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July 10, 2009


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I wonder why Mlib is risking his repetition and integrity to protect and side with Diaz? A true and loyal friend as he is but on the other hand, his friend may be taking advantage of him to further his agenda.

I'm glad that Joel is brave enough to take this stand against what he sees is not right. We need more senators like Kathy and Regina to take the stand and do what they promised us during the campaign season. Don't be intimidate to voice your opinions and do what's right in there to represents us. We voted for you for that purpose.

Protecting like a loyal dog to its master, how sweet. The rest of the Senate is just an embarassment, this is what happens when people vote for no-talents. I highly doubt they will ever step up and do something in their hopefully first and last term. Like having an orchestra with a bunch of blind and deaf people. All you hear is pooot pooot prrrrttt clang crash boom snap break.

Joel should have used his JGA chairmanship power to initiate investigation into any conflict-of-interest charges Diaz is accused of. But at the same time he should not chair this committe since he is prez's brother. It's all about job performance and so far he's flanked and most definitely will in the future as long as his brother is president. Oilouch would be a good chairman but he isn't tough enough and with that I say give it Tommy and let him grill and deport the SCAM investors, aka the JN's clan (RM, RH, Know All, Islander, PM, LD etc).

Hey hell you are surely from hell.

You are exorcised!

Propaganda all the crap you want. Water off a ducks back! The people now know truth. I recall the Tommy/Nakamura backed bloggers saying that the people of Peleliu did not want the Nautilus City project. The also said it was a scam because there was no money for it! HA HA HA! More fool them. UK has billions at its disposal!

Foolslike 'Hell' Mosischekiak and Mardingoal even propaganda that the NC project was not know and much less supported by the Malaysian Prime Minister. Well, now there is no longer any doubt that those that made such foolish claims were liars. Did you see the Malaysian Airforce Jet on the Palau airstrip?

Go to Peleliu and be awed by the commemorative plaque. Witness who supports the fabulous project.

UKIHL has the money, the expertise and the support to made the NC Project reality.

I have it on good authority that work will commence towards the middle of 2010, after the company completes all requirements as required by the laws of Palau.


Your nonsense will be bound by red tape until the next administration and you will not get this project through...so say the people of Peleliu.

No need to chastise these puffed up 'scam mongerers' anymore as they are just bitter people that have missed the boat because of their own avarice and greed. They did nothing for Palau but to bankrupt it for their own pockets and desires to keep everybody else downtrodden and poor.

That is why they cannot stand the fact that something good will finally come to Palau – they have done everything to stop it and ruin Palau’s economy.

Many of them are not locals and are those who have left and no longer care to live here. Others are the few bad hat expatriates that have now been forced to leave and cannot return and are not satisfied with their lot. All these guys are bitter and twisted.

Anyone who does not support something that is good for Palau and who uses scam names to blog projects coming to Palau is not a true patriot (whatever they may TRY to pretend to be).

They will all die a slow death as they are all hot air and lies. We have seen the light and voted them out - they are shell-shocked and now are angry and bitter. Ignore their hate blogs we see them for what they are.

They THOUGHT Palau was full of stupid people who could not see the scam they were running on Palau - bigger the fool who believes his own lies!

They are the pretenders who have been found out! They even try to use other people's names and blog addresses. Their only pleasure left is to cause dissent. You can see the hate and anger from every blog and every time they use a new name to blog as they want to PRETEND there are more than just a handful of them. They keep on popping up everywhere and anywhere because they no longer have a political platform that has any weight!

Maybe our good President will find their blogs treasonable and that will get them into a tight spot - where they deserve to be. However, I believe that many of them have been blogging from abroad as they no longer can remain here due to bad practices they were involved with in Palau.

I am in total agreement with HellNoToFelix. TR should get the chairmanship now Joel has resigned. I will definitely feel better in my mind if TR takes over. After all, TR puts Palau first and has shown in both legilative and executive roles that he represents the people of palau and does not bow down to these scam development mongers.

Hellno to Felix.

You made a good point. Let TR hold the wheel in senate His the most experience person in there...


I think that is this all for show. Mlib, JT, & Joel are master manipulators. Let them be the majority since we've already seen what they've done--nothing for the public. The want to change because they don't want the blame or so they can blame someone else--like TR or SW, Jr. Isn't that what they've been good at--all blame, no results.

I guess they just realized that people actually expected more. Finally we have a OEK majority that is aligned with the Prez. Now that they have the power, what have the done to benefit the people? Or, just themselves?

