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July 15, 2009


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Me kede ngar ker er elechal taem a merael mo bedul ker?

A Olbiil a kora teleuadel er elechal taem. Ea Daitorio er kid a mla otebedii a tekingel el kirel a omengitel a udoud ra Kabelement er kid leng Ngesengesang. Me ngikal dirk mlo merrek el Daitorio er kid a nga ra medal a boingkyo. Ea ometechei er kid el mo omek beches ra Compact er kid ma delongeled kid ma Merikel a ko ra mla telkib el osmerii a esimer ra beluu. E tirka remengeteklel aikal ngarbab el deruchall ra Kabelment kid el di eual dart e tebechar.

Tial bilas a kora dio metitechakl kung....

Iang hai e Mosisecheklak. Keuangerang e rungalek? Ngera kuk ungil chais ra Medalaii? Ke milsa Molau er chelii malechub eng dimlak?


Tial bilas amol di omtitechakl el mol tmuu ra meringel daob e mo chebecheb, mesang ma leke eal sebeched el loreked ra chongeu em mdura Chin mel
lorekedii tial longeu e ngii a kmal klou a klamedengei er ngii,air france a dirk mle crush ra daob, meng kmal suebek a renguk le kedemol crush el direk.

A lechub, kid a rechad ra Belau ng dirkak bol sebeched el ngar ra ikal ngerachel e oba llemalt e meruul a tekoi el ngara meral urebetellel?
Sel bo dosiik er ngii eng di UDOUD a uchul aikal chelbirukel lomeruul.

Ng diak lsebeched el ngara ngarbab el ngerachel e mo nguibes a UDOUD me kede obechar ra tara chad e oltelechakl ra kerruul ra beluulchad..osisiu el blekeradel eng diak lsebeched loltelechakl ra siungel a delengchokl.

Ng kired el mo meduch el losarch a rengud ma uldesued e olechib er kid ra mekngit, kerior, otelochel..etc., e di mo meruul a rokui el kirel a klungiolel a Belau. Seikid e ngii alta eng mo diak a rechedad el mengibirukel e mo klou a klaiuerenges ra rokui el rechad.

I'm getting tired of reading about bad news in Palau.

Omdui, don't you have any GOOD news to report about?

For a change, I'd like to leave Okedyulabeluu feeling good about my Nation.

I second that sentiment. We have JT supporters like HS and Uchelmelis gloating all over this blog. I also want to feel good about my country. Now if only JT could stick to his campaign promises then we will be all better for it.

I hope when they are looking at the new budget they would look into the our national hospital deeply. I felt sorry when I had a chance to visit my relative earlier this month and I felt that our people don't get the best health care they deserve.

There are signs on the wall that remind people to Wash Hands with Soap and Water. You can only do wash with water only and dry your hands with your pants due that they don't provide soap and paper towel too.

Doctor wrote a perscription and we have to bring it to Dr. Kuarteri's Clinic and purchase the medicine and we have to bring the blood cultures to Dr. Yano's Medical Center so it can be proccesed. It hurt when the relatives have to do the the hospital parts just to take care of their love ones.

Nurses, what can we say, they talk like they have BSN when communicating to the patients. I think they are not even qualified as CNA's cause I did most of the work. My opinion the nurses think they are there to supervise. I just didn't say something cause I think you we can not change them not unless they have the a great and proper trainings.

Doctors, most of them are graduates of medical school in FIJI. I think they are equivelent to Nurse Practioner or Certified Physician Assistant. I hope our leader can take a deep and careful look at out National Hosptital.

There are more things to say but lets hope for great things to happen to our hospital.

it's me your biggest fan and you know who you are if you read my post not too long ago with your name in it. sometimes i want to comment on an issue, but it's seems that you all took the words out of my mouth and thank you for that.

i wish that you ask Omdui to get rid of this person (JAIME) who is too annoying and trying to ignore his/her/both is not working. He/She/Both thinks it's funny, but it just shows that he/she/both lives in a lalala land. I bet noone is laughing except himself/herself/both.




i'm going to follow Shy's footsteps and also say that while most of the articles featured here have been depressing the heck out of me, there are those few individuals here, whose thoughts and eloquence impress me a lot (Belas is definitely one of them). thank you for continuing to keep the discussions flowing.

and Jaime.. i respect the fact that you, too, have every right to leave whatever comments you want to share, but i wish that you would give us your REAL POV on an issue once in a while. but anyway. it's your prerogative.

I second that Belas comments have been inspiring. I am really learning a lot because he/she speaks from the true palauan heart. The only thing I disgree with him is his love of drinking the blues away. You see I am not a drinker only an observer of everyday palauan life.

What I see makes me want to do more. But what can I do? I am just an ordinary guy living an unextraordinary existance. I have family obligations just like everyone else. From what I can gather in speaking with other family members is that there is a certain uneasiness that premeates the air in our conversations.

This uncertainty involves our general feelings as to how our govt. is being run and how the promises of a democracy for the people by the people has left us all with a sour taste in our mouths. We don't where to turn or who to turn to so we internalize it as we palauans are not fond of vocalizing concerns afraid of being judged.

Santy has said put your real name to your words here on the blog but how can we if we don't even know who we are or where are we going as a nation. Our leaders have misdirected what were initially good intentions in their campaigning into what we see now as a guided tour of their on avarices while in office.

Iang "Shy". Ngera meke melnguul er kid e kau. Ka bai ungil dekuld a tum. Adang mekerang?

