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July 01, 2009


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equity and logic, huh? i'm just sitting here, shaking my head and sighing out loud, out of sheer frustration...

what in the world?!

kelemdung! tiang kora klou chais era palau el kmo ngdiak a udoud. mousubes era ongescheklel a ududiu ma uriul, emesa tial elebuul el ngarngii ra beluu. to you President and ministers for the past 6months eng dirkak omrelii, kom dimengoit a udoud ra amt, aikal so called ureliu adi teleu e diak a nger elbla besterir chad el mle vote er kau ma chull e kengar tiang el deruchall.ma uriul.

Is this guy trying to commit political suicide?

Someone should show him some news articles about how we are in a global recession, and when we are in recession tourism falls, as does foreign aid... so does ROP revenues, and therefore where is the logic behind a pay raise?

Sorry to say, this is going to be a long and painful four years folks.

Thanks for sharing.

Equity and Logic...I'm really stunned that those words are used in an official document asking for more money be put toward their salaries. And just to smooth things over, just in case there is too much spending they'll reduce their pay. EXCUSE ME?! Too late! This "government" is rotting from the inside out. We need to go back to the beginning of everything and possibly dismantle the government...see what really works for Palau. I stand firm in my belief that most officials are using the power they hold in their favor. Where will this extra pay come from? Taxes?? Taxes from people who are struggling to get by on $2.50/hour? A box of cereal is worth more than an hours' pay! The new OEK building is ridiculous...eating up all that land. What the government should do is use that "pay increase" to send students abroad to get educated. Give them a chance to see the world, make something of themselves and bring their talents back to Palau. Sooner or later, Palau will need to rely on itself again...not on tourism, not on U.S./Taiwan/Japan/Philippines, etc., but on the principles and customs generations before me valued...which are now wasting away. We need to take a stand. No more talking behind closed doors.

Tia kid sel lolekoi er ngii a Santy,

It's very sad that he did not make it to the Senate. The true colors of this new leadership is coming out and that they are not even ashamed about it.

A rungil beserir a di mochang ea remechebuul a memochang ra elebulir...

It does not make sense for the Senators to make more money that the Vice President and the Ministers.

Raise them salaries !! They guys work hard. I agree
with the President.

If there is money shortage then, it is for the congress to look for money. Pass them revenue generating bills now.

If anybody is not happy with his or her salary, RESIGN!!!

At the moment, OEK peformance and or responsibility may be inferior to Executive's (nothing new), however in the spirit of maintaining balance among all three branches of our government, OEK should and must be the one deciding salary raises. I can't f^%* believe that the president incorporated salary increase in his FY 2010 budget!!! In doing so, the pressure is more on the budget passage than the pay increase and thus at the end of the day, prez and his cronies are the easy winners if OEK fails to intensely fire up this salary increase debate.

I wanna here what santy has to say about this?

Logic Exercise:
1. A pay raise requires money.
2. There is a budget shortfall.
3. A budget shortfall means we're short of money.

Mr. President, can you, in your infinite wisdom (and not to mention your experience as a lawyer), explain how do you have a pay raise when we are short of money?

Equity Exercise:
1. Ministers get 40K each per year.
2. An average Palauan makes 6K per year.

Mr. President, can you, in your infinite wisdom explain how increasing the Minister's salary is equitable?

I should have voted for Chin!

If there is a raise for salary, then there must be also some job or salary cuts to balance out things. If this is his intention, then that means the ball is starting to roll.

Just read an article published by Marianas Variety re: FY2010 proposed budget and no where in it,mentioned anything about raising president/ministers salary. How in the world did you managed to post this article without the facts?

Uighurs are coming. Do you know what that means.More money for President and congress to waste. The money has been calculated people. They think they deserve more money than the rest of us. Most of this people are still freshmen and hasn't prove themselves and yet, they get a raise. Are you kidding me. Which interests are looking after. Your own or the people.I don't know if I'm pissed at them or myself for voting for them. I guess I had too much expectation,thought since the last administration was a joke I thought this guy would be better but we are still fighting a status quo.

For your info Elbuled...

Wednesday, 01 July 2009 13:08 By Bernadette H. Carreon - Horizon News Staff
KOROR (Palau Horizon) – President Johnson Toribiong is asking Congress to raise the salaries of the President, Vice President and ministries.

