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July 08, 2009


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Seems so politically oportunistic of President JT to now have TR in somewhat of a legal bind. I can just imagine the conversation between the two.

JT: look here Tommy you did'nt have my back when Taiwan was after me and when I stood before the court to face ethics charges but I want to make a deal with you. Help me have final say on FIB approval and I'll call off the SP.

TR: Look Mr. President you have'nt been in the game long enough to see all the white wolves around you looking to decimate our country in order to fatten their wallets. As long as I can prevent those scam projects in Peleliu and Angaur then I will perserve my legacy as Palau's greatest pro-environmental President. As for you, this is your last term. How could anyone let alone the President be asking for a pay raise in this bad economy. See you in 2012 when I will rise again to be President and send those undesirables back to their personal hells.

The people elect their President on what he promised during the Presidential campaign.

The people liked President Toribiong's campaign promisses. That's why they elected him to be their President.

The President promissed to make Palau foreign investment friendly in order to attract international investment so as to enable Palau to become fianncially independent.


The people of Palau were sick of TR's corrupt self serving monopolistic policies. The people were sick of Tommy reneging on promisses and continual lies!

It would appear that TR is attempting to manipulate the Senante members with an agenda to torpedo the President's pro-foreign investment policies and stiffle what the people want and what they elected President Toribiong to do!

This will never happen because the people will not stand for it! TR is corrupt. TR has been charged for corruption. The only matter outstanding is for TR to be convicted of his crimes!

Palau is in dire economic crisis due to the policies of Tommy Remengesau. It is ONLY President Toribiong's good policies that will enable Palau to survive the future.

The people can already see the result of President Toribiong's good policies. The USA has extended the deadline of funding Palau to 2010.

Heads of States from potentially new allies are begiging to visit Palau and many more plan to come with a purpose to invest and to help Palau.

For example, in addition to making investments, Bodawi has already promissed our President that Malaysia will provide the youths of Palau FREE education to tertiary levels in Malaysian universities as soon as Dipomatic and Trade Ties with that country is ratified. How fantastic is that for our youths?

Any attempt by the Senate or anyone else for that matter to curb and/or to undo the good policies of our beloved President Toribiong that was given to him by the mandate of the prople of Palau should be regarded as treason, as such action/s is against the wishes of the People of Palau,


Reject Tommy Remengesau and his destructive policies.

Iang hai.

What a load of horse manure!


Nakamura and Tommy Remegesau were President for a total of 16 years, why did the Senate not remove the power of the final say over FIB from their Presidency?

Is it because there was self interest at stake?

This President is Honest, Open and transparent. President Toribiong advocates for an open policy, a policy that is herald as correct by the international community including the USA.

People of Palau, please take note of those in the Senate who are advocating for isolation because in proposing for this curb they are supporting for Palau to remain in the corrupt and monopolistic way.

Get rid of these short signted people and put Tommy in jail.



dont for get that TR was senator before he was elected by majority voters to be President not once but twice, now senator, he knows how it works from inside out. i'm hoping that these private citizen won't turn around and sue our poor palau government for what our SPs doing. justice branch of palau government need to stop and make sure that these crime their charging these individual are strong before they spend tax payers money for minor stuff. ma uriul.

So it seems like the JT supporters have finally admitted that TR's recent run in with SP is all part of their efforts to shut TR up. Give em hell Tommy. Checks and balances is exactly what we need in this govt instead of the President running amok. I can't wait till 2012. No way to runaway scam developments. Its bad for Palau and palauans. Preserve the best protect the rest. Viva TR Bye Bye JT and his pay raise!

yup...check and balance...tommyboy is being checked and now he has to balance. it's all about coconut politics at its best....ngdiak a ised e rebelong...!!!!!

Iang hai e "bukitang". Keuangerang e rungalek? Ngara kuk ungil chais ra Ngerbeched?

ya' jaime, kokau kokau. ngkmal betok a ungil ra peched makuk sel deledesem ebo mongetikewel el mei mekuk donga uasech ma beras edekau story....:)

somebody's finally doing something right. Way to go Senators!
The president should not have the final say, what's to stop him from being paid off? Hear he's in need of cash.
Anyways, this is why we have 3 branches of gov't, for checks and balances.