Someone certainly has some weird sense of humor. I'm not amused by it, in fact, it is annoying..

Alii Citizen Peleliu,

Sometimes it is better to settle for trees and not look for the whole forest. Likewise, look around you. There got to be people of character and integrity next to you. Praise and emulate these individuals. These people are your leaders also. So if you are disappointed in elected and traditional leaders, all is not lost.

I am glad that I have learned not to only focus on goverment but other aspects of my life for the strenght that I need in light of problems in my life and the ever looming global demise threatening what if.

There are other positive things in Palau. You just have to re-learn how to see the simple beauty in Palau and our people. But then again this sound all too silly for those who hold promise that happiness is in more money. More development. More foreigners. But never have they require more on their inner strenght to better they lives. Just have to depend on other people to make it better for Palau.

I am struggling with our family business in light of the economic conditions but I am not complaining. I am grateful to be alive and working just like most of you. And yes, I have worries. Real worries but I have resolved to take care of those that are within my power. And the ones beyond me I pray fervently to God for help.

Hope you find the strenght to see the good people who are already around you. May they be source of happiness to you.


Citizen of Peliliu;

With all these depressing news of Belau, you are painting me as gloating and JT supporter!!!! Be real!!! There is nothing to gloat about!!! Further, I am not nor was I a supporter of JT. I am though a supporter of Belau.

Ngla mo kirem el bai mora Ebechebii meke melecholb.

Ngmeral tegoi e Santy. I left Palau in search of better opportunities years ago, and now that I have my career and a job to be proud about. I missed the simple life I had back home. Because it was those simple things that really meant a lot.. and those days, families were more important than having so much money..


You once warned bloggers to stop profanity, false accusations and slander on this site. Yet, I still see them, especially from foreigners operating outside Palau.

Please filter out those bad and slanderous bloggers. It is best that we exchange good ideas and comments on how to improve the country, not tear down people.

Bolwaisei e kmal mesaul

There's no bad news in Belau.
Sure we hear ppl got caught doing that or this through differences of opinion..or, five-star luxury resort about to arise from all directions but everyone knew all of these b4hand.
These are not bad news but rather positive obsticles for better or worse may help shape future economy of Belau and everyone.

We don't want to fit the saying '..terriid el teloi ra klab e di mengerem'..as well as ..'meredem ra oiaol bedul ngii'..
It's up to our leaders to view these as precautions when handling factors/matters related to our future.

No..there's no bad news in Belau. Nothing that'll drop you off your bed or bring nightmares.

Let's voice our concerns..

Hello good people of Palau. There is very good news and we should celebrate because of yje following reasons:-

(1) We are now liberated from tyrany as we finally have a learned President.

(2) President Toribiong was successful in getting the US to extend the end of compact assistance to 2010. This gives our beloved President a little more time to implement a program to attract foreign investments that will stabalize Palau's economic problems that he inherited from the foul TR Admiistration.

(3) Palau will soon have Diplomatic and Trade Ties with Malaysia. This will open opportunities for Both countries.

(4) Malaysian Airlines will soon establish schedule flights to Palau. This will open Palau up to more tourist arrivals which will generate more jobs and opportunities in {alau. All this is due to the fine work of President Toribiong and his diplomatic skills and farsightedness.

(5) When diplomatic Ties with malaysia is established Palauan youth will have access to free education in Malaysian Universities. Is this not fabulous new?

(6) Palauan people in need of medical attention will also be able to go to Malaysia for professional care. I was informed by Minister JN that Malsysia has some of the best hospitals and medical care in the world. Is this not good news?

So take heart, my fellow citizens, good things are on the horizon under President Toribion's
good leadership.

So please do not say there is only bad news in Palau.


Wanted to share this article with the other bloggers:

Ethics tests

By Rik and Janel Villegas
Special to the Saipan Tribune

Ethics can be defined as the moral standards that govern appropriate conduct. It is a system of values or principles that allows one to determine what is accepted as right or wrong in a group or society. Basically, ethical people make right choices. Individuals who severely violate ethical standards are usually cast out of society or separated from the community by being placed in prison. Minor ethical violations create distrust and suspicion. It can affect the reputation and therefore impact the trust level that people have when dealing with an unethical person or organization.

One of my frustrations when teaching the concept of ethics in my business classes is that students can define it, understand it conceptually, and even give the right answers on a test, but it still may not become a part of their psyche so that they will treat others in a morally responsible manner. Therefore I sometimes place people in situations that test their ethical standards and reveal their true nature. One way to judge the ethics of someone else is to see what they will do when they think no one is watching, or they think they can get away with unethical behavior. I have discovered from experience that when people feel they won't be held accountable or they think no one will know what they did, most will sadly try to get away with unethical behavior.

Do you act differently when you know others are watching your actions, or are your actions consistent? Do you subscribe to situational ethics, where you can rationalize your actions based on varying circumstances? Let's look at various ways you can examine your actions, words, and choices in any situation so you can determine your ethical standards. These “tests” are adapted from a list originated by Darrin Clement. I've listed them in a countdown order and added questions for you to consider. Before you go through the list, think of a situation where you were faced with an ethical dilemma, and consider how you responded as you ask these questions.

Here are questions from the Ten Ethics Tests you can ask before you undertake a business strategy, marketing tactic, or when you plan to take any action in your professional or personal life:

#10. The Conscience Test: Will I feel guilty if I do this? Does this go against my conscience? Could I look at myself in the mirror and feel good about what I did?

