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July 30, 2009


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We always knew you were a good spin doctor from reading your newspaper - you never reported the facts without adding in your own angles to hype up the media... now we see your true nature - a forger! Just like you forged your own version of truths in the news... could'nt have happened to a nicer guy :) ROFL

It's sad that our government employs people whose interest is not in the same track with the status of our government. But I guess we do not need to worry, he will be bailed out like the rest of them. What about TR, is the cranky SP going to jail him or not?

Kede chebuul. How can a tiny ichy bitchy small island like ours take off if all that we hear is law suit here and there. The end of Three and half years is approaching. Is this the kind of picture we will be looking at until then? Why don't the government invest on much better deals, and who is ombudsman anyway? Is this our idea of an ombudsman? One minute he is sneaking around peoples back yards looking for foot prints and what not, and the next, he is being tried for forgery? I'd say, fire him and abolish his office. Isn't SP enough that we have to employ jerks like ambushman. What he did is a true role of an ambushman. Problem is he, set his trap to low, that he got himself trapped in it. Now what??????

He is a living example of a snake and worm. He does not serve the integrity of this nation, he is serving himself. He hoped to make fame out of his purported case, only to make shame out of himself.....


After he is fired, we can redirect his salary to the infamous raise that is being demanded......

Moses had defrauded my elderly grandparents in the past that we almost lost two pieces of our prime properties to him. It took me a lot of time and money to settle the case and we later won. My advise is simple, be careful with him.

Hi Cheuas,

You said:

"He does not serve the integrity of this nation, he is serving himself. He hoped to make fame out of his purported case, only to make shame out of himself..."

I say: You're right on! Hey its not often we agree on points but in this case I am with you all the way. in fact his Newspaper license should be revoked as this is yet another proof positive of his tactics of manipulation modus operandi. How can a person so biased and self-centered be made Ombudsman?

Next Senator Diaz... Remove his Radio waves platform - he gives false information and the outer Islands think its true because they have no other media connection to Babeldaop!

Diaz and Uludong run the media and use it as a weapon to instill fear, propaganda and get what they want). They think they can do and say what they like, even forge papers, shout profanity in public, involved in despicable behavior - -they do not deserve to represent Palau, not even to clean the public latrines...

Well this shows two of President JT appointees getting up to bad stuff (the other was His Excellency Ambassador Jackson Henry - stealing from the pockets of the old chiefs of Angaur).

President JT, you should choose your people more carefully, some of them appear to be wolves in sheep's clothing.

Alii Rokui,

Nobody is happier for clean government as much as I am. I have for many years written against government officials and employees abusing the system.

As a friend of Moses, I stand by him and allow him to be heard in court of law like everyone else. Even if he is found guilty, I will still be his friend. I have tried hard to hate the sin but not the sinner. I too hope that I will not be judge so harshly by my friends should I falter in the future.

That said, I know that there is more to the issue of forgery than what has been given to public. But these matters are all part of the investigation and should not be discussed openly yet. Mr. Uludong courageously appeared on OTV to accept the charges and stated that his case will continue without Ted. The rest has to be heard in court. Until then we have to say...until the fat lady sings.

If this is the new policy that people will be put on leave pending investigation then we should all follow it. Are we? Really?


17 PNCA § 1501

Every person who shall unlawfully and falsely make or materially alter a writing or document of
apparent legal weight and authenticity, with intent thereby to defraud, shall be guilty of forgery,and upon conviction thereof shall be imprisoned for a period of not more than five years.

§ 3301. Single publication to give rise to one cause of action only. No person shall have more than one cause of action for damages for libel or slander or invasion of privacy or any other tort founded upon any single publication or exhibition or utterance, such as any one edition of a newspaper or book or magazine or any one presentation to an audience or any one broadcast over radio or television or any one exhibition of a motion picture. Recovery in any action shall include all damages for any such tort suffered by the plaintiff in all jurisdictions. Nothing in this section shall be construed as creating a cause of action which does not otherwise exist.


Chapter 20


Every person who shall unlawfully, wilfully, and maliciously, speak, write, print, or in any other
manner publish material which exposes another person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, shall be
guilty of criminal libel, and upon conviction thereof shall be imprisoned for a period of not more than six months, or shall be fined not more than $50.00, or both.

Chapter 23
Misconduct in Public Office

§ 2301. Defined; punishment.
Every person who, being a public official, shall do any illegal acts under the color of office, or
wilfully neglect to perform the duties of his office as provided by law, shall be guilty of
misconduct in public office, and upon conviction thereof shall be imprisoned for a period of not
more than one year, or fined not more than $1,000.00, or both.

Why only forgery? Give him the following 3. He forged, He libelled, and since he is a government employee at the time, let it also be misconduct in the public office. These guys are paid higher and continues to be for the next 3 years.

