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July 16, 2009


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A chedil e Diaz e rungalek... ngkmal kora melaok e kengaol aikal tekingem. Kousbech a sar ma sos ma cheluch ma lechub eng diak? Bong em telekib el longlengull ra di mengerirrs e melnguul ra rebebil ra rechad. Kabai bong e mei ra Honto me doilil e donga chedebsachel ma ngims. Adang mekerang? Seikid a siukang ra beluu. Ochoi. Me boluaisei. Ma uriul.

Sounds like Diaz is getting too big for his shoes...

I am not a big fan either JT or Diaz but if I have to choose, it would be JT now and then Diaz the next minute back and forth.

I think Diaz is right and what he is saying is really true. So, who dares to say his not right and what he is saying is not true. So, again, if you are one of those people who is always on this great and one-man army Diaz, as I describe him, please say something because I just know that you're really good at it.

It's well known that majority of the bloggers commenting on "okedyulabeluu" are either "go tommy", "viva jt", anti-diaz, pro-diaz, ect. How about blogging for and hopefully achieving what's best for the general Palauan population? To achieve this goal, we should all remind our legislators and senators about their promises during their campaigns, the same goes to our president, vice-president, and the appointed ministers. Now that they hold these positions they are all scrambling to line their pockets; through pay raises, or promoting foreign investors, while they hold their positions…disregarding the general population's struggles in trying to keep their heads above poverty...unable to pay for electricity, buying even kerosene for their lamps, or buying common staples to feed their children. When are these people that we elected ever going to wake up and take notice?? I admire anyone who goes public with injustice that these self-serving elected public servants are doing. Therefore, although I’m not pro-diaz, I agree with him 100% on his comments. Let's promote what's good for the general population!

To all,
I don’t blame Diaz for opposing the salary raise at this time. In fact, I strongly agree and support the idea!

Check this link and you’ll find how much the Hawaii State Law Makers’ last year salary and perhaps this year: (http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-10-23-658176907_x.htm)

Further more, check this: (http://www.laborlawcenter.com/p-36-hawaii-labor-law-posters.aspx) to see how much is the minimum wage in the State of Hawaii as of today.

Clearly we can all agree that the minimum wage in Palau has been ignored or I should say “neglected” for years and years. So the million dollar question is: How can we improve this? Simple! Search in the constitution and see if you have rights.

With regards to Diaz’s comments concerning Uighurs, I disagree. As I’ve mentioned it before and I will say it again: “I don’t blame JT’s for his decision nor the I resent Obama for considering Palau as an option; I blame the critics who don’t understand the entire process.

I am amazed that after we approved the Compact with the US and survived for the last 15 years we still haven’t learn our lesson; and in fact, some of us disapprove the idea as though we have some stability in our government. Think about that!


Please, excuse me. I had to post this article below as its web address I had on my previous posting is not good.
Thank you!

By Herbert A. Sample, Associated Press Writer
HONOLULU — Hawaii lawmakers may be confronted with a sticky issue come January that could involve goring their own oxen -- in this case, their pay raises.
House Speaker Calvin Say says he will press fellow Democrats to refuse a 36 percent pay raise next year because of Hawaii's tight budget predicament.
If re-elected as speaker when the Legislature returns in January, he will present the idea to his caucus, according to Say.
However, it was almost two weeks ago that Say called the raise necessary because the last pay hike for legislators was three years ago, and that was the first increase in 12 years.
The state salary commission last year approved an increase for top judicial and executive branch officers, which has already gone into effect. The panel also pegged legislative annual salaries to jump from $35,900 to $48,708. But because of constitutional constraints, implementation was delayed until January.
"Legislators work very hard and deserve the raise," she said. "I'm not quite sure why Calvin is saying that other than maybe he was getting pressure" from the group he addressed Monday.
Russell Pang, a spokesman for Lingle, said the governor has not declared whether she will voluntarily drop her raise. As for whether legislators should refuse theirs, he said, "That's a decision they will have to make."

In regard to the good senator Diaz ... even the broken clock is right twice a day.

Senator Diaz for President!!!! LOL

It's funny it took this long.... From the time OEK was informed about this Salary Raise issue until yesterday. For Diaz to cry wolf now makes one wonder why he did not cry wolf then when he was introduced to this idea weeks or maybe months ago. I am huntching that he decided to go this route because this is nothing new on the streets of Palau today. People are talking about it and that if you are a good DJ/Politician you would know that singing the peoples tune or concerns will get the public's attention.

Sorry Senator,

No offense intended....