Really hit the nail on the head. This has all been a manipulation. Getting into each others heads is truly a palauan trait. This monomachia between JT and TR will soon come to a close. Nothing ever gets solved. Our politicians only like to rattle their swords which are dull anyway from non-use.

Look at JT when the heat was on him during his trial. Once the court's decision was announced, he turned around and blamed the "inexperience" of the justice on the negative outcome.

There is tumult or chaos everyway if you look hard enough. For the few, this is just a game. But for the majority of palauans, this is the ineffectiveness of our current democratic process on display. Which begs the questions, is it the system ? or is it the people running the system that are ultimately the problem?

Hey Clan,
NC is broke and its only asset is that on and mostly off website! City of Vancouver, WA recently approved a large residential development project to be built alongside Columbia River which is funded by a huge loan. Malaysian bank may be willing to hear your case but I doubt they will offer any moolah to a company that is nonexistent, not to mention your only source of H2O is from the raining mother nature.

A Joel Toribiong a kudengelii el kmal di melemalt a longedecheduch. Ng diak lomekerreu ra edal, tomelii a uldesuel a ta ra chad, ma lechub eng moktek er ngii. A omerollel ra ngara mong el mer elechang a di blechoel ketebedakl lokiu a uldesuel ma lengelel a beluu.

A kumdasu eng locha bai ungil a lebo le President ra Senate. Ng diak le ngerang, ng diak longaibiblai el uai tirkal meketeketa el di ketaiu ra kuk di dolongelir ea beluu teleu a ngerir ra omerellir.


Hey Mardingoal,

Talk about red tape slowing progress, that was TR's old ploy. Not this administration's policy!

All red tape have been brushed aside man. Don't you know lol

Boy I really admire Joel. He shows he is not hungry for position and power.

He shows he will not look aside or collude when there is wrong doing or injustice. I guess it runs in the family.

Viva President Toribiong
Viva Joel Toribiong.

People this is the difference between the honorable Toribiongs and the dishonorable Remengesau jr.

Out with Remengesau. Put him in jail the crook scam artist.

Mosisecheklak you make a very interesting point. The problem as I see it is two fold. First of all your assessment of JOT is right on the mark. If there was a straight shooter in a conversation he would be the one. But to be senate president would require him to step out of character. Considering JOT's strong personality and the passive aggresiveness of the rest of the senate body excluding Diaz, his leadership might be subverted.

Secondly, JOT's familial ties with the President will always bring into question his decision making whether positive or negative. With that cloud of skepticism hanging over person head all the time, how can they ever be an effective leader?

To me, the person with the most amptitude for the job is TR. He has the most experience and the most latitude when it comes to dealing with his peers. In other words, he not only sees things in black and white but always is very aware of those political gray areas which can serve as stubbling blocks to the legislative progress.

Joel once called the previous Senate "inactive" and so what he needs to do is to reactivate and sharpen his mouth and not let the presence of his brother in the top seat incapacitate his mouth. Seems to me he is not a fighter like his sister Sarah Palin.

Where's Hs,
Why would we want an old ulach who was ineffective and useless leading again? I would accept any one of the senators other than him. Enough is enough of his BS in the politics. I think, Palauans have seen enough of him..

Wow Mardingoal,

That's an improvement. No more propaganda able scams now its just 'your nonsense' and project the and meaningless threats about the NC develpment being bound by red tape.

You forget who is running the country now. Red Tape. Ha Ha. What Red Tape?

It's Fast Track!!! choo choo! Lol

Eat your heart out, fool!

Where's HS,

You are right about two things and that is (1) Tommy does not see things in black and white.

Tommy sees things in green! Lol.

(2) Tommy has lots of experience in coruption.

So, if the people want corruption .... VOTE FORRRR TOMMY! lol.

Oh well, I.m off fishing.

Hey Hell,

you say NC is broke, how come they were able to spend a quarter of a million dollars in 3 day visiting Palau for the 'Endorsement and Blessing Ceremoney of the Pelleiu NC Project!

Wow, I'd like to be broke!

Hey Hell, try something else, pull the other leg. The people are wise to your bullshit propaganda.

Seeing is believing and we have all seen the spending power of NC project developers. These guys are world class operators.

Viva NC.

So, Mardingoal,

You now claim that the 'people' of Peleliu do not want development on Peleliu? Are you in any position to speak for Peleliu? Wow – you think you own the place? Are you chewing and smoking dope? You have admitted that YOU do not want it so it seems that you have been the ONE single person in opposition all along. I suppose when it happens you will also go drown yourself? Can't wait!