And yes Santy, we will all wait until proven guilty, but at least the SP identifies the crimes and execute them accordingly. MU is known for his ways in getting information. One way is to play rough with his clients or informants. I'm sorry that he is your friend, and he is also mine, but being an ombudsman does not give him a clear chance of getting away with some, but to be tried fairly and as dictated by our laws.

merangomeluches, for you to agree with me only goes to show that our differences does make a difference. Thank you...


Alii Cheuas,

When I grew up I heard all bad things about Tmetuchl doing bad things to get other people's lands. Soon I started to think of him as if I seen these things. When I uttered this to my late brother-in-law Kaleb Udui, he immediately asked me to his office and showed me documents. Okdemelel sold the land, then nephew comes and claim it was given to them during cheldecheduch, then oldest son comes and claim, then the youngest, and finally the eldest sister. Each time Tmetuchl managed to pay money. Some lands he ended up paying five different people. As a matter of fact, I finally changed my mind even when I hear people speak of other people this way. There are more to the story then what the story teller is willing to share. I actually thought Roman was crazy to put up with this nonesense. He was the one being taken advantage of most of the time.

You know many of us Palauans are very good in character assasination if we do not watch what we say. Maybe we are just bored silly with so much time on our hands.

If we are in the rule of law society today, people should come out and persue injustice done against them and not resort to gossiping and spreading of rumors on blogs like this.

I guess you missed my point. Moses should be given a fair trial like everybody else. Nothng more nothing less. If he stole your land or swindle your money then persue him in court because that is a criminal act. But not here in the court of public opinion where there is no rules of engagement and fair play.

This is why people are very liberal in smearing other people in anonymity. Case in point is when people were asked to register on this blog comments quickly evaporated. A dangerous foe is an invisible one.

My other point is are we willing to apply this rule blindly? I myself hope so but reality of past practice has not been that way. But I am all for it. Of course, I will be praying for my friend. You have to remember that I pray with the prisoners on wednesdays and saturdays and I only see them as people. Only difference is they have been caught and most of us have not been caught. Yet.

Sulang for sharing your views.



Amen Cheuas and Santy,

All are innocent until proven guilty in a competent court of law.

Certain people with their private agenda have
hijacked this site to launch their private wars and character assisinations against others. Some are foreigners who are meddling in the government and private affairs of your country.

I have found out who these people are and soon I will strip their cover and reveal their names here and contacts who have information on their background. You can bring this information to your Inspector General to prosecute their criminal crimes.

Santy, you are right. The invisible enemy is the dangerous one. But soon, there will be no invisible enemies here because I will reveal the names of these character assasins right here. I will give you telephone numbers and email address of contacts who will expose them for all to know.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

A.S. Dahliwal


There is no sense in bringing their names and addresses out for all to see. We can all tell that they are foreigners based on the way they describe as their knowledge about Palau. There's a difference between walking the walk, and talking the talk. They bring about issues that they themselves have seen, touced, felt, tasted, and heard, and concocting the basis of their opinions them, and just because we are different, makes them thinks that they are so much better. What they fail to realize is, Palauans are not in the dark anymore. So what if we do not allow casinos or airlines? Another point in this debate is the fact that each of us should maintain our stance as Palauans, and should not submit to any ideas or dreams that can only bring destruction to our beliefs, culture, the environment and our nation. So no matter how long we debate, there surely is an ending, and that would not necessarily be the best, but what's just, fair and wealthy of economic advatages.

Diaz mentioned something this morning that I thought was wrong. He said: " A casino a lekirel mukdubech er Ngeaur ete di kirir el chad er Ngeaur a mesaod er ngii". He forgets that Ngeaur is Palau. It should be automatic for every Palauans to be concerned over matter such as this casino. Just to elaborate: "Every development that comes in passes through so many states until their final destination. When they are erected, not only Ngeaur will benefit, but whole Palau as well. If Angaurese fail, we do not judge and label them, we sympathize as they are our people. If Angaur is destroyed, it will then become a responsibility of Palau as a whole to house, feed and take care of Angaurese. I think the esteemed Senator if he does not watch what comes out his mouth, could turn off a lot of good views about Palau's development, especially on the issue of casino.

Santy, I cannot agree with you more, and I continue to support you as I always have....

Thank you and have a nice day!


p.s.- I will let the justice system rule.


We should question Diaz then why is he talking about the casino when the Angaur people should be the ones talking about it!!! Teluidel a chural.

Please provide him a rope!!!


I guess we all know Diaz aka Diaes. He has to be in the middle of everything, be it sewer or sugar.



