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July 15, 2009


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Some regular bloggers in here are going to be very happy with this news. Hurray to all of you!!

After all said and done, one party was wrongfully jailed but at the same the other party is grateful for sending out a message to foreigners that Belau is no place for Taunton types.

Judge Miller erred in judgement against UKIHL based on SP's submissions and claims. Judge found out later that SP lied, Judge resigned on health reasons (high BP from learning he got screwed by SP).

SP carried the lie for as long as TR could back him. When the tides were turning and TR started to lose grip, the SP resigned and left town under the Executive Cloak of TR.

Now UKIHL is cleared & Governor Ngiraingas (now a full blown Minister) also cleared. Looks like TR gonna have more indictments... ha ha ha. I wonder what SP Walton and Judge Miller are up to. We know they'll be subpeona'd in due course to return to their beloved TR to give evidence so that TR will have a permanent retirement home (jail).

TR, you should have been an honest person and respected LD! Instead you got greedy and preferred to listen to that foster father of yours KN. Anyone who doublted UKIHL and LD are now wearing egg on their face he he he.

Somebody going to go to jail... better thank Peter Moran for improving the jail conditions for you while he was in there... I wonder how much damages SP/TR going to be liable for ... well if there's a shortfall in funds to build NC, I am sure the damages claims will make the difference he he he.

Excuse me, but the message is not about Belau not being for the Taunton type - that goes without saying for any nation - no conmen will be tolerated!

However, the real message here is that Palau Judiciary can now be trusted again since TR and Chin are no longer in the driving seat!


Congratulations to UKIHL for this victory.

Iang a ukil. Kabai bong e moleker er tirekal UKIHL investors el mei ra kederang me donga diokang ma temaitolok. Adang mekerang. Sel bodemerek e kede mo tmak el mo omka babii ma malk. Mada ma uriul e rengelekei. Seikid.

Where’s HS,
You better go find your friend, Go Tommy and your icon TR, run for the mountain cause I can sense the tidal wave heading your way. Oh, and don’t forget ES and TS.

I now how you hide…just change your name to “Misdemeanor, TR.” LOL


You're in for a big surprise. Wait and see who makes the international news.:-)

Yes, Justice has been done! But payback has not!

I have alway had faith in Palau's justice system but I must qualify that during the Nakamura and Remengesau corrupt regime, the judiciary lost its way!

Minister of Justice, Chin look away.

Justice Miller was compromised.

AG Bittie and Dirty SP Walon, well, what can you say about them? The scum bags of law officiers! SWINES! They will be soon be subpeoned to Palau to face charges.

TR, well he has been exposed and indisputable shown to be a liar, a wife beater, a bully, a reneger, a drunk, a fornicater, a cheat and corrupt. Did I miss anything? Oh yes! He ruined Palau's reputation and ruined Palau'e economy.

Yet there are still some foolish bloggers who still say he was a good Prosident. I suppose thare are still some people who say that Hitler was a good leader! lol.

Fortunately, the majority of us know the truth about TR and we will never allow the likes of him into power again.

Yes! I am sure that there will be legal suits against the office of the Special Prosecutor and even suits filed against Justice Miller.

I am sure that UKIHK will file a multi-million dollar suit against Tommy Boy personally for breach of contract, promise and the such. More than likely, the suit will be lodged in Malaysia when diplomatic Ties are in Place! I hope they put TR in a Malaysian jail. He'll know what justice is all about then! lol

I am sure that Mr. Peter Moran will also be filing suits and claims galore for damages for wrongful imprisonment, etc! Wow, 'ponytail' is going to make a ton of cash! Maybe, the government will give him one of the rock islands for settlement!

Tommy lost all credibility when Malaysian Airforse jet landed on Palau! All his propaganda about UKIHL, LD and Minister Ngiraingas went out the window.

Now, with LD and Felix getting their contempt judgement overturned, everyone who had any doubt knows that TR was guilty of manipulating the judiciary. His political career is totally KAPUT!

This guy is heading for jail as sure as night follows day. TR, quick, get out of Palau, head for Taiwan! Ha Ha Ha! Sadam got the same advice from George Bush - Get of of IRAC!

It does my heart good to see that people like Mosi, Honto-style, Mardigoal and another islander all acknowledge that UKIHL was unfairly and atrociuosly treated by the Remengesau Admiistration.

We must all reject this odious midget who pulled the biggest scam on the Palau prople.

He lied to the people saying that Palau's economy was in good order and get elected for it.