In the Fiscal Year 2010 annual budget measure submitted by the president on Friday, he asked lawmakers to increase the pay of the Executive Branch “to a level commensurate with their responsibilities and with the compensation paid to the members of our legislative and judicial branches of government . The requested increases should be granted as a matter if equity and logic.”

In the budget measure, the president is proposing that he should receive an annual salary to and “in no event less than the salary paid to the Chief Justice of the Palau Supreme Court.”

He also proposed that the Vice President receive an annual salary “equal to an in no event less than the salary paid to the highest paid Associate Justice of Palau Supreme Court.”

The measure also asked for increase in the salary of Ministers equal to salaries received by members of Congress.

The president is currently receiving a salary of $50,000 a year ; Vice President , $45,000 ; and Ministers ; $30,000.

In his transmittal letter to the Olbiil Era Kelulau leaders, Toribiong said if members of the Congress will reduce their compensation then the compensation of the officials of the Executive Branch and certain judges will be reduced in “equal measure.”

Members of Congress are receiving annual salaries of $50,000 each.

Senator Tommy Remengesau in an interview said that it is “ a bad time to increase their salaries.”

He said there are other more important priorities especially at a time that the government need to identify sources of revenues.

Sen. Mark Rudimch, Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee said that the Senate has just received the measure and that meetings will still be held to discuss the issue.

He said that there is a pending bill to increase the salaries of officials of the Executive Branch, instead the Executive Branch went another way and included it in the budget proposal.

Earlier President Johnson Toribiong announced that the government will be reducing spending restricting government travels, hiring of new employees and unnecessary expenses due to an expected shortfall in the budget.

Why won't they give raises to the rest of the workers which they will spend that money right away to boost our economy.Poor people like me don't have money to save because either its for custom or for paying bills. More people get raises more money is out there circulating around businesses and the country. It should be government for all not for the few.I'm worried about the cap between rich and the poor.We have lost that palauan spirit, a sense of community. I remember when I was a kid and when someone needs help building a summer house or anything, the hole community will show up just to help what ever they can. We don't see that anymore and I'm only 35 years old.My point is there only twenty-thousand us,we should look after one another, instead all we see right now is man for himself. We only can make it if we stand together.

Iang chai e rengelekei. Tireka meral melaok ikal ippengir? Ngbai ungil dekuld a tama ra ngisir mebol beskid a bebil ra udoud. Adang mekerang?

I’m suspecting that Mr. President is confidently anticipating some funds in the near future to supplement our government budget. Could it be the detainees’ deal? Either way, I don’t see a logic nor equity that he’s talking about, but the contradiction of his own. It’s just don’t make sense. Palau is so tiny island with nothing to export compare to some other countries, yet we behave as if our government is secured and all.

Mr. President, I understand that some ROP officials will be traveling to Honolulu for the compact review on the 6th or the 8th of this month and I urge you to have them take good notes of what is happening in Honolulu. As you may know, Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii is pushing for 3 days a month “furlough” for all the state employees, even the State of California is battling for the same idea for the simple fact: “Budget Shortfall.”
Having said that how can you say we have a shortfall of $ 9 mil in the next physical year budget then turn around and propose to raise your own salary including the VP and the ministers? God forbid! The intent of the majority votes you got has been wrongfully served and most of all the entire ROP is shocked.
When I read your Directive order I thought we were heading in the right direction.

This is where your true color has shown as Mosi have mentioned above.
And you are committing a political suicide like Oreor said.

Good luck on your next election should you plan to run again. I will remember this.

Although I did not vote for you I just want to let you know that I did my best to support you hoping that you’ll serve better than this but now I realized that it’s all talk but no action. Where is the “COLA” for the low income government employees that you were talking about during your campaign? “Why won't they give raises to the rest of the workers?” asked poorbutrichoflove

JT thinks the president should be the highest paid national govt employee and that is probably why the "Executive branch went another way and included it(salary increase) in the budget proposal."

If I am not mistaken, one of JT's campaign agenda was to revisit and revise the govt salary structure if necessary and so with that said, is this man forgetting everything that came out of his mouth in the pre-election period!?!!?