#9. The Fairness Test: Is this fair to everyone involved? If not, who might be affected and in what manner? Everyone wants to be treated fairly, and a sense of fairness can encourage you to do the right thing.

#8. The Truth Test asks these questions: Do I speak only the truth? Will this action represent the whole truth, without any rationalization? Could I state this in a court of law without committing perjury?

#7. The Religion Test: Does this go against the basic beliefs of my religion? Will I break any commandments or doctrine if I do this?

#6. The Newspaper Test: How would I feel if my actions made front-page news in the local newspaper? Would I want everyone reading about the details of what I said and did?

#5. The Parent Test: How would my parents feel if they found out about what I did or plan to do? A variation of this is: Would Mom or Dad be embarrassed if they had to explain my actions to their friends?

#4. The Child Test is for people who have children and it asks: Would I want my children to follow my example and act in a similar way? Would I be willing to explain everything to them if they learned about my behavior?

#3. The Consequences Test: What are the possible consequences of my behavior? Would it be undesirable or would I regret it? The consequence may be immediate, but sometimes it can occur weeks or months later.

#2. The If-Everyone-Did-It Test: What kind of business would my business be if everyone in my business did the same as me? Would I want to manage a company if everybody did what I did? Would I want to live in a community if everybody did what I did?

#1. The first way to determine the best action to take in any situation is to ask yourself the Golden Rule: Would I want other people to do this to me? Would I want to be treated in the same manner that I treat other people? The Golden Rule is a universal principle that provides a good moral way to live peaceably among one another. If everyone truly lived according to this one principle, the world would be a much better place.

Rik is a business instructor at NMC and Janel is a partner with BizResults, LLC (www.bizresults.biz). They can be contacted at biz_results@yahoo.com.

I just finished talking to TR and he failed all the tests Mr. Q to A...

Islander, in case you didnt know, Malaysia is still a developing country, it has many problems of its own. My take is that he is only pro malaysia so he can get a fat bonus check when he allows his bandit of foreign investors to come pillage from our country.

I can almost guarantee Malaysia Air wont be flying here anytime soon, given the economic crisis. there is a phrase in palauan, which I will translate since there is something telling me you arent really an islander that goes, he's like an empty oil barrel, big and loud, but still empty inside....

ill believe it when i see it.

Hey Oreor,

You can guarantee nothing. At best your speculations are based on what you read in the new papers or hear on CNN.

The sconomic crisis will turn. In fact it is already turing. The price of Petroleum is going up. The stock market is going up. Confidence is retuning.

Do not look at the world economy just from the US perspective.

Malaysian Airlines will 100% introduce scheduled flights into Palau because it makes good economic sense from them to do so. Asian and Australian tourist are looking for a alternative holiday destination to their traditional holiday destinatinal of Phuket and Bali for obvious reasons.

Palau being just 2+ hours by air from East Malaysia is perfect.



Response to your blog dated 17 July at 08:01am.

The whole topic about the reversal of court judgment and question about the bona fide of the NC project is an issue of credibility and motive.

Who do we believe? TR or UKIHL?

TR has lied to everyone and cheated the country– just ask anyone in Palau (even his wife). Every man, woman and child will acknowledge that TR is a ‘Trojan horse’! On the opposite spectrum is LD, he, on the other hand, has never lied to anyone. In 15 years of visiting Palau, LD has never harmed or cheated anyone.

Let's look at some facts.

The Palau court reversed the contempt of court ruling because it was satisfied that SP Walton lied and Judge Miller colluded in that lie and a grave injustice of law was perpetrated by those who were entrusted to be law abiding. Instead they were abusers of the law and disrespectful of our law courts. They put aside their legal duty to abide and uphold the law to cater to the wantonness of a tyrant.

Mosi, these are very serious issues because our justice system was compromised by two very senior law officers and to make matter worse, the Justice Minister at the time, CHIN, chose to look the other way! The people who lied and who orchestrated the lie must be brought to justice otherwise Palau’s image in the international community will never recover and neither will there be any value and respect of Palau’s law courts!

Let us examine the motives and why was UKIHL and its directors subpoenaed in the first instant!

What was it that SP Walton wanted from LD and FD and who had the power and influence to manipulate a Judge (Judge Miller) into colluding and lying with SP Walton as well as make Minister of Justice, Chin, look the other way?

The answer is clear and obvious:

The orchestrator of the fiasco was indisputably TR!

TR had the motive, the power, means and opportunity! TR was the only person who was the pivotal point and had the authority to manipulate SP Walton, Judge Miller as well as the then Minister of Justice, Chin!

TR’s main focus was to secure a criminal conviction against Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. His motive was to destroy Governor Jackson Ngiraingas’ political career and remove JN as governor of Peleliu because JN (as Governor of Peleliu) was standing in the way of Nakamura, Shmull and TR’s plans to control Peleliu. No one will deny there was bad blood between Nakamura and GJN. Nakamura was closely associated with TR and Shmull as well as their patron and master for many years.

It is clear to all and sundry that someone in the TR camp (if not TR himself) devised a sinister plan for SP Walton to charge GJN with corruption.

TR was aware that GJN supported the NC project and that GJN had visited Malaysia in 2004 to meet with LD and with Malaysian government officials. They were jealous and scared of the increasing popularity of GJN so they used the Peleliu NC project to attack Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. TR smeared UKIHL and LD as scammers in league with GJN even when there was not a shred of evidence of wrongdoing.