As for your "friend" 'Go Tommy' AKA 'Hell no to Felix' - wow what adopted names! Is this guy so desperate for someone else's name? Will anyone take such a person seriously? I think NO! Well since your friend only seems to know what is happening in Vancouver and not here, this has proven my point - he is one hell of a disgruntled off-islander & expatriate w--ker! He he he - hope he spews a gut and lands himself in the local asylum! From his hare blogs and adopted names he sure is a good candidate for serious psychiatric care.

I like the blog that said why vote for anyone with any outside interests – but he forgot o mention the Surangel gang! How come if you feel that way, Palau seems to have kept one or more of these guys in positions of power year on year? You need to re-think your position and include in EVERYONE who may have a self-interest in the local economy no just the few who are in the spotlight! Then this may exclude just about everyone! Its all about a state of mind – between self-interest and Palau’s interest. So far all the past administrations have failed to consider Palau’s interest. At least JT withdrew from his law firm to become President – that’s a show of good faith.

For the good of our country TR should recruse until exonerated.

Omtikl this is exactly what JT wants TR to do. Why do think you splatter somebody with 19 counts of nonsense? What kind of prosecutorial misconduct is that? Throw every charge at a person and see what sticks. Will they call Minister JN to testify and give testimony on heresay. I guess one could say that they are trying to handcuff TR politically because he is standing in their way to personal gain. That has to be the reason.

So what do we have on the plate but two scam projects that will ruin Peleliu and Angaur's environment. Think of the huge carbon footprint that these two projects will put on mother earth. I thought as a county we supported the sustainable ideal of reducing carbon emmissions.

We also had a discussion last year on the blog about oil in Kayangel which is in my opinion is also a pipe dream. The person who sold palau that can of beans is not even in palau anymore. But these are development fruits that JT is actively promoting to whose beterment is the question.

Everyone knows including our own school children old enough to understand basic concepts that only a few palauans will reap all the benefits from these pipe dreams. We common folk are after all always left holding the empty bag. Where do we send the pig's head JT? This is becoming less and less the country of my youth.

Owning property in the Republic of Palau is safe.

The process is relatively simple.

Palau law is based on American Law and there are many excellent attorneys in Palau who act in matters of conveyance.

Purchasing a property in Solariis™ City has been made far simpler.The Angaur State Government has made available their State Attorneys, who are well versed on local and national land law matters, to act for any foreign national (free of charge) who purchase Solariis™ City properties. Each transaction will be in the form of a straight forward land/property lease. Maintenance, Property Management and Service Charge will be provided by the Solariis™ City Developers (UK Investments Holdings Limited). These charges will depend on the size and value of the property leased (refer to guideline).

It should be noted that Palau's legislation only allows foreign nationals to own property in Palau by way of leases. Previously, these leases were available for only 50 year terms, the National Government, on 2nd August 2007 passed is a Bill proposing that the 50 year term be extended to 99 years.

The State Government of Angaur has indicated that it will put forward a bill to allow foreigners who purchase property in Solariis™ City to be able to obtain 10 year extended stay visitor permits. Once approved, Solariis™ City will be able to offer purchasers and their immediate family members special 10-year extended stay visas. These resident extended visitor visa permits will be renewable for as long as the purchaser retains ownership of their property.

The Process of buying Property in Solariis™ City: -

A 1% deposit of the purchase price is required when making a booking on a particular property.
A further 9% is required upon the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement.
The balance 90% is payable as shown under the payment scheduled, upon architectural certification of building progress.

Mortgage of up to 70% (if required) is available to qualified purchasers.
Registration of the lease/s will be transferred to the purchaser upon completion of the sale.
The registration fee is 5% of the value of the property.
Payment for properties can be made in any currency that is agreeable to both parties.


Within twenty one (21) working days after reciept by the purchaser of the vendor's written notice of the completion of: -
Upon the walls of the said property, including with door and window frames being positioned 10%
Upon the roofing/ceiling, electrical wiring, plumbing (without fittings), gas piping (if any) and internal telephone trunk system and cabling being laid into the property 10%
Upon the internal and external plastering of the property being completed 10%
Upon the property being linked to sewerage works 10%
Upon the drains and culverts serving the building being completed 10%
Upon direct access to the roads serving the building being completed 10%
Upon vacant possession being granted 10%


Owning a holiday retreat in Palau affords the investor peace of mind in knowing that the investment made is a senctuary against the reality of terrorist attacks while on holiday.

Palau has no terroist threat. In fact, there is hardly any crime. Furthermore, there is no record of any dangerous infectious diseases such as Hepatitis, AIDS, Malaria and Peleliu Island does not even have poisonest animals.