Interesting article on Hawaii. They make less than our lawmakers while serving a population of close to 1,000,000 versus 20,000.

Hawaii facing a huge deficit, a couple of hundred million, so their governor is asking to reduce the work hours by 2 or 3 days per month to help close the gap.

On this particluar issure I agree with Diaz..not the person. And yes..i wonder why it took so long for Diaz to come out voice his objection?

With a deficit of $1Tillion..the entire U.S. may soon raise their tax..from sodas to you name it. I guess if JT spiced up their salary it means they have something up their sleeves that'll negate raising tax or taxing bnuts, lime, etc..
I applaud Jt for bringing the fiscal year budget down but same time raising their salary doesn't go well with his policy "that the gov't live within the means".

Only on this issue do I agree with Diaz!! But I know his comment is not going public without any personal agenda in mind. "Viva Casino" is a bill which sits in his committee that he's pushing 150% to pass. Pushing to the point where now in public, he's also going off on people's religious beliefs. Can you believe this guys?

Though I'm not a JT supporter...
One advise Mr. Diaz, "Careful of the toes you're stepping on today, it might be connected to the ass you'll be kissing tomorrow."

...in the meantime Diaz keep pocketing your four thousand dollars every month while spending most of your time running WWFM!!!! Life is great !!!

Diaz still is the king of the airwaves and everyone's mothers and grandmothers listen to his show EVERY morning. Don't like the guy but have to give him a little credit for speaking out against the President.

Very rare nowadays that someone outright opposes bad policies in this administration. Too bad not everyone is willing to come out and say so until too late.

Well, he certainly knows when to side with the people when needed. I have to give him credit also but why now? When he gets mad or don't get his way, he speaks his mind as usual. Let's see where this gets him, though.. I'm not suprised at his behavior.

No matter how good Diaz thinks he is one day he will do something that will be the downfall of himself... this guy has been getting away with things when dealing with TR because TR is stupid... JT is a master of law and will teach this Diaz a real lesson...

Diaz voted for the salary increase during 7th OEK. This guy is not to be trusted. He is using his air power to get what he wants from JT like he did with TR.

Such hypocracy from Senator Diaz. Where was his sense of conservatism in January of this year when they (OEK members) introduced and passed a law establishing their salary at $50K a year. They get this money even if they did absolutely nothing at all. Even if they didn't attend any sessions.
Why was sen diaz not concerned about the poor state of our economy then. This guy is full of horse manure.
having said that let me now say that I too oppose this latest, misguided proposal of this President, who is looking less and less like the man I voted for because he advocated different issues during the campaign season.

Ng lmuut el kengaol ra char ra Kosiil ele char ra Kosiil a di ngar risei e diak lebor, ke de metik er ngii ra Kosiil. Esolang e ngikal rubak a kora char ra kosiil ra melidiul eleng meritechetech el mo bedul aikal kleua el ses el eolt el meral diak el kora bersoech el teluadel a chural.

Ongit el mora re "Voices" el kmo, ng mla mo kirel lmuut el meruul a tekoi el kirel ngikal chad leng ngousbech el kmo ng cheroid er kid ealechub eng diak. A obedebedii tilechal el retirement er kau me le bolak sel de du ke melai a ududem ra Merikel me lak ke msal loltengel a osengem ra rebeluu eng diak kom ngerang. Ak meral loumernang el kmo aldu meng uaisei tial kldidiul a rengum ma teletoech el mad rekau ra beluu a omdasu el kmo te kmal lousbech er kau ra diak el ngerang, tial FM er kau el kmal lungil klalo el betok el chad a orrenges er ngii e ousbech er ngii.

Engdi chetengakl el chudelei le ulekum me ke meral mo okedong el kmo ke chetengakl eng kirem el mo ua Belas el di millemolem el ngar eou a rengul el mo lmuut ra le bol telechull ra ikel rokui el dui el le biled.

Aika di mo iou ra rechad!!

Mosubes ak mle cheleuid......NG KORA BERSOECH EL TELUADEL A CHURAL!!!!!!


Diaz causes controversy to be in the headlines. All he is interested is doing is making hot topic for his radio show.

Diaz knows what the true motive is for the President requesting for a pay raise. President J. Toribiong is wise. Many may not be able to see what his strategy is. No matter, we should trust his judgement and not allow provocateurs like Diaz, Tommy and others to cause dissent or concerns.

We voted for President Toribiong because we liked what he promissed to do for Palau. JT promissed to end coruption and to make Palau foreign investment friendly.

Now the Senate is attempting to curb the powers of the President with matters relating to Foreign Investments. In otherwords the Senate is trying to curb the President from keping his promise to the people who voted for him to be President.