It should be noted that GJN did inform president Remengesau that he made that trip to Malaysia to conduct his own investigation and to conduct his own due diligence on UKIHL to satisfy himself that the UKIHL was bona fide and that UKIHL had the capacity to implement the proposed Peleliu NC project.

GJN (now Minister) also wanted to ascertain for himself whether the Malaysian government was truly supportive of the NC project and would put in place the Palau/Malaysia diplomatic ties. Mosi, do you not think this is appropriate action on GJN’s part?

GJN on his return from Malaysia made a full written report to TR (then President) and did inform him that as far as he (GJN) was concerned UKIHL was bona fide and had the capacity to implement the NC project and that he was satisfied that Malaysia would support the Palau/Malaysia Diplomatic ties.

The hoax corrupt investigation (where lies were fabricated and public propaganda made about those lies – FYI this is libel and destruction of reputation) produced no evidence of any wrong doing by Governor Jackson Ngiraingas. They even raided the Governor’s office behind his back and without any subpoena or court order – that was how rogue their actions were. Still no evidence! We now have numerous counts of libel, one count of acting outside the law for commencing an investigation without proper cause, another count for raiding without a court order (trespass) and one more count for removing documents without proper authority (theft). Multiple counts of libel plus three counts of improper behavior so far. You could add undue force and vigor but we will place that aside for the moment!

So with TR and Nakamura breathing hotly down the SP’s neck, in desperation to get evidence, SP Walton went so far as to secure a court order for the offices of UKIHL to be raided and UKIHL’s books and records confiscated. The raid on the offices of UKIHL was again a raid in the dark, a fishing exercise, conducted in secrecy. Yet, once again, no evidence! You should take note that this act was well outside Walton’s jurisdiction as the Office of the Special Prosecutor is specifically BARRED from conducting ‘fishing expeditions’ and from investigating anyone other than government officials. Another two counts of acting outside the law. Five counts so far and still counting!

The SP after spending tens of thousands of public money still came out with ZERO! This enraged TR, Nakamura and SP Walton so much so that they resorted to lies and more bad press. They knew that there was nowhere else for them to go with the investigation and charges against GJN so an illegal plan was manufactured to result in a subpoena being issued against UKIHL, LD, FD for set of so-called copies of UKIHL books and records. You should note that SP Walton already had these ‘records’ by causing UKIHL’s office to be raided. This is tantamount to false pretenses, misleading the court and abuse of the legal system. Another three counts to total eight illegal acts so far and still counting!

The concocted and convoluted plan was to first issue a subpoena to attorney Salvador Remoket demanding he serve the subpoena on LD and FD. Even though they and the court was informed (as the court record shows) that SR did not act for UKIHL or any of its officers and knowing that UKIHL had removed itself from Palau jurisdiction a year earlier they still pressed on to harass SR to do their bidding. Now, everyone knows that a subpoena has to be served in accordance with international rules, but Miller and Walton willfully ignored these rules. Another count – NINE illegal acts so far! We could add undue harassment of a member of the legal profession but we will ignore that for now.

Now, I will address your prejudiced and illogical statement about not being convinced that the NC/SC is not a scam. You must have so little faith in yourself to make such a statement as you must surely judge others by your own standards! You must also have no credibility! To state this in light of what has happened so far is unbelievably ridiculous.

As mentioned earlier, everything is about credibility! LD and his family have been visiting Palau for some 15 years. They have made friends with hundreds of people in Palau including many well respected members of Palau’s society as well as ordinary citizens. In all the years that they have been visiting Palau they have NEVER done anything wrong! They stay in the best hotels and pay their bills. They only stay in the top suites at the P.P.R. They have never been disrespectful to anyone. They tip well. They are never seen drunk or loud or visiting places of ill repute! They are the epitome of a fine well mannered family.

LD has always lived up to what he says.

Some examples:-

LD told President Remengesau that he could assist Palau secure diplomatic ties with Malaysia. He did!

LD promised TR that he get professional consultants to prepare a full proposal to turn Palau into a major tourist resort. He did!

LD promised GJN that he would introduce him to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the King of Malaysia. He did! In fact, the King of Malaysia even promised GJN that he would twin his State with Peleliu State and sanction an international regatta between Peleliu and Malaysia.

LD promised President Toribiong that he could assist to secure one of the Malaysian Airlines to AGREE to service Palau. He did!

LD said that he would arrange for Tun Badawi to visit Palau and meet with President Toribiong. He did!

LD said that Tun Badawi would endorse the proposed Nautilus City Development. That happened.

Now let’s examine at what TR promised LD!

TR promised to make LD Palau’s Consul to Malaysia. He reneged.

TR promised LD to issue a license for LD to establish Palau’s National Airlines. He reneged

TR promised LD and GJN that he would endorse the NC project. He reneged

TR promised the people of Angaur and also LD and GHR (of Angaur) that he would, endorse a casino license for Peleliu and Angaur. He reneged.

You still say you believe that UKIHL and NC is a scam? The only scam and scammers is TR and you, Mosi, his most prejudiced side-kick! Boy, has TR done a scam on you! Hat love potion have TR fed you? Lol.

Let me add one final issue for all to ponder over.

When one of the wealthiest and most respected man in the world (Tun Badawi) comes to Palau to meet and negotiate with our President and then they jointly endorses LD, UKIHL and the Nautilus City project, it is nonsense for you to continue to blog that you still believe that the NC project is a scam. You sir are a moron! No person in the world of any caliber will give you the time of day now.