Owning in Palau gives the investor a hedge against the soring cost of taking a holiday. Statitics show that on average the cost of taking a holiday abroad has risen by more than one thousand percent (1000%) over the last fifteen years and it would be quite realistic to speculate that in the next fifteen years this trend of rising costs will continue. Once an investor owns a holiday home, the inflation cost for accomodation while on holiday is capped.

Due to the scarcity of land in Angaur and the ever increasing arrival of tourist to this exotic tropical paradise, there is real potential for capital appreciation and sustainable rentable income.

Finally, the jewel in the crown is Angaur's milieu of absolute pristine environment as there are no industries whatsoever in Peleliu.

The benefits of owning property in Angaur Island are excellent :-

Palau is a safe haven for property investment.
The Palau Government is democratic, fair and stable.
US based Laws offer protection to foreign investors.
The Palauan Locals are friendly towards foreign property ownership and readily accept foreigners into their community.
There are no property taxes or capital gains taxes, no property rates, no assessment fees and no death duties to pay.
The environment is pristine and geared to stay that way – no industrial sites exist.
The climate is tropical with 10 to 12 hours of daily sunshine all year round.
There are no slums and very few petty crimes, if any.
Palau’s sovereign security is guaranteed by the Government of the United States of America.
Palau’s currency is the United States Dollar.
Profit tax is only 4% for both individuals and corporations alike.
Peleliu is where the very best dive sites in the world are found.

Angaur is only a few hours by air to most of the major Asian capital cities.

The Solariis™ City development is fully integrated, providing direct and easy access by air or sea.

On offer is top class serviced accommodation with 24/7 security, world class entertainment, world class golfing facilities, an international marina, pristine gourmet cuisine and unbeatable duty-free shopping all within an opulent gated community.

There can be no other development close to Solariis™ City that could affect the integrity and prestige of the development. The developers have first option to lease any land surrounding Solariis™ City.

Land on Angaur Island is scarce with an overall area of only 3 square miles (8 square kilometres).

Solariis™ City is a premium development, built on a rock base, close to the worlds very best dive sites and is situated well outside all natural disaster zones.

The natural flora and fauna on Angaur Island is ecologically organic.

There are many historical sites on Angaur Island that draw tourists to visit Peleliu.

Solariis™ City offers an unsurpassed pristine environment with security to person and property as a top priority.

Construction Standards: Solariis™ City is based on British building standards and will meet and/or surpass all accepted international standards.

Management and maintenance: All properties and public areas will be cared for regularly by a management team led by experienced professionals.

You can participate in: -

A unique 'Rent Back Scheme' that offers a 9% return on investment by the developer (UKIHL) that makes purchasing a Solariis™ City Property a profitable investment. Not taking into account the potential for property gains, a purchaser can pay off their entire leased property in 10 to 12 years.

You can say 'No!' to taxes: -

There are no property taxes, assessment fees, property gains tax, inheritance tax or gift tax to pay in Palau.

Poisonous animals: -

There are no poisonous land creatures on Angaur Island.


Investing in a holiday home in Solariis™ City is the perfect solution against inflating holiday costs.

The Rent Back scheme is an incredible opportunity for individuals or companies to own property in Solariis™ City by SIMPLY participating in the rent back scheme. Payments can be made out of income earned from the 9% return on property short lets that the 'rent back' scheme can pay for the returns in property investments made over time.

The property lease owner will have no more payments to make for their property yet will totally own the property after 10 to 12 years. Under the scheme, the lessee (UKIHL) underwrites to pay the property maintenance service charges including all utility charges for the duration of the lease back term.

The property owner is further guaranteed the right of free use of their property for one month in each calendar year, at their convenience, for the total length of the rent back period.

Note: The developers wish to highlight that owning a property in SolariisCity and participating in the rent back scheme is NOT a time share ownership scheme.

Furthermore, the rent back scheme is merely an option open to the purchaser who may or may not choose to participate in the scheme, at their own discretion. In the event the owner decides not to partake of the rent back scheme then the property owner may occupy or keep vacant their property as they may wish. Service and utility charges will then become the responsibility of the property owner concerned.

And finally:

Each and every property leased will be registered exclusively in the owner’s name.

© Copyright 2009. UK Investments Holdings Limited. All Rights Reserved.

UK Investments Holdings Limited was incorporated in 2004 for the purpose of developing the ultimate holiday eco-resorts. The directors of UK Investments Holdings Limited have among them well-travelled personalities who have previously been involved with international real estate developments for over 50 years.

