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July 01, 2009


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some of these money should go to PSB depositors who lost their savings.

Alik !

This is a case of shuikang gone wild.

It is also one aspect of Palauan culture I am
not proud of. This is enforcing our metara mentality. Going to the relatives for metara udoud is a shame. Why not go to the bank ? Why depend of the relatives ? I would not be comfortable living in a house that I never paid for it. It was paid for my hundreds of relatives.
I will not feel comfortable knowing I owe hundred of people for the rest of my life.

I like Senator Diaz's idea. Build according to your budget and borrow. Dont build beyond your ability and go crying to the relatives.

E kau keuaisei tial rengum?????!!!!??????????!!! Ng meral klemerang sel tekoi el kmo, ng meral ngar ngii a remellomes ra tekoi ra delengerenger. Alsekum me komotebedii a tekoi el kmo ng mo diak a omerael, ng mo diak dolsiseb ra rebeches el chad ra ureor, ma ngera ma ngera, ea debeltid e kolengasech a ududiu e tia meral cheleberochel el tekeruau el tekoi!!!!!!!!!! Ea ngak ak meral mekar e menguiu e orrenges aikal meral lolengasch e reng el tekoi el meral soak el di mekiis el metechii a medecherecher el mengii a kmo ngera ra chelsel a blik.!! Eang a menguld er ngak el lomes el kmo ngak a meral mekar malechub eng diak!!!!! Rebeluu, mereko de bed a ochid e denga okeuid ma chilled ma berud e debo me de bad ra bebul a Ngerulmud e dorrim e doririau e dorrirs er tirkal mengetekled el kmo:"Ng merekong a klebelung!!!! Ng somiu el ua Um el dolul ra keium e ou "UM! UM! Bemtobed ra blim eleng mla meseseb a rebai ra blim!!!!!!!!"

Ng dikea a itel a medak ra ikal lengelir a rechad ra beluu el uoi dikea le me er eou e di merael el mo lengelel a taut ra mekemad.

Ak kmal lolengit me mobengkek el mong me le bol lodengei el kmo alii a klengar er kemam ma rengelkam a diak el kora klekool!!!!!! Kemam a diak kim sibai me mngar tilecha el kora ouDAMA er kemam el kora bleob el chaus!!!!!

Tia meral klou el klengit el reng el kumecheliu er ngii el diak kudengei el kmo ng mo oingerang eng mo sebechel mo cheroid ra bita er ngak.

Ng meral di mo diak el soak el lomekedong er kau el President ke Vice-President ko ministers, ng dirrek ra mla mo diak el soak el lomekedong er kemiu el Toribiong kom Mariur kom Wilter kom Kuartei, e bai di mo oleker a kot el ngkliu el Johmson, Kerai, Steve, e Haruo......Ng meral mla mo kekermus tial klaumerang er ngak er kemiu.

Obilmeai e bem toteklak el mora belurir a Rebladek me ki mchachelaod e bok cheroid ra ikal rokui el ngar tial beluak ra Belau eleng meringel er kemam a mo ungil. Ng meral mecheuached a renguk ra ua ikal lomeruul. A ta er kemiu longesols a cheselsir a rechelimosk el betik a rengrir ra rechad ma beluu el ua Belas el meral ulekum meng meral dirk ke kiei er chelechang me ke de bai ngiltii el mo President e Vice-President e Ministers(Chochoi, ng di ngilta e oltekau aikal dui el rokui el diua sel cheldecheduch) el meral mle bekebuai e ungil a omerollel el blechoel el medesueterir a rechad a uche er ngii.

Mechikung e ngak a meral diak a cheleklel tial luldesuek el di chemiis er ngak eleng diak el mekard aikal lomelekoi ma omeruul er ngika el merdeled el meral mekngit!!!!

Mechikung ea Chelid lomals e lolai!!!!!!!

E mousubes e chudelei Tadao ele tial tekingek a mo er sei el leko ng mo olengesecheklel a ududir a Johnson ma Kerai ma resechelil ra reMinisters er ngii.

Ak meral mlo mekngit me di mousubes.


wow!! tia kmal interesting. How many sisters does Tadao have because when you have many sisters you are suppose to be lucky when you build a house.

the man totally deserves it. this is tradition at its best, good luck to the man and blessings to his house."Good deeds will not go unnoticed". this is the kind of Belauan tradition that helps in time in need.

boy george,

look here gaijin, not everyone is lucky like u think. u try to walk in a bank and apply for a loan for a house, see what happens @ this time of economic crisis. nothing is wrong w/ our tradition of ocheraol, i'll bet my paycheck on if the house you grew up w/ was never bought by an ocheraol.

