while we paddle our disabled boat....



Ever since the conversion of this site. Less and less folks are on. Maybe you should think about openning up the toll gate gain. Or maybe you could ensure a total secrecy and privacy of each logs. I think that should solve the problem.

Islander and Jasper are not coming around anymore to create chaos and misunderstanding. I'm beginning to miss them.

Or maybe Isalnder is Offislander and Jasper is the baggage handler. Anyhow, I think you need to work something out so the site could be interesting again.

Belas, Lak mkerrengokl e molekoi. A beluu a remurt ra delebedeb ea deluk, ekede sokesekeuii ker? Mdung melemesumech tial blai, melemokiik el mei el rokui...


Me te mocha olengasech a ududir el loba tekoi el kmo ng melemalt eleng kirel.....Ka di mesterir a rechad ra Merikel!!........

Eang kedelek er belong, a ngelekek el kmal dirk ke ngeasek meng ngoucharm er ngii el kmal chilsengir a tengetang el kahol ra bita ra ngklel e ngikakid el uaisei er kid. Ea NgirakedRaMle(ak meral di beches el lochotii a renguk el meral diak longull er kau me lak mousubes eng di ungil ele aikal lengelek e lengelam a uai a le dil ua le dimlak a Chedil ng Chedam el me loturak ele chellodak el semesemechak me lebo lungil a renguk) tiang didelboi el mora olekellam.......Kau el kmal mle chetengakl Chudelei ra chelsel a renguk ra kmal dirk cheliseb a meral mla choitak ra melengel tial betok a tochedulik er ngii el rael me ngak itia el dikea kudengei el kmo ak kol di momekerang!!???

E Cheuas, tia cheral a dengki el dirk ke silechesokl- a ngmasech a kora kmal mla mo kekerei e beot sel kumdasu er ngii- mak lmuut el chisisii, "NG MLA SUCHESOKL!!!!!!!!!!"

Kau a mengboub er kau er tirkel rokui el luleldubech er kau, e ngak a ta er tir e Bresident.

Eng uaisei e Santy, me ke de di melekoi aikang, e tir a di merael el mo kdekudel leng diak el ngerang, te oisech a llemesir ma ungil tekoi ra ureor el domrotech el kirel, e di keberuul el chiuertii a harbol homerang el di ongill a cheiul a Abachi meng di mo diak sel tekingel el kmo:"SIUT TO KILL"

Ngdi ikaikid e ngak kurael eleng uoi meral di mle keberuul el mo meringel a bdeluk me bo kultuil e di kuureng ra Obilmeai me loldurokl a ungil longelaod el berrous me di kuba el mo tutau me kuk di kubes er ngii el di telekib.


Thanks for the eye-opener Cheuas...

You're on the right track about the Constitution, however I am not sure if you'd be the best one to come up with the right bills for the constitution - what would that constitution comprise of I wonder... what would be its theme? Are you saying that the US constitution is crap, or its just crap for Palauans... in which case what would be the typical Palauan constitution?

Hey with regards to Chiefs... If it takes all clan members to sanction a Chief from doing anything sounds pointless having a Chief at all? Is it merely a symbolic position? If so, why not just vote for every decision and everyone in the clan can have their signatures in whatever contracts...? The Chief can be left alone to go fishing...

Seems like every time land is being leased the Chief comes out or the Governor comes out, is this another one of our schemes to rip some extra cash from stupid foreigners? No wonder Palau's up s*** creek without a paddle.

Thanks for the eye-opener Cheuas... while you may something there about the Constitution but from your track record I am not sure if you'd be the right person to be made President for one day.

What would Cheuas' constitution comprise of I wonder... what would be its theme?

Hey with regards to Chiefs... If it takes all clan members to sanction a Chief from doing anything, seems that the Chief might as well just go fishing and forget about the rest - the Chief is a mere rubber stamp of the members? Is it merely a symbolic position? Seems to me that every time land is being leased the Chief comes out or the Governor comes out, is this another one of our schemes to rip some extra cash from stupid foreigners?