Our primary mission is to provide a "eco-resort city" in a pristine environment that provides its community with a totally secure destination priviledged with its own international airport, consisting of the finest hotels, international class golf course and clubhouse, world-class marina, health and medical clinics, spas and wellness centers, finest residences along with world class entertainment facilities and events that cater to up-market tourist as well as expatriate communities.

Angaur and Peleliu Islands were particularly chosen for its pristine environmental conditions, natural beauty, renowned dive sites, existing airstrip, deepwater wharf and the island’s history. As the Master Developer of Solariis™ City, UK Investments Holdings Limited shall be responsible for the overall planning, development and operations of Solariis™ City, Integration of Infrastructure and Support Facilities, Investment Marketing, Destination Marketing, Operations of Infrastructure and Support Facilities as well as Community Development.

Company's land holdings in Republic of Palau:

In total, the company has acquired through 99 year leases over 2,350 acres of prime and unencumbered development land which has been valued by the Government of Palau to be in excess of 1.2 billion US dollars.

Solariis™ City Project:

The company's Solariis™ City project in Angaur State will consist of an area of over 1500 acres of prime beach front property, valued in excess of 750 million US dollars has been leased by the company for the Solariis™ City development.

The company, in conjunction with the State Government of Angaur, will upgrade the existing airport, the North and South marina and dock facilities, sewage and sanitation plants, electric power plant and the water treatment plants that all form part of the company’s eco-friendly world class project. The State Government and local residents of Angaur are all fully supportive of the Solariis™ City project. There are absolutely no persons to be relocated from the Solariis™ City site.

Buyers interested to acquire properties in Solariis™ City will be assigned leases of up to ninety five (95) year leases to the property(s) they purchase.

Other company projects in Palau:

The company also owns beachfront unencumbered vacant land in Peleliu State that is currently being prepared for the development of Nautilus City™.

The company also has land in Ngeremlengui State (situated on the main island of Babelduap) that will be developed as the company’s 'Ocean Vista Residences' and 'Bay View Residences' eco-friendly green project where larger bungalow estate-like homes are to be located. These properties are situated on one of Babeldaop Island’s most scenic coves, Ngardmau Bay, much of which been reserved as a bio-heritage environmental sanctuary. The land is valued in excess of USD 45 million and covers some 223 acres in total. A newly completed road system runs alongside the development site to the State-owned jetty and a small scenic picnic spot exists adjacent to the company's land.

Environmental Statement:

In keeping with the company's sustainable travel and tourism development philosophy, which we based on Agenda 21 principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Heads of State at the United Nations Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992 (see Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development), UK-Investments Holdings Limited provides a framework to achieve the desired outcomes for sustainable tourism as set out in the final report of the World Summit for Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002. Key performance areas which the company concentrates on are: Greenhouse gas emissions; Energy efficiency, conservation and management; Management of freshwater resources; Ecosystem conservation and management; Management of social and cultural issues; Land use planning and management; Air quality protection and noise control; Waste water management; Solid waste management; Storage of environmentally harmful substances.

UK-Investments Holdings Limited refers to the Mohonk Agreement as a guideline to provide a better choice for concerned consumers so that our brand signifies better environmental performance, improved community interactions and savings through more efficient use of resources. We aim to provide recognition and peace of mind to our global consumer market in the approach fulfill the needs of all of our children today and tomorrow.

Global warming impact statement:

With melting glaciers and ice sheets scientists have on the worst case scenario estimated that the sea level could go up at least 20 inches, and possibly as much as 39 inches in the next one hundred years. If that is true then our beach front properties are not affected by rising sea levels because Angaur and Peleliu Islands are still growing out of the water at a rate of about an half and inch every year (about the same rate as Mount Everest in the Himalayas).

© Copyright 2009. UK Investments Holdings Limited. All Rights Reserved.

This project has the full support & approval
of the Government of the Republic of Palau.

His Excellency President Johnson Toribiong has given his full support for the Solariis™City project. The State Government of Angaur are in joint venture with UK Investments Holdings Limited. This will ensure the project's smooth success. The National Government of Palau and the State Government of Angaur recognises that tourism is extremely important for the Republic of Palau and towards this end Solariis™City was conceived.

The State Government of Angaur and Angaur Council of Chiefs from the Republic of Palau fully supports the Solariis™City project and has accorded this prestigious project a top priority status.

A new airline, Palau Airways Limited, is to be established to connect Angaur with Asia and other Pacific Basin countries thereby offering more direct routes to Angaur. The Government of the Republic of Palau fully supports UK Investments Holdings Limited to establish this new airline.

A new International Airport will be built on Angaur Island so as to enable tourist and residents to have direct access to Solariis™City. Angaur will soon receive a "second port of entry" status.

Countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Australia will be a mere 3 to 5 hours away. Direct access to Angaur will greatly boost the demand for Solariis™City properties.

Solariis™City can boast of an unsurpassed elegance, vision and grandeur.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, Industry and Commerce.
RH Jackson Ngiraingas

Governor of Angaur State
RH Steven Salii Message from the Governor of Angaur State.

"Alii... Greetings from Angaur.

It is my great pleasure to introduce the wonderful new tourist development project called Solariis™ City.

I am pleased to say that both my State Government and the National Government of Palau

support this mega development and view this project as an extremely important to the economy of the Republic of Palau. Both my State Government and the National Government of Palau are collectively involved in doing everything necessary to ensure this project's continuity and success.

The State Government of Angaur with the support, guidance and advise of the Angaur Council of Chiefs and the National Government have collectively worked very hard with UK Investments Holdings Limited to ensure that Angaur now has all the required elements to be an 'investment sanctuary'.

Commercial and residencial properties on offer here in Solariis™City are guaranteed to experience fantastic growth rate as we develop toward being the new-world resort destination...".

© Copyright 2009. UK Investments Holdings Limited. All Rights Reserved.

hey yo motherscammers,

I saw all the pictures posted in your initial websites for both projects and I must say they actually make your NC's $2bil and SC's $750mil look and sound insufficient. Are you sure you are not under-estimating your Twin cities? Obviouly 2.75bil ain't nothing and that is why our wants to raise his salary!

Now, now 'Hell no to Felix',

A very BITTER, BITTER, BITTER pill you are swallowing! Everything you hate and tried to destroy is coming true!

I am sure the UKIHL team will be very happy that you are helping to publicize investment in their development projects!

Wow - they have sure done a good job for Palau!

Wow, wow, wow! Great job you UKIHL guys! Please make sure the people of Palau are given first priority to purchase and to the jobs you bring to these islands!

No worries about 'Hell no to Felix' being able to buy - he needs his cash for the psychiatrist or an exorcism, or both! He he he! Anyways, he is an off-island expatriate and has no say here!

Just make sure you have a clinic with a straight jacket in case he comes over to make sure he is not seeing double when he scans the islands from his far, far away shores. He will soon have a heart attack with his hate, frustration and bitterness!

Thank the Lord we do not have more of his sort living here. They have always tried to steer foreign investment away and hunted JN for four years for his efforts to bring investment to Peleliu! No more!

Say no to ‘Hell’, say no to handouts, say no to lies, say no to corruption, say no to living on poverty row while our past leaders rob us of our land and co-operatives! 28 pieces of land - this is some level of corruption! That's just the beginning. What else will deeper checking reveal? I anitcipate a lot, lot more!

Say yes to foreign investment and jobs and help keep the swine flu buggers outta here!

Congratulations to the blessing ceremony and salutations to those who have given their labors to achieve success in the face of adversity from the TR guys! Olé! Keep up the good work.

Palau will prosper even in the face of adversity! Good luck to all our foreign investors.

Yeah, 'Go Tommy',

The leaders of 'the country of your youth' robbed the youth of our country of almost all of our assets. And you call yourself 'Go Tommy'? Are you insane?

You talk about carbon footprints - are you the guardian of the world? If so try geting your teeth into doing something rather than trying to stop development in 'the country of your youth' that has been robbed blind of its future.

Maybe you can eat carbon? - otherwise let us do what we have to so that we can survive. What is the good of having a green policy when the rest of the world carries on polluting as Palau dies a slow death? Green is for those who are jealous of other's success. Green is for those who are full bellied and rich. Get real. Palau is bankrupt thanks to TR!

You call yourself 'Go Tommy'? Only one thing good that can come out of your name and from 'Hell no's' name is that by joining the two names we get a really good saying: "Go to Hell Tommy".


hey motherscammers,
I copied/pasted some of the items here so you would not be able to delete them simply to expose all your balloons. What a load of bull shit! You know I have raised your BP, right? Sounds like an all-positive pleasure business when in fact it's all negative....no moolah no nothing. ahahahahaa. You can close/hide your website now.

hey clan,
Apparently you can afford to build anything world class, so why not build a two level floating airport between both cities.

heck, how about an underwater airport instead? that should bring in million tourists!!!

hey yo new world-class entertainment, cousine this and that,

who is the CEO for that Palau Airways Limited and where is it coming from and how much does it cost?

Hell No to Felix...

When pigs fly!

Oh geeze people, don\'t copy the whole article you found on the internet, just paste the link........