Do we stand for such mutiny? Hell no! Let's make our dissatisfaction with the Senate be hear over the hole of Palau! Write in to your Senators and tell them that you support the Presidents plans!


right message but wrong messenger


Response to your blog dated 17 July at 08:01am.

The whole topic about the reversal of court judgment and question about the bona fide of the NC project is an issue of credibility and motive.

Who do we believe? TR or UKIHL?

TR has lied to everyone and cheated the country– just ask anyone in Palau (even his wife). Every man, woman and child will acknowledge that TR is a ‘Trojan horse’! On the opposite spectrum is LD, he, on the other hand, has never lied to anyone. In 15 years of visiting Palau, LD has never harmed or cheated anyone.

Let's look at some facts.

The Palau court reversed the contempt of court ruling because it was satisfied that SP Walton lied and Judge Miller colluded in that lie and a grave injustice of law was perpetrated by those who were entrusted to be law abiding. Instead they were abusers of the law and disrespectful of our law courts. They put aside their legal duty to abide and uphold the law to cater to the wantonness of a tyrant.

Mosi, these are very serious issues because our justice system was compromised by two very senior law officers and to make matter worse, the Justice Minister at the time, CHIN, chose to look the other way! The people who lied and who orchestrated the lie must be brought to justice otherwise Palau’s image in the international community will never recover and neither will there be any value and respect of Palau’s law courts!

Let us examine the motives and why was UKIHL and its directors subpoenaed in the first instant!

What was it that SP Walton wanted from LD and FD and who had the power and influence to manipulate a Judge (Judge Miller) into colluding and lying with SP Walton as well as make Minister of Justice, Chin, look the other way?

The answer is clear and obvious:

The orchestrator of the fiasco was indisputably TR!

TR had the motive, the power, means and opportunity! TR was the only person who was the pivotal point and had the authority to manipulate SP Walton, Judge Miller as well as the then Minister of Justice, Chin!

TR’s main focus was to secure a criminal conviction against Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. His motive was to destroy Governor Jackson Ngiraingas’ political career and remove JN as governor of Peleliu because JN (as Governor of Peleliu) was standing in the way of Nakamura, Shmull and TR’s plans to control Peleliu. No one will deny there was bad blood between Nakamura and GJN. Nakamura was closely associated with TR and Shmull as well as their patron and master for many years.

It is clear to all and sundry that someone in the TR camp (if not TR himself) devised a sinister plan for SP Walton to charge GJN with corruption.

TR was aware that GJN supported the NC project and that GJN had visited Malaysia in 2004 to meet with LD and with Malaysian government officials. They were jealous and scared of the increasing popularity of GJN so they used the Peleliu NC project to attack Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. TR smeared UKIHL and LD as scammers in league with GJN even when there was not a shred of evidence of wrongdoing.

It should be noted that GJN did inform president Remengesau that he made that trip to Malaysia to conduct his own investigation and to conduct his own due diligence on UKIHL to satisfy himself that the UKIHL was bona fide and that UKIHL had the capacity to implement the proposed Peleliu NC project.

GJN (now Minister) also wanted to ascertain for himself whether the Malaysian government was truly supportive of the NC project and would put in place the Palau/Malaysia diplomatic ties. Mosi, do you not think this is appropriate action on GJN’s part?

GJN on his return from Malaysia made a full written report to TR (then President) and did inform him that as far as he (GJN) was concerned UKIHL was bona fide and had the capacity to implement the NC project and that he was satisfied that Malaysia would support the Palau/Malaysia Diplomatic ties.

The hoax corrupt investigation (where lies were fabricated and public propaganda made about those lies – FYI this is libel and destruction of reputation) produced no evidence of any wrong doing by Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. They even raided the Governor’s office behind his back and without any subpoena or court order – that was how rogue their actions were. Still no evidence! We now have numerous counts of libel, one count of acting outside the law for commencing an investigation without proper cause, another count for raiding without a court order (trespass) and one more count for removing documents without proper authority (theft). Multiple counts of libel plus three counts of improper behavior so far. You could add undue force and vigor but we will place that aside for the moment!

So with TR and Nakamura breathing hotly down the SP’s neck, in desperation to get evidence, SP Walton went so far as to secure a court order for the offices of UKIHL to be raided and UKIHL’s books and records confiscated. The raid on the offices of UKIHL was again a raid in the dark, a fishing exercise, conducted in secrecy. Yet, once again, no evidence! You should take note that this act was well outside Walton’s jurisdiction as the Office of the Special Prosecutor is specifically BARRED from conducting ‘fishing expeditions’ and from investigating anyone other than government officials. Another two counts of acting outside the law. Five counts so far and still counting!