All I can see is bad cheques being issued and there is no money to balabce the budget! All due to TR Ha Ha Ha!

Hey Go Tommy,

Where did you get the idea that we are trying to shut Tommy up!

We like Tommy talking because he is a fool and every time he says something he is immediately caught for lying. That is why his advisor tell he to say nothing!

Why was executive rights not taken away when Tommy was President? come on answer that question!

You guys are all hypocrites! JT is President and he has the power. Your hopes of taking power away from him is nonsense!

I want to take power away from superman! I think superman should not be able to fly. Only members of the Senate should be able to fly. Tommy shold be the best flyer because he has feathers. lol

...and the senate want to have the last say??? come on- be real. At least in the executive branch we can hold, one person, the president responsible but in the senate I do not know.

For the first time in our country's history we have a President that is having a sensible economic plan and what does the SENATE want to do?

Tie his hands! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

It seems that some of the Senate members supports TR's archaic, corrupt and monopolistic policies and are afraid of President Toribiong's open economic policies that will benefit all Palauan people.

That is the only reason why they are attempting to change the law that has all along allowed our Presidents to have the final say in matters of FIB Permits.

I did not see these self serving Senators proposing to negate the President's final say in matters of FIB permit when Nakamura and Remengesau were President. No, not in 16 years because TR thought that his VP, CHIN was going to win the last Presidential elections and the status quo of corruption and TR's monopolistic policies would go on as usual.

Unfortunately for them, they people woke up! The people wanted change! The people wanted openness that a new President would give and they elected Johnson Toribiong.

Now that the people have got their new President, some Senate members still want to play dirty politics so that they can stiffle the people via the back door by scuttleing the economic plans of the President.

I call on the people to support your good President! People Power!

Show the Senate your displeasure! Write in to your President and tell him you support him!


Yeah, for the 'Go Tommy' types;

You are all for Tommy but why you cannot see that he is corrupt is because you are also part of his corrupt government. He has now admitted to being corrupt and cannot wriggle free. Soon it will be your turn. Are you feeling the pressure? Great! You should!

It is poetic justice that TR is now being bring charged by the SP - a part of government that he used so frequently to harass and charge others who questioned his corrupt practices. TR even reformed the SP from being independent into being under the Office of the President. It is laughable that he wants the FIB to be ‘independent’ of the President!

Is it not so strange for him to now attack the FIB from Presidential 'influence' when it was TR who constantly interfered with the working of the FIB and the SP? TR even used Greenberg to do his dirty work to the extent of castrating the good guys who tried to do their job but often found they could not due to 'interference'.

IF TR wanted to do what he now is desperately pretending to do, WHY DID HE NOT DO THIS WHEN HE WAS PRESIDENT?

What a joke - this is just because they (TR and his guys) never expected to be thrown out of office. Thank the Lord for his small mercies!

Now you guys are not able to live with what he (and you others) created, they want change! The only change is that they are now subjected to being under scrutiny instead of being the bullies they were (and still are trying to be). SERVES THEM RIGHT!

Palauans, we can see now why Palau is in trouble; we were forced to live under a discriminatory regime. A regime with double standards - a lenient one for the ruling guys, and a more stringent one for others. Also a regime that so often abused its power! Cut with the pretence of doing something good as a check and balance - would we see this happening if TR was still in power, if Surangel or Chin was in power? Nope! Get real and stop trying to pull the sheets over our heads!

JT a one term President? You forget that TR got his second term by lying with false promises that he never kept - ask the Angaur people if this is true or not! That is just ONE false promise he made while in office – can we charge TR for lying to get into office?

If Palau votes in ANYBODY remotely connected to TR and his guys ever again, then Palau deserves to sink (back) into the abyss of corruption!

Get rid of corruption - this is what we want and it looks like we will be getting it! It is so funny when TR says it is a 'misdemeanor' when all along others charged with similar offences under his administration - all these charges were touted as criminal charges by 'TR's SP (Walton). What is good when under his administration should hold as being doubly good for TR now that he has been proven to have suspicious dealings! Call it what TR used to call these charges for others - criminal charges!
Do not try to make it light when the burden should be heavy for someone we once enrusted to do right for Palau! No more lies please!

