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July 08, 2009


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This why I have been pleading with HS to come out and defend his candidate. During the campaign his dimissal of Chin was evident in his daily rants and raves on this blog at that time. Some of his musings were not only detrimental but also elicited negative comments to spring up against Chin's children and his military service. What happened to the idealism that JT promoted in his campaign to the multitude of voters. At least TR provided us with a press conference to talk about what was going on but now JT is treating us like were the jury and he's the defense. Old habits die hard. JT's tactic of insulating himself by denying access to information from his administration will not last long. There are a lot of loyal soldiers to the opposition in place to never let that happen but it will a long entrenchment until the next election or should JT cut and run again.

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

Sorry Where's HS,

But no one can forsee the future. We can only debate with what we have at the moment. To go back and point fingers makes you look unprofessional than your opponent. Keep your head high and move forward with what you believe could help us in the future...


Where's HS;

Again, ngdiak a berrotel el tekoi er tial beluu. A tekoi el remurt ra ngor a kuk bekerurt ra ngii dil press conference. Om ngara belau e bem tab ra Did ra Ngmatel mem nga isem ela mongiil a press conference. Ke mol di mengiil ea beluu a memochang. Better yet, Okedyulabeluu is better than any press conference.

Iang chelik e rengelekei. Kom uangerang? Ak kmal mesisiich. Ngkmal ungil a renguk lek dirk mle save a betok el udoud lek mlo switch el mora GEICO insurance. Me kulengit er kemiu me bong e bai mei ra meklechek me doilil e domdemech a ngelekel a malek. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Seikid a tekoi. Ma uriul.

Hey fool, what you talking? Where's HS, every time you blog its full of nonsense.

President Toribiong is doing a fantastic job.

Within 6 months of his Presidency he has done more for Palau then Tommy did in the last 8 years.

Due to President Toribiong's efforts, Palau is now being looked at by the international community with much admiration.

The USA recently praises Palau. Malaysia sent its top ranking politicians as a result of President Toribiong's policies.

Where's HS, get lost, why don't you.

Latest news,

I have it on good authority that the rulers of the United Arab Emirates have indicated that a number of high ranking officials will visit Palau to discuss Diplomatic ties and investments.

This is unpresidented! Who came to Palau while Tommy was President. Oh yes! ' Hells Angles -BIKERS' lol

Another way of looking at it is that TR set the table and now JT is merely serving the drinks. Eight years TR played chess but JT only knows how to play checkers. King Me! Everyone knows that chess players know how to play bolitics. Let's wait and see who wins this round with all the legal wrangling against TR. My money is on the chess player, TR.

Majority who watches from afar, those who casted their votes, have indeed become dillusioned as we shake our heads and wonder where we're heading with this canoe. Our captain should take notice of what Obama told Putin just recently, that "The arc of history shows that governments which serve their own people survive and thrive; governments which serves only their own power do not".

Hey Go Tommy,

Why don't you go play monopoly.

There are many school children who play the game chest and who are good at it, does that mean that they would make good Presidents. lol

There are the stark facts that clearly show that Tommy was a terrible President and the facts are:-

1. Tommy left Palau in a bankrupt state.

2. Tommy employed a crooked Attorney General and a croked Special Prosecutor who did his biddings.

3. Tommy lied about the state of Palau's economy. Go read his annual State of the Union address!

4. Tommy allowed the cheating of the PSB bank to go on unabated and he even placed public funds into the PSB bank without placing essential curbs to prevent people 'in the know' from withdrawing the money that was supposed to prevent the bank from collapsing.

5. Tommy is a two timmer.

6. Tommy is a wife beater.

7. Tommy is a drunk, liar and fornicator.

8. Tommy reneges of pledges.

Is this the President you want for Palau? Go Tommy, are you Tommy blogging for himself?

Hey go Tommy,

I know one thing for sure, when Nautilus City is completed Tommy won't be welcomed. Ha Ha Ha

Thank goodness that reporters in Palau are finally asking tough questions rather than just reprinting press releases.
Island Times editor, I hope to see the answers from the Minister of Justice and the SP to the questions that this editorial mentions soon in your newspaper.
Hardhitting indeed.
Maybe another question for the SP: have all the cases investigated and filed by the previous SP been resolved or are they going to be cold-cased until a new SP comes in under a different administration who might not be so protective of the yes men of this current regime?
TR protected his own interests by placing the SP under his supervision, and that has now extended into JT's term.