Well, for every person that gave to his house party, he will do (or already did something) in return, everything balances out in the end. You take some and you give some. But it is still quite an exorbitant amout of money.

Iang chediul. Ngkora kmal mlo melaok tial ocheraol.

Ngkmal dingerang ekom uram.... diak a ised?!! betok a ududir a rengelkel mar bebir erngii.

Good for Tadao. Now, the unwritten rule is he must donate over and above what was given to him at the Ocheraol when the donors need help.

So for every $20 he got, he needs to donate $25 - a 25 percent return on the donor's investment.

Which means Tadao will end up donating $142,707.

anti-freeze - pls redo your calculations.

I still think siukang is better than going to the bank.
Here's my comparisons: If you took out a loan from a bank for $100,000 @ 5% interest for 30 yrs. you would have to pay $93,256 interest. so that's $193,256 total. You need full insurance, additional $1,000/year. You need 20% down payment payment($20,000)before you can take out a house loan. Then you have points & escrow fees. You have the risk of foreclosure, and the bank has the ownership of your house until you pay it off. With banks, if you miss 2 house payments, you're out in the street. I know someone who was not able to pay for his house so the bank sold it while he was still living in it and he only received a notice to move out.

With siukang, you help your relatives/friends back when they build a house and you have satisfaction of giving. It's a life time commitment so is the bank loan.

Siukang is a palauan welfare system, brown nosing
relatives and friends in hope they will help pay
your house. Lesson here, you can't succeed on your on! Palauans need to learn budgetting skills,don't get over your head and live within your means.

Iang ngkal Tadao a bai ungil de kuld a tul.

Jaime, that is highly disrespectful. I know you pride yourself on leaving these kinds of comments in every thread, but please.. give it a rest already.

Anti-freez you are a smart dude, so I repost your possitive comment about the siukang. Here it is:"I still think siukang is better than going to the bank.
Here's my comparisons: If you took out a loan from a bank for $100,000 @ 5% interest for 30 yrs. you would have to pay $93,256 interest. so that's $193,256 total. You need full insurance, additional $1,000/year. You need 20% down payment payment($20,000)before you can take out a house loan. Then you have points & escrow fees. You have the risk of foreclosure, and the bank has the ownership of your house until you pay it off. With banks, if you miss 2 house payments, you're out in the street. I know someone who was not able to pay for his house so the bank sold it while he was still living in it and he only received a notice to move out.

With siukang, you help your relatives/friends back when they build a house and you have satisfaction of giving. It's a life time commitment so is the bank loan."


Iang Wornout. Ka bai ungil de kuld a tum e kuderchau el mo omadel a chudel ra meklechek e smauch a buchek. Adang mekerang? Mebol uaisei.

Jaime, you're a dumbass!!!! Get real man,these are serious issues we're all trying to debate here. If you're too stupid to comprehend then GTFO of here!

aha and O. Remengesau,
I agree with you. Siukang is way better than going to the bank.

Just ignore her and she will get tired of talking to herself!! She just got out of the halfway house anyway!

But if you don't have any family, then suikang won't work for you.

There's nothing wrong with enlisting relatives and friends' support, but one should only when really needing it after exhausting PERSONAL ABILITIES AND FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE AT BANKS!!!

With that premise set, we should ask re mechas or whoever are the authorities in traditions (Rubaks???) to do their part in regulating customs/siukangs...

We're en route to cultural doomsday that will explode and place deadly financial strains on our livelihoods and families!!!!

and who says belauans are broke....they're just in debt that's all....forever and ever.

I read an interesting article comparing the US and China systems. In the US people are in massive debt because they take bank loans to build homes refinance things, etc. In China people rarely take loans for homes. Like in Palau they borrow money from their families and pay them back gradually. In fact, alot of countries do this including India and rural Japan. Only in our case its not a "loan" persay but a gift that is expected to be returned in some other form of help. The commentary on this China / US thing is that its the reason China is doing really well in this recession. They are not people who have indebted themselves to banks that take away their assets, etc.

I think Siukang is good. I don't like how people go into debt for it. I think people should spend on their relatives what they can afford. But overall, its great how people take care of each other in Palau. I think this is a sign of how much this person has helped his relatives.