Taking assets of the State is a criminal offence! TR is in ga-ga land, no wonder Palau is bankrupt - TR was and is without morals and without ethics!

Viva el Presidente! Go Johnson! Go Jackson. Go Moses. Go Joshua!

Alii erbeluu,

wake up and smell the coffee.

The big three in the senate are doing this to protect their business at the expense of the majority and the poor.

Oilouch protects his in law Mark. Remengasau protects his in law Surrangel. Mlib protects himself.

So is Palau only for these big three business ? how about the majority ?

We all learn our lessons. Never vote a strong businessman in congress. They go there to protect their business, not the people.

FIB "Revamp" is/was a move to concentrate power within one branch of Government, the executive.

Senate has no balls to come out and say that they don't agree with the FIA "revamp" because they want to be in line with this harmonious FUBAR government we have now. Truth is, they are grumbling behind closed doors but again, HAVE NO BALLS to say what they really think about this bill. Granted, the process should be more streamlined for applicants, but you went ahead a lowered the barriers to entry into Palau and now local businesses will be closing in a few years time.


I don't know guy's I don't like neither of them to hold that kind of power. Over the years we have seen it over and over again where politics and personal gains are chosen before the people. I hope we can have people outside the political arena to run this FIB.


And you call yourself Realistic Man? JT was the one found by palauan court to have failed ethically to represent his client. All TR has are some bogus misdeamenors pending but ask yourself realistically at what cost? Is the cost to the Govt with the resources and manpower that will be used worth the minimal fine that TR will pay? The answer is a realistic NO. The only incurred cost will be what JT imagines will hurt TR politically. But will it realistically? NO Because the palauan people are not stupid to see that JT is prosecuting TR because he is a political thorn in his side to JT's dictatorial ideations.

Hey Go Tommy,

The dictator is Tommy, not President Toribiong. President Toribiong has not bashed anyone!

Toribiong has not used people like Greenberg, Bettie (AG) and Walton (SP) to intimidate people and charge people like Jackson Ngiraingas and many others without due process.

Toribiong is an attorney, he knows the law, he respects the law.

Tommy on the other hand is an arrogant fool who became President as the proxy of his boss Nakamura.

Tommy has a split personality because of his physical size and a pea brain to match physical.

All you need do is look at the government contracts awarded and benefits that Nakamura received over the past 16 years and from the Remengesau administration to know that Nakamura and TR were in cahoots together and were ripping Palau off.

Look at where Palau is today after 16 years under the Nakamura and TR administration. PALAU IS BANKRUPT!

President Toribiong is akin to the 'Dutch Boy' left holding back the sea by placing fingers in the holes in the dike created by Nakamura and TR!

Tourist numbers have dropped, the shops are empty, apartments are empty, hotels are running at around 30% occupancy. Yet cost of living has gone up! Our infrastructure is crumbling around us.

Don't pass it on to recession. It's the past poor government policies that is to blame for Palau's financial delemma.


Both the past Presidents did not know how to make Palau economically self reliant.

The truth be told, they never gave a thought to making Palau economically self reliant because their policy was to isolate Palau, make treaties with foreign countries for grants and financial aid by the promise of Palau's UN Votes and/or promising not to develop Palau for carbon credits grants.

They then skimmed the grants and aid by awarding contracts to their fronts and became rich while Palau and the common folk sank into hopeless poverty!

Wake up 'Go Tommy' both Nakamura and TR are leeches who have bled Palau dry! Why do you sell out our people by supporting these pirates!

As the saying goes; "There are none so blind as those who will not see".

Our President needs 100% cooperation from all, the Senate, the House and the OEK! This is not the time for any show of ego! This is the time for unity! OUR COUNTRY IS SINKING FAST. HELP THE PRESIDENT SAVE PALAU. HELP THE PRESIDENT IMPLEMENT HIS POLICIES. OTHERWISE WE WILL GO INTO FINANCIAL CHOAS!