Where's HS,
Do your research carefully and come out with honest and true comments. In case you didn’t know the archive of this house is dated back to 2004; if not ask Omdui. For your information I did not post anything about Chin’s Children during the campaign season. You may re-check all my postings and let me know. There is none about Chin’s children, I can tell you that.

By the way, like Mosi said: “no one can forsee the future”. And so, when you come out with such attitude it only shows that you are weak, immature and unprofessional. People like you are just contributing to the problem. “Jump into the gun!” I might add.

Honto Style

Nice article by Fermin Meriang of Island Times.

I wonder who is dumb and dumber...

Ombudsman = dumb?
SP = Dumber

This Island Times editorial is worth debating on over some SCAM investment that RH, RM, Know All and Islander (aka JN's clan) are forcing us into! Nobody here is interested in that SCAM including most of JT's supporter like Emelk and others. JN's clan needs to initiate Nautilus/PacViews' blog room in their own website. There is no sense of debating Nautilus scam here and just because Badawi offered his so called "blessing" to that scam dream in Peleliu does not mean there is 2 billion dollars is suddenly here just like the 200mil Uighurian deal! Badawi himself was a high school under-achiever and if anything comes out of this Belau/Malaysian relationship, it would be some cheap agricultural machinery for Babeldaob farming.

If that is all that you claim Red One then why charge Tommy with these meaningless misdedeamonrs? In the sea of all the accusations against him this is all JT's administration came up with. How sad for Palau and how sad for the palauans with the money that will be wasted on this witch hunt. Like I said when all said and done my money is on the chess player, TR. BTW please continue to play checkers because we all know about your checkered pasts. LOL Protect the best preserve the rest Sulang


...where did Tommy get the money to buy all that land?


You'll find out after the trial.:-)

Yes its all a game. I am disappointed and discouraged with this administration. I regret that I did not vote for Chin.

Chin would have not asked for a pay raise and he definitely would be pursuing more unity in our govt. then what we see at this time with the JT administration.

Another point mentioned by fellow blogger Cheuas,
was to refer to JT's campaign promises. What happened to:

1. Increasing Workers Salaries

2. Medical Insurance
3. Stimulus for every house hold in Palau

Instead the administration and JT himself have asked for pay raises. Were these promises to the people just in vain and purely for the sake of getting elected? That's not leadership in any book.

This preoccupation with raising salaries along with the pursuit of TR is taking JT away from those very things that he promised during his campaign that convinced the likes of Rose and HS to vote for him. Now look where that got us. Seriously, recalling JT and putting in Chin does not seem like such a bad ideal at this point.

Wow, TR has a home in Las Vegas! Now we know how he launders his money.

Koshiba check the following:-

How did he pay for his house in Las Vegas? Cash or financing?

Next, find out which bank he deals with. Which Las Vegas bank issued him his credit cards and travellers cheques?

Next find out his sons bank in Las Vegas. TR's son's account could have been used to launder the father's ill gotten loot.

Next find out how many times a year does Tommy visit Las Vegas and which hotel/casino he goes to to gamble. I am sure the hotel will have CCTV monitoring of the gaming sectors. Here you will be able to see how Tommy launders his money.

Good hunting JN and Koshiba


Hey Go Tommy,

It's one step at a time. Don't worry, be happy. We'll get Tommy and put him in jail.

Tommy Suharto thought he was above the law. He ended up in jail.

Tommy gate the child molester thought he could get away with his deeds ended up in jail.

Tommy the 'cat-strangler' thought that he would never be caught but the RSPCA get him.

So Tommy you're no different, Koshiba will get you in the end.

Meanwhile the people who JT made promises to during his campaign are left to languish. But what do diehard JT supporters like HS have to worry about? He doesn't live in palau and Uncle Sam has got his back. What about us? All we have is a 60 dollar lord Davidson who has the President's full atention instead of cares of thoe voted him into office.

The palauan with a penchant for Dostoefsky, Uchelmelis has been yaking away at TR but he voted for Chin or did he? Seems he recent rants have all been too revealing. He sounds like a close relative of JT. Someone on board this JT gravy train.LOL

As for JT supporters what happened to his campaign promises of:

1. Increasing Workers Salaries

2. Medical Insurance
3. Stimulus for every house hold in Palau

Why does'nt he work on that instead of chasing TR's ghost.