Alii merangomeluches,

The theme for the constitution will be decided by the people. everything in it as well. Anyone could be made a president for a day or infinity, doesn't matter. As matter of credentials, I too have what it takes to qualify me there, so that's out of the question. What I put out is merely a perception on how I'm looking at Palau at the moment. So whether its u or I, I do not care, what we need now, is something in place to help run Palau like a true independent nation, rather than living on grants and aid, and giveaways. What if all the banks in the world closes, what if all the money machines break down, who will then we ask for money. Isn't it wise to put some bones on our economy so that we can stand on our 2 legs and say," We are pround to be citizens of the Republic of Palau".

So if you are asking me to lay down the 25 laws that I mentioned, then you should ask yourself this as well, "What do I want to help Palau gain its true sovereignty and independence, instead of continuing to rely on other countries even for tissue papers.

I think you need to start paying attention to the themes between phrases, and not asking for phrases to become themes. It does not make sense at all.

As for Chiefly thing, Yes, you are right on the money. The chief is a symbolic artifact representation of a bloodline. He has authority, but for specific purposes. E.G: He is there because he holds his matriarcal identity of that bloodline. He is there because he knows the history of the family which he is expected to pass on to the growing generations of that family. He is there to represent the interest of that clan, and as their spokes person. This are only a portion of these powers among others.

What he cannot do is sell lands without approval from the clan. He cannot force a clan member to do anything against his/her will. He must maintain his role as a role model to the rest of the clan members. If someone from the clan did something wrong, that responsibility will be his to reprimand the member, as well as to omoket a udoud to whomever the damage was done to. And a whole lot more....

Governors especially ones like JN are what we call New Era Radicals and Extremists. The over exaggerate and twist things around to their own liking and advantage. I feel sorry for the naive like Obak. At the end of the tunnel, he will know that he was not only dragged along, they were dragging him by the hair on a very coarse and complicated road. And who will he turn to? Off course the clan and you know our way so you can imagine what will become of Chief Obak. Or maybe I'll tell you. They will forgive him. That's what JN knows, and that's what he taking these poor clans for-Fools and Retarded, and Beggars....

So that is my version...



......E dik luut el losichii el kmo, alsekum e ngikal rubak a diak el ruul aikal ngerchelel, esolang eng ngobedobed ra dial e tir a mo osiik ra beches el mong...........

.......Engdi ng tiakid, a klebokel e irechar er kid e aikal rokui el bilasech a Cheuas a klemerang, engdi chelecha eng mla mo diak el sal uaisei eleng diak el ngerang, a ochid a omibais ng kung ra klechad ra Ngebard, e dirrek ra diua ikal betok el delengerenger el ngar ngii rechelechang el di rolel a ngibesel a udoud me klisiich el mla moreked aikal mle klebokel el klechibelau er kid el tomall........

......E ngar ngii sel hong ra Belau el loba el lolisechakl er ngii ra skuul el ngklel a "Siukang er a Belau" el sel obkisii er sel luchelel el losaod ra telekib el lomesodel ngii el hong e oureng a sulir a reua Masaharu, ma Emesiochel, ma betok el chetengakl el sensei ma rechad ra olisechakl, eng ngar ngii a ngara chelsel el kmo mekeskelii ra ikel rokui el mle teletelel a klechad er kid, ng klechibelau, ng rokui el siukang el domdasu eng ngungil el dirk ke sebeched el melemolem er tial beluulechad er chelechang a doreked, ea ikel diak, dechoit leng diak el ungil besul a doruul er chelechang......A

....A kuisechii a ta er ngii a ua Klomengelungel ra remechas el mora dersta el beluu me te mengerker ra bai ra rubai e rise el beluu. Ng tara mle telael ra klechad er kid el mla nguemed eleng dikea dousbech er ngii. Engdi a tekoi ra klebliil ma rourot ma rubak ma kldolorir, a kmal nguibes el tekoi sel de kuk nguu er ngak eleng rullak mak mekreos ra irechar er kemam el me rechelechang.......

E sel kmal kotel a rokui el tekoi el lolachitnger meng kired el mo kullii e blechoel el melebedebek er ngii a kmo a irechar a suobel. Aikel mla duubech ra irechar el mle kngtil, a lak desuub e dengedechii a blekeklel a ochid el mo olekebai er kid ra osisiu el olibas ng medeluchel ra rael, e kede telemall. Engdi rebeluu sel domes ra kmal dirk kengeasek-ng diak, ak bai kmo- sel domes ra dirk kengalek el kldokurits er kid, eng sebechek el kmo kid tia re demesesibas e medudob ra ikal terchedel a rael el kmal dirk ke kedeb a bla derolii.