Are you actually suggesting to the People of Palau that Tun Badawi flew into Palau on a Malaysian government military jet to conspire with President Johnson Toribiong, the Governor of Peleliu, the High Chief of Peleliu, Minister Ngiraingas to collaborate in an elaborate conspiracy with LD to scam Palau. Lol. This is truly insane!

You must be the biggest ‘nutter’ in Palau. You better get ready to be placed in a straight jacket. Ha Ha Ha. Which mad house did you escape from?

I am posting this on every topic site so that all can see how irrational and mad you are!



Cool down or you will get a stroke!

According to the official government list of who accompanied Badawi were: An executive director from Sime Darby (a Malaysian conglomerate that is worth billions and involved in agriculture and large scale development).

Also present was an executive director from Malaysian Airlines.

Tun Badawi came on a specific mission, to endorse the NC project. Hence the presence of one of the largest property developers in Malaysia.

He was also mindful of setting the grounds for an air service being establish between Palau and Malaysia, hence the presence of an executive from MAS.

All these people were in Palau to assess Palau and to report to Badawi whether investing in Palau was viable. Obviously the report was positive otherwise he would not have endorsed the NC project.

Resulting from that visit and because Badawi was very taken by President Johnson Toribiong, we have it on reliable authority that Tun Badawi will be retuning to Palau with representatives from FELDA (the largest landowners in the world), representative from PETRONAS, representative from Kazanah Holdings and Representatives from Permodalan Pational Berhad.

This visit will occur before Christmas by which time the Palau/Malaysia will already be ratified.

Also coming to Palau are several Hotliers, casino operators and leisure operators.

Businessmen interested in fishing and in aquaculture will also be in the team of potential investors.

The lead company will of course be UKIHL.

Now to respond to you quib about Forbes list of richest Malaysian. Forbes list is mainly about those people in business. Badawi is a politician. He does not advertize his wealth and his wealth is of no interest to the public in Malaysia as he dose not run any public corporation.

Similarly, Tun Mahathir, Mr. Lee Kwan Yew, LD, the Saudi King, the Malaysian Kings, Prince Charles, The Queen, and George Bush who are all very rich individuals are not mentioned in Forbes Magazine.

Badawi's friendship with the Davidson family is quite irrelevant. I think the length of friendship was mentioned because there were many sceptics in Palau among them TR that propaganda that any claim by anyone that LD even knew Tun Badawi was nonsense. He put that propaganda in the bin quick and smart! lol

tia kmal interesting...
looks like Peleliu will become mini-Malaysia with this cast of characters. Not saying not reputable companies you listed above. Just statemtent of fact. i.e. FELDA "is a Malaysian government agency handling the resettlement of rural poor into newly developed areas..FELDA's schemes are generally open only to ethnic Malays, who form a majority of the Malaysian population..Although FELDA is mainly pre-occupied with alleviating rural poverty through resettlement, it reportedly holds a minority stake in some major Malaysian banks. You get the idea.

And in reference to a thread of discussing Palau as a gem. Always remember when you have a huge, unique, precious gem, great care is always taken in first who is selected to cut that gem. Furthermore great time and deliberance is taken by that lapidarist (gem-cutter) to get it just right. Because once that original slice is made - it will remain either to be the highest priced jewel OR disaster, and worth very little. Never to return to it's original shape.

Have you seen photos of Peleliu during World War II? It is total disaster. Compare that to the picture after being developed by the NC. It will be emerald in paradise. LOL

Yes,I have. Point taken. Only difference is, these are permanent structures being built with thousands of people effect on sewage, marine life, etc for next 100 years. But taking your point, if not happy with result, maybe could bomb the h*** out of NC and start all over! :)

Attack From The Top

Dear Honorable Senate President Mlib Tmetuchl,

Ki mera el di mla mo remremocher ra chodechelakl el ngara Senate el mei. The senate should always keep in mind that senators serve in a representative model of government. Opinions expressed by citizens based on their values and beliefs deserve to be represented in the forum of lawmaking of our nation. We the citizens and our aspirations (aurungulam) for our country should be treated with respect by the senate. Believe it or not I too need to be represented in the senate.

The public is well aware of Senator Diaz’s appointment to handle media for the senate. He is definitely outspoken and unrestrained (ng diak e lolengmes) in his comments to say the least, especially against those he does not agree with. Whether you are aware of it or not the public perceives Diaz as the spokesman for the Senate. The problem is that the senate message has become inseparable (ng diak el sebechel el mii) from his often vitriolic (mecheuached malechub e ng dok) remarks against people in the community.
Because he is pro-Casino/gaming/gambling, he has spared nothing to humiliate and ridicule (melenguul e oltuub er tir) the Christians and what they stand for. If he does not believe what Fr. Felix Yaoch said before he died, why is he intimidating and criticizing Catholics for presenting their position on this issue? In case the senate did not know, Article Four Section 1 says, “government shall take no action to deny or impair religious beliefs of any person.” Senator has taken more than just action because he is now persecuting Christians on the radio and TV for their beliefs.

With such outright arrogance and defiance, Diaz has openly declared that the public hearing he will be conducting on the casino bill is only for show and that what the people will say, especially the Christians are useless. At this point, I am at loss because the whole senate seems to be against the people they represent. A more appropriate question should be asked. Is Diaz the only one responsible or should the entire senate be held accountable for this action? The entire senate is responsible for not doing anything to correct this behavior.