Islander is asking people to help Toribiong so that he can raise up his salary instead of voter's salary.....to many policies it will be end in mess.

Stop linking one matter to another - you seek to confuse and cause controversy instead of facing the facts.

TR has many outstanding matters to answer for - you are trying to say WHY when you should ask yourself instead WHY did TR do it. Maybe you already know why he did it – corruption?

Do not blame someone for doing something about someone who did it to himself! TR must answer for his crimes against the state. You blame the cleaner when the person who made the mess goes blameless? What a fool you are! Blame the one who made the mess – no mess no need to clean up!

If all you can point the finger is ONE matter (a court matter) at JT when it is TR who has failed us as a nation (TR even spent 30 percent of 2009 budget in his last few months in office). Now that he has been found out to be corrupt (not BOGUS charges however you would like them to be) you say it is OK and choose to say it is political and bogus! It is YOU than needs to get real!

If you dare, be realistic for once and see if you wake up from your TR beetle nut dream.


get your fact straight, there is no cleaner person....we can not jump into train and say this and that, you have to wait until outcome is out then you can say the fact...no need to wake up from TR beetle nut dream.....to many policies it will mess a lot of client.

Hey Realistic Man.

Nothing is linking from one matter to another so don't get me wrong.....TR beetle nut dream it said, his the most experience person in there from senator to Vice president to President and back to senator people put him in all position because of the trust....so wait until the outcome for drama is out...then we can blame people.

I could'nt agree with you more boomtara. TR has the most experience and the most latitude in dealing with his peers their in the Senate. He not only sees things in black and white but is also acutely aware of all those political gray areas that can serve to be political hurdles.

As some of his supporters here on the blog have also said, TR sees in green. This definition does not imply that he has an esurient nature but rather his overwhelming support for the environment during his tenure as President. In fact if we recall, he was recognized by Time magazine as one of our planet's heroes.

So my plea as we wait to see this unnecessary rancor die down is for us to all remember the importance of our environment. We have only one shot at it to make right for future generations. Scam developments, black gold, and casinos will only benefit the few but their impacts will be felt by us common folk in the increased costs to our quality of life, our environment, our community, our culture, our relationships, our water supply, our fish supply, etc......

" Under the administration of President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., Palau has earned the reputation as one of the champions in the movement to preserve our global environment.Yes, we are stewards of our environment, and we must act accordingly.This is also a mandate of our constitution"

This was part of what JT said during his innaguration earlier this year. So the ideal of removing the President as having final say makes a whole lot sense if we really are to be the stewards of our environment as he said in his first address.

When it was TR, at least we knew where he stood with regard to the environment. He championed it and he has the awards to back it up. As for JT, there are far too many negatives to back the view that he can do the same.

One does not have to look far to see who his friends are and what they represent. These so called friends of his are not only dangerous to the planet, they are dangerous to the environmental well being of palau. And for what? MONEY. That's all it comes down to in the most simple terms. For this very reason, JT should not have final say because he is too close to those wanting to do harm to our nation and its people.

Go Tommy,
Save your breath, we all know what TR is all about now. Why we elected him again is beyond any one's imagination of a true leader. Not! He got what he wanted out of it so, please don't insult our intelligence anymore.

Kekmal mature enough to praise other people even if they weren't your choice of candidates. I wish and hope to learn that trait which comes very hard with my personality. Is the secret of your calmness due to your visits to the beautiful place only few people take advantage of in Kayangel. I was recently in Palau but didn't get a chance to visit that wonderful place. Maybe, I can next year. I voted for Johneson/kerai and I hope they deliver what they promised our people because I'm tired of false promises.. we shall evaluate their accomplishments after four years.

Posted by: Rose | November 12, 2008 at 11:04 AM


A Rose is a Rose but those were your words to the great Mosisecheklak last year. Next time be a little bit more forthcoming before you blast someone. Its true you voted for JT/KM so I could see how you do not agree with my defense of TR but you also cannot deny the words your candidate spoke of in his innagural address.