A kumdasu ea Obechad a ngar ngii a kebtot er ngii, eleng mla mo medinges a Obechad, esolang e ke de dirk melemolem el lomka er ngii.....Tiang locha uaisei e Chad ra Ochalb?!?!?!???!!!

P.S. Ea 'lii e te melekoi a ongesechel a ududir
el uoi di melemiakl ng kung el lengelakl ra
Roisersuul.........Ke de meral chebuul e 2
cents el dirk ke ngilasech el cheral a olbideled er sechelei....Ea Ombudsman a ouConman er ngii......Engdi ng diak knguu a ulekek el meskau e Belau me modengei e di mo mad el kirem!!



Ng kuoll e debedebokel aikal bla mdung. Le uleku me rengeasek er chelechang a meral blak a rengrir ra belurir, meng meral mo blak e mengelem a rengrir el kirel a cheldechedechal ma beldeklel a kldachelbai er a ruleba beluu el me lmuut ra loidii el msa beches el renged. Chelecha ea remesaod a lekong siukang a di mla ngmodech ele tomart aikel meral mekkellel lete di melatk ku ikel ungil el mor tir e obeso ra kmo, a ldelkii a rachel ea rengeasek ma merael mei el telecheroll a chetiu a keremerem er tir, ea siukang a mla mesim e mengodech el diak el luut el mesmechokl el mo ua ireachar er ngii.

Sel dorael meliuekl er a beluu, ekede mes a betok el basio el di locha mle dechor rengii a kmo ngerang me doker, ea leko temedengei a kmo, tilecha kmal mle ungil engdi ngikal ngerrach a tilekur leng sintsiu meng mlo teruul. E kid a dechor el lombeberrous ra teletael e oureng el kmo, lechuleku meng dechor meng sebel ngosukid el merrusii sel meral teletelel ngii el tekoi. Ekede ngelekla ra lmuut el bebil medekede mocha okelekel me te kmo, e se mle......me se mle...me se mle... Meng uaisei, ekid mengal soiseba ra chereomel le ikal lonegdek a tirkal leko temedengei, a diua ikal merekong ma merael mei el diul di berrous. Tiang diak el sal chelebuul el tekoi?

A klemengelungel a mle teletael er omengerker er a rdil er a irechar. A kot el meklou el bai ma cheldukl el mla mengai ra bebil ra beluu a kmal di urerel a klemengelungel. Ma ika kmal diak lemekngit, engdi tirkal leko temedengei a mla moreked el smaod el oiseksikd el remuul meng kmal deleboes, e kmal kikiongel e kmal mekngit. Se meng sebechel el mekemokl a llach el kirel, el ua bo lebuchel a klechedaol ra rdil ra delongelel a beluu ma beluu ea rubak ma rsechal ra ikel beluu, a mo moket a udoud el mo chesiau el mora ikal klemengelungel, el mo ruebet ra omsengelel aikel beluu el mo lengeseu a skuul ma osisechakl a tekoi er a klechibelau. Aika diak, isei a uchul mete kmal mekessai el ngeasek e sengsengobel er a tekoi a sebechir el mo rengii a dertelekib el chesechesemel a tekoi a lodengei, e tial telengdelokl, emrma el diomekuau e di mesaod el kora diak el delodau a beldeklel omesodir.

Ma omengerker ra irechar a mle bleketakl ma rechad a medengei, engdi sei ra demengai ra rengebard, el kuk mle ngodech osengir ra ikal durruul, ete dilu ng mekngit, ma rengud ngmeral mekngit, e ngdi a bo dosiik, ea ika ikel kmal lulureor el tekoi meng milsasu e koreker a kmal mle betok el kerruul ma ungil chais el losiseb ra delongelel aikal bek el rengdel belau. A rebladek mete chilat aikang!

Mauchul a beluad a delebeakl er chelechang, a dikea dolengmes e dongull oaikal tekoi. E le tirkaikid el leko temla mes a suub a betok, i tikaikid oba beluad el meius e mengrchar er ngii. Meng kora sel tekoi el kmo, "Kede remurt ra cherrecherul a kelat, lekede mengirbereb ruriul e tir a mael ruchei el medei ra dinges".

