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July 30, 2009


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Not only does the President's argument make sense, for goodness sake a President (head of state or head of government) should be the highest paid!!!

I would hope our Congressional leaders come to their senses and give the President and the Vice President pay adjustments to reflect their esteemed and important positions.

Ministers? I am not too fond of the Ministers. I think we ought to do away with the positions and look into reforming our line ministries. That's hopefully a talk for later date.

Judges should be lowered of their salaries. They are overly paid!

The question is where will we get the money to pay all these people who think they deserve it. Live is not fair sometime. but let's think about the our people before we start raising our salaries. It always boils down to $$$$$$$$$$$.

Please there is no justification!!! If the President really loves his country and the people he would set an example and lower their paychecks and help raise everybody's!! Obviously the rest of the people are not that important!!!

in a time of economic crisis... the President's argument does not make any sense. this is another example of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

what about the everyday worker that makes minimum wage?? why not raise their wages??

what happened to the stimulus that was promised throughout your campaign?

president... please look out for the palauans that elected you into office that need help and please stop looking out for yourself.

Hey Y'all,

Two for him, none for us. This quote is not very hard to realize. C'mon people, as they are preparing toward their own goals and objectives, let's prepare us for how these goals and objectives be achieved without inteference from us.
Let's ask again:

Wheere's our:

1. Government Salary structure
2. Our Medical Insurance
3. Household stimulus

A man can only be known to be a man through his deeds by his words. Otherwise, that person will be labelled and marked if not by his own people, then by his god. What's the difference between his job, and the rest of the people's. We all work for a simple common goal-To support our families. Why is it that they feel that they have to eat money, and drink molten gold and silver while having rubies and diamons for dessert, while we are suffering, complaining and working our rear ends to support that. Aren't we entitled for a portion of this luxurious meal?

There is a distinct difference between what Barrack Obama makes, and what our President should be making. They own money, we don't. Or if we flash this sort of picture to Washington DC, is it a feasible reason for USA to continue to suffice Palau regardles of our greed and arrogance?

Even of they (OEK and President and his cronies) make $30,000.00 per annum, I believe it is still does not make them any lesser than we are, We the people trusted them that is why they are there, and that has got to be the most priceless thing to give to any human being. So what if CJ and his panel of judges makes that much? Still does not qualify anyone outside of that circle to be higher paid just because....

---"The proposal is to bring substantial degree of fairness to the salaries of the officials of three branches of our National Government."--

What about us the working level,THE TRUE WELL DIGGERS, the invisible people? I pledege to the mighty President that now is not the time. It may come whether or not on your term, but to allow this will only create chaos and significant loss of trust from your people-us!


I disagree, CJ and his crew should not be paid more than our President! It's only logical that the highest job in the land gets the highest salary!

Tht's why this issue could create chaos in the government. So what, we lower judges salaries? What then will happen? They have lived on their salaries for so many years. Lower them, and they will go on strike....


During this economic crisis, (IMPROVISION) is the name of the game.

Instead of increasing the President, Vice-president, and ministers salaries higher than the senators;

You could lower the Senators salaries by at least 10k or 15k, then apply the deducted amounts to the ministers, while maintaining the current salary for the President.

That way, the President and Vice could feel a little satisfied with the equal shares.

This way, we would'nt have to tap into the government fundings but rather use what is being appropriated.

Just a suggestion in these turbulent economic crisis.

The was increase in the COFA trust fund. That's what motivates this slaray raise issue. So you are right Rull, we need to improvise. Some of us feels that it is the right thing to do to that the President should be the highest paid offical in the land. You suggestion is good, and so does cutting off some unneccessary offices like obmudman, special advisors and all them new guys. Their salaries could be diverted to also pay for the Pres, the Ministers and OEk salaries in equal terms.

The judges, AG's, Governors, Traditional Chiefs, the ADHOC, and business sectors could serve as advisors to the Administration.