The SP after spending tens of thousands of public money still came out with ZERO! This enraged TR, Nakamura and SP Walton so much so that they resorted to lies and more bad press. They knew that there was nowhere else for them to go with the investigation and charges against GJN so an illegal plan was manufactured to result in a subpoena being issued against UKIHL, LD, FD for set of so-called copies of UKIHL books and records. You should note that SP Walton already had these ‘records’ by causing UKIHL’s office to be raided. This is tantamount to false pretenses, misleading the court and abuse of the legal system. Another three counts to total eight illegal acts so far and still counting!

The concocted and convoluted plan was to first issue a subpoena to attorney Salvador Remoket demanding he serve the subpoena on LD and FD. Even though they and the court was informed (as the court record shows) that SR did not act for UKIHL or any of its officers and knowing that UKIHL had removed itself from Palau jurisdiction a year earlier they still pressed on to harass SR to do their bidding. Now, everyone knows that a subpoena has to be served in accordance with international rules, but Miller and Walton willfully ignored these rules. Another count – NINE illegal acts so far! We could add undue harassment of a member of the legal profession but we will ignore that for now.

Now, I will address your prejudiced and illogical statement about not being convinced that the NC/SC is not a scam. You must have so little faith in yourself to make such a statement as you must surely judge others by your own standards! You must also have no credibility! To state this in light of what has happened so far is unbelievably ridiculous.

As mentioned earlier, everything is about credibility! LD and his family have been visiting Palau for some 15 years. They have made friends with hundreds of people in Palau including many well respected members of Palau’s society as well as ordinary citizens. In all the years that they have been visiting Palau they have NEVER done anything wrong! They stay in the best hotels and pay their bills. They only stay in the top suites at the P.P.R. They have never been disrespectful to anyone. They tip well. They are never seen drunk or loud or visiting places of ill repute! They are the epitome of a fine well mannered family.

LD has always lived up to what he says.

Some examples:-

LD told President Remengesau that he could assist Palau secure diplomatic ties with Malaysia. He did!

LD promised TR that he get professional consultants to prepare a full proposal to turn Palau into a major tourist resort. He did!

LD promised GJN that he would introduce him to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the King of Malaysia. He did! In fact, the King of Malaysia even promised GJN that he would twin his State with Peleliu State and sanction an international regatta between Peleliu and Malaysia.

LD promised President Toribiong that he could assist to secure one of the Malaysian Airlines to AGREE to service Palau. He did!

LD said that he would arrange for Tun Badawi to visit Palau and meet with President Toribiong. He did!

LD said that Tun Badawi would endorse the proposed Nautilus City Development. That happened.

Now let’s examine at what TR promised LD!

TR promised to make LD Palau’s Consul to Malaysia. He reneged.

TR promised LD to issue a license for LD to establish Palau’s National Airlines. He reneged

TR promised LD and GJN that he would endorse the NC project. He reneged

TR promised the people of Angaur and also LD and GHR (of Angaur) that he would, endorse a casino license for Peleliu and Angaur. He reneged.

You still say you believe that UKIHL and NC is a scam? The only scam and scammers is TR and you, Mosi, his most prejudiced side-kick! Boy, has TR done a scam on you! Hat love potion have TR fed you? Lol.

Let me add one final issue for all to ponder over.

When one of the wealthiest and most respected man in the world (Tun Badawi) comes to Palau to meet and negotiate with our President and then they jointly endorses LD, UKIHL and the Nautilus City project, it is nonsense for you to continue to blog that you still believe that the NC project is a scam. You sir are a moron! No person in the world of any caliber will give you the time of day now.

Are you actually suggesting to the People of Palau that Tun Badawi flew into Palau on a Malaysian government military jet to conspire with President Johnson Toribiong, the Governor of Peleliu, the High Chief of Peleliu, Minister Ngiraingas to collaborate in an elaborate conspiracy with LD to scam Palau. Lol. This is truly insane!

You must be the biggest ‘nutter’ in Palau. You better get ready to be placed in a straight jacket. Ha Ha Ha. Which mad house did you escape from?

I am posting this on every topic site so that all can see how irrational and mad you are!


Sorry to say this. Diaz is a turn coat by nature. For years he was all for Tommy, when he saw Tommy's Presidentship comming to an end he turned on him like a mad dog.