E solae dolemolem ea beluad a osisechekill.

Sulang ra ungil e modoades lomelkingem...


Well Cheuas,

You're still speaking about what an idilic constitution would be all about and how participants to its creation would not be limited - but still no "bones". Dream on pal... Look what sacrifice it took to come up with the US Constitution and you rubbish it?!?!?!?!? Please give us some bones about your constitution Cheuas

Merang Omeluches


And you are still missing the point.

Remember, It's themes between phrases, and not phrases becoming themes...LOL.

Have a nice day!


Thanks for the nice day wish...

I still do not know what you're meaning by saying "hemes between phrases, and not phrases becoming themes"... you mean like do not use "ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country" - JFK... is that a theme you would avoid in Palau's constitution?

he he he

Yes, like that... and do you know what that means. If you do, you do not need to explain, but extend your knowledge from that. JFK discipled his people in very majestic and honorable way. He did not ask for raise, but rather lived on that quote until his passing...that's why he is remembered as one of the greatest pioneers in building the world, a legacy closest to the what the sciptures requires of every great men. Caesar, Pharao, Moses, and Roman Tmetuchl are some good examples of these men...

Take care..


Roman Empire, Pyramids of Egipt, The Tablets, and the Great State of Airai....

So while your day is still good, ponder on what is good for Palau. If you spend your hours pondering on how to reverse these phrases, then look at what the end of your day would be. One of the simplest and funniest palauan phrase is this: Mesang meng bertachel e leberatchel, le obomorech er ngii mengii a di bertachel, mekele lebai kau a bai bertachel....

"If it's shaped, leave it be, no matter how you move it will not change a thing, or maybe you need to be shaped".

Meaning- Your inception on things lies on your own liking mostly. What needs to be done is how you would be a part of that....

Hello Cheuas,

Clearly you are not a historian...

Do you know the scandals and shocking real history of JFK family in USA - kown even to have links with the mafia. How did they become rich and how they got power in USA?

Do you know how much blood and socio-cultural destruction took place in the wake of Roman Empire, Pyramids of Egypt, The Tablets and the US Government's achievements? Yet to fable these achievements as acceptable and wonderful.

So read your history before quoting "great men"... To become a great man take a great many tolls and a great many sacrifices and trwad on many small people, usually the sacrifices are frought with many who are sceptical and fight those great men all the way... but when the results are apparent, everyone forgets the bad and remembers the good, your words and praises to your idols are a testament to that...

You talk in circles and get no where because your too scared to say what you mean - c'mon we want your version of the constitution, stop talking in riddles or you'll be known as the "riddler" not "Cheuas".


Well hellooooooooo Jasper. How nice that your're back... I'm happy!

Jas, stop the allegation already. JFK had never serve a day in jail. And he is rockfeller as his family mother side is. That's why he is also rich.

And we have the pyramids of Egypt still standing to this very day, signifying the birth of construction engineering.

We have the tax system and idealistic government as basis of our systems, which we adopted from the great roman empire. The odds and the ins are all human creation. It's the concept that was taken and adopted in so many ways to prove their reliance.

So again all these is good, it is us the people that instil fear on each others minds and lives, and blaming it on ghosts and super natural.

So again, If I'm made a president for a day, the third thing that I would do, is set up laws, so the whole government will be centralized and self service in some areas. And third day has passed...

Keep it coming Jasper and merangomeluches. I told you, this is our project, not mine...

Tee hee,


Chochoi,meng uaisei, ng diak a chad ng beluu el diak a kngtil.

E tia beluu ra Merikel tara kot el mesiich el beluu ra beluulechad e kid a kmal loldubech e soad ngii ele tir ea omeskid a techel a chibnged e dirrek ra ngar ngii a telemellel.

Le sera temel a Boom Boom me longoit ra chiklel a Tatengelel ra ngara mong me di demechetelaol sel kuk tal nguu a kob a reAsahi, ea remechedelkelk el chad ra Merikel a dirk ke mlo sebechir el sengkyo er ngii el beluu. E diak bo kumkais ra reksi ra kabelment er tir er sera longebuul ra remechedelkelk el kora klalo e diak el chad, e kmal mle kdekudel ra mo bedul a dimes er ngii el Chetengakl el beluu.