I appeal to the whole senate for your sense of fair play and remove Senator Diaz from participating in the hearing as he is clearly biased and had preempted the hearing process making the entire lawmaking exercise as a joke on tax payers’ money. This is injustice and corruption of lawmaking if not stopped. I hope it is not the senate’s position to be anti-Christians and trust that the senate will at least consider the right of the people to express their views under freedom of expression as protected in our constitution and not be harassed and intimidated for seeking representation from the senate. Mesulang and hoping for your response.

Note: this letter is intended to be in the open form because people who have been offended need to be heard.


Alii Afriend,

I am reading 2006 Report on Wastewater Collection and treatment. It is appalling what is said in the report about the capacity of the sewer system being pushed beyond decades it was originally designed for. Plus fundamental insufficiencies in our skills and attitudes toward maintenance and operation of the sewer system.

People should be tried and put in jail for their transgressions against our environment. If anybody wants to read the report let me know.

Plus anybody driving by Ikelau stop and look at raw sewage running in the gutter for the last few days. The new IA building has exacerbated the already problematic situation with Palau Hotel, Penthouse Hotel, and Palasia Hotel for the last 20 years. I will be happy to show anybody the manhole next to my warehouse that has been overflowing periodically for more 20 years already.

I am now looking for organizations that can provide support on legal recourse against those in government agencies who have neglected their duties and responsibilities which have led to raw sewage to spill all over Koror and Melekeok now.



You keep asking where is the $500 million? Ha Ha Ha! Why do you want to know? are you thinking of pulling off a heist? Lol!

The $500 million is in a bank of course. I suppose the next question you will ask is which bank?

You will have to ask that question of Minister JN and President. They have been shown proof of the money otherwise do you tink the would support NC as strongly as they have! HA HA HA!

What a mule you are!

Top News,

For bloggers who worry about sewage from the SC and NC development. There is no need to worry anymore!

Top scientists recently announced that they have solved the problems created by human excrement.

A new suppository containing a special genetically modified fish is simply inserted into the tourist upon arrival in Palau. The fish is called chompfry-TR and it does is eat shit. The fish can be extracted and sold when the tourist leaves Palau or re-inserted in a larger ass!

I hope this wonderful break through will put to rest all matters pertaining to toilets and sewerage in Palau! Palau citizens can have one for free, but tourists will be charged a small fee!

Thank you Mr. Scientists for solving the tourist shit dilemma that some bloggers cannot seem to overcome!

I do not think that any Bible says that gaming or gambing is prohibited - be they Catholic or other Christian teachings.

I think the point is that those involved in the teachings of Christ have come to see that gambling has its drawbacks and would like to protect its followers from such perceived drawbacks. To be fair it also has the effect of also reducing the amount of tithe that is put into the hands of the Church by reducing the amont of 'spare cash' available to give away at mass.

However, as a good Christian, I would not let the amount of money I give be reduced by gambling - but the effect of the economy does have a direct bearing on the amount of spare cash available.

If casinos do come to Palau, and the economy does improve and Palauans do get secure jobs, our good schooling and religious foundations will not let us fall to the wayside. In the end, it maybe that the Church will benefit in more ways than one! More people with real jobs and more churchgoers means more donations and the Church will have more funds for its own projects.

As for Diaz, he will do anything he thinks will get people to listen to him, The belittling of Christians is to provoke a reaction and get more 'press'. Diaz is not afraid of bad press. In fact, he prefers it to no press!

Anyone who takes such a man as Diaz seriously is in serious trouble himself! Ignore him and he will destroy himself by his own actions! The more you ignore him, the worse he will get until he looses all credibility! That will be the revenge of those he belittles. Christ said, turn the other cheek. Ghandi said meet a strong force with gentleness! Confuscius said Man without honor is worthless.

Many people see him for what he is and nobody condones the belittling of others, especially innocent others!

The Catholic Church does not prohibit gambling.

The church holds bingo games, fares and runs lotteries to raise money.

Please stop the hypocrisy!

Unfortunately you won't live to see that Promised Land just like Moses. No milk and honey but mosquito noise at the end of the tunnel.

Hey Uighurian,

Moses was remembered in history. Will you be remembered for anything?

I am honered that you analogous me to Moses.

Hey, more good news. Please do not say that Plaau has no good news!

For bloggers who worry about sewage from the SC and NC development. There is no need to worry anymore!

Top scientists recently announced that they have solved the problems created by human excrement.

A new suppository containing a special genetically modified fish is simply inserted into the tourist upon arrival in Palau.

The fish is called chompfry-TR and ALL it does is eat shit.

The fish can be extracted and sold when the tourist leaves Palau or re-inserted in a larger ass!

I hope this wonderful break through will put to rest all matters pertaining to toilets and sewerage in Palau!

Palau citizens can have one for free, but tourists will be charged a small fee!

Thank you Mr. Scientists for solving the tourist shit dilemma that some bloggers cannot seem to overcome!


Redherring you amuse me. Who are these Mr. Sccientists, and could we see their credentials? Tirkang kelo melsiich!

Oh..He's dreaming again..LOL. DREAMER!!!!

I am a little more convinced now that you are one of Morrisons, given your very defensive stance in your multiple posts. Your identity however, is irrelevant. My question is, and always has been - we have laws to protect us from unclean money, and illigitimate investors; surely Malaysia has similar laws and Badawi knows them. Why then is it suddenly okay to circumvent our laws regarding transparency that are here to protect us? Is it because you claim to have billions of dollars that should make us turn our eyes on the letter of the law?