The last year election was messed so it will be messed all the way with in four years.TJ take the President seat for his own interest"salary"
not voter's interest...it really hurts when I know that back home lot of youngster voter's put support and trust on him because of his sweet mouth during his compaign and their still live with $2.50 an hour or doing makit..aikakid aikel kdilung ra uchele el wasei kedemetamelang...a cheral a dengki a mla ngmasech people still live with $2.50 an hour....Toribiong increasing his salary....

Tia kid sel meral diak bo kutebengii!!!

"I am also requesting the Olbiil Era Kelulau to raise the salary of President, Vice President, and the Ministers to a level commensurate with their responsibilities"

I am wondering if the pay level for Law Enforcement, Teachers, Nurses, Public work Employees, Immigration, Maintenance, Etc....

Are they up "To a level commensurate with their responsibilities"? Do we really need to give pay raises from the top while the ones at the bottom are struggling to make ends meet?

Omomdasu e Ngirchomlei e tiang locha kmal melemalt el eldecheduch el mo ra rechad ra beluu?
Sel motobed a kall, ea kot e ke ma omengur ea bol derngem e kodubech el mo ra ngelekem me ngomengur e mo tolib a blatingem?

Ngaukai ngak a omdasu el kmo kid a rechad er Belau a kot e kede ma ngmai a kelir a rengalek me tomengur ea ikel mo medechel a bo dongang. Ke domekeroul ra rengeleked el mo mesisiich ma ta ra klebesei e te mo klisichel a beluu...


Where's Joshua Koshiba, We don't hear his outrage of the President raising salaries for top officials. Didn't he used to fight Nakamura and TR on these kind of things. Hypocrisy people.JK, you lost my respect.

JT, you're millionaire already. Why not get a one dollar pay for a year and show that you are there for the people. It looks like you are there just get that pay check and nothing more. I am sick and tire of politician who comes out just to win you vote and once they're there , they forget their fellow citizens. I wonder if there still honest men out there who really have people interests in their heart.

Johnson Toribiong is not smarter than a 5th Grader. Are you retarded!!! Cmon man, look around...people are suffering and you have the nerve to raise your paycheck!!!

Definitley will not forget this one!! Will not vote for you!!!

i know we're being serious here but.. Karui, that 5th Grader line made me laugh out loud. a bit of comic relief to ease the pain, eh?

It's the PEOPLE'S TURN alright!!

Ngera chised meke delongelang e chou uchel ra rengud..moutekangel e dongebuul ele wal rak e domes....to bad I vote for Chin but I quess it's not his time yet... ka medomes el wasei to ngasech a ududir el morek e kuk ngera next el bo loruul er ngii el kirir ma deleng cheklir.
e chobesong el wasei tir kaikid el chad ra beluu
el mesuk ra $2.50 an hour auchul me tengara ikal
deruchal er chelechamg...techebuul ar mechitechut a losuuk ra $50.00 er sel program el ngak mak tang ea lebol secher eng diak a kar ra hospital......

Where you at Honto Style? You painted Chin in this blog as an oppotunist with his bus program but at least he was trying to help people. What about JT? Looks like he is only trying to help himself fatten his wallet. Still think JT represents your best interests. Remember our court found that he did not even represent the best interest of his client. What makes you think he represents ours. JK is not making any noise because he got what he wanted, Chin was not elected as President. Like I've been saying JT is headed for the ditch. He will definitely not have a second term with the hole he's digging himself.

Mem kulengit er kemiu mem ask ra Islander el kmo mechelchang el ngar ngii a increasing ra salary
ea rechad ra beluu a kmal chebuul, tial bilsenged
bedul a south malechub eng bedul west.

Mr. President,

Do you know the minimum wage for Palau? Incidentally, I strongly believe that a good majority voted for you takes about $2.50 per hour home! It is $2.50 per hour.
If any politician does not like their salary, then QUIT! Each of you campaign to take those seats, we did not put a gun to your head and say run for this office. Therefore, QUIT- get out and give us something more to hope for.

This is an absolute disgrace!

I am so saddened by this...if there are no positive change as we all were hoping for then leaving to find a better life else where is a better option!

You and your administration is a disgrace, Mr. President.

Struggling with $2.50 an hr

Disarrayed it is!