Tirka rechad ra Siabal el merael a chisir ra beluulechad el kot ra klou a ngeseu el mora beluulechad ra omengitel a udoud el kirel a kelruul ma chelebuul el dirrek ra di dodengei a chisir ra ngara mong, ea rdelad ma rdemad me te dirrek ra kmal milsa e choremii a ringel ra le ngara skuul e lak el sebechir el mengedecheduch a tekingir, el di le merekui a skulir ra ongedei el skuul.

Sei a teletelel a beluulechad, in layman's terms:"The nature of the beast", meng kuk mlo kirel. A tal chetengakl e chelimosk el Bresident ra beluulechad el kllou el chad er ngak ma uldesuek ma ringelel a bdeluk ra beluak a uchul mak mla obes ra ngklel- ma kulengit ra sechelik ra Cheuas me lengesukak a le sebechel er tiang- a kmo,"In order to have peace, there must be war", "A leborngii a budech, eng kirel morngii a mekemad", e mousubes alsekum ak dilii el kora telekib el ngodech, engdi a kumdasu eng bleketakl e di tiaikid ak delii e merekong.

E kau le "meluches a diak el blulak", ke dokngei ng diak el kmo, a rechad rokui a di ngar ngii a kngterir ma delekingerir el mo lmuut ra bekl beluu ra beluulechad meng di uaisei, a rebebil a betok e meklou ra kuk bebil, ea bebil a kuk di mekesai e mekekerei ra kuk bebil. Ele alsekum kau ngike el chad el diak a kngtim, ea beluam a sel beluu el diua Babeluades, e Chudelei, tia locha Babeluades el omkiei er ngii, e kau a kelem Anghel..........Ng soak a moluches e beskak a uldesuem er tiang eleng soak el loisechau el kmo kau a...........(Sel moiisech a uldesuem ra ikal blak dung, e ngak a ouchais.)

Esolang ng uase, alsekum me ko mengaisisiu er tial lolengesecheklel a ududiu el mora ua beluu ra Merikel, eng diak el sal bleketakl ra osisiu el lomeruul el mora ududir a resensei.....Ng diak ke msal mora beluu ra Merikel kau el chetengakl, di denguu ra beluu ra Saibal ma Guam el di ngara mekesekesel a debed. A ududir a resensei er tir a merael a mbesed sel dolatk e domes a kuk kerekerengir a rebebil er kid el chad ra beluu.

E diak bo kusaod a ududir ra rebebil ra rechad ele ak luchesii a okrokr el novel el diua Stephen King el di mesaod a rokui el chelebirukel ma ngesengesel a ududir a rebetok el chad ra beluu.......Ea ika di modengei meng diak dekautsingau er tiang!!!!

Ng kuk Belas!


Ngikei el rubak el dilu ikal tekoi el kmo: "To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace", a George Washington. Ngii el rubak mle kot el daitorio ra Merikel el lulemuchel era April 30, 1789, e rirekui a cherul kklsel ngii lobis.

Sel kot el mla ra rengul ma uldesuel ra lebong a millebedek el bedul chokedecherul a blirir tirkei el bekl mo daitorio er a Merikel meng mlo uaisei. Ng mle dmolech e cheroid el tekoi a lomdasu, e sel kmal soak er ngii, a dimlak lorech ra salary er ngii. Ngulemuchel el lulemes a meral kirel ketmekill e likei el lorechudel. E kid a mekerang?