A few months ago he was supporting JT, now he is against JT. Like Brutus he stabs his friends when the situation suits his purpose. He has no respect for women. No respect for authority or rank and he care nothing for Palau.

This guy is a thug and is really an unsuitable character to be a Senator. I think a job as a night club bouncer whould be more fitting!


damn islander, you have a lot time in you hands.


I feel sorry for you. YOu are so dumn that you don't even know the foundamentals! Necer piss up-wind! Go with the flow! Live and let live!

You say that former Governor Jackson Ngiraingas is the worse businessmen in Peleliu State history but you forget that GJN is now MINISTER OF COMMERCE! so many disagrees with you! Minister Ngiraingas was simply a businessman who refused to take advantage of this own people!

With you claim that Chief Obak was an unwilling participant. I say that's a load of trash, i heard his speech and it was wonderful, he was very supportive.

You say that the Governor of Peleliu is brainless, oh yeah? He's the Governor, the most powerful politician in Peleliu. What are you? Nothing. If you're so good, why don't you run for Governor, should be easy to defeat a brainless person yeah?

yada yada yada - you empty vessels make the most noise...

....the look on Islander's face
Priceless.. anyway UKHIL only has 100 in their bank account not enough even to develop an ant farm LOL

That's right, how did GJN become commerce minister anyway? His track record for business is a dismal one. In fact, he does'nt have one business that we can all look at and say it has been or was a success. So why the appointment to head commerce? Surangel would have been a better appointment. More experience along with a thriving business empire makes him the most logical choice.

My word!!! Islander is at loss of words! All his talks and smarty pants comments have turned gainst him. He is throwing fits and tantrums, and putting his thumb in his mouth...Geese!

Where's your NC? I have visited NC and it is not even owned by LD or PM. What a load of crap... And Malaysia? Been there too many times, Singapore is better.... Why not start small first like Singapore? Jumping into mega dreams like NC. First you have to allow people get used to the dream, then the picture, then the reality. You appear to have jumped out of one hole into the other...

GJN is Min of Comm and we all know that he was one of the supporter of JT. Or a family???? Ng blals!!!! E blouch!!! E dengerchel..... He is one of the pawns in JT's game of chess. Or if its a monopoly game, he comes from Baltic Avenue....


Ngkal Diaz el chad akmal telkib el mekngit a uldesuel meng diakea betok el chad loumerang er ngii.. Alsekum a tegoi a idea er ngii engdi oldubech er ngii in spite of any consequences.. for example, ngdi uleldubech ra Youlsau to the end. meng meringel er kid omtab a omerelel el kmo ngka meruul a tegoi with the interest of the people in mind.

Ungil e ngarngii a right er ngii like everyone else to voice his opinions about our president but bol consistence ra rokui el issues mebol sebeched loumerang e respect er ngii. As for now, a rechad adi kmo; ngkuk ngera ngmla chemer er ngii ra president meng uaisei. Mesel le uaisei engmeral diak a derelii malechub ngerang e meketmokel..

With all the NC and SC issues and what not, I believe that the potrait of true leadership that inspires with confidence, trust and discipline is seen in the very work of none other than, the former VP Camsek Elias Chin in his address to the UN.

From Chin UN Speech:

In order to guide our own destinies, we must move away from excuses and begin the rapid process ofimplementing modern comprehensive sustainable economic development strategy frameworks. For each ofus, these frameworks must be unique and must fit our own distinctive realities and situations. Each of usmust establish modern legislative regimes, comprehensive infrastructure systems, integrated decision-making processes, strong macro and micro economic policies, domestic capacity and comprehensivemonitoring systems. And above all, we must translate our policies into actions and implementation.
For Palau, this means that we must continue to work to modernize our tax and banking systems as well asour, foreign investment, commercial transaction, and labor laws. For Palau, this means that we mustintegrate environmental protection into our basic governmental planning process at every level. For Palau,this means that we must reco• ninethat our engine of growth is our private sector and that we must doeverything possible to lighten their load, including developing our basic infrastructure, limiting the burdenof taxes bystreamliningour government, and developing economic sectors of the economy that have thepotential to support sustainable economic growth.We have identified these sectors as tourism, agriculture,aquaculture, fisheries and banking.
And for Palau, this means that we must give special emphasis to protecting our natural resources. Toaccomplish this we have passed one of the most comprehensive Protected Area Network laws in the world and we are diligently working to establish modern and effective solid waste, wastewater, water andfisheries and coastal protection systems. Palau looks forward to the completion and implementation of thenew CBD Programme of Work on Island Biodiversity. This Programme will be critical to all island effortsto develop sustainably.
Most importantly of all, we have committed ourselves to the establishment of good governance polices thatwe enforce. A population that does not trust its leaders and their government institutions is unlikely toprosper in this new millennium. We owe our people leadership, and leadership is ultimately defined by acommitment to the future through honest dealing.