He lied to the Angaur people promising that if he got elected a second term he would support the casino bill. he got elected but rejected the casino bill.

Tommyy lied about being a champion of the environment. His hyprocracy is clearly seen when it came to his and his cronies developments, they cut down mangroves cause pollution and leaching and never even bothered to obtain EQPB approval before construction.

Is it not strange for a man who refuses to sanction the Angaur casino bill to own a house in Las Vegas! Send his son to study in Las Vegas.

Actually, it makes perfect sense if one wanted to launder corrupting money! What better place than Las Vegas?

Think about that one

Everyone, including those I disagree with, have a RIGHT to be fairly represented in court and the process should serve all in a transparent manner, no matter who they are and what they stand for.

There were many bloggers who priviously unjustifiably called LD, UKIHL and the Nautilus City project a scam. I suspect that this came about because TR made several derogatory statements about LD, Minister Ngiraingas, UKIHL and the NC development.

I hope that the People of Palau now are satisfied that UKIHL's Nautilus City project is on the up-and-up.

The fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Badawi at the Nautilus City endorsement ceremony affirmed to all present that he was confident that UKIHL had the capability to implement the NC project. Badawi also said that he is a good friend of Lord Davidson and knew Lord Davidson mother for over 50 years and as such could confidently say that LD has the fortitude to make this project a success.

The Malaysian Prime Minister affirmed that he supports the NC and SC Projects. The Malaysian government will have diplomatic and trade ties with Palau. THe Malaysian government will assist make the NC & SC a success. Initially by introducing schedule flights from KK to Palau that will increase tourist arrivals into Palau and from there Malaysian Government Linked companies will join UKIHL with the development of NC and SC.

The process will take a bit of time as this is a massive development with billions of dollars and reputations at stake. However, more important than money and reputaions to Tun Badawi is his mindset and phylosophy of preserving Palau's prestine enviroment and also ensuring that the culture and traditions of the Palau People remains intact.

Strategic management and planning control is everything. I sincerely believe that Palau is dealing with high minded investors who really care about the people of Palau and money is not the bottom line with these investors. They are here for the long term and have proven their dedication and integrity by standing up to the bully Tommy and his henchman SP Walton.

The directors of UKIHL never flinched even when they were charged and threaten with arrest and jail!

In the end, truth and justice prevailed. UKIHL is now vindicated and it is now Tommy Remengesau that is being charged with criminal crimes. Even worse for Tommy is that he is now exposed to all Palauan People as a liar, corrupt leader and dishonest man.

I am confident that he will never again be given any respect or credence.



The extent and accuracy of your information is very obvious to the rest of us.

Being outside of Palau, this site has given me a window of opportunity to connect with locals, discuss and debate political issues we’re facing. And of course, NC/SC is one of them.

You and others bring in some good information to the discussion, I must say. As I recall back then, there were handful of people who disagreed with you and others with regards to NC, but now we are beginning to see the light on the other side of the tunnel.

Having said that, I’m sure, by now most people have already heard or red the news about the Malaysian Investors. Back then, I did my part, followed the debates pertaining to NC and other issues such us closure of PSB Bank, tried to connect the dots, came up with my own conclusion but kept it to myself as I know what I do not know about the project; and wanted to wait for the truth to shine. Evidently “the tide had reversed,” as someone had mentioned it before. By now I’m sure most, if not, everyone including TR agreed to the saying.

So keep up the good work. You are not alone.


Now with all that said let’s hear Where’s HS and Go Tommy’s side of the story? And please stick to the point. Ok?

Thank you!

Just to be clear....

Through court procedures, someone failed to give notice to FD and MD. Because of that the court reversed it's ruling. It does not clear anyone of any wrong doing. Therefore I am still not convinced that NC/SC is not a Scam.....


Again, nobody should be unduly jailed if the process was not followed and everyone's rights should be respected and due process maintained.

Now, NC/SC is still a scam. I haven't changed my position on that so don't scam my position, ok.

Thank you.

Jackson Henry, who is getting ready to be the Gaming Czar for the casinos has just finished getting a certificate for gambling, or whatever.

Mr. Henry, please explain to the people of Angaur how leases work before you take their lands away and placed them under your control. Solaris project eh? Angaur is small place and we are all kin, one way or another. Don't provoke because you are not representing all sides to this. Enjoy your stint in Taiwan because it may be short lived.


You finally said something true... "Enjoy your stint in Taiwan because it may be short lived".

