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July 09, 2009


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Hello, we talk like we have any other option aside from what we have now. And that is begging for more money.. Please let's not start with chips on our shoulder because the ball is in their hands.. I'm very disappointed on our leaders right now to even try to think rationally. A rengmiu temeral loucharm er kid a rechad ra merikel. Te compare er kid el uaitirkal ngara walfare ra merikel el di meduch spend a udoud ediak a brain cells lomdasue a meral tegoi, the same mentality.

This unelected fool (JK) must really think his friendship to Badawi and JN's clan can be trusted! I watched this news on CNN yesterday regarding Belau blackmailing the US with this ultimatum and it was embarrassing! Over 150 have died in the ongoing ethnic violence involving Muslim Uighurians so JK should just shut his mouth and go help out his brothers in China!

USA has given and given to Palau for many years. It has also open its borders to Palauans to go there to work and pursue opportunities not available in Palau. We have squandered some of the compact money through incompetence, corruption and living beyond our means. This at a time when the world's economy is on the downturn, affecting even the USA. Now Mr. Koshiba thinks if USA say no more or don't give us what we want, all of a sudden USA doesn't want to be our friend.

The veiled threat of looking for another friend and other options is laughable and pathetic. There will be no other nation that is a better friend to Palau than the USA. What options are there?

The negotiation skills displayed by Mr.Koshiba are childish. "If you give me some of your candy I will be your friend." is heard amongs two year olds. I suspect Mr. Koshiba's view is not representative of how the majority of Palauans feel.

You can be sure that JT will call in JK to his office for a reprimand. Who negotiates this way? Its so childish. JT should have at least appointed Chin oversee some aspect of this negotiation. What's that saying, keep your enemies close.

Thats how JT views things in his adversarial mindset. The friction caused between JK and Chin will bear some positive fruit much better and much sweeter then what is coming from the mouth of JK who is just an embittered and fading politician who still longs to hold on to power and significance.

Sooner and not later these JT appointees will become political liablilities for his administration. Then what? His inner circle will begin to shrink until he's the last man standing not knowing who to trust and the palauan people will begin to see him for who he is. That is, a person who subscribes to the credo that maintaining power is more important than representing the people.

Exactly what I stated here when they picked JK to be the "negotiator"/Embarrassmentador.

They put a bull in a china shop and now they have to pick up the pieces.

Foolish leadership.

Its still too early to judge JK diplomatic tactic, although would I prefer not showing my cards this early in the game if I was in that position. History will reveal which diplomatic tactic worked. I hope and pray that JK does a good job on behalf of us Palauans. Endi kumerang el kmo a rebeldekel Belau a mo orael a klungioal merkid el lulekrael er bab el mei.

A Belau a tara chuodel el beluu ra belulechad. Learn your TRUE HISTORY and sit back, relax and see the will of God unfold.

Could it be true that JK made most all his money working with American Friends?? American Registered Companies?? What has he ever contributed to our nation?? Anything at all from his heart?? Could he be bordering on
senile dementia?? Along with a "touch" of
Alzheimer's disease?? In fact, think about this deeply---what great significance has JK played in our history?? Has his "Patriotic" participation in our political history been IN FACT, mostly for his own fortune and self glory?? Let's not kid ourselves, JK, like Diaz, has lived his life loving his own self first---we, the people, our Palau, have never truly "rated" on his "love" sheet except as "instuments" to be used for "self gain".

Kemiu el melekoi el uaisei a di medengelii a Merikel Merikel MErikel!!
Ngera ultutelel e kede kmeed ra beluu ra Asia ea tal dolekoi eng di Merikel? Molengull ra di ultuil ra Merikel e sechelei..sei a uchul e kom mla oriid a "identity" er kemiu e kora char ra Kosiil el kamsingd el mong ma kamsingd el mei!

JK a kuldubech ra uldesuem..dochotid ra beluulchad el uase kid a ileakl el beluu, dokuritz, e ngar ngii a risors er kid el sebeched el ousbech e mechisii e mengesuseu a bek el beluu ra beluulchad me mengoit a ududir ra beluad el diak lokiu a uldikel ma odechelakl.

E kemiu el di lmengel e di ultuir ra Merikel..kom mla mo meklou el ngalek me kuk momdasu el uase kom mekerang e olengeseu ra delmiu. Kom mla choitii e di chemau a milrodel el chedil..ngara chised?

ng di uldasu...


You crazy!! you saying you want us to go back to fishing and farming way of life? What resources do we have to support the way of life we have today!! Which Asian country will be willing to support us the way USA have been doing! USA gave us enough in the begining........ we Palauans just threw it away like we were making money. I pray and hope that we do have oil cause the way its shaping we are in for the long run!!

stop embelishing your epic..we are not a child anymore. And for a change, stop talking as if its the end of Belau..or you. Separate yourself from other entity and be plain who you are..not an extension of foreign land or planet.