My point, as a true blooded palauan, is that this is our home. If you come in and fuck up our oceans and our eco systems and dont have the cash to prevent this from happening or to clean it up, then its our children and our people who have to bear with the reprecussions. All you have to do is get on Badawis jet and go back to Malaysia. This is not an unreasonable or irrational request. We welcome people to invest in our country so long as they play by our rules.

That is the reason I am beginning to turn against JT, is that I feel like he may have been seduced by dollar signs and forgotten that he is our first line of defense as the leader of our country. This was made apparent when he asked for a raise in the budget, which is complete bullshit given the economic climate. Dont get me wrong, I despise TR as well, but I dont think he was wrong to ask for what he did - it was in the best interest of our long term goals as a country to protect our treasured islands.

So there is my plain and simple argument. Palau is ours and we need to protect the things we care about. If you invite a person into your home and they trample all over it, you should lead them out. Just because they claim to be billionaries doesnt change that


Your comment is way over Islander's head. Simplify please....Remember, Keep It Safe and Simple....

That is what happens when one sees no other color but green....$$$$$

Tell us more please, I could learn a lot from you...


Here's only half of the list of billionaires. I do not see any Morrison here.

1.Gates, BillBill Gates $40.0 billion
2.WarrenWarren Buffett $37.0 billion
3.Helú, Carlos SlimCarlos Slim Helú $35.0 billion 4.Ellison, LawrenceLawrence Ellison $22.5 billion 5.Kamprad,IngvarIngvar Kamprad$22.0 billion
6.KarlKarl Albrecht $21.5 billion
7.Ambani, MukeshMukesh Ambani $19.5 billion 8.Mittal, LakshmiLakshmi Mittal $19.3 billion 9.TheoTheo Albrecht $18.8 billion
10.Ortega, AmancioAmancio Ortega $18.3 billion 11.Walton, JimJim Walton $17.8 billion
12.Walton, AliceAlice Walton $17.6 billion 13.Walton, ChristyChristy Walton $17.6 billion 14.Robson Walton $17.6 billion
15.Arnault, BernardBernard Arnault $16.5 billion 16.Ka-shing, LiLi Ka-shing $16.2 billion
17.Bloomberg, MichaelMichael $16.0 billion 18.Persson, StefanStefan Persson $14.5 billion 19.Koch, CharlesCharles Koch $14.0 billion
20.Koch, David H.David H. Koch $14.0 billion
21.Bettencourt, LilianeLiliane $13.4 billion 22.Alsaud, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal$13.3 billion 23.Otto, MichaelMichael Otto $13.2 billion 24.Thomson, DavidDavid Thomson $13.0 billion
25.Dell, MichaelMichael $12.3 billion
26.Bren, Donald $12.0 billion
27.Brin, SergeySergey Brin $12.0 billion
28.Page, LarryLarry Page $12.0 billion
29.Ballmer, StevenSteven Ballmer $11.0 billion 30.Westminster, The Duke ofThe Duke of Westminster and family $11.0 billion
31.Soros, GeorgeGeorge Soros $11.0 billion
32. Allen, PaulPaul Allen $10.5 billion
33.Kwok,Raymond, Thomas Kwok, and Walter Kwok $10.5 billion
34.Ambani, AnilAnil Ambani $10.1 billion
35.Johnson, AbigailAbigail Johnson $10.0 billion 36.Klatten, SusanneSusanne Klatten $10.0 billion 37Perelman, RonaldRonald Perelman $10.0 billion 38.Rausing, HansHans Rausing $10.0 billion 39Rausing, BirgitBirgit Rausing $9.9 billion 40.Ferrero, MicheleMichele Ferrero $9.5 billion 41.Prokhorov, Mikhail $9.5 billion
42.Taylor, Jack C.Jack C. Taylor $9.5 billion
43.Al Amoudi, Mohammed $9.0 billion
44.Chambers, Anne Cox $9.0 billion
45.Icahn, CarlCarl Icahn $9.0 billion
46.Kaiser, GeorgeGeorge Kaiser $9.0 billion
47.Kee, Lee ShauLee Shau Kee $9.0 billion
48.Mars, Jr., Forrest $9.0 billion
48.Mars, JacquelineJacqueline Mars $9.0 billion 50.Mars, JohnJohn Mars $9.0 billion
51.Abramovich, RomanRoman Abramovich $8.5 billion 52.Bertarelli, Ernesto $8.2 billion
53.Knight, PhilipPhilip Knight $8.2 billion
54.Al-Kharafi, Nasser and family $8.1 billion
55.Simons, JamesJames Simons $8.0 billion

Must need a microscope to look for Morrison or Badawi. Let me come back later if I even find it...

Just helping....


Here's a list of Heads of Stae by Networth. I still do not see Badawi...