Where's HS,

Like I said before, Toribiong's administration is jusst 6 months old and I find it hard to criticize it at this point. My criticism will come.

I for one do not want it to fail because if it fails then Palau fails!!! If Palau fails then we fail.

As for my yaking at TR, he's had 24 years and deserved every criticisms.

Where's HS,

Do you keep up with what you posts here or just mumbling here and there? Get with the program! Why don’t you?


HS you are beginning to sound more dillusioned about this administration by the minute. Unlike yourself, I was'nt broken down then rebuilt again. I speak from the heart. You should try it from time to time. One can't analyze then form a response hoping for understanding for you'll find those who will agree with you are caught up in the same vicious circle.

We are all seeking approval in one way or the other. So tell me from your heart how do you feel about this persecution of TR? Is it worth it? or would you have rather seen JT pursuing his campaign promises?

You see that's where I'm coming from. If JT thought clearly he would have built his case against TR slowly. Use it as interference against him should he have an ideal to run again in 2012. But instead attack those problems facing our country that need his immediate attention and work on keeping the promises he made during his campaign. Thats all!

Is the SP conspiring with Moses Uludong the OMbudsman? Its seems that every time the SP concludes investigating someone he always waits until friday when Horizon and Island Times have printed their issues and so Tia Belau which comes out on mondays always gets the scoop on the big stories involving SP's cases.
Are they working together or is it just a coincidence?
also, Moses has been heared time and again disclosing stories of pending arrests before hand. Is the Ombudsman controling the SP?
What do you say guys? What about our Ombudsman? is he for real?
Some say he sits at the helm of JT's administration along with the Chief of Staff and Ngirai. If he is, will that translate to JT's successful re-election in 4 yrs time. I doubt it.
What do you say?

Yeah, the transparency they talked about meant that so we can see right through them. And ambushman? God help us! He lost so many cases, took his client for a ride, and now he is there? Yeah, for the money. Te kaingeseu el lolekngemed a ikal kesai el medechel ludoud ma lemei sel 200m mete lmuut el ngosur. So TR, I will definitely vote for him come 2012...


I am really getting tired if this we need TR mentality. TR has been in the office way longer than most people think. 8 years as our President and we are left with an almost depleted Compact Funds. A very poor economic foundation with no sustainable source of income to run our over bloated government. If anything came out good for TR is the fact that he has die hard followers who have made a better life for themselves because of him. Those are the ones who are calling for his return because they need job security and more stimulus...


I concur totally! You hit the nail right on the head.


TR is the most experience person in OEK,
TR will take the seat on year 2012 for President
so that he can give some stimulus to HONTO house hold....hehehe

Did you mean he can give some stimulus to his HONTO house hold? Yes, and perhaps pay the EQPB fine.


Hey Change,

TR is most experienced for beating up is wife as well as policemen heheheh.

TR is the most eperienced at making foreign grants dissappear heheheh.

TR has good experience at making the sewerage overflow hehehe

TR is the only person with any experience to make a police rifel dissappear hehehe.

TR is the most expeiienced cheat hehehe.

TR is the most experienced scam propagator and State of the Union liar hehehe.

TR is the most experienced combined environmentalst and con man hehehe.

Tr is experenced at reneging on promises made during his election campaigns hehehe.

TR is very experienced at reducing the pension fund and making the Compact funds diminish real fast hehehe.

TR is the most experienced canidate to NOT make him a canidate for 2012 hehehe.

Perhaps he will be out of the equation by being in goal or be running away like Taunton, SP Walton, AG Beattie, and some other associates of his, or maybe even like Reklai, by 2012!

Charge, have you changed your mind about TR's experience yet?


I bet you "change" is the name behind "Where's HS" or "Go Tommy." They couldn’t stand the heat; and therefore, such name seems to fit their actions which best describe the true character behind the scene. LOL….

Where’s HS/Go Tommy,
I told you the tidal wave is heading your way.

Something to share regarding CNMI LT. GOV…
Visit this link: http://pidp.eastwestcenter.org/pireport/2009/July/07-20-10.htm



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