Goosebumps crawl all over my skin when comparing what's happening now, to the current admin. Chin did realize and predicted the upcoming days of Palau without him at the helms.

I think Islander should read this and know how "WE Palauans" took a wrong direction when we voted this administration in...Keep selling your NC and SC projects. At the end of the day, you will be the sole benefactor and "WE The Palauans" suffer....Do you know why Palauans live shorter these days? Because its ghosts like you who borrows our bodies, but because you're polygamblers, you leave the losers' bodies to take on other's bodies. Now you know what happens when spirit leaves the body......Let's see what happens when you leave GJN's body............Speak Palauan or Shut up!!!!


This goes with my earlier post on:

1. Salary Increase for Government Workers
2. Medical Insurance
3. Stimulus for every house hold.

The 3 lies that garnered JT/KM most votes.

All in a 100days time.

It about time Mr. Diaz that you've opened your eyes wide. People needs you to be strong. So do not step down, keep it up. Lambast them to the maz, and have the Palau move in the next 100 days, on your call. You have been stepped on, used, and abused by them. Now you see clearly, go git 'em soldier!!!!


hey you guys, especailly Cheuas,

take a small history lesson - the fact is Singapore was built by Malaysia and given away due to too many political squabbles. Now Malaysia's GDP is bigger than Singapore's.

Next, Malaysia has a history of helping its neignbours, Singapore only one of using its neighbours - that is what it was first used for and still does so to survive.

Not that I'm saying Singapore is bad, but stop using examples to support your views without knowing the facts and their history. You just show your ignorance ans stupidity publically.

To the guy who is using the name 'Bandawi Scamdawi' are you sure you are not 'Hell No to Felix' returing with a different adpoted name - coward! The feds are after you scam bucket!

Cheuas, you know that it is you that is hurting and scamming - you went to NC????? My, My - what nonsence is that? You once again show your venom is being spat out like the snake in the grass on beetlenut juice that you are! I do not think Islander is throwing any tantrum but you sure look like a spoilt crybaby to me.

FYI, forget the first 100 days - when the previous President spent all Palau's funds and most of this year's budget and also is sitting in the Senate trying to twist everything against JT - who can preform under such a situation? Even Christ succumbed to the snakes that joined forces aginst him! All for the sake of keeping their religious positions! Now we have those rallying around to do harm to JT. All for the sake of trying to recover their political positions! God created without interference from snakes and two horned, spike tailed individuals and so was able to come through! Even He had a day of rest! What was JT left with? Crap all and TR in the Senate with that brother-in-law of his whos family gets so many contracts, etc, etc. anyone with any nose will easily be able to follow that trail!

Wake up Palau. The fact is this - if Palauans wish to get what the bargained for, kick those who are opposing JT out of office. The sooner the better! No man can stand attacks from within and a seriously bad deficit of funds and still perform. Ask yourselves why did TR spend 2009 budget so that the country is now in dire straights! I would convict him on that one injustice alone - it was never his to spend!

For me, I prefer the man who wants a good decent pay up front instead of a person who is a two-faced monkey who PRETENDED to live on a small(er) pay packet but was so corrupt that he owns more land in Palau than most others will ever expect to own in a lifetime of hard sweat and toil.

Corrupt or frank? Frankly speaking the frank guy gets my vote everytime.

C'mon you guys - get the corrupt SOB and set him free of all his lies. Let him repent at the leisure of the state - in goal!

VIVA Toribiong!

BTW Cheuas,

If it is true Palauans live shorter these days, perhaps you did not realize that it was TR that did away with school food, that it was TR that allowed our hospitals to lapse into a situation of running out of crucial medicines, etc etc.....I could go on for another hour!

Also it was TR who lost Palauan savings by allowing the PSB to operate without their (required) $500,000/- deposit AND knowing that they had not paid the deposit (check the audit and report that was given to TR), after receiving the report TR TWICE transfered public funds into the PSB to prop up the failing bank and then he even allowed Taunton to 'escape' and then he even manipulated things so that there were no more funds to prosecute and hunt down Taunton and the guilty individuals involved (wonder why?). So, we can all easily see that it was TR wo allowed the people of Palau to suffer losses and the shock of losses! That is what leads to high stress levels. Stress and shock kills in case you did not know!