On the otherhand we are introducing American wealth to Palauan custom that only a few can afford. The fact that many are taking loans for such occasions shows that something is wrong. Why dishonour Palauan custom by using American currency?

ellik tial mechesang a imis el mechitechut. you know why eak kmo ngmle mechitechut el mechesang? ele ngkal rubak a imis el meses el ngara rua mechesang er ker meker. e di mle rengelekel ma ochedal (kyoko) mar ngelekel enguu a 90G. meng belekul a kmo ar chad el chelooit a sulel a Tadao er tir a di mle keldibel e udelii a 24 thousand. Metia imis ra imis ra mechitechut el mechesang. Delete a beldechelir a rengelekel eng ngolebtil ra bek el locheraol el mechudel a rua 30 thousand al sal ngariou.

sick N tired of Jaime,
How is this serious issues? we all are intruding into someone else's life (Mr. Ngotel) and his finances. Se what happens with so called siukang, one person's headache turned into everyone, related who give him money, and non-related, people like us talking here like it's the end of the world. Everyone here, go find jobs, extra hobbies, exercise, just plain go find something to do. talk about telulechoid. I can't believe I found this site, waste of my time. I know, someone's going to respond, "then don't come here", don't worry because I won't. I will go better myself and find something worth my time rather than sit here and read these comments about SOMEONE else's life while mine passes by. I wish you all good luck in finding something better to do than ou tulechoid.

We have prominent jobs, hobbies and things to do, mind you. This is a place where we can come here and join in with our fellow Palauans. Sorry, that you are too good enough to join in. It's hard to maintain the lifestyle, isn't it? I don't get to see Palauans that often so this is place to connect with my people.


apparently you haven't read other posts on this site, or you'll know why Sick N Tired of Jaime and others are asking her/him to stop.

and, for the record, if you'd like to stick around a bit longer, i'm sure you'll find that what people talk about here are issues that are currently being faced in Belau, and not just idle gossip (okay, sometimes the occasional juicy tidbit is shared..). some of us are abroad and just want news from home, but most of us want to share real views and ideas, and offer our meager solutions. it's really all interesting.

but, if you really think this isn't your kinda thing then- thanks for dropping by at least. have a good weekend!

is this your way of connecting with people at home, PALAU? by gossiping? That's not a real nice way of saying HI or catching up on things. Catching up on things is saying hello, how'd they been, etc. Not get all up into Tadao Ngotel's business. If you miss Palau, why didn't you stay there? Why would you move all the way to the states, and gossip about palau? Did you hear about the people here in states that were mad at the president because he didn't come to the President's Day party here in US. He's got bigger better things to do then watch fellow palauans in a foreign country getting drunk acting like hoodlums. Just like how we come to the US, and gossip about people back home about their business. Obviously you guys aren't in siukang since you're here. So if you're not, then why bother about it. Also, this is not fellowship either? Fellowship is enjoying the company of others mingling, chatting, etc. NOT GOSSIPING. Get real, I bet you guys are 50 years old plus. Prominent jobs! give me a break. If your job was that prominent, I'm sure you'd have way better things to do than, "Oh boss, I haven't been getting enough sleep at home. See, there's this site called okedyulabeluu, I just love going there and gossiping about people back home, you know the islands, Palau." Prominent, yeah right. I'm only 19 years old and disgusted at how my elders these days are spending their time. It's sad, I see elderly people here giving their extra time to help others in need, (Building homes for the poor) through volunteer work. Unlike the elderly palauans here all they do is telulechoid. And this is where all of you are heading to, TELULECHOID.
It's the 4th of july tomorrow and I doubt Obama's going to a party where americans are getting drunk and spit everywhere acting like fools. Conclusion, us palauans should pick our $H*T and represent palau better while we're here in the U.S. by our actions, accomplishment/achievements, good citizenship (in our case residency), and not by our talks, partys, etc.

Iang chelik e rengelekei. Me kulengit me lak dim kautuketok e moliuus er kid. Adang mekerang?

Jaime or W/E don't try to disguise yourself!! you are the same person!!! Stop wasting your time as JAime and join us debating and sharing ideas on how to improve Palau. Trust me there are politicians that come to this websight and have read some of the comments in here!

Henry George once called for a “Single Tax” on the unimproved value of land. He felt that this was the only tax needed in running a country. He argued why tax a productive activity like work. My thought since we are on the subject of Ocheraol is why not apply a single tax on its proceeds.

Iang hai e "Mechelebed" e rungalek. Molengull ra di outeketok er kid. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Meboluaisei.

good night Jaime zzzzzzz zzzzz zzz

may be we should make OCHERAOL for the government of Palau. since one person make ocheraol that make thousands&thousands, every palauan put in $1.00 or more government of palau will make millions. dose ng belau er kid el rokui, nobody would go behind our back e outulechoid or melekoi a sulel. after ocheraol we all give our president his raise plus his ministers, eng bai mo ungil a rengrir ealta ngmo sebechir el meruul a urerir or not. for these senators and delegates fire them. they are all bunch of screwed. ma uriul. oh, happy 4th of July.