Mr. Henry, you are going down !!! You leased lands from Angaur Chiefs for UKIHL. UKIHL paid you the money and you only gave 10% what was given to you to the Chiefs (i overheard the director of UKIHL accusing you and threatening to tell the chiefs unless you pay-up). Now i heard the Chiefs gonna burn your house in Angaur down - now we know where you got the money to build your house... by lying to UKIHL and stealing from old folks in Angaur!

What an Ambassador - you going to plead diplomatic immunity on this one?

My friend, I don’t know whether we’re getting our info from the same media, but I think your interpretation posted on July 17, 2009 at 08:01 AM is incomplete or incorrect.

Below is the exact quote I pull out from the Marianas Variety; also the link to the article is provided.

“Regardless of who is to blame for lack of notice, it should have been clear to the trial court on June 27, 2007, one day prior to the signing the order of contempt that respondents had no notice of any the proceedings being held against them,” the Justices said in their seven-page order.
“We therefore hold that the June 28, 2007 Order of Contempt was issued in error,” the Justices said.


So, if the blame has to be made, it should have been clear to the court as the Order of Contempt was issued in error. That’s what I’m getting.

As far as NC/SC whether or not they are legit, that is whole another debate. However, as far as I’m concern they are legit.


Hello Guys,

What is this attack on Jackson Henry all about?

As far as I know Jackson Henry is an educated and soft spoken individual. Apparently, he has the confidence of the traditional chiefs of Angaur who has made him their representative.

Jackson Henry was responsible in importuning UKIHL to lease land in Angaur for their proposed Solariis City project. Jackson Henry should not be chastised for that, he should be thanked and congratulated for bringing investment into Angaur.

If he is to be a casina czar, well perhaps that is his destiny. After all. was it not Tommy Remengesau who promissed the People of Angaur that he (TR) would support and approve a casino license to be issued for Angaur if TR was elected President for a second term! Liar, Liar pants on fire! Lol.

He may have brought investor to Angaur, but to rip-off the Angaur Chiefs in the process shows this guys is an opportunist with no loyalty. Yeah, Jackson Henry stole one of LD's Angaur investors PIPL to drop the Angaur Condo project and do it in Babeldaop on Alan Seid's land... unfortunately i hear the recession in UK was so bad that PIPL now bankrupted and that Terry Griffiths and Robert Cocks guys are now being sued by UKIHL for breach of contract because of the mercenary work of AS and JH. Yes, a smooth talking soft spoken liar. He is a mercenary in red riding hood outfit. His best friend is Alan Seid... Now that is bad enough it itself, how can anyone say AS is a freind. This guy been laundering money with TR and Stuart Beck for years... Now he is ambassador? God help Palau from this bad decision JT... What are you thinking Mr. President? Is this your idea of how to deal with the taiwanese by putting a fox into the chicken coup?

I don't know Honto-style my friend,

But it is very clear right there that this company does not want anyone to look into their portfolio. Documents and what not. In papers it's legit. But if you don't want to show me any money your going to use for this investments than something is wrong. If you are sencere about investing, than I don't see any reason to hide anything. We can not just bring in people into our island everytime they tell us we have billions and we want to invest? We have to first
ask, "Show me the money"

Like Oreor said, "I'll believe it when I see it!"



Response to your blog dated 17 July at 08:01am.

The whole topic about the reversal of court judgment and question about the bona fide of the NC project is an issue of credibility and motive.

Who do we believe? TR or UKIHL?

TR has lied to everyone and cheated the country– just ask anyone in Palau (even his wife). Every man, woman and child will acknowledge that TR is a ‘Trojan horse’! On the opposite spectrum is LD, he, on the other hand, has never lied to anyone. In 15 years of visiting Palau, LD has never harmed or cheated anyone.

Let's look at some facts.

The Palau court reversed the contempt of court ruling because it was satisfied that SP Walton lied and Judge Miller colluded in that lie and a grave injustice of law was perpetrated by those who were entrusted to be law abiding. Instead they were abusers of the law and disrespectful of our law courts. They put aside their legal duty to abide and uphold the law to cater to the wantonness of a tyrant.

Mosi, these are very serious issues because our justice system was compromised by two very senior law officers and to make matter worse, the Justice Minister at the time, CHIN, chose to look the other way! The people who lied and who orchestrated the lie must be brought to justice otherwise Palau’s image in the international community will never recover and neither will there be any value and respect of Palau’s law courts!

Let us examine the motives and why was UKIHL and its directors subpoenaed in the first instant!