Al Kerong di Kid! That's all I can say. LOL

JT during your campaign you showed up on OTV and said "A rengeleked a do mekang er tir ra kot el klungiolel a kall", ea lechub e kau ke meral di ulemdasu era ipengem?! Ak kmal ungil a renguk er chelechang eleng dimlak tuu era chelbeldim el ua betok el chad er Belau!! A dirrek el mle tara tekingem el mlara OTV, a dilu el uase "sel domes era lifestyle era rechad ekede omes a blil a ulongolir ma lechub eng blil a komi er tir". Ke dirrek el dilul kmo a blil a ulongolem a di ngarngii a ulongolel a ngikel el mle belkul a tekingem el mora rebetok el chad a kmo kedi mengang a beot a cheral kall. Ea lechub a ngikel a diak el beot a cheral el ua malek el belekul a kmo diak modengei eleng diak monga beot a cheral kall!

What's a matter HS? Why the aw shucks its only us attitude? You so strongly supported JT on this blog that you were literally spitting fire and brimstone like BK in his younger days. What now? It seems your voting passion was misplaced and now the true colors of your candidate JT are really beginning to show. This is JT's last term. His campaign promises are all empty at this point.

Alii Okinawa and Mosi,

First I respect the people's vote. And second, I truly believe and have resigned to the grace of prayers as an alternative solution over conventional wisdom.

I am now joining the down troddens (inmates)every wednesday and saturday nights for prayer. Please join us. These people are at the bottom of social order and do not judge like ourselves. It is a more moving experience than most of us think.

On this issue I said many things on it during my term. Basically I believe that the President and Vice-President should be at the top salary structure of civil service and then the rest follow. But adjustment has to be done one time for the entire workforce. Another thing is I believe that pay scale for top officials should not be so inflated to create such an unrealistic gap between themselves and the rest of the work force.

Nonetheless, I am humbled by those like you who say kind words toward my service because I took it very seriously.

Funny that I have been accused for saying things on this issue and now I hear that I am accused for instigating this controversy without saying anything. Yesterday a close friend of mine asked me to read this blog and reminded me that it is damned if I do and damned if I don't. It all goes to show that we need to pray for more divine wisdom and intervention. God bless Palau and us all. Have a nice a weekend.


I hear you Santy,

We need to pray for more divine wisdom. I think
sometimes I talk too much. I hope whom ever is accusing you is accusing you because he/she is thinking about all on the same level as you always have been.

Yes, it's funny because you speak the truth, but no one want's to hear about it until they hear it from someone else. As far as I am concerned you are not an instigator, you just speak what you feel is right. And that is very hard to find in Palau nowadays.

God Bless,

It's called 'Coconut politics at its best'.... ten for me and one for you.

So the question now is...

Are we the citizens of Palau, just going to stand by quietly and let this happen? Ng kmal siukang er kid el chad er Belau el chetid a tekoi e diak douedikel el kirel e me ra rebai me ke de mengeremrum el kirel.

I was surprised, saddened, shocked, and scared when I read that article in Palau Horizon. The majority of the population of Palau are struggling to get by. Most of us can't even make it from one pay check to another. And these politicians that we voted for are playing with money and we sit idly by and do nothing but talk.

This is a serious issue. I mean we are not even sure about what is going on with the COFA and they want to increase their salaries. I know they do hard work and that their pay should match the work they do. But what about the rest of the population. I work hard every single day as a government employee. Most of the time I work beyond 8 hours a day and yet I only get paid for 8 hours. I don't get overtime nor comp time. Does my pay match the work I do. HELL NO!!! I used to get paid 3 times the amount I do right now for only 6 hours a day. There are many of you who might say, why did I give it up and come here and now I complain. It's the love for your country, family, and fellow Palauans. Do JT, KM, and all his other ministers have that loyalty to their country?

Just some thoughts. And as for Santy's comment. He hit it on the nail. The only thing that we can and should do right now is pray for divine intervention.

Eh Soam,

Read the latest Open Thread. There's some discussions there about starting a petition. That's something we at the lower levels of gov't can to make our voices heard.
Over the past year, we've worked hard to get our guys raises and for each of them, justifications for the increases were pages long and most still don't get the raises they so richly deserve. Yet the highest official in the land gave himself and his cronies a raise after less than 6 months on the job while trying to trim the budget left and right, just because somebody else is making more than him. So please, I don't know how to start one, but I'm ready to sign.


I just read the Open Thread. Belas made the first statement regarding a petition. Does anyone in here know how we can get one started? I'm ready to sign as well.

