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August 06, 2009


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Associated Press Writer
KOROR, Palau -- Some Chinese Muslims still detained at Guantanamo Bay have overcome reservations about being sent to the remote Pacific nation of Palau, and a final deal on their relocation was close, a lawyer for two of them said Wednesday.

The Uighur detainees met with U.S. State Department officials on Monday and told the diplomats they are now willing to move to Palau, said lawyer George Clarke, who took part in the talks.

Clarke told The Associated Press by telephone that "more than four and less than all" of the 13 Uighurs had agreed to go, overcoming previous fears that the tiny island nation would not be able to protect them from China, which considers them separatists.

Once a deal is struck, it is expected to take weeks to organize the Uighurs' transfer.

Palau in June offered to take the 13 detainees - a major step toward the Obama administration's goal of finding new homes for terrorist suspects and other prisoners captured during the Afghan war who have been cleared of wrongdoing but cannot go home for fear of ill-treatment.

But the island state's President Johnson Toribiong told the AP in June that some of the men were hesitant because of concerns about China, which has demanded they be sent home for trial. U.S. officials have said the men could be executed in China and have refused to send them there.

The 13 Uighurs, Turkic Muslims from far western China, have been held by the United States since their capture in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2001. The Pentagon determined last year that they were not "enemy combatants," but they have been in legal limbo ever since.

The U.S. has described a lack of resettlement options for dozens of such inmates who can't be returned to their homelands as an obstacle to emptying the Guantanamo prison.

Mark Bezner, the top American official in Palau, confirmed the State Department was putting together a document spelling out the terms of the Uighurs' stay in Palau.

"I expect to have it soon," he said. "We'll be discussing it with the Palauans and then it can be relayed to the Uighurs' attorneys."

Once the men have signed it, Congress will be notified of the pending transfer. If no congressional objections are raised, the men will be cleared for their move after 15 days, Clarke said.

A senior U.S. official told The Associated Press that a deal on sending the Uighur detainees to Palau was "close but not yet done." The deal could come soon if there are no last-minute hitches, the official said on condition of anonymity because no official announcement had been made.

Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl, special assistant to Toribiong, said Palau's government so far had not been notified of the developments.

"That's news to me," he said. "We will be expecting a note from the U.S."

Clarke said his clients, Dawut Abdurehim and Anwar Assan, had been holding out hope that another country with an established Uighur population would be willing to take them in.

"That's been a sticking point," Clarke said. "It's gotten to the point where they've realized that other countries are not (a) reliable" option.

While there are no Uighurs in Palau, there is a Muslim population of more than 400 - most of them Bangladeshi workers - and two mosques.

Clarke said a key issue to the detainees is whether they will be allowed to travel after being settled in Palau. His clients hope to one day make the Hajj, or holy pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Palauan citizenship is strictly hereditary, so the Uighurs will not be eligible for Palauan passports.

Hey Y'all let's get it on....


Check this out! Our Flag is on the internet market for sale, (39.95) by the United State Flag Store:


I wonder when and how did it came about; or are we getting anything from it? Can anyone shed some light?

Or mabybe it there for the good cause?

Like I said,

Palau is weak. Copyright law is lesser than working. And now, our pride is being sold, our citizenship was for sale, our lands are soon to be sold, and so are many other things. What next? I wouldn't be surprised if I somehow come across a notice that says: " PALAUANS FOR SALE" 50-70 YRS OLD-$2.50, 20 TO 40-$5.00, 1-10-GIVEAWAY, CONGRESSMEN-$0.25(And beware! They have very fast hands!). It'LL BE SO SAD....

Anyway, I tried connecting to the website, but a message keeps popping up telling me that the store is temporarily closed. I guess someone must have read your post....

By the way, the 19 People from USA congress are here. I hope our COFA will settle, and we finally have a direction.

Thanks and have a nice weekend...


p.s.-Have you seen Belas lately? There's so many activities this weekend, he'll have a great weekend.


Check this link. http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=1249645773/ref=sr_pg_1?ie=UTF8&rs=&keywords=palau%20flag&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Apalau%20flag&page=1

It must be a Palauan who’s in the business. It is all over the Amazon.com site along with some other things mainly T-shirts and such. The highest price I came across for the ROP flag was $116.46.