Should'nt a reported 19 year old be out with friends having a good time and enjoying their youth instead of being on blog giving editorial requirements?

Just a thought, when I was that age I was having the time of my life. I had a ride, a babe, and a job at the same time going to school. Life was good. I'd come a long way from my pig feeding days or so I thought. Life always seems so simpler when you look back on it.

But as one gets older, we tend to make things more complex in our minds then they need to be so my advice to all 19 year olds is to have fun and live your life with the abandon of a carefree spirit.

Hey all,

There is no link available so he can't give the link - there is none open to the public!

The website is not released yet - it is still being prepared! I called for the link myself to put it up here.

The UKIHL people say they have never released their website as it is still not ready and they would only do so once the President and Ministers have reviewed it and are satisfied.

So, now we know that this is just old stuff - from an old or incomplete website and one that this guy has hacked into. Note the very selective so-called cut and paste.

There lies the truth - WE ARE DEALING WITH A HACKER! Hey guys, hacking is illegal and a criminal offense. WE HAVE A CRIMINAL AS A BLOGGER HERE! BEWARE!

Mr. Administrator - can you do something about this guy?

Hey there "Hell no to Felix",

It seems to me that it is YOU that should be watching your blood pressure coz you're clearly getting all stressed out about something you have no say about and no hope of stopping... what's the matter, not getting any?

All you're doing is raving like a lunatic making senseless statements... making all this noise like a screaming baby who soiled his diapers. Better be careful coz now you're putting yourself and your actions under scrutiny. Like the previous blog stated - hacking is an offense and now you're screwed coz your computer has been traced.

Soon you'll be found out and you'll end up with a free pacifier up your ass and another in your mouth like the drooling shitting baby baboon that you are... courtesy of Felix ha ha ha. He's going to send a boxful to your mommy with a note containing all your hateful and useless comments so she can go raise her blood pressure about how stupid her son is.

Grow up and be a man! If Felix was not wanted and the Development not sought after by Palauans, the present President would not have time for him, the Government would not approve the development and quite frankly the last President (TR) would not have invited his father to do the development.

Yes, you forget it was TR who appointed LD as a diplomat and requested for UKIHL to develop Palau's Tourism Economy. So if you have a gripe, go kick TR's ass for bringing UKIHL to Palau in the first place... he he he.

Sulang from the Palau Division of the Felix fan club.


So if that's the case then why all the animosity against TR. Should'nt their be a defense for TR since he supposedly invited you guys into palau? or are you guys just disgruntled because he turned his back on you when investigations revealed UKHIL only had something like $100 dollars in a bank account while proposing a billion dollar plus scam. I guess I would be angry to after being found out.

So here we are facing another round of this seemingly vague and shady shell of a conpany like UKHIL, only this time they have support from a naive administration who still blindly follow and adhere to their every word. Why? Perhaps because they've in the past had a personal interest in the company and maybe still do in one way or another.

This is why I have been harping on TR becoming senate president. Consdidered old by some, corrupt by a few, and admired my many, he seems like the ideal person for the position. He has the experience and the knowledge to be effective. So realistic and snitch, can we get a viva TR, after all he invited you to palau and you are still here just like those macq. monkeys in angaur. LOL
Salute to Hell No To Belix. Thanks for the info. Its on record now. I've made my copies of this damning evidence against UKHIL!

It looks like Solariis is asking anyone to fork out money like they are going to own the property but in reality they are funding the projects. It seems like there is no funding for these projects and that I would not be surprised if the NC project would follow the same program.

It's being set up in a rush before anyone catches up to their scam. People from these islands are being given dollar signs, but when they will get the money is questionable. Like I said, "This is a scam and that it would be sad if it back fires on JT's face."

Samoa PM warns of corrupt investors
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 00:00
APIA (Pacnews) — Samoan cabinet ministers should be alert in dealing with corrupt foreign investors.

So warns Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, who has expressed deep concerns about business negotiations, which end up favoring some investors.

The prime minister is worried that such negotiations result in “our people only receiving a few benefits, while most of their (foreign investors) investment benefits will go back overseas.”

Tuilaepa’s concerns are noted in a letter addressed to all cabinet ministers obtained by the Weekend Observer

Written in Samoan and dated April 14, Tuilaepa’s letter warned of corrupt investors who take short cuts to set up business in Samoa.

He told cabinet officials to refrain from accepting offers of free dinners, trips and gifts while a decision is pending.

Tuilaepa also reminded them about the general principles of negotiations which include points such as:

• Don’t rush to show any signs or expression that we are so eager to accept any business that wants to enter Samoa.