Rechad er olbiil, ea kemiu a kmal mla mechetelaol ra klungel a udoud el mosuk er ngii ma omerael el mngar ngii el mengoit a ududir ar taxpayers. Bom mngim olemedem e ngkuk mechu merek a cheual rak me ke ruebet ra sengkyo me ke me ra beluu el me teloi er kemam e olengit a wasech, kemiu el betok er kemiu a dimle depend ra 2weeks salary ra uchei ra omekong er tilechang, e elechang ear bebil er kemiu a diomtechei rar kmal kesai el chad, ua kayangel ma ikal rest ra honto el kirel municipalities e kom mla upgrade a ngklel el mo state ea leko kom kuoll e chedaol, ngdiak a chised??? Kau ngdimlak kom chisngekl el mesa delengcheklem ma om tilobed er ngii, e mnguu a rengum ma ngerem ma teletelem el me riou e moruul loltirakl a oblem yaksok rar chad ra beluam el kmo a omengai ra sengkyo e ke momtechei er tir el mederir e ngerir ra olbiil. Kau a milngilt lekong el sibrir ar beluu el momtechei er ngii, KE MLA OBES??? NGERA KE MLA RULII EL MORAR CHAD EL MO MTECHEI ER TIR RA IKAL MEREKONG EL EIM EL BUIL, NGERAL KLUNGIAOL MALCHUB ENG NGUNGIL KERRUUL A OBLA MNGAI EL MERA BELUU. NG'DIAK A CHISED!!!


Word of an advice on how we can start this petition and make sure our message is being heard all over Palau and abroad!!!

Im also very willing to sign!!

We are definitley sailing towards Chuuk if nothing is done according to the campaign promises!!! We should have known Lawyers are liers!! and only work for the intrest of their own.

I will definitely sign a petition if there is one floating around!!

Once they get used to that lifesyle, it is very hard to give it up. What they promised us during campaign is old news now. Ak dikora mekngit a renguk er tirkel kmal lulmerang er tir.. Tirka a uchul meng ungil besrir aikal ludoud ra government. Where else can they have acguired their wealth? don't these ministers just received brand new cars? While we're at it, why don't we purchase their houses for them.

Everyone enjoy the weekend.

You going to give raises? how? pulling it out of a donkey's ass? for reals now I knnow why they call it FUCKelment!!

I think it is funny, imagine if Chin were president and did the exact same thing or did something even worse.. Everyone switches sides more than a flipping coin. Same thing with Obama where the majority that voted for him are now against him, such hypocrites.

Stop doing nothing and complaining, and support the hard times that everyone is going through. Work more and stop escaping at 3pm on payday fridays. Make Bento for your kids before they go to a free public school, or arrange car pool with your neighbor who works at the same area as you do. Stay healthy so you save from subsidized health care. Stop drinking and chewing and save for you childrens needs.

Support your president and his decision and make up for the loss or gains that he made. "Island pride" is so wasted with many of you people.

That is why these palauan elites including JT conspired to keep Camsek from the Presidency. With Chin at the helm, the buck would have stopped with him. I know all the people who supported him are good people and not ones with false degrees from Wharton, Duke etc.. The opposition in Palau is in the minority sent to the corner by the very people who want to keep the status quo in our country. JT is the ringleader and I can't in good conscience support his decision to up his and other govt. executives salaries. Its both wrong and unconscionable on his part while many palauans stretch their dollars even more to meet their living expenses and cultural obligations.

Om nom nom,

Are you retarded!! what decisions has he made to benefit us............. a big ZERO!! Also, the point is JT is the President and he is doing this to benefit himself and his cronies. Maybe you are one of them. Don't kiss ass to much, you'll stick your head in there pretty soon!!

Escaping at 3pm......yeah right..you think they deserve a pay raise.. Its only been six months nothing what so ever has improved and they want a payraise...........STUPID!!!

200 million U.S dollar agreement sounds like an opposite for a big ZERO. You are exaclty what I meant about doing nothing and complaining.

It is predictable, a president does something that requires some sacrifice or hardship and voters sing songs about how they should have voted for the other person.

FYI, I did not vote for JT. But whoever is the commander and chief, support with whatever you can and do not let your own country sink.

Otherwise do what you can to get him out, but it will be wasting time because there are more important issues, like supporting yourself, family, and your country. \"Island pride\" chika chaka chika chaka boom boom.

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