We are Belauans. We've been through a lot, not afraid to forge our own way as we are peacefull people. We are a dot in this planet and our needs and wants should not exceed this dot.

So why are you worried if JK ventured into the unknown? You should take pride if not honoring his decision as he believes good may come out that benefits everyone on both sides.

During the Japan era, did we have a say in their administration?

A lskeum e kom dmul uase a Merikel a mellomes, ea chomomdasu e te mo ua uldesuel a Siabal ra lengar Belau?

tial saul


Ke di melkoi e kora a diak a solution er kau. Kam kora chochotii a sebechel meketmokel e diak douspech ra merikel.....but let you know we stil have 30 somthing years left in the compact.

For your information, During JApan era we palauans were oppressed if you did not know.......so we did not have a say so on their Administration!!!

If you give me some of your candy, you will be my friend...this comment is for the kids say...

What are you saying...you want palau to go back to old day's...me chelchang eng soam a bo dultuir er ker.....

this is JK's ultimatum...this is not Palau's ultimatum

That's exactly my point: we didn't have any say whatsoever..now we do.

My solution? Too bad didnt get the chance to become ROP president..but had i've been elected as president

Hhere's what i'll do:

latest census - 21,000+
annual budget - $55 or $56M
household(est.) - 15,000

Give $1M to every household in Belau, the rest divided amongst the branches of gov't. Its a one time offer ppl and everyone get to live their lives the way they see fit, within the bounds of the law.
Do you think gov't suffer? No.
Worried the money and more ppl move outside of Belau? No. I bet more Babldaob development of private business and new homes.

Hehehe..but im nothing e boomtara

Me dil kid el ultuil er kid, ngar ngii a ddoud el dolab er chelechang..lak dil mekesai el chad ra amt a ousbech ea rubdois el chad ra Belau lak a techellir.

wow, i thought immediately that JK was a danger to us when selected as chief negotiator, but didnt think he'd be this stupid to make this public information. i can see the people in the US saying, me ka hall e ki bechikemiu e desekemiu... frippling idiot. So much for JT and his humanitarian ideals. Ke de chebuul e chelik

Tia kid sel kdilii. Ngikal chad el mlo ra Sina e mei meng melasem e lorrebet ra Taiwan el lulemeskid a ngeseu ra ikal mla mo merrek el eiai el rrak. Ng mekera e mo er tial deruchall alsekum meng mengedecheduch ra Merikel ea Sina a ngara uldesuel?

A JT a mla mo kirel di mereched lotebedii er tial deruchall leng mol tomall a tekoi e kid a mengal mecherad a delongeled kid ma Merikel.


Ngkang adiak lungil mengedcheduch ra rechad ra merikel. Leng di omelkingel ekede medengei el kmo ngdiak el kirel ngarngii el tegoi.. Kedemeral dikid locholt a klebelngud.

ngugil meng sebeched el katekoi el tekinged ma merikel a diak bo lodengei a dolekoi. ea kuureng ulekum a JK a mo telkib lungil lomdasu ra uchei ra loltobed a uldesuel el kirel tial kmal lokedeldaol tekoi. a tebel a keltmokl e kmal beches a dekedekel, me bomungil lomes ra uchei ra molub leng kmal mengeisech a tbam.

kid ma Merikel a di dul ngara metengal a rael e dirk kaiuerked chim. ea Merikel a dirrek el medengei el kmo ng diak el uai a ngaramong lungil a keizai, ma tekoi ra udoud a merael mo kosekodel. eng di a Merikel a dirrek lomes er kid el mla mo diak di doumetara el merekong, kid tial mla mo sebeched el kuk olengeseu ra Merikel ra betok el tekoi.

No political skills whatsoever!!!

Jushua Koshiba is an idiot in the fullest definition of the word. You dont use such language in an ultra sensitive situation like the compact review process.
He should be pulled out of the talks as head of Palau's team. no waqy jose. not unless we want to aggravate the U.S and end up with nothing. remember these are tough economic times and we need good negotiators to secure a good deal for our future.
President JT please Say adios to koshiba now.


I am with on this one. He "Josh" could have said in a better way, i.e.,diplomatic language!!

'See, we are helping you too, without asking for help only,"' Koshiba said

HILARIOUS!! Helping with what? Accepting their unwanted, uninvited, forced to their side of the river people? I can't believe this is the leverage our "top notch" leaders are using!!

"When you have a friend, if they don't want to be your friend anymore, what do you do? Don't you look for another friend?" Koshiba said.

Is this guy for real???? Look?? WHERE?? Isn't this the same guy who was promoting on voting "yes" on the compact which, let me remind you people that we are stuck in for the next 35 years. Do you think the US of A will allow us to go look into Asia? HELLO! the detainee's are from Asia. Japan was in war with US about 50 years ago. China is China, who the hell in their right mind make deals with China and live to gain from it?! Ha!

No solutions now! Just embarrassment, disappointment and disgust with the way things are heading.
Solutions are not done or said in haste. A wise and smart person holds their tongue and listen, learn and produce.

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