As I've said, its the company that JT keeps that has me worrried if he should have final say in FIB. My point is when TR was in charge regardless the environment was always his first concern. I'm not so sure its JT's. By the way, no one can insult another's intelligence unless they allow them to do so. Words to live by as the tide of public opinion recedes into the minds of weak willed and oppressed. SSSSSSSSSS

Concern with the environment??? Maybe that was the reason he did not get a permit for his house in Choll!!! Only after the public found out that he sent Debbie to EQPB!!!

Go Tommy, COULD YOU EXPLAIN PLEASE!!! Climbing legs is fine that go up to high!!!

If we were to weigh all the negatives and positives when it comes to a person then some are more balanced than others while others skew one way or the other.

In other words, people are complex beings. But to judge them properly, one must look at their whole body of work. To highlight one wrong decision seems premature and juvenile.

We can glean an example from Al Gore at the height of "global warming" and his film an Inconvient Truth. Here he was going around the nation and world talking about global warming and the need for man to reduce their carbon foothprints yet he mostly flew on a lear jet to these locations. Was this a wrong decision on Gore's part? Did it seem to contradict his message? Off course it was but did anyone highlight it and say look at what Gore did? No they did not. Why? because they looked at his whole body of work and not just one example of what it means to be human and fallable.

Based on experience and knowledge alone, TR has the edge. I can appreciate this ideal of wresting control of FIB final approval from the President. To me, his tenure in executive office let alone his govt/bureaucratic experience is clearly lacking. Better if approval comes from the collective as the old adage two heads are better than one implies. In this case, a group of senators with TR at the helm makes more sense to me in the decision making process then a relative newbie like JT who seems at this point more eager to please then to learn.

Go Tommy,

You are grasping for straws here!!!

It is not illegal to fly in a lear jet the last time I look!!! IT IS ILLEGAL THOUGH TO BUILD A HOUSE AND DO EARTH MOVING WITHOUT EQPB PERMIT. Ordinary palauans apply for an EQPB permit to build house, why is Tommy an exception.

Lot of people have been charged under the code of ehtics law should Tommy be an exception condsidering that his entire adult life he has been working in the government, making laws (including the ethics law) and enforcing them!!!

Go Tommy, you got to do better job than what you are doing now. If I were you I would tell Tommy to own up to his mistake and move on, after all the 19 CHARGES are all misdeaminors.

In 2004 a close personal friend to an important member of JT's administration pleaded guilty to a criminal charge.

The specifics were that he used more than 64,000 dollars worth in govt. workers personel hours and supplies to build his Uranao ranch.

That person is none other than Carl Guiterrez, former Governor of Guam , UMDA shareholder, close personal friend of J.Koshiba. I bet JK has already forgiven his friend for a far more egerious act then the misdemeanors that TR is faced with at this time.

If TR broke these ethic rules then he must face the consequences. But to me, it is the administration and national govt. that are "grasping at straws". Every political bone in my body says that JT did this to shut TR up politcally and keep him busy legally. Even those clever enough among us must admit, its classic case of establishing leadership by shining a negative light on the previous chief executive.

But what happens if these political tactics all blow up in his face especially these ideas of economic security for Palau. Are we not putting too much of our eggs in one basket. Its my guess that the idea of final approval of FIB must be really so important to JT that he willing to risk his politcal credibility and legacy in the pursuit of TR.

I for one would hate for it to be JT's one and only defining moment at a time when he can really stand out in all the controversy and show all palauans what true leadership is all about.

Go Tommy/Where’s HS,
It seems to me that you are twins. By all means do your best to defend TR and we’ll see how far you can go. According to media, the charges covered only for the investigation conducted by the Sp’s office for the year 2000-2003. The investigation and audit for the years 2004 up to the present are still ongoing.
TR lost people’s trusts and respects due to his shady involvement with “Taiwan Stimulus Funds” including other things. I suspect that TR masterminded the reorganization of the former House of Delegates to protect his shady moves. As you may recall Elbuchel Sadang, a former MOF, as well as TR’s friend and classmate was asked by the House of Delegates to explain the legality of the stimulus funds expenditures, which he did but was vague. The way I see it TR, ES and others tactically and technically maneuvered the whole package thru for the interest of the few. To this day their explanations and actions are still shady to me. Coincidentally, the closure of PSB Bank, I see their names circulating on the paper, or heard by the locals for their involvements.
By the way, It is great to be the world’s champ for the environment, but what good does it help for the well being of its citizens if he backstabbing his own country by bankrupting its government, left with multiple real property assets and what else- build his house without EQPB permit, like Uchelmelis said? I know how much time and effort an ordinary citizen takes to obtain such permit because I’ve done it. I presume TR thought he was above the law and that’s why he can be careless about the Code of Ethics & EQPB. My gosh! What else? Go figure.

