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July 07, 2009


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There is a reason why one decides not to disclose
financial statements. We can say one over looked one or two, but to have more than that is questionable. Hope to see the ending of this drama....

Lord have mercy!

Ia lemekuld a ngisel ma tull! Ngilecha kora kmal dengerenger.

If this is political payback against TR, its weak. JT better be careful before the skeletons in his closet start to come out. Ask yourselves why would the SP devote time and resources to these charges he's filed against TR. What happened to all the damning evidence of criminal activity that Governor Jackso said he had against TR? So far TR has not a blemish on his record but the current President does when it was found in palauan court that he failed ethically to properly represent his client in court. Weighing that and with what TR is charged with, JT's record is much more flawed. I take back what I said earlier about this being political payback. This is just revenge pure and simple. TR failed to come to JT's rescue in his court case presided over by TR's appointee so turnaround is fair play. But its just that the turnaround this time against TR is pathetic. JT is a one term President and I think he realizes that now.


For years you and your group have done everything to make light the dispeakable behavious of Tommy Remengesau and his Ministeres.

You make lame excuses for Remengesau's criminal activities and call them misdemenors.

You turned a blind eye when TR used the court, the Special prosecutor and Attorney General to intimidate and to victimize all those who did not succumb to his will.

What you fail to realize is that TR is not simply an ordinary citizen, he was President of this country and as such, bound by a higher code of conduct that any other person in this land!

Instead Remengesau behaved atrociously; His monopolistic and self serving policies bankrupted Palau. His corrupt practices destroyed the very fibre of Palau's society. He beat and cheated on his wife that brought shame to our people!

This monster and his corrupt Ministers must be brought to swift justice.

Remengesau made much ado about Minister Ngaraingas promoting a futile Nautilus City Project and even claimed that the Malaysian Prime Minister did not support the project.

Well we all know the truth now! It is Tommy that was lying and it was Minister Ngiraingas that was telling the truth!

The Nautilus City Project will come to fruition.

The Fifth Malaysian Prime Minister came to Palau bringing with him high powers Malaysian Corporate leaders including top guns from Malaysian Airlines who have forged alliances with UKIHL to invest in this mamoth venture.

President Toribiong, the leaders of Peleliu State, the Clans and Chiefs all support and back the nautilus City Project.

Supporters of Nakamura and Remengesau like the fools Mosischekiak and Mardingoal all made bad propaganda claiming that the Clans and Chiefs of Peleliu did not support the project and it was only Governor JN that was ramming the project down peoples throat. Again this was proved to be a lie!

Well done Minister Ngiraingas for your fortitude and strong character! Your're da man!

Viva President Toribiong for having great forsight. You will go down in our history as being a great President.

Thank you Lord Davidson for beliving in Pelleiu.


locha meral mekedorm a kekul a jaime leng kmal meduch el menguld:)

Hey Where’s HS,

Do you know that threatening an incumbent President is a Federal offence and you can be prosecuted!

The Special Prosecutor decides who to prosecute and who not to prosecute! NOT YOU FOOL!

We are confident that this is simply a start.

The Special Prosecutor and his staff are studying all evidence that Minister Jackson, Mr. Joshua Koshiba and others have provide to the SP against Tommy Remengesau and his Ministers.

HS, this is not Kangaroo justice. The Toribiong Administration does not charge citizens frivolously.

Justice under the Toribiong will be done in a manner that is honest, open and transparent, but rest assured Koshiba will get his man!

TR is heading for jail; he is the Ace of Spades!

Peter Moran said that he would donate a large fan to TR as TR is going to be in jail for a long time lol.


The press release stated:

This was the results of the investigation from 2000-2003.

2004 through 2009 haven't been completed yet.

The statute of limitations prevents filing any of the normal criminal charges before 2003, except Violations of the Code of ethics. That's why it was the only charges filed.

We have to wait to see what will be charged in 2004 results, and beyond. But that will be even more interesting, because the other felonies can be charged then.

Somebody has to be blamed since its been brewing for years...I'm hoping its not one of those domino effect type.

Lets wait and see

Ollekoil. Diak a beches ma lechub eng more important el issues.

A elebuul ra delengchokl a merael mo klou, mei me domes ersei ellak di dosaod a kengtil a chad ma ngera el diak a kangkeste erkid.

Praise be to the Lord for letting Johnson Toribiong win the Presidential elections.