What was it that SP Walton wanted from LD and FD and who had the power and influence to manipulate a Judge (Judge Miller) into colluding and lying with SP Walton as well as make Minister of Justice, Chin, look the other way?

The answer is clear and obvious:

The orchestrator of the fiasco was indisputably TR!

TR had the motive, the power, means and opportunity! TR was the only person who was the pivotal point and had the authority to manipulate SP Walton, Judge Miller as well as the then Minister of Justice, Chin!

TR’s main focus was to secure a criminal conviction against Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. His motive was to destroy Governor Jackson Ngiraingas’ political career and remove JN as governor of Peleliu because JN (as Governor of Peleliu) was standing in the way of Nakamura, Shmull and TR’s plans to control Peleliu. No one will deny there was bad blood between Nakamura and GJN. Nakamura was closely associated with TR and Shmull as well as their patron and master for many years.

It is clear to all and sundry that someone in the TR camp (if not TR himself) devised a sinister plan for SP Walton to charge GJN with corruption.

TR was aware that GJN supported the NC project and that GJN had visited Malaysia in 2004 to meet with LD and with Malaysian government officials. They were jealous and scared of the increasing popularity of GJN so they used the Peleliu NC project to attack Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. TR smeared UKIHL and LD as scammers in league with GJN even when there was not a shred of evidence of wrongdoing.

It should be noted that GJN did inform president Remengesau that he made that trip to Malaysia to conduct his own investigation and to conduct his own due diligence on UKIHL to satisfy himself that the UKIHL was bona fide and that UKIHL had the capacity to implement the proposed Peleliu NC project.

GJN (now Minister) also wanted to ascertain for himself whether the Malaysian government was truly supportive of the NC project and would put in place the Palau/Malaysia diplomatic ties. Mosi, do you not think this is appropriate action on GJN’s part?

GJN on his return from Malaysia made a full written report to TR (then President) and did inform him that as far as he (GJN) was concerned UKIHL was bona fide and had the capacity to implement the NC project and that he was satisfied that Malaysia would support the Palau/Malaysia Diplomatic ties.

The hoax corrupt investigation (where lies were fabricated and public propaganda made about those lies – FYI this is libel and destruction of reputation) produced no evidence of any wrong doing by Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. They even raided the Governor’s office behind his back and without any subpoena or court order – that was how rogue their actions were. Still no evidence! We now have numerous counts of libel, one count of acting outside the law for commencing an investigation without proper cause, another count for raiding without a court order (trespass) and one more count for removing documents without proper authority (theft). Multiple counts of libel plus three counts of improper behavior so far. You could add undue force and vigor but we will place that aside for the moment!

So with TR and Nakamura breathing hotly down the SP’s neck, in desperation to get evidence, SP Walton went so far as to secure a court order for the offices of UKIHL to be raided and UKIHL’s books and records confiscated. The raid on the offices of UKIHL was again a raid in the dark, a fishing exercise, conducted in secrecy. Yet, once again, no evidence! You should take note that this act was well outside Walton’s jurisdiction as the Office of the Special Prosecutor is specifically BARRED from conducting ‘fishing expeditions’ and from investigating anyone other than government officials. Another two counts of acting outside the law. Five counts so far and still counting!

The SP after spending tens of thousands of public money still came out with ZERO! This enraged TR, Nakamura and SP Walton so much so that they resorted to lies and more bad press. They knew that there was nowhere else for them to go with the investigation and charges against GJN so an illegal plan was manufactured to result in a subpoena being issued against UKIHL, LD, FD for set of so-called copies of UKIHL books and records. You should note that SP Walton already had these ‘records’ by causing UKIHL’s office to be raided. This is tantamount to false pretenses, misleading the court and abuse of the legal system. Another three counts to total eight illegal acts so far and still counting!

The concocted and convoluted plan was to first issue a subpoena to attorney Salvador Remoket demanding he serve the subpoena on LD and FD. Even though they and the court was informed (as the court record shows) that SR did not act for UKIHL or any of its officers and knowing that UKIHL had removed itself from Palau jurisdiction a year earlier they still pressed on to harass SR to do their bidding. Now, everyone knows that a subpoena has to be served in accordance with international rules, but Miller and Walton willfully ignored these rules. Another count – NINE illegal acts so far! We could add undue harassment of a member of the legal profession but we will ignore that for now.

Now, I will address your prejudiced and illogical statement about not being convinced that the NC/SC is not a scam. You must have so little faith in yourself to make such a statement as you must surely judge others by your own standards! You must also have no credibility! To state this in light of what has happened so far is unbelievably ridiculous.