One more thing: according to the media, “Remengesau was required to submit a list of all assets and sources of income he had while he was in office.”
“Remengesau did not reveal his other assets and concealed several pieces of real properties which he acquired during his administration.
Was he trying to “Preserve the best and protect the rest?” Don’t come back saying these are misdemeanor violations. Again, TR was a president, not once but twice and should’ve led by example, not something like this. If I were a judge, a convicted policeman for stealing should be considerably serious than anyone else. And for the President who served two terms and now law maker, the punishment should be much greater and should not be considered lightly.
If you say this was a selective case, then I say: “ so be it!”. The corruption investigations should and must start from the head to toe as far as I’m concern. I wouldn’t be surprise if we hear more serious charges against TR in the future compare to this. What do you think?


Uchel and HS, I hear you loud and clear. However what are your thoughts on JT's pipe dreams - Northern Oil exploration and Southern NC/SC projects - and their impact on the environment? Is your prediction of a larger US military base another pipe dream?


I would hate it too if by any chance Tommy becomes our senate president and screw up again. In the minds of our citizens, he certainly is a failure as a leader so why should we allow the agony to repeat itself over and over again. Let him finish up quietly and find himself a place among our elders, hopely, he can do so.,


The environment is a world problem and if anything, Palau is a victim.

For Tommy to try and be the torch bearer of the environment movement is a farce. Let the G8 tackle this issue. Palau is already environmentally conscious because our culture itself protects the environment.

All the talk about environment that Tommy did has not done Palau anything. Instead, it choked development when we need it most.

Look at the Koror dump, the sewer overflow, deisel cars polluting air in Koror, and PPUC. What good was Tommy and his environmental movement. That was all talk because he did nothing to clean up the environment in Palau.

Forget about environment. Its low on our priority list. Our culture will protect it. Poverty, medical care and jobs must be addressed now.

Go Tommy,

I pray that you are right about YOUR Tommy. Alsekum a chad a di mlak el bol dekims eng mekerang er remos? Election is over save your ammunition against JT's administration for 2012 right now you need to defend your Idol. Remember Tommy not only wrote the ETHICS law he also enforced it. So HE can TALK THE TALK OF ETHICAL BEHAVIOR AND THE ENVIRONMENT BUT CANNOT WALK THE WALK, OR THAT ENVIRONMENT AND ETHICS DO NOT APPLY TO HIMM!!!!


During the presidential debate last year all the candidates supported the oil exploration in Kayangel. Ak med a tekingel a candidate er ngak "alsekum e ngarngii a blantalos ra rebai ra blim engerang mocha mechar a blantalos ra obliil?" Wouldn't we all want oil be found in Ngeyangel!!!

We need to loosen up our foreign investment laws in Palau to be more attractive to developments that will provide a stronger economic base.
But do we want the president to be single to say certain people come in and certain people dont. that is way too much power invested in one person and too much power breeds corruption. It could create a situation where, for the next four years, only those investors closely associated with the president and his cronies are allowed to come in and for all others the door is closed? that will assure the president's re-election for sure.
I agree with the senate that some independent authority should remain to screen applications of foreign investors but we need to reform the process so that thing are expedited.
by the way, I heared a rumor that relatives and close associates of President JT are involved with the new business venture of Tan Holdings in Palau and micronesia to take over mobil oil.
can anybody validate this rumor?

Its called Blue Bay Petroleum and its supposedly a locally owned company. Check out the Registrar of Corporations and get the listing of shareholders.

Kevin Kirk is quite the mastermind behind all of this. I wonder how many times this company is going to change hands and who is the true owner. I also wonder if Willy Tan skirted FIB by having local shareholders - can anybody say "FRONT."

