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July 07, 2009


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It's a sad news for all. Please let us not make it worse by failing to wash hands or forcing ourselves to have contacts with others knowing we have a flu like symptoms. Stay home and rest. Drink a lot of liquids.

Times like this I just want to stay at the rock islands until everything calms down...


Iang hai. Ngkuk techa ngkang el mlo smecher? Tial secheral a kmal blals. Ngilechal chad el smecher a mlo obals ra chelid ra Ngchesar leng dimlak el loka cheremel a delal babii. Ngkmal mla mo meketeket el medung el kmo a babii a okelall ma blatong a telbongel eng di ngblechoel el di oumesaik er ngii e di ousekoel a otsarai e mengebis. Seikid a uchul ma chelid ra Ngchesar a mlo melsii. A di imong el rolel eng mo diak el secher al sekum eng mora Ngchesar e olengit a subes ra Rechesengel ma Direbis ma Kitalong. Seikid a di imong el rolel eng mo ungil a tekoi. Adaing mekerang. Ochoi. Ma uriul

lol.....jaime, ke meral kora medengei a ngklir a rechad era ngchesar.. anyway, kau a miltutk el lomekang a babii e melib a blatong. meng diak el kirel ngarengii a blals. le leblals eng ngekor er kau:)...

ngarke abrabang ma korroke el belochel?

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