As mentioned earlier, everything is about credibility! LD and his family have been visiting Palau for some 15 years. They have made friends with hundreds of people in Palau including many well respected members of Palau’s society as well as ordinary citizens. In all the years that they have been visiting Palau they have NEVER done anything wrong! They stay in the best hotels and pay their bills. They only stay in the top suites at the P.P.R. They have never been disrespectful to anyone. They tip well. They are never seen drunk or loud or visiting places of ill repute! They are the epitome of a fine well mannered family.

LD has always lived up to what he says.

Some examples:-

LD told President Remengesau that he could assist Palau secure diplomatic ties with Malaysia. He did!

LD promised TR that he get professional consultants to prepare a full proposal to turn Palau into a major tourist resort. He did!

LD promised GJN that he would introduce him to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the King of Malaysia. He did! In fact, the King of Malaysia even promised GJN that he would twin his State with Peleliu State and sanction an international regatta between Peleliu and Malaysia.

LD promised President Toribiong that he could assist to secure one of the Malaysian Airlines to AGREE to service Palau. He did!

LD said that he would arrange for Tun Badawi to visit Palau and meet with President Toribiong. He did!

LD said that Tun Badawi would endorse the proposed Nautilus City Development. That happened.

Now let’s examine at what TR promised LD!

TR promised to make LD Palau’s Consul to Malaysia. He reneged.

TR promised LD to issue a license for LD to establish Palau’s National Airlines. He reneged

TR promised LD and GJN that he would endorse the NC project. He reneged

TR promised the people of Angaur and also LD and GHR (of Angaur) that he would, endorse a casino license for Peleliu and Angaur. He reneged.

You still say you believe that UKIHL and NC is a scam? The only scam and scammers is TR and you, Mosi, his most prejudiced side-kick! Boy, has TR done a scam on you! Hat love potion have TR fed you? Lol.

Let me add one final issue for all to ponder over.

When one of the wealthiest and most respected man in the world (Tun Badawi) comes to Palau to meet and negotiate with our President and then they jointly endorses LD, UKIHL and the Nautilus City project, it is nonsense for you to continue to blog that you still believe that the NC project is a scam. You sir are a moron! No person in the world of any caliber will give you the time of day now.

Are you actually suggesting to the People of Palau that Tun Badawi flew into Palau on a Malaysian government military jet to conspire with President Johnson Toribiong, the Governor of Peleliu, the High Chief of Peleliu, Minister Ngiraingas to collaborate in an elaborate conspiracy with LD to scam Palau. Lol. This is truly insane!

You must be the biggest ‘nutter’ in Palau. You better get ready to be placed in a straight jacket. Ha Ha Ha. Which mad house did you escape from?

I am posting this on every topic site so that all can see how irrational and mad you are!


You are clogging space with a lot of nonsense about TR, Badawi and so forth. You are not giving me direct response. Please put TR on the side, because we are talking about now. I don't know why you keep bringing TR's name in everything you say? Even now that JT is holding the helm of this administration. It's like you are thinking that the more you say it, People might stop asking you for the source of funds to fund this NC/SC project.

I don't know about the rest in here, but I am starting to see a patern where you are trying to implement former President Clinton's ploicy "Don't ask, Don't tell"

Don't ask us were we are going to get the funds.
Don't tell us to show you if we have money or not.

You and your friends are also making it sound like JT is endorsing this kind of idea by scraping FIB becsue they will ask.

We Palauans have to be very carefull because if this kind of mentality becomes a reality. The whole island will be a breeding ground for corruption and blackmail that will force the low income people to loose everything they have.

I can understand what you and Oreor are saying, but I must admit that this is one “heck” of an investor; who patiently and persistently going through what they’ve gone through in the past admin. Obviously, a significant amount of time, efforts and money has been spent by the developer; and so, I find it hard to belief that one can go that far to scam somebody; if that’s your implication.

Although I said it is a legit developer, that didn’t stop me for conducting a little research to find out the scoop. In deed, I have to say that my knowledge about this developer is purely based on the online news and of course Okedyulabeluu site. You probably know more than I do. Shed some light if you may. I may or may not reverse my decision with respect to NC/SC.


God bless you my friend! I took the time to read your post and….
All alone I’ve been wondering and suspecting these people for their personal interests and motives, but with your post above the puzzle has come together.

Just so you know….I live outside Palau, rely on this site and the online media for the update of our island and for me to belief what you say is solely on me without motives.