Palau. a little obscure island is now being visited by the rich and famous.

It is only 6 months into the Toribiong Administration and already there is much talk and serious discussions about multi-national corporations investing in Palau.

There is already wispers about many more Heads of States visiting Palau with intent to invest.

Good times are just around the corner with a bright future for our children. Thanks to President Toribiong sensible policies.

The Peleliu Nautilus City and Angaur Solariis City projects will start in 2010.


Who was it that claimed that the Nautilus City project was a scam?

Hey Realistic Man,

It was TR that made that uncalled for claim and now TR is being charged in CRIMINAL CASE NUMBER 09-092! HA HA HA!

TR that stands for 'Terribly Rotten' lol

Kick him out of the Senate! He is a disgrace!

Hey Islander, Kind of off topic but since I see you here, just curious what you think about this pay raise requested by your messiah JT? You think its rational and equal that he pump his pockets with cash when we are running a budget deficit and the whole world is stuck in a recession? Not to mention the fact that all revenue factors of ROP (tourism, business revenues, etc) have fallen in the last year?

I think blind faith is dangerous, so while I am not against JT at all yet, i'd say be careful that you dont be played a fool as a result of your own loyalty.

Wow, so much speculation and hype about nothing -wait until the charges stick and then the truth shall be revealed. It is heartening to see TR on the back foot though!

Oreor, are you reading the full story or just the controversial reporting and blogging? I read somewhere (that has been ignored for reasons of controversy) that the request for a pay rise was to trigger the House to ask him for a REDUCTION in pay. Why they did not do so speaks volumes. They do not want to level the crooked TR playing field! I wonder why? So, why make controversy when there is only partial truth and selective reporting on this site and by the distorters of truth? This is only done to suit the guys that are now feeling the heat.

Get real and see the facts for what they are. And for 'Where's HS' to say this is 'revenge' - what for? Your reasons sound like small potatoes!

You TR supporters always try to raise the stakes and to make much about nothing - this is part of your bullying tactics and it gets you nowhere. Are you not sick of yourselves yet? Everything that does not go your way is some sinister thing or other – this has been the TR way, not the present way.

Anyone with a clean heart will want a clean and transparent mechanism so we can see the truth! You guys are desperate to muddy the waters as clean and transparent will show you and TR up for what has been hidden from the Palau people.

We've heard this same song and dance. Someone has evidence about TR's wrongdoings much more egregious then what he is being charged with but yet this evidence has never been produced.

Invitations were forwarded to come to Peleliu to see then Governor JN to view said evidence but still nothing which leads me to conclude that there is no evidence. But there was certainly evidence for a palauan court to find that JT failed ethically to represent his client. Also, we tend to forget that JT was summoned to testify in a Taiwan criminal case because of his involvement with the defendent and a joint business venture here in palau.

And what has TR been charged with? This is small potatos compared to JT who has a court record in addition to his non compliance in a criminal case in another country. Again I ask and what has TR been charged with again? And you want to talk about transparency

Why did't JT testify in the Taiwan case? What was he running away from? Why is his ultimate fall guy there now as ambassador? What deals are they cooking up there since JT is executive chef and his sous chef is Jackson Henry. If you ask me I am deeply concerned that there is more things being hidden by this current administration then we've ever seen. Look at the way they control information. That in itself should validate our suspicions.

At some point, will Tommy explain exactly where he got the money to buy all that land?

Go Tommy,

I think we all got your message but please explain to us how President Toribiong's ethical conduct and his refusal to testify before Taiwanese court explain the 19 counts of TR failure to disclose his purchase of land? I think rehashing the charges against JT do not explain TR's failure!

If you are going to defend TR better do better than that because what you are doing does not remove or explain the charges against TR.

Islander, RM, et.al; let me paraphrase Ronald Reagan's famous retort to Mondale, will there be BEEF by next year? Or as Gooding jr famously asked Tom Cruise "where's the money?"....

.., Or, will you show me the money next year?

My fellow bloggers, with regards to the latest news concerning our former President, it is sad, disappointing and disgrace. This is certainly the last thing any country citizen would like to hear about their former President or the President. I used to be TR’s proud supporter back in the 80’s until his first term in the office. But that was it!