With all do respect Santy. You are trying to have it both ways. You want to clean the government and when someone is charge with a crime then it becomes personal because the person is your friend. And I agree, innocent until proven guilty but if we don't realize that some people we know is just there for their personal gain then the status quo will not go away

Moses is really scum. He was found to be unethical in the past by the Supreme Court. He was convicted of abusing Filipina workers at his paper. He used his paper to intimidate and print lies about anyone he didn't like or anyone who crossed him. Now this forgery. And not a word about it in the pathetic Tia Belau. Nobody respects him, and I am really surprised that JT appointed him to his team. I hope JT uses this opportunity to put him down the garbage disposal.

I guess we all have to wait until after the trial, but, what I think will open MU's eyes is if the victim counter sues. Never mind winning or losing because we all know the results. Ted should sue and get compensation for the damage that was caused to him. Forging a signature is worst than killing a person. Someone could be sleeping while somebody is galavanting around as that person, killing, robbing, raping, and a whole bunch of other things. I know someone may say this is too much, but hey, justice is blind, so while what MU did is weighed, debated, and decided someone may stand up from the panel and say, "Hey that sound like my friend MU. Maybe I'll go easy on him". What I'm saying is, it has been friendships and relationships that screws things up and hinder the true intenton of our laws. It's the same as voting. I am voting for so and so because he is related to me. I am not voting for so and so because he owes my uncle money. These are only few of the loopholes that may not necessarily be in the law, but are entertained based on the reason of friendship.

But I'll continue to wait....


Alii Poor,

Maybe it is semantics or plain language limitations on my part that you do not understand where I am coming from.

I am not asking that due process be circumvented because he is my friend. As a matter of fact, I will be waiting for him at the jail with the other prisoners on wednesdays and saturdays if he is found guilty. Please reread my postings. Sulang.


I get your point.

A cunning thief was caught stealing a loaf of bread and was sent to prison for life. Because he was not caught by his past acts, he was already labelled, as a thief, and for that, his sentencing was harsh.

As he was sitting in his cell, he couldn't help but wondering what he would do to get him out. As he sat, he noticed a seed of an orange that was laid on the floor. Picking it up, he furnished a small match box, and put it inside and calling the guard. He said to him:" Bring this seed home and plant it. The fruits will be that of gold, so you could be a rich man. Hearing this, the guard said,"Well how came you didn't plant it yourself? The thief told him that because he is a thief, he couldn't as only those that have not committed a sin or a crime in their lives could plant it. Immediately remembering how he and the warden were bribed to release a nototious inmate, he told the thief that he should bring the matter to the king's attention.

Once the issue was brought up to the king, the king then called all his men, as well as the thief. At the chamber, the thief related the story to them, and said afterwards," Since you are sinless and crimeles and so being our king you are worthy of fruits of this seed. Remembering how when he used to steal money from his mother's purse, he immediately waved it passed on to the minster of dimplomatic relations. Minister on remembering how he brought in a business deal for himself, waved it passed on to the Minister of Government Corruptions and Prosecution. On noting the day when he couldn't find enough evidence so he made issues some up to imprison a poor grass trimmer, who accepted money for rendering government services to a private farmer, he waved it passed on to the Director General of Government Eyes and Ears, which he paved as well. He went around the table, and none of these so called sinless and crimeless people accepted the seed.

The thief then said to all of them, " So, I have here in front of me, a chamber full of robbers and thiefs, and law breakers, and yet I have been sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed my hungry family?

While that is so, I personally think that our island is a small place. Imagine a bomb going off in Kayangel, and Angaur will hear it. If we do not change the way we want look at our nation, then all these talks and plans and expensive conferences about this and that will continue to be blamed on one person. Who that person will be, is the same as the story, Anyone who is helpless. For the case of Ombudsman, he went in with his eyes open, let him comeout with his eyes open. That is why justice is blind because when a human judge another human, he should not look in his eyes, because if he will, he'll remember his crimes as well and he will realize that he is human as well. So again, I will let MU comeout with his eyes open, or get in with his eyes open....


Alii Cheuas,

A splendid story to depict human integrity or lack of it. I have never voted on the merit of friendship nor kinship. As a matter of fact, I know these people too well not to vote for them. I vote base on integrity, ability, character, and dedication.

Funny before election people on this blog could not spell out exactly what are their criteria in electing condidates for public offices. After the fact, I am still wondering if qualities and character possessed by people like Yuki and Otto are valuable in our society anymore? I am still studying the Palauan species.

These two are respectable family men and take great strides to maintain their dignity and image both at home and public. No criminal records or violations of law whatsoever. I guess we can say now that a Kldung is out of style for the Palauan voters. And forget about education because it is not a criteria for the Palau voters. Little wonder there is cohesive nationa interest to invest and improve our schools. Lack of books continues even after I labored to add $30k in the national budget for that purpose. That is not enough but you cannot get support from people who do not believe in the power of educated knowledge.

But rest assured that I never vote on based on kinship or friendship. Never did never will.


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