Reading through your blogs, I wonder what do you do for a living. You probably spend everyday with your eyes glued to the monitor, and thinking nothing but how to do you even come up with a plan to shoo away the flies swarming at the rear end of a cow. You must be really desperate, that you are trying to outsmart anyone so that you could get somebody to hold the fly swatter for you... I know you are not Palauan, because if you are, you have sense of humility and respect. Obviously you are probably from another plantet. Please come up with something that does not have TR's name on it. Are you gay? Maybe you are, and TR is your dream boy. All these fantasies you are putting out is not serving any purpose, but rather informing all that you are fruit cake...

So shut up, or be real!!!



p.s.-Speak Palauan or shut up.....

NC project is not a bad dream. The picture being painted sure gives $$$$$. But one thing for sure is, Palau only have its under water to show for, if NC even becomes a reality, what then is the Septic Plan. Remember, The current is much stronger in Peleliu and Angaur. Without a good plan for the septic system, them all of Palau's surrounding waters will be contaminated, like islanders head...

So some questions may be little but the impact could be greater than life itself. Answer that Islander and stop talking about that Midget Tommy, you f$#%ing faggot....

Olekoi is the Palauan word for fed up and sick and tired of something...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEEEEEEEKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIII!!!!!!!


TR, pay back is a bitch ain't it. You're going to get yours Brotha man. KARMA

Iang chelik e "d" e rungalek. Ng meral uaisei a tekoi. Ng meral bitch a payback. Ma sel payback a meral mo bitch. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Meboluaisei.

Speak Palauan or shut up.....,

Palauan got humility respect? Is TR your shining example of that?

ha ha ha


If you sick and tired, there is always fishing... At least you have the sense to notice TR is a midget he he he. So far from what i can see the only person talking enough shit in this blog site is you, so i guess all they have to do is keep away and the septic situation will be more than manageable.

Besides fish love shit... Chinese been feeding shit to fish for years and selling the product to americans. Now fish is the largest growing source of protein in USA; and look how strong americans are, can play american football, can kick sadaam's ass... Very good.

he he he

Cheuas, correction... All they have to do is keep you away from Peleliu amd Angaur and the septic situation will be more than managable... He he

Ya...we Palauans are humble and respectful, you aliens are not, so speak palauan or shut up!

TR is Islander's Knight in the Shining Armor, ha,ha,ha,ha.....

Or maybe your too JA-Sper...And Peter Moron? I wouldn't be using a business associate like him. Or maybe he is LD himself, I wonder.....

Watch Islander shout...I have stepped on his tail, by mentioning PM's name here....he,he,he...

So Kit Kat, you have enough brains to realize that fish eat shit, and yet you lack your entire brains to eat those fish? I talk shit alright, you are something else....

So septic management, all these talks about how good NC is going to be, why can't Islander, JA-Sper and you Kit Kat answer a simple question? Instead you divert your focus on attacking any individual that poses the question. I know why that is. It's because the whole project is a scam, and scammers forgets do include septic system in their plans. So I'll leave the question but to ask this: What about water? Or is that too hard to answer as well? That is what I said, little important details like, Septic System.

So before you go on and on about your plan, and fish eating shit and stuff, picture how are you going to live in a wonderland where people don't shit. Have you ever heard of mickey mouse or goofy using the bathroom? If not then elevate your talk to this particular detail. Perhaps if you do, the whole sense of building a realistic city will come to you, where everyone will understand you. Remember you are still selling your dream, and the way you talk definitely do not sell anything, but rather earn oppositions...

Have a shitty day!!!


Ungil tutau e Cheuas, molenguul engkmal Sunday mebo bechei a "fish eating shit" analogy e domdasu er kid. I'm not quite sure about these investors and the likes. I hope and pray that we won't regret about this idea in the years to come.. I sometimes long to go back to the simple life we used to have but I realized now that we can't or won't be able to. I just missed the pure and honest interest shared by one another.

Sorry e Chelik,

I got carried away by some commentors' comments but yes, you are right. Domdasu er kid el kmo ked kirel ker. Sulang ra meiaiu el comment er kau. E dirrek el kmal klebokel el lungil tutau el lekor kau..

Sulang ra ungil sils...


one has to wonder.. palauans made a big fuss
about taiwanies and at the end they stay put selling palauans some plastic ware that cannot be recycled but good for siukang.LoL. and then koreans same treatment. now malaysians what is up with us palauans? what is this malaysians get back from palau, some 50yrs or 99yrs lease? i'm just hoping that i wont be living in KEBURS while these foreigners driving on ngchemesed freeway. you know what i'm saying.