Yeah, WOW!!!

I wonder who's selling these stuffs. It's definitely a Palauan, or somebody who did printing business here and now back in the states.

Anyway, I hope there is a law that strictly requires government permission before anyone could duplicate the flag. Knick Knocks, shirts and caps maybe allowed but I'm not sure about the flags. I'm sure Santy have a saying on this issue.

Take care do have a nice weekend....


Palau flags are sold everywhere. I bought my Palau flag at pier 39 at San Francisco five years ago. Not only that, I've seen them at Sacramento, D.C and also flag store in Seattle. Google flag store, all of them have Palau flag, Micronesia flag and all country flags. I don't think it's about copyright but I'm not sure,but there everywhere.


I did some research and I could only come up with these infos. I guess what's happening to our flag is for good cause so maybe its allowed as nothing mentions sale of palauan flag...


The flag of the Republic shall be a golden-yellow full moon slightly off-centered on a field of sky-blue. The width of the flag shall bear the ratio to its length of 1.0 to 1.6. The diameter of the moon shall bear the ratio to the width of the flag of 0.6 to 1.0. The distance from the side of the flag nearest the mast or staff to the center of the moon shall bear the ratio to the width of 0. 7 to 1. 0. The distances from the top and bottom of the flag to the center of the moon shall be equal.


The flag may be reproduced for unofficial purposes with different dimensions and appropriate devices for attaching the flag to a mast, staff, or other means of display may be added discretely to the flag.

Display with flags of other nations.

(a) When the flag of the Republic is flown or displayed together with the flag of another nation on separate masts or staffs, the flag of the Republic shall be flown or displayed at approximately the same level with the flag of the other nation, and shall occupy a position to the right of the flag of the other nation when viewed from the adjacent building or platform. (b) The flag of the Republic shall not be flown or displayed with the flag of another nation on a
single mast or staff.

Desecration of the flag; penalties.

(a) Any person who knowingly casts contempt upon any flag of the Republic by mutilating, defacing, defiling, burning or trampling upon it shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $1,000.00, or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both. (b) The term "flag of the Republic" as used in this section shall include an official flag of the Republic as described in section 501 of this chapter, or any reproduction thereof for official or unofficial purposes and having the same or different dimensions as the flag of the Republic.



Oukeru beab...a ianged a ma chelsel ongos....

Thank you Cheuas for the flag infoemation.


Leng ua tiakid e Cheuas, ak di nguu ra omekodellel.......Tolengasech a ududir le ke le luldengei el kmo tial tekoi ra reDetainees a mo tekoi, me ke de mo ngmai aikel ludoud el kirel sei. A Compact a liluut el mo kemanget a okul el nguu tial mei el rak, me sei meng dirrek ra uchul........E locha lmuut el ngar ngii a lodengei e kid a diak dodengei, malechub e ke de mo meoud el medengei ra uriul el sils.

Tirka rechad ra Merikel el di mlo rengii a tekoi el kmo te merekung, e ngii a meteboid a stiklait er tial klebokel el beluu ra Erenguul......Hhhmmmmmmmmmmm??????!!!!!!!Tiang locha urechemel aikal tekoi ra Baletiks?!?!

Ng kmal diungil besul ra uldesuek a lekard el klebekelel a beluu, engdi a bantosang a mengiil ra $$ELOLEM EL TELAEL ra le sal meoud eng Ongeteruich el Kebesengil chelechal buil...Uaisei!

Ea uldesuek er tirkal chad a lemei eng kmal diungil lek mui el loumerang el kmo te mlo cheldeiakl el loiak a mekngit el rolel ra le Daitorio a Bus. E sel bomonguiu el kmo ng milekera sera lomdechem e lolengakt ra rebebil er tirkal chad el mora blil a beab ra Kuantanamo eng mo mekngit a rengud le chelebirukel el lomeruul el lullab a ongasireng. Ngochotii el kmo ng betok el tekoi el mekedmokl ra ua beluu ra Merikel el kmal meklou e mesisiich el beluu a berrotel el diak a remedengei.