Perhaps you also did not know that UKHL lost $10,000/-in the PSB scandal (or should I say 'scamdal'?) so Pl-ease! Cut the crap about the $100/- worth of stupid scamming you are blogging about NC! You really are without any credibility and full of hatred you can't see staright. You have so little decency left that you are unable to realize you are supporting the devil in disguise and you think he would do good for Palau? I offer you this advice (which I am sure you will ignore) "the leopard does not change his spots"!

We are sick of underhanded conniving shits being in office - so we voted them OUT! Chin? Pl-ease! We know how weak he is and who he would support! Enough already! You go wake up and TRY to breathe some cleaner air so that you can see the truth about those you support!

I bet you are HEAVILY involved with TR and his cronies! If you were unbiased, you would see the light and the truth! Set yourself free and speak the truth for a change!

All these that you have laid down, do you have any proof or are you just another one of those who go by what people say. Yes, he is tried for issues of code of ethics, but can't one own several properties of family inheritance or of his own buying? What are your allegations? TR has been the target ever since the beginning of his first term as the president, and what has anyone done, what proof have been put out against him, or is it like, Let's try him for this, and try him for these others later, or until we are able to squeeze the evidence out of those who squealed? Don't get me wrong I do not condone any wrong doing(all sort) but can you really point that one finger without 3 pointing at yourself and one to heaven? Just Curious.....

To those who support Diaz,

man o man, what a man!

This is the same guy who tried to stop competition for his radio station! Yes, talking out of his pocket AGAIN!

This is the guy who spat on some of our womenfolk! Yes, what a guy!

This is the guy who was a Tommy Boy and now pretends to be an independent. Yes, what a two-faced Senator he is!

This is the guy who so was so manly a guy that he punched up a guy in the bar who was held down for him but as rumour has it, everyone says he was just 'touching up' the guy. Oh yes? What a guy! Two counts on being a defendant in an assault case and still a Senator?

This is the guy who gets into office by threatening to shut down his station if he gets voted out! I am speechless! Not a good motive you guys who voted him in!

This is the guy who jumps side as the wind blows in and out of his pocket! Is'nt a Senator supposed to support our democratic values and be an icon of society?

Give me a break! Maybe you all are just blind and deaf? Maybe you should use your noses to smell out the crap! That's your last hope!

Hey fellow citizens,

Why don't we put TR and Diaz in jail. We would have peace and quiet and then President Toribiong can concentrate on reviving Palau's economic crisis.


Since Palau lacks enteratiment, maybe we can put TR and Diaz in the 'stocks' & 'chains' and let tourists and women that Diaz and TR abused throw rotten apples, rotten fish and roten tomatoes at them. Hehheheheheh! What a delicious thought!

The government could charge $10.00 per throw.

Hey a good way for the governent to make money!


Top News,

For bloggers who worry about sewage from the SC and NC development. There is no need to worry anymore!

Top scientists recently announced that they have solved the problems created by human excrement.

A new suppository containing a special genetically modified fish is simply inserted into the tourist ass upon arrival in Palau. The fish is called chompfry-TR and it does is eat shit. The fish can be extracted and sold when the tourist leaves Palau or re-inserted in a larger ass!

I hope this wonderful break through will put to rest all matters pertaining to toilets and sewerage in Palau! Palau citizens can have one for free, but tourists will be charged a small fee!

Thank you Mr. Scientists for solving the tourist shit dilemma that some bloggers cannot seem to overcome!

Hey all you fools who support Chin, let me remind you that Minister of Justice Chin looked away when he should have spoken out when TR and his cronies was stealing Palau blind.

Chin took Seid as his running mate. Birds of a feather ........ eh?

Chin fooey.... no thanks! Have you guys taken a good look at him lately. Does he look like a President? No way! Not much brains either, fancy teaming up with Seid, lol.

Sorry don't mean to offend, but facts are facts!

And what facts are you talking here, fool? And you think nothing have been stolen right under your nose? That's what happens when your own faith rob you blind. It's not even a year yet, you will see with your own freakin' eyes, then you would put that foot in your mouth....

Chin is a great man. He is honest, religious, and humble. He has it tight with the US. Unlike JK, have you heard him talk about the COFA? He is an embarassment. If someone doesn't like you for a friend, you look for another? What the heck kindda comment is that? No wonder US only gave us until 2010 to review our COFA terms. In the white house, Obama said, Where the heck did they collect that old fart to be their chief negotiator. He cannot even calm his own mouth. Have you ever tried to talk to them in the admin nowadays? If you haven't, give it a try, then you'll know what I'm talking about....Mr. Seid is go for broke kindda guy. He sees an opportunity and gets it. He does not mouth things off like some boggers here, all talk and big bangs...