Let’s face it! He is a former President of the ROP, and therefore, he was supposed to serve and protect the interest of his citizens. Instead, it seems to me that it was the other way around in this case. He was protecting himself and his interests. His decried comments are shame and laughable as he should’ve known better than that. Below is one of his comments:

“I would think that the right thing to do would have been for the Special Prosecutor, in cooperation with the Ethics Commission, to provide proper instructions through workshops or other forums aimed at educating filers on the exact nature of information to be reported. The Special Prosecutor could than give an opportunity for everyone required to file to review their reports and provide supplemental information to ensure that their reports are complete and accurate. After a reasonable period, those who knowingly and willfully omit information would then be subject to charges under the law”, Senator Remengesau added.

…..Now the reason I say it is a shame and laughable is because he was President, not one time but two times. Wouldn’t it be funny and shameful if someone ask him this questions? (WHERE WERE YOU?)

Well, if we translate those real properties into $$ values then it means he must have had a extra source of income besides his paycheck.

For god sake, if he truly belief he had done nothing wrong, then why worry. I wouldn’t mind spending my energy and tax money to pursue this case.This will be a lesson learned regardless of the verdict.


Which begs for more questions? Is not the current president a former president's Taiwan ambassador or more like self-serving Frontman? How much money and business did he inherit for himself in that capacity and should they be looked into? From 1 dollar to 50K salary, why is he asking for more?

Information that's all I've been saying. Shine the light on either TR and JT and you'll see a convulated web of political deceit and expediency.

As for Chin, he was torn down by people like HS who ended up placing their trust in JT. Like it or not as Information has alluded to, the past and the current president are tied at the hip.

Blame is almost always squared on TR's shoulders when it comes to receiving gratuity from Taiwan but we all forget that the Ambassador to Taiwan was none other then JT. If one is guilty of wrongdoing vis a vis Taiwan then guilt should be shared by both.

This leads me to conclude that we palauans missed a very important window of progress with regard to our fledgling democracy when we failed to elect Chin. Yes the point might be made that TR supported Chin but that was for his own electoral survival. TR ended up winning a senate seat much to the consternation of Diaz and HS.

Perhaps you all see the picture now. HS supported JT who is secretly allied with TR who is disliked by both HS and Diaz. This leads me to believe that HS and Diaz share the same values. They've both attacked Chin blantantly either here or Diaz on his radio program.

But look where it got us. TR is facing 19 misdeamenor counts and JT is asking for a pay raise. Does anything make sense anymore? Chin, palau still needs you. We know you would have taken extraorndinary measures to ensure the viability of our Govt. We know you would have asked for no pay raise and you would't be facing time in court unlike the past and current president. Maybe a big sarcastic laden thank you needs to be sent to HS and the other JT subjects. Consider it done.


Al bebil eng meral di mo diak dotngeklii a berius sel le mechib a cheraches engdi kmal kired el mo medengei el kmo ngdiak dil cheraches el diak a ullebengelel. Ngarngii a belsechel eng kuk obult a berius eng kuk mo keriik. Sel lemei a medal a keriik eng kuk obult a berius losisebii a beches e mechellings el daob engii a kuk soiseb a klungiaol ma sim ma ungil reng ma beltik el reng ma ungil kerruul lobengkel a ungil ianged ma beches el iyolt. Ngdirrek el ngarngii a labk, tiang a beches el mekelekolt el iyolt lokiu uchei era medal a keriik e obengkel a telkib el chull ma lechub eng chetau e blechoel el soiseb el lobengkel a cheltel ongos.
A uchul ma delbechelel a Ymesei a kmo, “Ngoukerrubeab a iyanged ma eletel ongos a mel meringel lotungii a labk ma tirkekid el remurt era kerker el me remei ar mlar omenged el chad”. “Ea sils a di uangerang elmo remiid era bitang ma chermel a kereker le sobekang el di ngling tekol mo bad era ngerang”.
Sel lemechib a cheraches elmo lmuut era bol meched a chei a melemalt el elolem el sikang e diak lemeterob a dolech ma berius. Ngdi merael elmo meched lobult a berius eng kuk me medal a keriik el kuk elolem el sikang eng kuk mechib a cheraches. Ng teletael era klechad el uaisei el keriik ma cheraches a kmal di osisiu engdi sel bebil ea rengud a cheraches a kuk kemanget e meringel a berusel e meioud era keriik.