You took the bait and swollowed it right down to your gut, all your entrails have been pulled out and everyone can now see how green your belly is...

You dont like my stupid remarks that respond to your stupid queries and statements then don't make such stupid queries and statements.

This is my last blog on this thread, catch me elsewhere for feedback... Take a break, have a kit kat :))) LoL


Oh my....Kit Kat broke my line!!! Anyway, that fish was rotten...teehee...

By sore loser...sour loser...

Top News,

For bloggers who worry about sewage from the SC and NC development. There is no need to worry anymore!

Top scientists recently announced that they have solved the problems created by human excrement.

A new suppository containing a special genetically modified fish is simply inserted into the tourist ass upon arrival in Palau. The fish is called chompfry-TR and it does is eat shit. The fish can be extracted and sold when the tourist leaves Palau or re-inserted in a larger ass!

I hope this wonderful break through will put to rest all matters pertaining to toilets and sewerage in Palau! Palau citizens can have one for free, but tourists will be charged a small fee!

Thank you Mr. Scientists for solving the tourist shit dilemma that some bloggers cannot seem to overcome!


You think you are a respectful Palauan?

Take some time to read your blogs and see if you think you have any respect for your country, your elders and your President. You are the one who is encouraging others to be disrespectful - now is that what a respectful person does, a so-called 'Palauan'?

There is so much disrespect floating around Palau that I may as well be in the States! Monkey do what monkey see! Don't make a monkey of all Palauans by behaving like a delusional monkey yourself!

Man, your trip has twisted your mind! Stop being so controversial and antagonistic.

Life's too short to keep answering delusional people like you! Blog with some sense or shut up and read without being prejudiced against those who try to impart something worthwhile – such as the facts and the truth!

That's funny Redherring! LOL

Cheuas, for example:

"have a shitty day" - this is a true 'Palauan' parting statement? Very respectful, very polite!

You get back what you say - now you can't stand what is coming your way? How childish and petulant!

Maybe you need some good re-schooling by your real Palauan parents - they neglected to give you the Palauan values of respect and being polite.

Parents of Cheuas, take note of your child's spoilt behavior!

Ya Know All,

Speak for yourself...

And you respond? How ironic....

Pay attention to your friend, Islander, Mascot and the likes..Who are you calling delusional? Any one that dreams or talk dreams is delusional. NC/SC are talks of a delusional person... So dream on and on...I'll believe when I see it! I might visit their casino too...oh and the sewage system, spear fish the GM fish and all that stuff...

Have an even shitty day!!!!


Oh and Know ALL,

Check Redherrings blog. Doesn't that look like it's coming from a delusional being? Mr. Scientist,LOL.... He,He,He....


p.s.-I'm begining to think that you are the same blogger that goes by alias Redherring, Mascot, Know All, Kit Kat...the tune of your blogs sounds the same. So degrading and baseless...

Cheuas, your a loser. Stick with your loser friends.

We want progress. First the dream then reality!

You dare note dream. Everything is too big, too difficult!

Last year when it was suggested that Badawi would come to Palau. You guys said bullshit. Now that he has come you guys say some other negative thing.

When it was suggested tat the Malaysian government would support the NC & SC project you guys said bullshit. Now that that is proving true you guys say that Peleleiu will be a little Malaysia.

So what if it becomes little Malaysia. Have you seen how beautiful Malaysia is?

I am glad that the majority of us are not like you otherwise we would have TR's proxies as President.

We voted for JT so we will get his policies and we will get NC and SC. You can't stop it.

JT will change the laws and make Palau rich as a Nation and he will be voted a second term and there is nothing you guys can say or do to change that reality!



If this isn't a dream, then where's the 2bil that they keep saying they will use to build this dream? So Badawi came to Palau, and so did JFK Jr, Bill Gates, John Mccain, and Mr. Bean., what's new? Mr. Scamdawi Blandawi is in on it with the rest of you scammers. Get 100% support from Peleliu, then talk. You think Obak alone and JN can run the show, and Peleliuans are OK with it, give us a break. What this administration is trying to do is instill fear, so that they could get their points across. What we blog about here truly comes from concerned Palauans. So you who are not, keep raving and ranting as to how, what, and will we ever learn, but what is there to learn? Even a kindergarten kid can see right through this. Do you think Palauans are that stupid? Laws are prone to changes from time to time, but nature if altered, will not be restored, and imagine the magnitude of the damage emitted from that. That is why, not just Peleiuans but the rest of Palau are concerned as well. When we talk about the money, even selling trash can bring in money, the difference is the size of the damage versus economic benefits. So again speak Palauan or shut up!