• Don’t accept any invitation for you to wine and dine with them at expensive/fancy restaurants, and then you take your spouses and children.

• If there are any invitations for overseas travel to have a look at their operations (while a decision is pending), reject it.

• Quickly ask for the number of feasibility studies they have done.

• Ask for their bank references.

• Observe their manners.

Tuilaepa’s letter comes at a time when the government is strongly pushing to attract foreign investors to Samoa to boost the economy.

Over the years, some investors have been known to come to Samoa and talk big when they don’t have money.

In his letter, the prime minister told ministers to “check if they really do have any money.”

“There have been many promoters who have only come to obtain an MOU from our government for a business and then they use the MOU to look for money/funds — from shareholders — and then they disappear,” he wrote.

Know the cliche "Rome wasn't built in a day". It's a copy paste of a website.

and to "Hell no to Felix", you sound more like the scammer, asking people to build an underwater airport. Obviously, anyone with a brain knows no planes can land underwater. Jeez...

stop trolling in this blog site, Hell no. Nobody is going to give you the satisfaction of trolling around. GET LOST hell no


please get a dictionary and look up the word 'SARCASM'

Iang Hai e rengelekei. Ngmla mo ungil a urekerek el uasech.

The Solariis City website I.P address is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Might be the actual origin of the web page or the internet service provider location.


Hey Aramid,

Why do you worry about what the Samoa President said.

Just listen to your own President!

Tell me how well off is Samoa anyway? As far as I know that country has lots of political and financial problems.

Why not emulate successful countries and take heed of what their successful leader say and do!

You should take heed of what Malaysia does (now there's a successful country) while most countries are in recession, Malaysia is doing well. I was on holiday in Malaysia recently and their shopping malls were full of locals and tourist shopping. I could not get a seat at a restaurant for 2 hours and these are large restaurants, with each rastaurant having over 50 tables! Crazy man! That country is jumping!

Foreign investment from the middle East and China are pouring billions into that country.

No wonder they can afford to support the NC project.

We have a wise President and you can be sure he has checked out UKIHL ten time over and they have come out trumphs ten time over! otherwise, do you think Malaysia's Fifth Prime Minister would fly in to Palau on an official Malaysian airforce jet to Palau to endorse the Peleliu Nautilus City project. Come on, get real!

TR's supporters have been shouting the scam propaganda crap for too long without any proof.

TR is envious and fearfull of the NC project because he knows that when the NC project materilize President Toribiong will sail in for another term.

Everyone in Palau knows that TR made the big blunber going up against Jackson Ngiraingas. TR is no match against Ngiraingas. Its a light weight going up against a heavy weight - NO CONTEST!

UKIHL on he otherhand have come up with the goods. They have been patient. They have been humble and low profile. They have done their home work.

UKIHL knows how to make the NC project commercially viable. They have the support of the Malaysian government to bring in scheduled airlines services from that country that will bring hundreds of thousands of tourist to Nautilus City.

Palau will benefit.

Viva President Toribiong and Viva Minister Jackson Ngiraingas who stood against the tyrant Tommy Remengesau Jr.


Kedechebuul ra Realistic-lick man...Kaboooong!!!

Hello.... I'm happy to be back..wooooo!

Realistically, I applaud Joel for taking a hard step to show everyone that he is not there for the interest of the few who have done nothing but personal gain. Let me update everyone: During campaigning three things were promised in the 100 days.

1. Workers Salary
2. Medical Insurance
3. Stimulus for every house hold in Palau. 200 days are almost up, and the 2 kids who were involved in the census, are now keeping count of the Angaur Monkeys. Sound like a joke but its not. Ask Joel Miles. And what was the first bill that was signed into law? Salary for the law makers. And what is turning Palau inside out? Another Salary issue for the Law Makers. So who are the fools? Us the votes, so let's stop kidding ourselves. We speak about Chuuk dock, well... we are no better. And NC and Solaris? They are all good dreams. Lord Davidson? He is a Joke. He stays at the President's apartment, and he drives an old beat up Mark II Japanese Lefty. So who wants to invest his money on someone who pretends that he is something, when really he is nothing. No matter how much zeros you add to a zero, the answer is still zero. What is up with them is a big scam and they are all in it, including Mr. Badawi. Beliefs and traditional rights of the people of Peleliu without having to step over someone's corpse. I would like the so called Realistic man to be realistic himself. He sound like a broken record already.....or worse-a Parrot..... IF A PETITION IS CIRCULATING NOW, LET IT BE POSTED AS WELL HERE. I'm selling my signature for free...

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