How about the 19 counts of Misconduct in Office filed against the former President of the Republic of Palau last week eh?

Iang hai e "Good Nite", rungalek ngera meke melius er kid? Ka bai mei e kulekoi, bem tuu ra tuangel em kang ai kai abrabang ma meduu leng kmal betok. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Seikid.

I'm not Jaime and that is for sure.
You know, and I'm glad that politicians do read things written here. Like I said I'm only 19 years old and that is the truth. Why is it that there are politicians whom have broken the law, in some cases ones but others many, and till holding government seats? Are we, the citizens, that ignorant on voting? This is probably why palau should've never became independent. A lot of people, if not all, vote for someone to a position just because they are related, not because of his/her good deeds, education, or experience. Palau is so small, majority of the people are related.
Example, Diaz has been on the news on breaking whatever code it was when he was broadcasting, assaulting someone with another government official, etc. Why has he not been impeached? Presidents get impeached just for lying but I think to do a wrongful act like beating someone is bigger than that.
These are the people I look up to since I'm still young but for them to represent myself, my family, and my community, just scares me to know thta they are leading me. Whatever they decide, I will follow because it's the law. They could possibly lead us to a cliff. Who knows, the way they're behaving, anything can happen.
Thank you for reading this. I hope some politician does read this instead of Mr. Tadao Ngotel's ocheraol comments.

Eang chelik e rebeluu, Ng chebuul tial telungalek er a kodall e kemiu a ngemuu el kirel a mlechudel er a ocheraol.


that's the spirit! there really are a few politicians who read our comments. so, whenever you see a new article pertaining to our island's welfare that you agree or disagree with, share your views. you never know who might be listening (in case, reading).


Thanks for your good comment,we the voter's exercise our vote for our relative to get seat not for experience/future and education.


your funny don't forget to give me somme of your abrabang....missed eating that...

I really like the comments made here; "Palauan Tradition at its best".

He is obsolutely right;

Think of why Tadao Ocheraol reach that amount. Its all based on what you have done for others. Then when the time comes for you to ask support, then people will give until it hurts.

Mr. Ngotel may have being giving alot to his sisters, aunties, relatives, and friends thats why it all paid off during his Ocheraol.

Just my Thoughts,

Buik er Belau

this is why Palau is going down the drain. People with the bigger family, more relatives are taking seats because they get more votes, not because they are highly qualified. How ignorant to vote for someone just because they are your relations and not by what he/she believes, stands for, or good at. I know I wouldn't vote for my own relation if he/she wasn't qualified because with all this telulechoid, ng ngmai a tekoi el mera rekeblid, omekrur er a ngklel a kebliil. This is why I wouldn't vote for my own relation based on blood, but based on morals and beliefs, qualification and education as well. Like I said, I'm only 19 and it makes me sad how palau is going down like this. I guess it means more work for the younger generation to learn from mistakes, prepare for tomorrow through education, and just hope that the leaders don't mess up too bad that there won't be a tomorrow.
Have a good night everyone who's reading this. I hope someone agrees with me but if you don't, I would like to hear why. I'm very open to other opinion or someone who is seeing this from a different perspective which I don't.

Iang hai a "Cliper"...nguaisei tiakid el tekoi. Bong e mei ra blik em ngesukak el kmang aikal abrabang. Ngak ma Ngiramelubechameduu a milruul ra kesus meng kmal dirk ungil e fresh. Al soam eng direk el ngarngii a fitada el olik ma cherdoched el belochel. Adang mekerang? Ochoi. Mebol uaisei. Tiakid a tekoi. Ma uriul.

Alii w/e,

You have said one of the smartest thing to say on this blog. Don't you worry because there are lots of what I have read on this blog that sounds like "Are Smarter Than A Fifth Grader." I like the part about not voting based on relation but qualification. Spread that mentality and Palau can be saved down the road. Hope it wont be a long road though. Sulang ma uriul.


I would like to know how much money from the Ocheraol is from the PSB. Mr. Ngotel has no shame at all...should be jailed along with his nieces but unfortunately, no such justice in Palau.

Jail Tadao Ngotel...people just paying him back for all the monies he took from PSB and gave to relatives? Just speculation on my part but angers me that this clown and the rest of the PSB culprits are still running around town.

Happy Constitutional Day...or what is left of it.


Glad you came back despite what you said earlier. For a 19yr old you sound pretty mature and smart, maybe you should enlighten Jaime a little. Do continue to come back and share your thoughts on how and what we as Palauan Citizens should do to improve our nation.

G Bless!

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