Wow!!!! $$$$

That is one of the best I have seen. Thanks for
a reminder to all.


for you all bloggers, i've heard (read) you all loud and clear. enough already on these politicians.they're all screwed,and if you guys keep blogging about them u-r all screwed too. come on you guys, it is a weekend, relax, enjoy your weekend with friends and family. you are too tense. ma uriul.


I read once in a book that the Swiss have it right because they never talk about each others net worth in open company. Not only does talking about one's wealth breed resentment but it also harbors deep jealousy. It is human nature.

This is maybe the very reason why TR faces this dilemma. TR has what these others convet, his reported wealth. I tend to not view it that way. Frankly, I don't care if TR builds a mansion made out of gold. I only look at TR's performance as chief executive of our nation. To me he did a great job and I would vote for him again.

During TR's tenure, our economy grew perhaps not to the liking of his critics. If anyone can name one bad thing that TR did as chief executive. Let's hear about it. Don't be lame with he did 19 things wrong because he pleaded innocent yesterday to those misdemeanor charges. I mean Uchelmelis and HS break the posted speed limit everday but I guess the law does not apply to them. LOL

Who was that who said " ignorance of the law is not an excuse" was it you Octopi? Wise words in this atmospere of bail outs. Maybe the Ibedul can decree TR innocent of all these charges after all he was pardoned for a far more serious crime. You see this is what happens when a person with peleliu roots is not at helm. We are headed for the rocks. KN we need you.

Where's HS:

You are entitle to your opinion but your opinion does not change some "FACTS" about Tommy. I will mention some to refresh your selective memory; 1) Deposited $2 million in PSB, where are they NOW? POOF VANISHED INTO WHOSE POCKETS??
2) took stimulus fund from Taiwan and distributed them like he was endorsing his personal checck book(remember when money comes in to ROP it is ROP's money which means OEK must enact expenditure laws for it to be distributed. I blogged on this issue two years ago-look it up in Oked. archive.
3) EQPB permit for his house in CHoll and much more but I will stop for FOR you TR defenders have 19 misdeaminors to address(why)!!!



THANK YOU! THANK YOU! & THANK YOU! You just pulled words out of my mouth.

Mousubes er ngii...., ng kora "Terriid ra mesei" el dio masech lomiou er ngii e diak a ngerang. LOL


I’m not sure if he, (Where’s HS) knows how to use the archive. He hasn’t get back to me regarding what I asked him to check in the archive. "The false accusation."

Good morning Uchelmelis I am sorry to say I don't where you stand anymore. You are beginning to sound like Jackson Ngiraingas's snitch the parrot. lol Make accusations now and prove them later. Well your a reported visitor of the coffee house summits, what is the pulse out there?

What I've heard is that JT is proving nothing by going after TR. The people in my circle want JT to pursue his campaign promises and make them come true. But at the moment, JT is failing. Instead we've seen that he authorized for new cars for his Ministers? and now he wants a pay raise along with them. In other words, it all doesn't make sense if the economic situation is what he says it is.

HS are your sure about your description of me would'nt that palauan saying be more befitting to the likes of Islander and his multiple personalities? Have'nt you taken to heart what I've told you? or are you consumed now about proving me wrong? After all, we are all here to learn from one another. HS you're better than that.

Where's HS;

Are you saying that TR did not authorized the $2 million be deposited at PSB? Or that he did not distributed the STIMULANTS without OEK's authorization? or, that he did not build his house in Choll without EQPB permit?

You can just answer Yes I deny or No I do not deny!!!

As for saying about JT going after TR, I want you to consider this; Are saying that the SP is being manipulated or used by JT? Before you answer the question I want you to think carefully because if you say yes than you have implicated TR of having done the same during his tenure.

Now, Some of what you say about JT are quite true but I am of mind to give JT the benefit of the doubt for the following reason- It has been exactly only 6 months and a day so it is very hard for me to grade and criticize at this point. But you will hear from me soon enough.

TR is the most corrupt President this country has ever had!

Before he came to office he had ZERO. No business, No private income, NOTHING,

8 years later, he owns 40 plots of land in Palau. Properties in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Guam, Taiwan and Japan.

He owns several cars, motorcycles and boats. He, his wife and chilrden own expensive jewelery.

They travel first class and eat at the best restaurants. Is TR corrupt? NO! He is just very, very, very lucky at gambling. He wins million in Las Vegas ! HA Ha Ha Ha Ha ... If you can believe this than elephants can fly!

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