If we start looking at it at that, them we could begin to see where the improvement really starts at. So many advisors who amount to nothing as they do not serve the best interest of the people or the country, but their own. Let's take the "desperado" ombudsman for example. And he talks as if what he did is not going to cost Palau anything....

Just a thought...



If I'm made a President for a day, the second thing that I would do is lower my salary to 45k so everyone else could go by that example, and lower their salaries even lower....LIVE BY EXAMPLE!

We're on our way to complete the 25 rule constitution that I mentioned. So keep tabs on them....

See how some of us put our heads together? Give me more....

Thanks and have a pleasant day!


Let's all raise everyones' salary. I'm sure we could all justify why we need raise. Minimum salary in palau is tooooo low. And this could go on and on and on. Just my two sense.


What nonsense! If we are looking for fairness then we should start from the top (CJ, ACJ, etc.) and start trimming down. Restructure our over-structured government and reduce exorbitant salaries to match our third-world economy... with such a small population that our officials serve. What they are proposing doesn't speak well to U.S. when we still begging for more money. We can not justify increase of salaries by comparing us to that of the U.S. We have no real sustainable economy to speak of. And that's what our officials should focus on. Let's focus on population's needs not the self-serving needs. That is fairness.

I agree with the highest job should be payed more but I also understand the crisis that we are in right now. We can change the salary when things turn around but not right now. Theres no money right now to compensate the raise so how about a quick fix. TRADE THE PAY ROLL. CJ gives his 90k to P and P gives his 50k to CJ. eeeaaassyyyy

There's only one problem with that solution Delulchum...

Cheuas said that is we reduced CJ's salary (and or anyone in the Justice system, they will go on strike... I guess if CJ and the lawmen are prepared to strike, why aren't the rest of the government civil servant's going to strike if their salaries are reduced? C'mon Lord Davidson, come rescue Palau, we want bigger salaries and better economy... bring on SC and NC, bring on Aman Group, bring it all on President Johnson...

lets not end up like our neighbors and brothers in Maldives... scrambling to earn money when its all to late and the sea level rising to make their lands disappear before they can find enough money to relocate to a new home...

So Jasper,

Have you visited the Davidson Hotel Lately? They say its luxurious and full of surprises. So who owns that company?

I met the owner of Harley Davidson, a certain Hillbilly Davidson and he said, He knows Lord Davidson quite well. In fact I think he metioned that he is still waiting for him to pay him back...

He said he borrowed 2bil. to build some city in Palau. You seem to know a lot so can you tell us more?

Thank you and have a nice day.


I am not for any change of salary for anybody @ this time just so everyone knows, maybe the teachers and the nurses. first of all if you look at the wealth ratio in palau most of these people have money or at least living higher in terms of cost then most regular citizen in palau. Apparently legal issues and strike like jasper said will occur if you mess with these guys pay check. The only way to modify these guys salary lower which i dont think you can is to promulgation an executive order but thats unlikly from the Pres. One thing everybody knows is you can not raise taxes because its gone raise taxes from the rich all the way to the bottom of the barrel sqrapers.
cheuas is right. Need to cut more unneccessary cost. The Pres. is on the right track for bringing new investors and he needs to start cutting some of these cost that tax payers are payin and not seeing the light of day. Advisors c'mon Advisors!!! are U kidding me. 20,000 plus people you do not need advisors. You got the traditional cheafs and the ministers thats it. You got work with whats you got.

Van Wilder: there time when you need to stop and realize bad investment and start cutting your loses.

US President 400k population 300,000,000

Two Senators of California each 174k population 33,000,000

Mayor of Dallas,Texas 60k population 2.5 mil....yes, it is right $60,000.00 anually

Mayor of Phoenix,Az 85k population 6.5 mil

My point is if these people can run a government or cities and their salaries' ratio to their population is less than President of Palau then what's the point on getting raises.

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