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July 20, 2009


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Please do what you can to clean up this site from profanity, slander, libel and personal attacks on the innocent people of Palau.

There are outsiders who have infested this site with their brand of hate and character assasinations based on inuendos and falsehood, just to advance their cause in Palau.

Please fumigate this site from infestations and attacks. Thank you.

Can we at least use profanity and disturb those who are guilty in Palau? Surely not everyone in Palau is innocent... especially not TR, KN and their freinds


Tiall salary increase ohblem discuss erngii lonbegkel a Pre. JT. Ekemiu amla kongei er Pres. JT elkmo kom kongei a salary erkemiu ea uriuel era April Session '09 e komo increase a salary er April Session. Why are so, playful about and I know you agreed to it. Why now, you have change your mind. You and I know that so-called salary increase is mere fact that they will study for both in and out groups.

In camperative analysis:

OEK members makes $50,000 and minister is $30,000.00. While Land judges who $45,000.
Or lower their OEK salaries.

Diaz kaukele dirke kiei kereng el ngalek. Ngalek erar eterochel el etim atang abol ungil.


all signed up. thanks, Admin.


A President diwa OEK members? Ea Vice President mear ministers te diwa Delegates from small states. Adang! kirel a 3 branches a kirel EQUAL 3 branches. Delegate may be good for their states with $50,000 salary and $24,000 committees' expenses or your budget of $74,000.00 a year. Malechub ea ex-president el sanator e oker rengii elkmo tabesul kau malechub eng delegate mar minister aududir. Ministers are running over $500,000 to millions budget. Please be nice and use your wisdom.

Pres.JT proclaimed that salary should be equal in principal for 3 equal branches or lower OEK salary. Salary for CS employees and OEK staffs thus, OEK Executive must work together to set new COLA or salary adjustment. Especially, former President asking slaries for teachers is brohaha, or lied. He wasted 8 years spending over his office budget while using 10% from all others or Spent $500,000 a year for 8 years to equal $4 millions used to pay prior debts. My ass or lmaw


A chedil e rungalek.


Kokau e mamang....LOL. Ngdiak a sausab e mei medongang ngii ma misong?



Anybody seen or know my friend LIBRA? Or Robert? If you see them, tell them that Cheuas is back, and he's black as ever.....



It seems like people are shy away when they asked to log in. It’s not exciting as usual. There goes Cheuas! We’re dragging the day. LOL

It is too bad we couldn't police ourselves. I preferred the wide open forum. I hope the registration doesn't take away the attractiveness of this site to many Beluans all over the world from visiting it and sharing their views about our Belau.

wide open forum is much better. nobody wants to log in every time they want to blog.You'll loose a lot people by doing this.See, you've just lost me.

open forum is much better.Nobody wants to sign in every time they want to blog.You'll loose a lot of people by doing this. See, you've just lost me.

Open forums are for chicken shits

I do not see why it is hard for anyone to log in? At least we all now know that there is integrity of this site (not some bloggers).

Your ideas, opinions and thoughts matter. Conflict of points is worth our while. Honto Style, I hope you are not planning on leaving.....

Take care.....

Although sometimes some bloggers are annoying or fruitless; as much as possible I always and will always stick around all because I love Palau and my people; especially Honto where I grew up. I purposely use “Honto-Style” for my screen name all because it’s best describe what I wish for one day when I retire and return back home. Who knows? We’re all in God’s will and so….let it be.

You may not see my name on board form time to time but just remember that I may be just a spectator.


Iang chelik e Cheuas e rungalek. Ngera meke kora mengeuas er kid. Alii ka bai bo kututeklau ra Ngiramolau meng mo kmuld a tum. Ka bai bong e mei ra Honto me kuderchau el mo ra makit e moterau aikal beldakl el ngims ma cherdoched el cheremrum el blak ruul. Ngkmal betong a rechard ra kabelment ma olbiil ra kelulau el sorir el mechang. Adang mekerang? Kabong e mei. Ochoi. Seikid a ungil siukang. Ma da ma uriul.


PLEEEEEAAAAASE! Do something with this ignorant fool Jaime......UUUUGGGGGHHHH! I'm begging you Omdui.



Ia SHY...alii a kabai kora ungil bo kututeklau ra Omdui meng mo dongulau. Kuk bom kedung e rungalek. Tiakid a siukang. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Me boluaisei. Ma uriul.


you need a life! look at the time you spent writing your comment and i feel sorry for you. don't waste your time in honto eating your ngims....... seek help at the BEHAVIORAL HEALTH! your an embrassment to a society.



i think the only weakness to this new requirement is that one can easily create as many typepad profiles as they need, to be able to leave comments. hence, the continuation of unwanted visitors.

... not only that lissy but it also inhibits the freedom to blog without fear of retribution. This is a consequence of some of us who couldn't stop blogging without resorting to name calling and use of the F words and more.

Alii e reblong. E soak el di kmo ng kmal merang, ng kuk ngar ngii a redersta el chad el kuk kora oluuchel el di mocha blil a ramek el sel dedu ng techa ngika el melluches, e ke de di dulii a ngklel e ke de medengei el kmo ng kuk mocha mesaod a ramek el diak a ultutelel a tekingir.

A remengululau el chemaidechedui me te seselk a rengrir er ngii leng diak el ngerang, ke mo bleketakl e desei. A le soam el mesaod a cheleblad esola e bo bleketakl el mengeblad me lak dolangch er kau. A debeltid me le otuub ng melidiich ra kmo ng techang, e bo bleketakl me de chesberberii el kmo ng chetil tiakid.... Engdi alsekum meng tekoi el diak a olkael el le tab er ngii, eak kmal lolengit Errang, moisechii malechub e ke telekib el meklemsii a soam er kemam e dechadecheduch el chad ra beluu el mesaod a tekingek, ng tekingem, ng tekingam, ng diak, ng tekingel a BELUU me lak deuaisei le tial chedil a rengud ra uldasu a uoi diak le bol mui leng di omekekang ra bekl sils, me lak molai er tial kiram e kired.

A Belau a klebokel el beluu er chelechang ele kid tia el ngara bital taoch ra Rio Grande, e rongesii a uldesuel a chad ra bital taoch ra Bay Area. Ak ngara blil ra Bdelulachang ra Arkemais, a mesaod a tekingel a ongesecheklel a ududir a remenguteling ngii ma ngelekel Belau el ngara Seattle el dirrek ra kmal semeriar el kmo tiang ng mo uangerang. Sei a olechotel a kmo ng merael el mo klou a bekesel a ochid er tial beluulechad. Engdi aikal bakes a blechoel el ngar ngii a meliualech aikal tebaringed el sel bebil ng meklou el tiualech(tirkal melemall aikal llechul aikal lobis el tir a ngar chelsel) ea lebebil eng ngikakid el mekekerei el uetech el ua ngikal di mesaod a olturekreng el tekoi el di mengisois el mo luut eng mla mo klou el terechel el kired el mocha mekerur.

E ngii a di melemolem.............elek medengelii el kmo ng uaisei mak kultekau ra klengit el reng el di uai kemiu el sechelik ele ng mlo diak el sebeched el ngosuir. Ng di dolemolem e diak el bol mechitechut a rengud le sel bol me'chut, e ng ngii a mlo mesiich. E kmal diak kengei!!!!!!

"Soak Kau Belau" Sandra Pieriantozzi

Iang SHY...kau ke oureng ra skobang?

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