Here's another segment of your Beloved Blandawi Scandawi:

Concerns and disputes by Mahathir Mohamad and UMNO
In 2005, it was alleged that under Abdullah Badawi's administration, there had been a significant increase in cases of cronyism regarding the distribution of import permits for foreign-manufactured vehicles. Then Prime Minister Mahathir had called for an investigation of the issue. Later, Mahathir Mohamad criticized Abdullah for cancelling a number of development projects that the former had started, such as the construction of a bridge to replace the causeway linking Malaysia and Singapore.[27] Mahathir also alleged that Abdullah Badawi had originally offered to permit the Republic of Singapore Air Force to fly over Malaysian territory and sell sand to Singapore in exchange for an agreement on constructing the bridge. Mahathir construed this as an instance of "selling" Malaysian sovereignty.

In 2006, Mahathir stepped up his criticism against Abdullah Badawi, alleging that freedom of the press under Abdullah Badawi had actually decreased. Mahathir also added that the media refused to publish Mahathir's comments. He had accused Abdullah Badawi of reneging on promises he made to Mahathir related to government policies, and in his strongest criticism thus far, said in June 2006 that Abdullah Badawi had betrayed his trust. Mahathir expressed regret in picking Abdullah Badawi as his successor and said that he had originally intended for Abdullah Badawi's deputy, Najib Tun Razak, to succeed him. Najib, who was on a state visit to India, immediately expressed unreserved support for Abdullah Badawi.

Mahathir announced his resignation from UMNO on 19 May 2008 before 1,000 Kedah UMNO members in Alor Star and urged other members to follow suit as a way of pressuring Abdullah Badawi to step down. However, he resists to join any other party and would only rejoin UMNO after Abdullah Badawi steps down. His departure raises the possibility of large-scale desertions by loyalists, which could split the party and bring down the government.

Following the sweeping election victory of Anwar Ibrahim in the by-election in Permatang Pauh on 26 August, 2008, dissidents in Malaysia's ruling party demanded the prime minister's resignation. Veteran government lawmaker Razaleigh Hamzah, who wants to challenge Abdullah for the leadership of the UMNO ruling party, said the results meant that "what scraps of credibility (Abdullah) had left after March 8 are gone." Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who has slammed his successor's policies after handing over power in 2003, said he believed many government supporters voted for Anwar so that Abdullah would realize his leadership is no longer wanted. "Abdullah must take responsibility and resign now," Mahathir said. Government supporters vented their fury on Internet forums. Mykmu Net, a popular Web site for ruling party members, published comments by readers who said they hope Abdullah "will be quickly ousted" and that Abdullah's "resignation will be the only way out."

For a person who cancelled so many permits and yet, look into developing other countries. What a shame....

Hey Cheuas,

Placing such editorial excerpts on this blog means nothing.

If you read between the lines of the article, you will see that the article is quite complimentary of Badawi's achievements.

Badawi has not been charged for any wrong doing. He is being criticized by Mahathir who was describe by Australian Premier Paul Keating as petulant.

Mahathir is also described by many as being a megalomaniac, a tyrant and the most corrupt Malaysian politician. I would think being criticized by such a person is perhaps complimentary.

Next, criticism by Anwar Ibrahim, a jail bird, a two time convicted sodomizer. Well what can I say? ViVa Badawi!

In fact, Badawi will go down in history as a moderate that tried to bring goodwill between Christians and Muslims.

Badawi curtailed corruption and brought back the independence of the judiciary in Malaysia according to the article that you posted. Is that a bad thing? He is loved and respected by millions of his countrymen and countrywomen.

Politicians get elected and they get voted out. That is democracy.

All great politicians are criticized in the end, Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, Thatcher, Roosevelt were all criticized. So What? Grow up!

It is different when you are charged with a criminal act as Tommy Remengesau is! Now that is something to be ashamed of!

It is abhorrent when 90% of Palau's Senators and Congressmen have criminal records, yet still hold public office. Now that is something to be ashamed of. So be careful when you point fingers of accusation, because four of your own finger point back at you!

Badawi came to Palau in goodwill with intent to help so be grateful and stop talking shit. It is people with your mentality that has brought Palau to the brink of financial ruin. All you want is grants and aid. You are like a lazy woman prepared to lay on your back just to be kept by some rich benefactor!

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