A ngelbesed ra llokel tial klechad a meral keleng di rokui el robeta ra terechedel a udoud. Le mesang, ng sebeched el mo mechad, e muikou, e bengong, me techebuul a ruumerang er ngii el soadel el chad, le te di cheltelaol ra lekel a tekingel, mete chelbek ra kmo, a beluad ngera ngelsengesel. Meng kiei lomekesiu rengii ra Merikel, le ngerang sebechel er omesodel ma cheral a bebelel a udoud. Ngkang diak di lodengelii a mo ousbech er ngii ele merkong? Meng chelebuul a lengellomel er ngii a rebeluu, engii lomulak meng diak e lorechorech, le alta kedechad mekede lmuk, engdi sel rengul el blebelel a chelid el uaikau megak, ngkol chuarem ma lechub. Ak melekoi, lengak ak chebeldir a chimol sens ra merau el chad, meng dirrek el diak leiit a medak, el dioldechelakl ra renguk el medesii a llomes. Engdi ngkakerous a omchilebeldir, engii lak lodengei, metial le chelbangel er ngii belau, engii lomulak ma lechub e lemrecherecha rengul rengii, ngkol mo melechesuar ng diak? Meng meral tekoi, Tebetok a remlo chemoit a meral lullebedebek e ngila otil a klaumerang er tir lotuir er ngii, me chelechang eng mekeskelang. Mak lmangel engara klengit el reng el ua lemlad a ta ra bedengek, ele kmelebedebek ra rengul a tang ma ta ra rechad el meral meluuk ku chelsir ra uuchel ma klsib el reng, el lurrechoeml ra lemlecheblad er ngii el tekoi.

Me tia kmal meringel, le di lekau ma di lengak eng diak doturii, leng tial chekleched, ma rengud el di longelang eleng meringel loberekakl a uldasu sel dodengei el kmo, Temeral ngarngii a rasechbeab el meringel er tir a chuub a reng ma lechub e lolatk er a remechebuul e lultuir a rengrir ma uldesuir er tir.

Ma ikaikid ngii el dosaod, engak e sechelik ra Belas a kor kau, ele kmeral mad el kirel a beluak, ma rechedal el rokui. Ma blo lolitech ngii el uasech,mengak mak mong leng kirek.

Engak a mochu ultuir le sesengek er a klulaul a kuk mermang, ma kungedek el uaisei, eak mol kmu diak el tekoi, mete kuk SIUT TO KILL er ngak...

Sulang e rrang...


p.s.Mengika el kuk mlengai er babeluades el meremang meng di mesaod a klebkellel, meng dirrek el tengeng le tekoi el lolekoi a ngii meng dirrek el loumededenger. Ma chelebuul a diak di lenga rebab el mei. Ngdirrek el tia riou el mong meng diak lebeluu!!!


Eng diak el ngerang e kel rubak, ak kora omdesuang el kmo ngika locha diak el uai kid(ng ngodech a kotel el renguk eng biskor ng ta er tirka el mla kiei er Belau el kuk di melai a klubelel ra rael el uoi klou a le kedeb e ngesengesonges er ngii.

Ak dirk ke mengiil er tial tegami er ngii e uoi mochu bau a klengoes mak dik kmedu ea kuusubes er ngii e kuk nguu a ta ra sils.

Di kungesimer el kmo, kemeral di mildasu el dmung a tekoi el lomeltkek e omeltkir e urungulir a rebetok el chad. Ng mekngit el dolekoi ele kid tia el ngar tia el chadecheduch aikang el klou a rengud e bekeu eleng diak a rechad el medengei el kmo ke de kol ua techa el chad. Engdi a rebetok el chad ra beluu, el mo lmuut ra rechad el loureor el lobengkel el teloi er ngii ra bekl sils e diua udesued. E bobecherei, ea rechedal ma rsechelil, ma beluu el cherrungel me te dirrek ra klurt a rengrir ma uldesuir.

Ngika ng mengaisichai er techang??!! Me komeruul a leko ng mo ungil klengar ra rengalek ra skuul ma rechad ra beluu el loiak a ungil lomengang ma tekoi ra undo ma ngera ma ngera..........Ea chudelei, ke mla mes a longa rengalek ra Koror Elementary sel le sueleb? Te rengalek ra Harris, te rengalek ra Ngerdmau, el mo lmuut ra rengalek ra Irrai??!! Lak dungil osenged el lomes e doumeuiko er kid el kmo aika diak el uaisei er chelechang el dekeluches. Ng mo mekngit a rengum e chetengakl el daitorio!!!!!

Kele mdu el kmo a rechad ra blirir a kirir el mo blak a rengrir el ngara sers el melalem a sersir e mora chei el melai a odoim ele ng di mle uchei eng dimlak dekedmeklid el mo uaisei, me chelecha kid tia el loldechelakl ra eai el sikang ra tal sils el melasem el chudelii sel cherrengelel a ududed me dolekedek a rokui el tekoi ra blai!!