Bhumibol Adulyadej King $36 billion-Thailand
Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan President $26 billion-United Arab Emirates
Abdullah King $24 billion-Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Bin Rashid Prime Minister $18 billion-United Arab Emirates
Silvio Berlusconi Prime Minister $9.4 billion-Italy
Hans-Adam II Prince $5 billion-Liechtenstein
Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Emir $2 billion-Qatar
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Prime Minister $2 million-Turkey
Mohammed VI King $1.5 billion-Morocco
Qaboos Sultan $1.1 billion-Oman
Elizabeth II Queen $650 million-
Antigua and Barbuda
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Solomon Islands
United Kingdom
Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo President $600 million-Equatorial Guinea
Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Emir $500 million-Kuwait
Beatrix Queen $300 million-Netherlands
Mswati III King $200 million-Swaziland
Kevin Rudd Prime Minister $60 million-Australia
John Key Prime Minister $50 million-New Zealand
Harald V King $27 million-Norway
Lee Myung-bak President $23.6 million-South Korea
Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu Prime Minister $18 – 20 million-Romania
Margrethe II Queen $10 million-Denmark
Carl XVI Gustaf King $9 million-Sweden
Luis Fortuño Governor $3.1 million-Puerto Rico
Nicolas Sarkozy President
Prince $3 million-France Andorra
Cristina Kirchner President $2 million-Argentina
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo President $1.5 million-Philippines
Barack Obama President $1.3 millon-United States
Felipe Calderón President $0.67 million[10] Mexico
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono President $0.5 million-Indonesia
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva President $0.36 million-Brazil

Nope...no Badawi. Some claims that he amassed wealth during his tenure in the government of Malaysia, I wonder how? Or he knows where the money is in Malaysia....true?

Just helping....


However there's:

Ng Teng Fong $5.5 billion from Singapore, Ananda Krishnan $7.0 billion from Malaysia and Robert Kuok $7.0 billion also from Malaysia, but that's it, no Badawi... or Lord Davidson, or Morrison....

Just Helping....


For those who are anti developer, I wonder if you can come up with feasible solution(s) that will guaranty a promising long term source of funds to operate our government and pay its deficit?

Please be specific.

Thank you!

Know All,

Proponents of casinos would like to bring church bingo as a counterattack. There was a Palauan critic who accused our leaders for not telling the difference in a 747 and a fly in the sky. Bingo is gear primarily social purposes whereas casino is organized and commercialized industry. Of course we can argue on this topic endlessly for both sides.

Nonetheless Catholic church is now discouraging bingo gatherings where it has led to disrrupt especially family lives. The Archbishop of Nevada has spoken strongly against gambling as his diocese is inaudated with victims of casino on daily basis.


I love development! I love more money for Palau. However, when someone claims he is someone other than what he appears to be, don't anyone want to know if his claim is true or not. Anyone knows the story of Jonestown? Same thing happened. Someone claimed to be saviour sent straight from heaven to deliver people from their sins, and ensure smooth pathway to the Lord.

In the end, the whole town was massacred. When someone claims to be one of the worlds billionaires, I wonder if he means soon to be because of our money, or he is already one. But in any case, I always want to find out. Bill Gates came to Palau not too long ago, as well as his partner Paul Allen in his (Paul) mega multi milliondollar yacht. Neither of them talked about building mega projects here, but I'm sure the next time around if we ask them to develop Palau, they will tell us why that idea is not very good for Palau. They might be able to give us their recommendations, but I'm sure they will try to dissuade that sort of development, and for the people involved, they will definitely ask us to look their names up in the Forbes. When Mr. Gates left, I personally asked him how he found Palau, and he said: " It is a haven to people who truly needs a peace of mind". So for Mr. Gates to say that about Palau, I took it to mean that the prestinity of our beloved Palau do consoles some of the world's top minds. I didn't ask him for recommendations regarding development, but I know if I did, his exact answer would have been: " Make sure it will be one that both my friend Paul Allen and myself would anjoy the next time we come by". So again, I'm not against development, but I guess it's always best to know who our partners are, and what kind of situation are we getting ourselves into. One blogger complained that nature is the biggest distruction to itself, and I respect his thought but nature creates wonders and majestic images that are beyond all our imaginations. For example, the Grand Canyons, the rock islands, compared to our own development, the compact road, the landslides, the floods,etc,etc....

Have a nice day!!!


Given the fact that our compact funding is nearly depleted in the next 4 or 5 yrs or so…
And our leadership, especially OEK is in turmoil, not synchronized ….how efficiently and ethically can we arrive with the best and most friendly investor/developer?

If you like foreign investor but not those who cheat and deceive you; who do you have in mind? And how much time will it takes to actually benefit from them.

Please elaborate cause I for one is dying to live with basic and simple life-Honto-Style it is! Belief it or not, I’ll be the first one to arrive in Palau to establish my life in Honto should we plan to live the old days…back in the 60 and beyond.


Unfortunately Bill Gates and his friend are not here to stay permanently and so they can say what the want but the real issue is the well being of the palauan people like you and me.

Could you please elaborate more cause in your blog above you start of by saying (“I love development”) but at end you mentioned “the compact road” and “the landslides” caused by our own development as- “I presume part of distraction.”

I just want to be make sure that you are not one of a kind Palauan who takes one step forward and then 2 steps back.


Sulang luleker e HO,

When a deal sound too good to be true, then may be it is...But what if? Will the government be spending money breaking down all the concrete walls, and restoring our environment back into its natural position? Or who is going to pay for all these. Or How much will the government be making in these. Someone said it is Government to Government. Is our government going to pay for the employees? Who are the partners, and what asset reporting mechanism will be used to monitor the government interest in such project? And so on and on...ask,ask, ask?

Why because, the picture on the wall is quite pretty, but the story has not been told yet. What we hear from so and so are of their own versions....

I hope my comment is clearer now...


That would be my elaboration on this.

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