Hey Diaz, I think it's time you come out and tell all the braggarts UKIHL is nothing but a scam.

Ya Uighurian,

It is all a scam....tell 'em. See Red, everybody knows....So speak Palauan or shut up!



Cheuas, don'd make me laugh. Chin is honest, my foot!

An honest man would never compromise his integrity. As Miister of Justice Chin did nothing to curb the corrution being perpetrated by SP Walto and AG Bittie.

Chin never intervened into the wrongful incarceration of Mr. Moran even though he was given notice of Judge Millers' questionable jusgement.

Now, Palau courts has to eat humble pie by having to revers Millers' bad judgement in the LD and FD case! Do you fools imagine these people are going to say "What's done is done"! No Moran will sue Palau. LD and FD will sue Palau. Great shame will be brought on this Nation.

If Chin did his job, if Chin was such an honest man he would not have stood by and let such injustices occur.

Did any of you guys see the condition of our jail? It is a disgrace, a hell hole. No better than a WW2 concentration camp. What did Chin do to improve that hell hole. NOTHING. He is suuuuch an up-standing citizen, yeh. Who are you kidding Cheuas!

During TR's Administration, prostitute dens mushroomed all over Palau. As Minister of Justice and Vice President what did Chin do to curb this didgrace?

Did he speak out? Did he condamn? NO! Oh yes! he probably wisited those establishments with his buddy his running mate?

When TR illegally tranfer public money into the bankrupt PSB Bank did Chin speak out? Again NO!

As Miister of Justice of Palau did Chin speak out about the smuggling of fish without taxex being paid.

"Look-away Chin", that's what his next cmpaign motto should be. lol

The people of Plau are sick of these hypocrites, that's the reason they voted for JT.

Senators stop trying to interfere with the will of the people otherwise come next election we will vote you guys out!

Amen to that, Redherring.


So if you were the Min. of justice at the time, what could you have done? Let's take Surangel Murder Case for instance. Was that Chin's fault too. The freakin' crime scene was a mess. Even FBI's could not catch the suspect. And just because Chin was the Minister at the time, the whole sham of an investigation was his fault? Dude, you make me laugh as you obviously are not well oriented in your assumtions. It is blokes like you that smears good people's names and not what they themselves do. And what do you know about the PSB fiasco? And how come you did not come out and help with the investigation? Why? Because again, you assume things. Assumtion is a very dangerous thing. It is assumtion that breaks ties, and assumtion that kills. In the end, the truth will prevail so let's all wait. TR may have broke your heart, but justice will put it back together, humpty dumbty...

So Speak Palauan or Shut up, and Get real!!!!

Speak Palauan or Shut up. I like that Cheuas.I agree with you, Chin is a good man, it just that I didn't trust his running mate.But that's another story. My advice is,lets give JT a benefit of the doubt because it's too early to predict the next three years is going to be.But we must hold him accountable for all decisions that he makes.

For those who are anti developer, I wonder if you can come up with feasible solution(s) that will guaranty a promising long term source of funds to operate our government and pay its deficit?

Please be specific.

Thank you!

Exhibit A

1 Arthur Ngiraklsong Chief Justice Appointment 9/14/86 RPPL 7-13 $90,000.00
2 Alexandra Foster Associate Justice Appointment 9/12/08 RPPL 7-13 $80,000.00
3 Kathleen M. Salii Associate Justice Appointment 9/1/00 RPPL 7-13 $80,000.00
4 Mary Lourdes Materne Associate Justice Appointment 6/10/02 RPPL 7-13 $80,000.00
5 C. Quay Polloi Senior Judge, Land Court Appointment 9/21/07 RPPL 7-13 $70, 000.00
6 Honora E.R. Rudimch Senior Judge, COCP Appointment 11/10/05 RPPL 7-13 $60,000.00
7 Rose Mary Skebong Associate Judge, Land Court Appointment 5/30/03 RPPL 7-13 $60,000.00
8 Johnson Toribiong President Elected $50, 000.00
9 OEK Senators/Delegates Elected RPPL 8-1 $50,000.00
10 Kerai Mariur Vice President Elected $45,000.00
11 Ronald Rdechor Associate Judge, Land Court Appointment 12/7/87 RPPL 7-13 $45,000.00
12 Salvador Ingreklii Associate Judge, Land Court Appointment 5/30/03 RPPL 7-13 $45,000.00
13 Ministers Appointment $30,000.00

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