Eang kurebengir meng chemars e bediu ra ikal litekngel a chim el soiseb ra chelsel lousbech aikal klalo-a rengalek ra skuul- meng klsuul a molekoi aikal tekoi el di tekoi me de dmung. LAK DOUTET A TEKOI!!!!!! E lak de kora ngike el tara chetengakl el ngalek a uldesuel el kmo, a rechad a kmal lousbech er ngak ele tial kldachelbai er ngak ma kloklek el kmal lousbechall er tial beluu, meng sebechek el dmung aikel rokui el kumdasu el diak kumekereu ra uldesuel a rechad. E kmal klou tial secherel ele oumesingd ra rechad a medengelii el kmo ng kmal smecher el lousbech a ngeseu, engdi tal ngii a diak el lolechesuar meng meral chebuul.

Mereko e bok rei e di dolengit me lousubes er kid el millilt er tir el mong!!!!!!!!

"Belau beautiful island, Paradise Micronesia!!"
by: Louis


Ng smiich a renguk er ngikei el Louis leng di mekikerang e duibech aikel meral omosiroi e klebokel a belkul el chelitakl.

Ng klemerang, a chelebulel a beluu a meral debedebokel er kid a remeklou leng omeltked ra merael mei el telecheroll,leltang a kuk deterkeklii a omesiunged er ngii, me lemesim a uldesuir e rridd tir el ngeleked, ea beluad a di doba el mor sel dengemed, e solae eng mocha rengii a ngemed chad. E tir a ngukokl el loiiel el mechut ra kmo ngkel tang el mei mete romermechii a chetemel a beluad el chordengii. Ea rengeleked a belual ngebard el chetirir a belurir, leng dimlak lemedalem a blak el reng, ma duch el reng, ma beltik el reng, ma klebelau el reng er tir, ele ngkid el el chedam ma chedil, ma remenguteling el lobeluu ra beluu a mlo lengesonges osisechekled er a tekingel a beluad el mor tir.

E sola ea remle medechel el sesei, a mocha ketutk chim el kautelechakl e kaiueong e mesaod el mengirebereb omesodir ra diukes ma klebkellel ma tekingel a belurir. Ea remirremech ra chetemel belau a mok a hong e kmo: e ngkor ngerrach ma ngerrach a kmo, tiakid ma ikakid a tekingiu? Tia keleng kol locha kmal chelebuul tekoi ma lechub?

Meng uaisei, e chelechang ea ngbesir a mecherechars e kau mengak a diul medengei el kmo aikal dosaod a mengelengalek er tir, ele tekmo, ngtecha el uaikemiu a obengkemam er tiei. E sei el diak lolechesuar a kmo, A klekakerous er kid metir a sebeched el melechesuar a chelebuul ele kede chebuul, engdi tir a diak ele te rosngung ra nglemekelir ma ngbklir er tial cheluomel el kmal di lulengeruau eng metilech er mederir.

A remeral millatk el mong a mle kltuker, eleng dimlak el ta me lebulekngii a kmo ngtechang er akmo ngerang. Te ulemkedechor a blil ongdiber era blai ra nglunguuch el dimlak lomotech ra rengul a kmo ngtechang, ma lechub ku e lulnegluch a kmo ng ngerang, te mirruul el el tenget el kirel a klaumerang er tir ra chelid, ma rechad. Me chelechang e rrang el dengartiang eak ulengit mechelecha el meral mei e lomeruu el lius, e kulengit me ba deruu a lisek, e kuuchais kuk el kmo, ak mo melakel a cheluch, a lechub ea mo melalem a lius. Isel moungil ra rengum, ngidi bol sebechel el kuk mesim mek nguu me kuk ltechellek.

Mekemeral kmal mesaul e kid e sechelik a melemolem, le rebeluu a ungil leues oaika el lurunguled leika kora bebeot, engdi dirrek el mekreos ra rengud a di tmeteu me lrenges a rebeluu. Ng di lekirel eng kuk mochang me lebong....

Ke mesualng, e ngak a mochu tuobed ele leko Happy Fish a metetenguu ukedir, mak mochu mengesiau...


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