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July 08, 2009


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After reading the indictments I must confess that they are mere misdeaminors and should not have been filed. Or, at least, settled before handing out/down the indictments. Why do I say this, because after all the brouhaha dissipates TR will just settle like the previous charges brought against the Delegates and Senators in the past. I was hoping that the charges would be more exotic but I am dissappointed.

While we are speaking of misdeaminors, I also would like ask that the traffic ticket issued to my nephew be dropped-no one ever told him that overtaking an ambulance was a traffic violations.

Like I said in my other posting, Islander and likes, you are in desperate mode and I pity you. TR will prevail and he will make a comeback in 2012. Good day bloggers!

In alls fairness, why did SP go after only TR??? Im pretty sure many of the elected officials have similar issues with reporting, why the news on TOmmy?

It is kind of coincidental that the first newspaper to publish the story was TB....Doees Ombudsman have anything to do with the publishing? Hmmmmmm.....


That's a good one about dropping charges against your nephew.

We need more of those.

Oh my word!

I told you that Tommy was a fool. The guy in his statement has confessed of wrong doing! Come on SP put the guy out of his misery. Put him in jail, perhaps he can learn something in jail.

fancy a President saying "I have never been advised that the information I have been reporting every year is insufficient or incomplete" Hey fool! you were the President, you should know the law and what is required under the law! Why do you need to be told that you need top report everything. The old SP did not do anything because you were in league with you. Walton was also a crook! lol.


embarassing to admit but I agree with on this one. TR was a two term senator, eight years as VP and Eight years as President so ignorance is not an excuse!!!

However, a more of an interest to me is his remark on trying to pull other people with him. Because some other people were doing it you can do it too!!! FOR CHRIST SAKE YOU WERE THE PRESIDENT NOT ANYONE CAN BE PRESIDENT. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KNOW BETTER!!! Admit your mistake and move on.

While speaking with MSNBC tv host Rachel Maddow
JT was asked if there was any objection to the plan regarding the Uighurs, Toribiong replied, “The people who read newspapers are for it.”

If this is the president's mentality on issues then surely he is thinking much the same way when it comes to TR. Lets have my SP charge TR with 19 misdemeanor counts, see what sticks, and have the those palauans who read newspapers indict TR.

Its obivious those are the only palauans JT is concerned with because they form his court of public opinion. The rest of us palauans don't matter because JT is more intelligent and more well read then us so why quesion him.

In the long run, it will found that this was selective prosecution at it worst. TR you have my vote if you run again. Palau was and is better with you in charge.

Tommy is his own worse enemy. He will convit himself.

His arrogance, His lavish life style. A house in Las Vegas. Tell me who has a house in Las Vegas, Gamblers, show-people, the fast-set and people who want to launder money.

Fancy sending your child to a school in Las Vegas! No sensible parent would do that! Tommy gives out a message that he hates casinos.

Tommy refuses to issue a casino license to Angaur. Yet he buys a house in Las Vegas and sends his son to school in Las Vegas. lol.

MONEY LAUNDERING! That's Tommy's game

Come on Koshiba and JN follow the money to Las Vegas!

"I am sure I am not the only one who did not file and its only misdeamenor!" A former president says that. If Tommy thinks this is only Misdeamenor, he is sick. This case will trigger lots of questions, 47 lands bought in 8 years while he was president of ROP? the nest phase is "where did he get the money to buy these lands- Bribery, OK, next phase, where did he get the $1,000 denomination travelers checks to purchase these lands.
Next, audit of his properties, moneys hidden somewhere that leads to relatives of Debbie, cashing checks outside of Palau???



ignorance of the law excuses no one!

Hey TR...

Blow the other trumpet, it might sound off a better defense. You say you're being selectively prosecuted? If you know of others that have committed such a crime, you better let the authorities know who they are or you'll be deemed as harboring criminals or in league with them.

Selective prosecution was what you did to LD, Minister Ngiraingas and anyone else that stood in your way, so I guess it is the first thought that came to your mind now you find yourself under fire.

TR your MO since you knew you could get away with it (since you were a kid) was to be a tyrant - your dad used to smack you about for being such an upstart spoilt brat... You have not learnt a damn thing because for years you have been getting away with it, things are different now TR, you're in the minority now.

I notice you are now represented by Attorney Oldias... ha ha ha be careful coz Oldias in LD's and Minister's man - see how Oldias got them off and proved SP and TR were selectively persecuting them. now you hope Oldias can do the same for you? The difference is LD and Minister Ngiraingas were innocent... TR on the other hand is prima facea guilty... you better have a lot of money saved up coz the only way you gonna get out is through more bribery and corruption. Soon everyone will know your secret coz you know how small Palau is.

Everyone, just look at TR's lifestyle and his collections - expensive harley davidson bikes, luxury boats, luxury cars, house full of expensive toys (top of the line plasma screen, furniture, clothes, etc.), Order of the Brilliant Jade (given by a corrupt Taiwanese President), using unmarked travelers cheques (a federal offense), another luxury home in Las Vegas, fat accounts all over the world, 30 pieces of land given for favors and pay-offs, evading tax (another federal offense). Not bad at all for a small humble salary of US$50,000 a year. If these are obtained honestly then please tell me who is your investment consultant - can I borrow him too...?

The tide is really turning against you TR... hope you are a good swimmer! the ghost of Reklai awaits you in the ocean depths where you had him drowned...

What goes around comes around!

What about evading tax being a federal offense? Are you sure you're not talking about Tommy Smothers?

The wheels have come your bus Snitch. What do you have to say for yourself? Your slobber and spit are all over your keyboard. Hahahahahaha

Stop worrying about TR. He pleaded innocent today. When all the smoke has cleared, he will walk away a free man. Its all politics or did'nt you know? Ibedul still has his bat wonder if JT will go after him to?

All you have to do is put on your magifying glass to see and understand its overstated goals.

these charges are nothing but trying to smear TR.He was the best President we ever had. He did a lot for Palau than any other President.Why did he get elected again if he did such a bad job.

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