'Sola ea de ngititerir tirkal chad el mei e doisechii a teletelel a beltikelereng ma blekururauelreng er tir el sel diak a mo uaikid el chad re Belau, eak kumrotech el oieng er tir me kemiu elek medengei el kmo tirkal chad a klou a ngesengesir a uldesuir ma rengrir ra uai tial kmal beot el tekoi el kudengei el kmo kid el kiei ra beluu a di omelechesiu er ngii el diua omelim el ralm ra bekl sils, el mocholt ra klaukledm er kid ra bekl sils eleng teleteled el chad ra Belau ra irechar el mei rechelechang.

Ea klou lureor a kmo kemiu el mengedecheduch er tirkal sechelid el mlara Merikel el mei, mouchais aikel kmal kedmekill ra chelsel a beluu el metacherbesud er ngii el di de dokngei er ngii el rokui el tekoi ra UKERUUL, SKUUL, OMENGITEL A MEKIKIONGEL, DENGKIBU, RALM, RAEL RA COMPACT, ONGESECHEKLEL A UDUDIR A RECHAD, MAIKEL ROKUI el tekoi e Jaime el bla kubes....HHhhmmmm- UUUuuuueeeeiiii!!!

Komesula 'Lrokui!!


a kmal otengau kau ma Cheuas el di blechoel me duum er tiang lomeskid a ungil tekoi. ng debdebokel a ikal blam dung ra chelsel tiang, el ulekum a remengetekled me torrenges e ousbech loukerbil a urrerir lorrurt ra beluu.

ng uai a ksal sengsengobel eng di ak dirrek el diuaikau el soak el mo medengei el kmo ngera milketmokl er tial mititng lobengterir tirkal chad ra merikel mlei ra ideliseb. ng mlarngii a ungil omyiange lullab el mei? e kuk ngera mle telechellir er sera lorael?


Kedekora ngar sel bilas ra Keberruul. Misei el lemetoched a chais el kmo, ng kuk techa el mengutelngel a Merikel, Ng Taiwang, Siabal a kordang, ekede mkerokl el ngmai a dentsi el chitiut er chotoel e tobek el bedul a ianged e kmo, "Mesekak, mesekak. Ak klungal chad el bereroech a choltelek". Ea lengimetekl omerael, ekede me mechechaet el el kora ikel bersoech el mla meteot a bdelul, ma kemrir a dingii loba ku rengul.

Meng chelid le kede meruul aikang, e tir a di doroakl a rengebard e kmo, "Tirka kede meob ngii loles el remous er tir, e tir a ngoura el mei metousulecholt el kerrengetel a ngerang?.

Uleku meng kuk ngak a uluungerachel eak bai milkeuad oltbeled el telengetengil a dolecholt ra chelebuul, melsal mo medengei el kmo, ngkmal klou a ultutelel er kid, a dirk deberkered er tir. Meng uaisei, engdi temekera a ngii di lechad ra ngodech el beluu el mei, a diak lesa ouai tia lomeruul. Ak subedau e sechelik, kede ocherecheriaol e ongermermangel kung, le kede beluu el kora sechudel kung a ongenged, mekedomekall el dikea desal lolekeed ra kederaol, le rechad omerael a di mui el di chad ra bekall e diak lechad cheduch. Ma remle chad ra uak, ma rulekerd a telechull a ma rechokiak a mla kaisechesokl e mo kakikai, eleng dikea lesa tebechelel omerollel a mlai.

Dolemolem kid el kakikai, e domes ra rosngung e domesterir ongkakeuul e dedak el chachelchel. Ma demerema ra mechilou, e domes ku el kmo, kede kikiir kei mel sebeched el di tmak e dolemolem.

E Gail Faustino, e tiang a beluad ma merkelel er rokir meng ngercheled. Mede dedak e doutekangel ea rebek el metelil ma bdelul a beluad, a diak lokol el me mtei me te teloi er kid. Engdi chelechang eng dirk ngarngii okau er tir ma uchul ng dirk meklou a rengrir. "Meng diak lechelechang" el uaikel le dilu Belas, e solang e kid a mesang el kmo, a urebetellel ngii el tekoi, a betok a ungil lolachitnger el bo rrebet er ngii eleng diak di bol lekerbil a moktek er rtir, ngdirrek el nglunguched er tir el mo rredemelel a otutel ngii el teltekakl el moktek tir.

Me ko mesulang ea rubak lolemolem el lomes e lomekrael er kid ra bekl sils....


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