I know that night follows day and that day follows night.

I know that Johnson Toribiong will be elected a second term as sure as day follows night. Why, because there is no one more qualified than JT to be President of Palau.

This guy has the bearing of a President. TR, fooey! He has the bearing of a clown!

Surangle fooey, he has the bearing of an oaf!

After JT, it will be President Jackson Ngiraingas. Have you seen the energy of the man? He is a warrior, fearless, intelligent!

Palau will be in good hands for the next 16 years. JT and than JN.

Financial independence, no problems! The answer NC!


I love that Aerosmith's song ; "Dream on."

Hey Uchelmetis,

Everything starts off with a dream. Rather than live your life with negative songs like 'Dream on' it would be better for you to live your life along positive dreams like; 'Fairy dreams can come true'.

Every successful entrepreneur had an impossible dream that came true! Ask Bill Gates. Ask Sir Richard Branston. Ask Lim Goh Tong!


TR lost all credibility when Malaysian Airforce One Jet landed on Palau International airport!

TR said it would never happen. Hello Tommy, I did not see you there. I was told you ran out of Palau with your tail between your legs like your good friend spotty SP Walton scurried out of Palau when Peter Moran arrived to challenge his crooked testimony!


Frankly, I’m not up to oil drilling in anywhere in Palau knowing that many of our leaders including President Johnson Toribiong are aiming for it. This is a debatable issue and therefore, one must find time to research in depth about its impact to our beautiful tiny island and its people.

Generally speaking, these three things are my main concerns why I disagree with the idea:
1. Environmental impact
2. Social impact
3. Security

As far as NC/SC projects, I can’t tell you more than what I’ve read from this site. You probably know more than I do with regard to this project. However, if it’s a valid developer and the majority of the people of Peleliu are pushing for it; by all means let it be. By the way, I surfed the net, came across with the rough architectural sketch of the Peleliu after being developed by NC/SC. It looks nice, but I was wondering what part of Peleliu will be designate for the local people.

Now with regard to Military Base in Palau, I would say, yes! Mainly for these two reasons:
1. Economy
2. Security

I am a vet and speaking with my experience, I’m suspecting that the US Military will one day establish their base in Palau for good. Let me point out one thing- we, the Palauans signed the Compact of Free Association with the United Sates all because we needed their money. To us these are compact funds, grants, financial aids or whatever we call them, but the US look at it as their ultimate investments. This is how they do it all over the world. First, they come and build the roads and some of the needed infrastructures such airports, post office, weather station and such, then make their move. Think about it, it would have been politically, economically, and physically difficult for them to establish military base in Palau 15 years ago. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying they are bad people, rather they are smart, able to foresee things further and farther away than we’re capable of. Recently US President B. Obama sent his men to Palau to ask JT a favor for the relocation of the Uighurs in Guatanamo. This is a good example of what I’m talking about. They know for sure that their investment is mature enough to benefit them. I don’t blame them, nor do I blame JT for his decision regarding this matter. I blame those who don’t understand the entire process.

With military base in Palau means more good paychecks to be deposited into our local banks which in turn boost our economy.

With military, our 200 mile zone beyond the reef will be safe guarded and perhaps our patrol boat “Remliik” will have a break after so many years.

With military, our kids who have joined the service will have that apportunity to station there if they want to.

Ng kmal dirk betok eng di mousubes e tia kmal kemengetang.


Hello Tonto-Style

There is no reason why Nautilus City and a US Military base could not stand well side by side.

US military personal will have a fun place to visit (Peleliu and Angaur) during their R & R.

This will keep Koror streets safe from the high spirit servicemen and women!


Realistic Man,

Thank you! I agree.

I heared from a very reliable source that the "Blue Bay Petroleum" company taking over mobil oil in Palau and micronesia is owned by a group of palauans closely related to the president including his attorney Kevin Kirk. This individuals are reportedly only paper owners only and real owner is Tan Holdings. My source tells me Uchel Tmetuchel is listed as a shareholder.
True or False? Guys can somebody do the research?

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